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Like the British public heading to an already overcrowded beach, this weeks Switch eShop releases come thick and fast.

On the big-budget side of things theres THQs SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and the well-received psychological horror adventure Blair Witch.

Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated a remake of a PS2 era platformer has received mixed reviews. Nintendo Life settled on a 7/10: Though Battle for Bikini Bottom doesnt bring anything new to the table as a 3D platformer, its strong level design, lighthearted tone, and gorgeous remastered visuals make this one an easy recommendation.

IGNmeanwhile found it merely average. There are bright spots that remain funalmost two decades later, and there are pops of ingenuity in its reworking, butit does little to stand alongside the best, or even the pretty good, platformerremakes and remasters weve seen this generation, was their verdict.

A few of retro re-releases are upon us too. Mr. DRILLERDrillLand reinvigorates the original with updated graphics, HD cut-scenesand a four-player mode. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour adds gyroscopicaiming support, motion controls, and HD Rumble, while STAR WARS Episode I Racerbrings back the N64 classic. Cubedclaims its a competent conversion but felt it would have benefited fromimproved AI and online play.

Ultracore can more or less be classed as retro re-release as well. This run and gunner was originally due on Amiga and Mega Drive before being canned. Some 25 years later, here it is.

A couple of free-to-play releases are also upon us. Ninjala offers colourful 8 player battles, clearly inspired by Splatoon, while Pokmon Caf Mix is a puzzler centred around cooking. Stay away from those cakes Mr. Mime has touched em.

Also of note are the Parisian murder mystery Night Call, the colourful Trials-alike Urban Trial Tricky, pixel art kingdom management sim Yes, Your Grace, and A Summer with the Shiba Inu a visual novel starring dogs. The fate of Shiba Island is in your hands. As always, the full list is below.

Ninjala 0.00

Take part in Battle Royale-style matches of up to 8 playersand vie for supremacy with ninja around the world. The player who earns themost points over the course of the match will be declared the winner. Scorepoints by defeating your opponents, obtaining items, destroying dronespositioned across the stage, and more. Earn extra points by taking down youropponents with an IPPONimpressive finishing techniques.

Mr. DRILLER DrillLand 15.99

The popular action puzzle game Mr. DRILLER DrillLand makesits Western debut on the Nintendo Switch!

Youre invited to a secret amusement park known asDrillLand 500 meters underground! Explore and conquer the fiveattractions with simple, yet exciting, gameplay that guests of all ages canenjoy!

Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! 12.99

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! is a whacky hell-themedcooking management sim where you take on the role of a chef in an Afterlifepopulated by potatoes! Sort potato sinners into cooking stations to extractsinfully delicious ingredients, cook up incredible potato-based recipes, andappease the gods in your Pantheon by serving them savory spud dishes!

Play as Sweeny Tots, a potato chef in the Afterlifedetermined to find out what happened in his previous life as he works to ascendto heaven.

Having no recollection of your life before, you appear inhell, late for your first day of work.

After a brief and rather vague explanation, you are throwninto the kitchen and must adapt to your new job sorting potato sinners intotheir rightful stations and cooking up delicious, tantalising dishes befittingthe Gods!

BRIGANDINE The Legend of Runersia 44.99

The continent of Runersia is home to six major powers withmore than 40 bases, 100 knights, and 50 types of monsters.

Select a ruler, compose your platoons of knights andmonsters, and march to claim enemy bases.

The player chooses how they will battle, so devise the beststrategy to lead your nation toward continental conquest. How will your legendunfold?

Poopdie Chapter One 4.49

Upgrade them with unique skills. Fart ancient spells. Defeatevil Samron and his army of Buttcreatures.

The Forgotten Land 12.99

Along with your friends you embark on a quest for thelegendary Forgotten Land. Your adventure begins! The ForgottenLand is a turn-based Combat & Puzzle Match 3 withstreamlined RPG and Management elements. Set up a sheltering camp, improve yourteams abilities and unlock tactical bonuses.

Show your skills and prepare your strategies! Improve yourheroes strengths with care and put their special powers to tactical use toprevail in battle.

Are you ready?

Miden Tower 13.49

Miden Tower is a fantasy RPG with a compelling and dramaticstory. After Miden Tower is invaded by the Alroval Empire, the mages who callit home find themselves cornered on its upper floors. This sets in motion aseries of tragic events that lead to a counteroffensive being launched to takeback the tower and to get revenge for the wrongs committed against them.

The heroine is an actual wall that provides support to themain characters by merging with walls or acting as a wind breaker if needed.Turn-based battles can be engaged with 33 grid battles by using skills withdifferent effects or by summoning golems to take down your foes. Alchemizeitems, learn passive skills and enjoy the tons of quests and extra enjoymentthat await in this magical adventure!

Swords and Sandals: Spartacus 11.69

You are Spartacus, the gladiator who defied the corrupttyrants of Rome!

One man who broke free from a brutal gladiator arena. Oneman who took on the most powerful legions in Ancient Rome. This is the story ofthe legendary SPARTACUS!

