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Destiny 2

I heard a whisper (no pun intended) that there would be something not on the map at reset today, but I figured it might be a new line of dialogue or two from Saint. Instead, theres a new quest live in Destiny 2 that is proving to be challenging for not the usual reasons.

While the map does not indicate this, Osiris has a new quest for you when you talk to him at the Sundial. Its just called Explore the Corridors of Time and says that even if you saved Saint-14, there are places in the Corridors of Time you havent seen yet.

The mission, so far, is heading back to the Corridors where we navigated through a few rooms to find Saint. But in those quests, only one door was open per room, and go through enough of them and you find the missions you were looking for.

But now? All the doors are open, which has created a maze that at the time of this writing, I have not seen anyone solve yet, assuming there is a solution.

Destiny 2

All this time the Corridors doors have had different symbols attached to them. In previous quests, they didnt mean anything because the way was marked. But now? It seems likely you will have to pick a correct order of symbols to go through in order to get out of this place. From what I can tell, there are no symbols hidden anywhere else to give us a clue, and this might be trial and error. And yet we dont even know how many rooms you need to go through, it could be three, it could be thirty.

We also dont know what this is related to. Its possible it could have something to do with the Bastion exotic quest which does not arrive for another two weeks, but there are no indicators of that, and this quest is not a yellow quest which usually points to an exotic.

There has to be some sort of solution here as I highly doubt Bungie would open this up without one, but this may just be an odds game and people have to try enough patterns to finally get through, and then remember how they got there.

I will be exploring myself for the indefinite future, but so far I have not gotten anywhere and have been running in circles endlessly, like most other people on stream. Still, its an exciting new mystery during a time when Destiny really needed an exciting new mystery, so hopefully the end result of whatever this is will be cool. Check back here for more updates.

Update: This may have to do with patterns on the obelisks that change every hour, as theres no other place these symbols appear, from what we can tell:

Update 2: Alright, to solve the maze, you have to look at the Sundial, then go in order of highest raised symbol to lowest in the middle. It should be a spiral. Above it was X, X, Rings, Rings, Cross, Flowers, Snake. Then you get to uhhhh some new mysteries:

Update 3: There is a sword and ghost sitting on the tomb which you can see below. You can apparently get a new lore entry every hour when the pattern changes and there are 19 total. Here is a running document compiling the codes. You do not have to do them the hour they are active.

Update 4: Here is the final solution for at least this part, where you get an emblem, but now a new, more complicated puzzle has started, because of course.

SAINT EMBLEM PATH: Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Hex, Hex, Plus, Hex, Diamond, Clover, Snake

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Destiny 2 Has A New Corridors Of Time Maze Live That No One Can Solve Yet [Update: Puzzle Solution] - Forbes

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