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Just got a Series X? Still holding on to your Xbox One? Either way, Games With Gold's December lineup has plenty to enjoy, from puzzlers to shooters.

While gamers are settling into their new Xbox Series S|X systems, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players aren't being forgotten. Microsoft's latest Games With Gold offerings reach out to players across all four consoles SKUs in some form, and just in time for the Christmas season, too.

As always, these games are free for active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members but are yours to keep as long as your Gold account is active. In addition to all four titles being playable on Xbox One, they'll also be playable on the new Xbox Series S|X; perfect if you need new games after breaking the bank on your new system!

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Fans of classic point-and-click titles like King's Quest or The Secret of Monkey Island will find something new with this remastered release of 2014's The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief. Set in 1964, the bumbling Constable Anton Zellner finds himself way over his head as he tries to solve the theft of the Eyes of the Sphinx. Drawing comparisons to classic mystery whodunits, this three-chapter adventure was something of a cult favorite, despite the game's cliffhanger ending structure.

Developed by King Art Games and published by THQ Nordic, The Raven Remastered will be available on Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One from Dec 1st to Dec 31st, 2020.

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If point-and-click adventures aren't your thing, then you don't have to wait long to get something a little more frantic. Released in 2018, Bleed 2 is a fast-paced action title that sees Wryn, the last remaining hero in the world, dodging bullets and firing on enemies in classic arcade shoot 'em up action. Bleed 2 features a local co-op option so you can wreak havoc with the rest of your family at Christmas dinner, as well as seven brutal levels. With difficulty options that remix both the enemy placement and boss patterns, Bleed 2 presents an infinitely challenging experience.

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Games with Gold: Gat out of Hell, The Raven Set Their Sights on Xbox Series X Owners - CBR - Comic Book Resources

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