Now for the first time, take up the sword of the greatestgladiator ever and do battle with Rome yourself in this thrilling action combatplatformer. From the dark dungeons under the Arena of Capua to the heights ofMt Vesuvius and beyond, you will battle brutal slave drivers, grizzledlegionnaires and mighty centurions as you free the slaves of Rome.

STAR WARS Episode I Racer 12.29

The fan favorite racer is back featuring motion controls!

Take control of a podracer speeding through flaming methanelakes, Tusken Raider assaults, anti-gravity tunnels, and much more in apulse-pounding, do-or-die fight to the finish line.

Conjurer Andys Repeatable Dungeon 6.69

Conjurer Andys Repeatable Dungeon is a peculiar adventuregame, where you, the hero will journey into the depths of a repeating dungeonto collect loot, defeat unusual creatures like the Jelly Cube, Pizza Golem andrecruit unlikely heroes such as the Mathemagician to aid you in going thedeepest into the dungeon.

C.A.R.D is a card-based Roguelike with fast paced, easy tolearn gameplay featuring an ensemble cast of quirky and humorous heroes to joinyour questing adventures deep into Andys dungeon. With push your luckmechanics, the real question isHow much loot can you bring back withoutperishing!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated 24.99

Are you ready, kids? The cult classic is back, faithfullyremade in spongetastic splendor! Play as SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy and showthe evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. Want to save BikiniBottom from lots of rampant robots with your mighty bubbles? Of course you do!Want to underpants bungee jump? Why wouldnt you! Want to join forces in abrand new multiplayer mode? The battle is on!

HexON 0.89

HexON is a relaxing puzzle game where you connect magneticpieces to a hexagonal board.

In each level you have a different board and set of pieces.You need to plug all pieces to the board to complete each level. No piece canbe left unplugged.

Ultracore 17.99

design, tons of secrets to discover and numerous mid- andend-bosses.

Originally developed in the 90s by the legendary gamestudio Digital Illusions! Back then, it went by the working title of Hardcoreand was sadly cancelled last minute.

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour 7.99

Join the worlds greatest action hero in Duke Nukem 3D: 20thAnniversary World Tour as he saves Earth once again, saving babes across theglobe. Blast your way through hordes of ugly aliens in four classic Duke Nukem3D episodes. An all-new fifth episode from the games original episodedesigners includes a new weapon, new music from the games original composer,and all-new lines from the original voice of Duke.

AntVentor 7.99

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if youwere the size of an ant?

AntVentor is the first short chapter of the AntTrilogyseries about an ant and his unusual adventures in a realistic macroworld.

The main character is an inventor ant. Despite his smallsize, he has a big dream.

He lived a simple life, until you showed up, broke hismechanism and ruined his plans.

Now you have to do whatever it takes to help Florantine notonly return to his life, but also fulfill his long-cherished dream.

Together you will overcome difficulties and have manyadventures, which are just beginning in this first chapter.

Night Call 17.99

A mysterious serial killer stalks the streets of modern-dayParis. The body count rises, and the police are no closer to catching theculprit. You are a taxi driver and survivor to the killers most recentattacks, having barely escaped with your life. You have seven nights to helpfind the killer, or the police will pin it on you. These next few shifts willbe far from ordinary or safe

Night Call is a non-linear, narrative-driven noireinvestigation game. You are no detective, but you do have a gift. Around you,people feel more at ease. They talk. They share their thoughts, their emotions,their stories their secrets. To passengers, you are more than just a driver;you are also a friend, a confidant, a counselor. A voyeur catching a glimpseunder the masked but very real lives throughout the City of Light. And youllneed to play these roles well if you want to catch the killer.

Pokmon Caf Mix 0.00

As Pokmon arrive to sample the delights of your PokmonCaf, its up to you and your highly trained staff to get their orders justright! Each order takes the form of a puzzle where you must clear specialgimmicks on-screen to prepare a dish.

Using the touch screen, chain icons together and drag themround to dissolve sugar cubes, chop up tomatoes and whip cream for your nextculinary masterpiece. Shifting icons around and moving these gimmicks intospecific spots feels like youre stirring a pot so get into the cookingspirit when solving each puzzle!

Sudoky 2.49

Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placementpuzzle. The objective is to fill a 99 grid with digits so that each column,each row, and each of the nine 33 subgrids that compose the grid (also calledboxes, blocks, or regions) contains all ofthe digits from 1 to 9.

Urban Trial Tricky 13.99

Hold on to your seat and pull off the most savage tricks andcombos on your motorbike. Ride free, spin in the air, move back and forth andlet yourself be carried away by the exciting, fast-paced gameplay, colorfulvisuals, and smooth controls.


