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Not counting the Pokdex, or Dream Radar apps, there were thirteen Pokmon games on the 3DS. Here there are ranked by Metacritic.

Not counting the Pokdex, or Dream Radar apps, there were thirteen Pokmon games on the 3DS. That is a record for the franchise although not far from the norm. Since it debuted over two decades ago, Nintendo and Game Freak have been eager to experiment and release mainline games and spin-offs aplenty for almost every console since the Game Boy.

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The 3DS then is no different. That number thirteen isnt even counting the multiple versions of each generation like Pokmon X/Y. In the rankings they will only count as one to make things simpler. So, of these thirteen titles, which can be skipped and what are the must play classics?

This was a free to play match-three puzzle game. Players would use Pokmon blocks to fight other Pokmon in the hopes of catching them in a way. It wasnt awful, but the free to play trappings certainly weighed this one down.

This one is at a tie with Pokmon Shuffle. While Nintendo has worked with Koei Tecmo on some Dynasty Warriors spinoffs, like Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors, they have never collaborated on a Pokmon Warriors project. Pokmon Rumble Blast follows a similar gameplay concept, but has an even greater monotonous wheel.

Four years after that, seemingly not learning any lessons from the experience, another entry was made. This time they went free to play which was a slight step up.

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It didnt feel like a waste of money like the previous entry. Like Pokmon Shuffle though, the trappings were too high to really sink time into it without paying money.

This was the first Pokmon Mystery Dungeon game to grace the 3DS. For roguelikes, it is a very kid friendly version of the concept. These games, including this one, arent bad. They just dont offer much challenge to seasoned fans of the genre. Also of note they all tend to feel the same and Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity was no different.

Three years after that game debuted in 2012, another entry was born: Pokmon Super Mystery Dungeon. This one seemed to learn a lot of lessons and even evolved some concepts from gameplay elements to the graphics. Again, its not a spin-off one has to play in order to become a mega fan, but the series was at least getting better at this point.

This game is like Pokmon Shuffle, but it is not free to play. Its also a better made game because of that. It wont have any Tetris fans abandoning ship, but Pokmon Battle Trozei managed to blend the concept of Pokmon and puzzle games together in a coherent way.

Another genre that didnt seem possible forPokmon to ace is the adventure game. A talking, gruff sounding Pikachu that is a detective?

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Sounds ridiculous. Even though it is extremely easy to get through, the story is fun enough to keep players hooked. It was so good that it spawned the series first movie which was also fairly well received.

A somewhat better, more traditional puzzle game, for those looking, is Pokmon Picross. It doesnt have much to do with the branding just like Mario Picross doesnt. This is to say it is Picross but with a Pokmon skin. Thats not a bad thing for this brain teaser though.

Another 3DS game with basically a Pokmon skin is this addition of Art Academy. In all fairness it at least has many techniques to show how to draw some of ones favorites. Its more like a coloring book than a game but that being said, its also a very good coloring book with high production values.

Pokmon Omega Ruby got the 83 while its other half is just a point lower for whatever reason. Theyre good games only made better by these enhanced ports. The third generation of Pokmon games has always had a weird place in the hearts of fans. Not as bad games but just as odd half-steps coming off of Pokmon Gold/Silver.

Not much new was added to these games over the originals. There is more content, but also some missing as well. If one had to choose between these and the originals, reviews will make it obvious which one to go after.

These two games are almost tied in first place as Pokmon X also sits at an 87. Its counterpart got an 88 edging out this tie. Anyway, while not as innovative as those two games as the first mainline 3DS entries, Pokmon Sun/Moon added a lot too. The biggest changes came from gym battles and Pokmon having alternate, tropical versions of themselves like the surfing Raichu.

As previously mentioned, this was the debut of Pokmon on the 3DS. It was the first time players got into a more 3D gameplay style along with a different art aesthetic. Not only that, but they added Mega Evolutions which have split the fan base. The list of changes could go on but the point is these are the Pokmon games to play on the handheld.

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