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Looking for the best VR games in 2020? Look no further!

Were six months into 2020 and theres already been a lot of great VR games. As we approach the halfway point, its time to reflect on some of the best experiences released for headsets so far.

This list includes releases across Steam, the PlayStation Store and the Oculus Stores.

To recognize as many games as possible were splitting our current list of best VR games in 2020 into two parts. First is the all-new releases, but were also recognizing ports of older games that made successful transitions to other headsets. Also check out our lists for the best 25 games on PSVR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and SteamVR!

What Is It?: Do we really need to remind you? Valves legendary series finally returned in fine form as a prequel to Half-Life 2 in which we play as Alyx Vance.

Our Score: 5/5

What We Said: But, for the already-initiated and those susceptible to it, Alyx is a triumphant return; a stunningly produced, meticulously refined capping off of the past four years of VR learnings. Its 10+ hours of best-in-class combat, evolving level design and, every so often, moments of truly inventive ideas swiftly establishes it as a new benchmark for the platform.

What Is It?: Beat Saber meets human Tetris; you have to fit shapes in a wall, avoid obstacles and grab coins to the beat. A nice change of pace from other VR rhythm games.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Its a smart, straight, no-nonsense rhythm game with an energetic core mechanic and plenty of options to tailor the experience to your liking. Theres a few presentation hiccups and the initial track list could be more inspiring, but these are minor and very fixable issues. If youre growing tired of slashing or shooting beats in VR, then you should definitely try throwing some shapes here instead.

What Is It?: Based on the enduring comic book series, Saints & Sinners takes players to zombie-infested New Orleans, where they shoot and stab their way to survival.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Despite its minor issues like relatively boring environments, repetitive mission structure, and human AI that leaves a bit to be desired, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is easily the best zombie game in VR to date. The shooting mechanics feel heavy and impactful and melee is extremely violent in just the right ways. Theres plenty of depth between the survival systems and crafting mechanics and it packs a large and dense adventure unlike anything else out there.

What Is It?: Another World creator Eric Chahi makes his VR debut with this sensational VR animal kingdom.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: It is a game not content with just one miracle, be it the authentic, almost documentarian approach to a virtual ecosystem, nor the technical milestones such a feat requires. Even its set of puzzles somehow emerge as a remarkably natural extension of its core themes and systems, creating a cohesive and curiously precious VR game to be preserved and savoured. Though it usually comes with unintended pitfalls, Paper Beast proves playing god can be great from time to time.

What Is It?: An all-new adventure set in Wonderland that takes you on a whirlwind tour of strange places and crazy characters.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Even Down The Rabbit Holes sheer existence seems like lunacy. Its as strange a VR game youll find, one that refuses to be pegged down to any one demographic or tick any certain box. There might be a touch of tameness to some of its puzzles and the adventure is over a little too soon, but when the game tips its box of ideas upside down, magic usually falls out. Down The Rabbit Hole is as Mad as a Hatter, and thats exactly what youd want it to be.

What Is It?: Fireproof Games award-winning series delivers a compelling VR-native series of intriguing puzzles.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: The Room VR: A Dark Matter is an exemplary puzzle game that not only serves as a prime example of what makes puzzle games so compelling in the first place, but elevates the genre via VR with supreme interactivity, excellent visuals, and a palpably mysterious atmosphere.

What Is It?: Drifter does Silent Hill in this story-driven first-person shooter that pits you against horrific monsters.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: While Lies Beneath doesnt pack enough true terror to be considered a new peak for VR horror, it does manage to craft an intriguing story in a stylishly formed world with mostly satisfying combat and palpable tension. Its exciting to see a developer that was so previously rooted in the fast-paced action shooter category branching out to something more slow-paced, narratively-driven, and visually unique.

What Is It?: The next in ARVOREs series of love letters to retro gaming, Pixel Ripped 1995 has players enjoying tributes to classic consoles inside VR.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Pixel Ripped 1995 is a bigger, bolder, and even more nostalgic walk down memory lane that shifts the focus from the late 80s to the early 90s perhaps the most iconic and formative decade of the video game industry to date.

What Is It?: A successful conversion of a frantic mobile party game, Spaceteam has up to six players working together to keep their vessel going.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Inevitably, some of the same-room companionship is lost in the transition from physical to virtual, but not nearly as much as you might think, and thoughtful additions made possible by headsets go a good way to making up for it. Spaceteam VR will break friendships, ruin your vocal cords and raise your blood pressure. That is to say, its quite a delight.

What Is It?: A touching story-driven adventure in a gorgeous papercraft world, with fun puzzles and a mature take on a troubling subject.

Our Score: 5/5

What We Said: Ghost Giant remains a delicate balance of charm and poignancy; an important story told with the right amount of sensitivity, steeped in the power of VR connection and companionship. Solving its puzzles might present the occasional road bump, but youll otherwise be swept up by its marvellous world of miracles and the characters that live in it. And, thanks to Quest, thats easier to do than ever.

What Is It?: VR does the WW2 RTS with fantastic results.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: Theres a fun focus on planning and improvising in Final Assault, making it an engaging, albeit somewhat less involved, entry for the genre even if it wasnt on a headset, but in virtual reality, the RTS shines as an imaginative chest of colorful toys. Just make sure when youre planning your attack to call in a supply drop of dramamine.

What Is It?: A sublime piece of VR puzzling with first-class interactions and amazing visuals.

Our Score: 4/5

What We Said: FORM is a little too short and lacking in challenge for it to be considered a true classic, but it stands tall as a VR puzzler unlike any other. Theres an understanding of this new medium here that few developers have been able to demonstrate. Its atmosphere is dense and engaging and its puzzles capture a strong sense of discovery, resulting in a brilliant blend of gameplay and experience. The flood of VR puzzle games could learn a lot from the foundations that Charm Games has laid here.

What Is It?: Tetris in VR. Yes, really.

What We Said: Playing Tetris Effect that way is a real prospect with an Oculus Quest and an utter joy that would be very hard to achieve with a console or PC tethering you to the house.

What Is It?: Free Lives gloriously silly battle sim that rips up the rules on VR violence.

What We Said: All that said, if youre able to optimize your setup and come in with the right expectations, Id still say Gorn is an easy recommendation for PSVR fans. No, youre not getting an epic adventure comparable to the bar-raising The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, but theres still some of VRs most entertaining combat on offer here.

Do you agree these are the best VR games of 2020 so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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