In PLOID SAGA you play with the PLOIDS Alpha and Omega, wichare the evolution of the human race by merging technology with its DNA. Youhave 3 adventures in the saga with different playstyle:

In V.O.I.D.+ our First platformer game, our planet isinvaded by a race from another galaxy, which destroys everything it touches tobecome thus with absolute power. After some time, a group of Ploids decides totake action and return the peace. To achieve this, Alpha and Omega must travelthrough time to eras of ancient land, in order to obtain sacred stones thatwill give him the necessary power to defeat the invaders. Some of the ancientepochs are feudal Japan, the ice age, the medieval era or among others. What hedoes not know is that the invaders tried to get those holy stones before him! In addition, time threatens to collapse, and only you can connect to the PLOIDSto save the Earth!

Pachi Pachi On A Roll 6.99

Dress up for the occasion, complete all missions, fightgiant UFOs, defeat dragons, and rob a train, to get the highest score possiblein this fun mix of pachinko and pinball.

Grimshade 17.99

Grimshade tells the story of the company of heroes, by atwist of fate involved in the cycle of events unfolding in the world ofReefah. Numerous dreadful monsters infested the forest around the city ofBrann and high walls could no longer protect residents from the attacks. Themenacing army of the neighbouring kingdom suddenly landed on the outskirts ofthe city, wreaking havoc.There is no hope for salvation the strength of the defenders is running low,but the King and his loyal Champions had vanished.

Lead the group of the adventurers on a journey and explore avaried and intricate world, meet new characters and reveal plot-relatedsecrets. Remember, beauty is deceptive danger lurks everywhere. Test yourskills in challenging turn-based battles, adjusting your combat tactics andoptimal team combinations for each foe you met on the way.

Blair Witch 26.99

Inspired by the cinematic lore of Blair Witch, experience anew story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear andstress.

Your darkest fears will awaken in these woods.

Its 1996. A young boy disappears in the Black Hills Forestnear Burkittsville, Maryland. As Ellis, a former police officer with a troubledpast, you join the search. What starts as an ordinary investigation soon turnsinto an endless nightmare as you confront your fears and the Blair Witch, amysterious force that haunts the woods

The Almost Gone 13.49

Poised between life and death, isolated and alone, you mustunravel the poignant truths that led to your fate. Dig beneath the beautifullyrendered faades and interiors of an ordinary suburban lifestyle to discover acontemporary tale crafted by an award-winning author.

Piece together this compelling story by revealing objectsand memories, and decipher these clues to reveal more of the story and itssecrets. From your own home to eerily deserted streets, beautiful apartmentblocks to abandoned hospitals, you must search forensically for clues and thepath forwards. Each new revelation takes you that one step closer tounderstanding, and to the people and places that surrounded you, in your alltoo short life.

Collar X Malice 35.99

A dangerous shadow organization launches a campaign of fearand violence in the city of Shinjuku, pushing society to the brink of chaos. Asa young police officer tasked with restoring order, you become the target of anattack, and have a poisonous collar attached to your neck. With the situationspiraling out of control and time running out, five mysterious strangers appearto aid you in your quest for the truth.

Tower Of Time 22.49

Lead the ultimate party of heroes into the Tower of Time, avertical battleground filled with lore, mystery, and combat. Combining thenuances of classic RPGs with challenging tactical combat, Tower of Timetransforms each battle into a puzzle of magic and mettle. Slow or pause time toplan your every move: strategically place your warriors, control thebattleground with precise spells, counter incoming waves with devastatingmaneuvers.

Truck and Logistics Simulator 36.99

Master all the individual logistics vehicles like forklifts,cranes, telescopic handlers, wheel loaders and many more to load up your vans,pickups and heavy trucks.

Dive into the progressive career mode and accomplishchallenging missions to buy new vehicles, upgrade your vehicle fleet and takeon the real heavy loads. Pull off dangerous off-road missions with loads as bigas a 21 tonnes articulated loader that will push your driving skills to thelimit. Master each unique vehicle and use them to their fullest potential tomaximize your income and driver experience to become the biggest logisticscompany in town.

Unitied 2.29

Unitied is a minimalistic & relaxing puzzle game. Thesimple goal is to finish all blocks. You do so by moving all blocks in onedirection: up, left, down or right. The blocks have to use each other to beable to finish.

Urban Flow 13.49

Urban Flow is a game about the subtle beauty of city streetsfilled with cars moving in perfect harmony. But such order does not happen allby itself the city needs YOU to control the traffic lights and to make sureeverything goes smoothly. That means no crashes, no jams. Everything will runperfectly as long as you stay focused!

Immerse yourself in a beautiful, hand-crafted, low-polyworld to discover the enormous satisfaction of watching the hundreds of tiny,colourful cars flowing through the streets all while listening to the chill,urban music.

Over 100 levels, each with its own busy intersection. Youhave one job: operate the lights and keep it safe.

Party Game (even if you party all alone!)

Towaga: Among Shadows 13.49

Sake of your tribe lies solely in your hands

Towaga: Among Shadows is an action -shooter game, in whichthe sake of your tribe lies solely in your hands. Your focus, accuracy, andpatience will be put to the ultimate test as you cleanse the world from itscurse. Defeat legions of foes with your spells, upgrade your skills, unlock newabilities to fit your playstyle, and delve into the mysterious past of theisland of Azkalar!

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