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What The Golf?

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS

Genre: Simulation

Price: From 13.49

Next level stupidity for those who dont like golf

Ridiculous. Absurd. Silly. These are just some of the words that sum up What The Golf? and also make it the hole in one that it is. If youre expecting Tiger Woods, look away now; this game could not be any further from reality and makes crazy golf look tame. Playing the role of a golf ball in a research lab, you navigate around to different levels, tasked with everything from smashing a TV on the top of a cliff, to racing a sheep to the flag first. Its complete madness but is surprisingly good fun, addictive and will raise a smile or two, as you think more: What the hell? than What the golf? For full marks, wed love to have seen the levels be a little more challenging most could be overcome after a few brief attempts but we still think this game is a putt above the rest.

Skip to the end: Forget the usual golf discipline, What The Golf? successfully takes an amusing spin on the sport and really does have appeal to those who dont even like traditional golf.

Score: 9/10

Monster Train

Platform: PC

Genre: Roguelike / strategy

Price: TBC

Stop hell from freezing over

Card games are pretty simple affairs but there is plenty in Monster Train to keep minds engaged if a little too much at times. The premise is straightforward, you play the part of demons protecting hell from angels, all via your very own hellish train, where heavens army sets out to destroy your last pyre. Using your stack of cards, you take turns to attack these unwelcome intruders from their saintly work, before they can reach the fourth floor where the pyre sits. The sheer variety of cards and upgrades can be quite overwhelming at first there are more than 200 types but good old-fashioned trial and error teaches you how to get it right. There are opportunities to earn more cards on your trains journey, depending on which way you turn, giving Monster Train plenty of longevity. On top of all this, there is a real-time competitive multiplayer mode, where you go against the clock to create a level playing field, all starting with the same resources.

Skip to the end: Monster Train has all the hallmarks of a solid strategic rogue-like deck building game, complete with easy-to-follow story and the basic graphics weve come to expect.

Score: 7/10

Cannibal Cuisine

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC

Genre: Co-op

Price: 10.99

Bon appetit

The title might sound like a horror fest but Cannibal Cuisine is far from it. Island God Hoochooboo is hungry and demands tasty human meat, so you have to go about slaying tourists to satisfy their stomach. Its a refreshing twist on the stressful food-making genre that has been squeezed to its limit, as you race to kill without being killed yourself, prepare the food into something palatable and feed it to the greedy Hoochooboo within a short space of time, serving up a target amount in each round. Its quite easy to get hooked on this one. The game is good alone but the fun has maximum potential in groups, with competitive versus mode cooking contests, which can be played locally and online.

Skip to the end: A simple but effective alternative take on the quick food-making games that will leave you hungry for more.

Score: 8/10

A Fold Apart

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC

Genre: Puzzler

Price: From 4.99

Love hurts

Love can be puzzling, but no-one expected a 3D puzzle game about the struggles of an emotional long-distance relationship, told through a series of folding pages. The story follows two lovers who have been separated temporarily after one lands a new job far away, leaving you to solve more than 50 paper-folding puzzles. However, it can be annoying if you fail one, as youll need to go through the previous steps again to reach the point at which you went wrong. The graphics are well devised and the music hits the right emotional tone.

Skip to the end: Unique puzzle game with a basic but relatable tale of loves challenges to guide you along the way.

Score: 7/10

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