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If youre also one of those gamers who dont know what to play next, we recommend you to give a try. The website just launched the beta version of its online cloud gaming platform, and the roster is very attractive.

It doesnt matter if youre into Action, Arcade, Shooting, or Puzzle games. has a lot of exciting titles for each category! Whether you want to play them just to make time flow faster or for pure passion, the games are there waiting for you! Demonoid Beta just went live, and it practically means what has the best when it comes to gaming.

Cloud gaming is the technology of the future. The development team behind Demonoid Beta knows very well the benefits of cloud gaming, and they have chosen to focus on this area. Top cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia and GeForce Now are having a growing number of subscribers in recent years, and its hard to believe that anything will change soon to their disadvantage.

Cloud technology brings gaming to a much more advanced level, where the player doesnt have to worry if his PC configuration is powerful enough to run the games or not. Instead of spending a lot of money to upgrade his GPU, RAM, or processor, the player will simply use a virtual PC on a cloud gaming service. now follows the same path of cloud gaming technology, and well gladly speak a bit about the games offered by the website: Sudoku, Cut the Rope, Tic Tac Toe, and more. brings a lot of addictive games, and those from the puzzle category are arguably the most interesting. Many of us enjoy a little spark and serious challenge in the games we play, which is why we should definitely give puzzle games a try.

Furthermore, such games are known to help us keep our minds sharp and active over the years. We definitely dont question the intelligence of our readers, but doctors recommend us to play puzzle games as much as possible to keep our mental health in good shape even when we grow old.

Here are all the games that offers, by category, until now:

Action: Temple Run 2, Among Us, Amazing Strange Rope Police, Shot Trigger, Vex 5, Stickman Prison Escape Story 3D, and Short Life.

Arcade: Fall Beans, Rabbids Wild Race, Doodle Jump, Slope, Friday Night Funkin, Dumb Ways to Die, Money Movers, Bubble Shooter, FireBoy and WaterGirl 1: Forest Temple, and

.io:, Smash Karts,,, Zombs Royale, Zombs,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Puzzle: Cut the Rope, Fit Balls, Sudoku, Bridge, Mahjongg Candy, UNO Online, Word Wipe, Tentrix, Outspell, The Impossible Quiz, Block Champ, Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Titans, 2048, and Tic Tac Toe.

Shooting: there are only two games available for the moment in this area (Krunker and Shell Shockers).

Demonoids ever-expanding titles of crazy games set the road for an unprecedented growth rate, and theres even more good news coming from the development team itself. The developers also plan to start a Game Distribution Channel where they will act as a broker to put the best game developers in contact with the biggest publishers.

Those who create games will get the chance of promoting their creations to a large audience. Publishers will even be able to monetise their websites and apps by using fun and interactive games. You can even submit your own games on if youve created any!

The development team behind promises to keep updating the website every day with games, and thats why its practically mandatory to keep an eye on the gaming platform even after you stop playing!

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Demonoid Allows You To Play Free Games Online on Web - Fortune India

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