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This game is created by Deqaf Studio and was first released on PC last February. Creepy Tale has garnered great feedback since then.

Creepy Tale is not just a regular jumpscare type of game. It is much more than that. This title tells a great story while going through an intense adventure.

However, the puzzles included are not easy to solve. Some puzzles require a lot of time and effort to think about.

Besides the puzzle feature, it also has several in-game quests. There are items that can be collected through these quests. The items gathered may soon be used on other levels.

Another thing that makes this game great is the soundtrack. Listening to it gives an eerie feel and it immerses the user.

Solving a puzzle while listening to creepy music makes the tasks more difficult.

This game garnered very positive reviews when it came out on the PC. It is expected to have a positive result on the Switch release as well.

The Steam version has a well-curated review for the game. Creepy Tale currently has 326 reviews with 295 positive results. Not bad for an indie game with a short playtime.

According to the most helpful review by the user, Mz Cookies, the quirky art style makes the game attractive. The gameplay also varies from one level to another making it challenging yet fun.

However, not everything is great with the game.

As mentioned earlier, Creepy Tale has a very short playtime. Users can actually finish the game in around two hours. Even earlier for speedrunners.

Despite the short game, it manages to captivate the players through its melancholic music and great sound elements.

Creepy Tale lets the player an unknown forest while going out for a walk with the protagonists brother. There they meet some creatures while solving various puzzles.

The most important aspect of the game though is to survive.

Controls are pretty simple. It is similar to the usual 2D sidescrolling games with the thumbstick to move and one button to interact.

There are a lot of antagonists throughout the game. The player must then hide well to avoid them. Interacting with enemies leads to instant death.

However, there are various checkpoints scattered in the game. Dying is not much of a problem. But solving the puzzles are.

It is not hard to solve. The challenge lies in how quickly the player thinks of a solution. This aspect of the game may prolong or slow down the pace of the game.

One aspect that the majority of indie games have is excellent graphics. The hand-drawn elements in Creepy Tale is a pleasure to look at. The details are great and the art style is unique.

Even the color palette perfectly matches the intended atmosphere of the game.

The great graphics partnered with the eerie background sound takes the game up a notch. It perfectly complements each other. Take one out and the game falls apart.

There are no dialogues in the game. But, the music itself hooks the player to the game.


For an $8 game, Creepy Tale gives a lot more than the usual scary trope. The overall experience is great. It short but meaningful.

Getting Creepy Tale at full price is already a steal considering the experience that it brings. There are sub-$10 games out there that leave a lot to be desired. But this title is definitely worth adding to the game catalog.

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'Creepy Tale' coming to the Nintendo Switch this month - Micky News

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