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Fortnite is teasing next seas0n's new content with very cryptic Twitter posts mentioning an intercepted transmission. Fortnite is currently in the first season of chapter two, which has brought a brand new map for players to explore. Season two is set to launch on February 20th.

Epic Games surprised players last year when Fortnite was sucked up by a giant black hole. Any players who booted the game up were treated to the black hole staring back at them. In actuality Epic Games took down the game's servers in order to prepare the game for it's huge chapter 2 launch. When players were finally able to access Fortnite, they were treated to a brand new map, ah emphasis on aquatic gameplay, and an update to the battle pass. Epic Game also added bots to chapter 2, to help balance gameplay and matchmaking.

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Fortnite released two teasers on their official Twitter page today that are supposed to give fans a hint as to what to expect in season two. The first image did not really give much away except for the words "transmission intercepted" and some redacted text. The second teaser on the other hand has had several fans theorizing. This image has a head shaped outline in the background and several golden parts floating around. Some fans have already tried to fit those pieces together like a puzzle and discovered that they seem to be a face of some kind. At the moment there has been no indication as to what this will mean, but fans have already been putting out several theories.

Epic Games stated that there would be several changes to the game coming with season two. When the new season was announced a few weeks ago, the announcement was full of a large amount of redacted text. Despite teasing the next season, the company didn't truly reveal too much except that the Fortnite will adopt Unreal Engine's Chaos physics engine. This will update the looks of the almost three year old game considerably, and hopefully give players a fresh feeling experience.

Despite some players beginning to move on to other titles, it seems likeFortnite is here to stay for awhile. The new chapter has brought all kinds of new features for players to check out and explore, and it seems like Epic Games has a lot more hiding up it's sleeve. These new teases have been incredibly cryptic and odd, so it seems like players will just have to wait a few more days to see what Fortnite has in store for them.

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Fortnite can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and PC. Season Two will launch on February 20th, 2020.

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