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Some games are just so well suited to the Nintendo Switch that it feels weird to play them any other way. Case in point, the recently released TOHU from Fireart Games. Ive hadTOHU on my Steam wishlist for quite some time, but I held out for the Switch port. Why? Because nine times out of ten, puzzle games are best solved on a smaller screen.

TOHU perfectly blends together a gorgeously crafted world with the puzzles required to reach new chapters. It isnt hard to just admire every new scene The Girl enters for a few minutes and appreciate all of the detail before searching for hidden items and clues, especially because her universe is comprised of fish planets. I mean, how could you not be intrigued by that premise? The softer color palette is easy on the eyes, meaning I can sneak in a scene or two when Im snuggled under the covers and trying to pretend that it isnt bedtime.

Another delightful discovery was how many types of puzzles there are for The Girl to solve. There are visual riddles and hidden items, circuits that need connecting, and actual puzzle pieces to pick up to assemble. At times when The Girls diminutive stature just wont get the job done, she calls upon the power of the little cube dangling from her head and transforms into a being known as Cubus. Heavy and bulkier items are his specialty, but hes also great at reaching some items that are just out of reach as The Girl.

When I play puzzle games, I click on everything. Since every scene in TOHU has so much going on, I may be excessively checking each and every nook and cranny. What does this bug do if I touch it? Does this lever work or does it need an item? Theres a hole in the floor. Should I fall in before I find an item to walk over it? Something is hidden behind that grass, so how do I get it out of the way? All of this variety keeps me engaged and playing when I should be putting the game aside to do important things like laundry and eating meals.

This adventure-puzzler is an amazing work of art for a small six-person team. Between the eye-catching art and solid assortment of puzzles, TOHU joins my list of recommended puzzle games, which includes the Professor Layton series, both Yomawari titles, The Pedestrian, and A Fold Apart. As for platform, I cant recommend playingTOHU on the Switch enough.

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Explore the Fantastical Puzzling World of TOHU on the Switch - Siliconera

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