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Hello, everyone! It is that time of the week again where James Romero and the other guys at SwitchWatchTV compile the best bargains happening on the Nintendo Switch eShop this week and share it with all of us. In the Best Bargains series, it is about choosing the deals that are either unbelievable in price or the game dropping the price is spectacular. Either way, Best Bargains is always a lot of fun to watch and read, so lets just get into it here on, shall we?

Hello how are you doing everyone? Im James Romero, and we are back uncovering the very best bargains on the Switch eShop that are worth picking up across the UK, EU, and US eShops. Be sure to let us know your pick of the week for Best Bargains in the comments below, as each week we pick someone to win a $10 eShop voucher. We will announce last weeks winner later on, but for now, lets jump in and find these best bargains!

James: Kicking things off with my pick of the week, and this week its the anti-gravity racer Redout. With an F-Zero sized hole on the Nintendo platform, games like Fast RMX have swooped in to fill the gap, and Redout does a solid job of doing the same. With a cool futuristic style, a pumping soundtrack, and a healthy campaign mode, there is a lot to like here. What I like is how each ship feels different across teams, and the introduction of controlling the pitch with the right stick. It makes for fast feeling, on the edge of losing control racing. Its not perfectly polished, but at half price its a lot of racer for your money.

17.99 50%$19.99 50%19.99 50%

Juan and Jordan, what are your picks for this weeks Best Bargains?

Juan: My pick of the week has to be Cave Story. Not only is it a great game, but I remember waiting weeks for it when I imported it from our friends in the States. I think Nicalis physicals are some of the best around with all the little goodies you get. Here our hero discovers a hidden land and vows to protect the defenseless creatures who live there. This game is both charming and hard as nails at times, but I absolutely loved this platforming adventure from start to finish. It has great story telling, sweet weapons, and awesome action. If you missed it, then now is the time to download with 50% off.

13.49 50%$14.99 50%14.99 50%

Jordan: Hey, guys! My pick of the week is a game that I reviewed when it released digitally, Aragami! This is a nice indie game that dares take on the stealth genre and does so with aplomb. Jumping between shadows, sneaking behind guards on patrol, and with some interesting platforming segments and upgrades, this is an ambitious title for an indie studio. Its hardly Splinter Cell in its stealth mechanics, but thats why the current sale comes in. Its 50% off until May 31st 14.99 in Euros and US dollars and 12.49 in the UK. Thats a very nice price and can be easily recommended for those looking for an indie game that looks like it has a bit more of a budget to it.

12.49 50%$14.99 50%14.99 50%

Thanks, guys! Those are two great picks. Moving on!

Sparklite is an action-adventure game that takes place in the wonderful world of Geodia. Enjoy the amazing pixel art and a wonderful soundtrack by Dale North. The game contains 5 unique and procedurally generated biomes to explore. It is loads of fun and with the update back in feb to version 1.5 the experience became even better. Version 1.5 provides a load of new content to help you stay busy in Geodia! If you dont own the game, now is the time to dive in. If you do already own it with a healthy 40% Off the largest discount on it to date

11.99 40%$14.99 40% 14.99 40%

Gorogoa is a critically acclaimed puzzle game from developers Buried Signal. Its beautiful, imaginative, and often sited as a work of art. It was originally $15 which was always a bit of a stretch for many due to the 2-hour run time, but now with 50% off at $7.99 in the US that is a very good value for your money. If you were on the fence originally, then now is the time to strike.

$7.99 50%

If you missed it last time, Super Chariot, the platformer puzzler from Microids has a chunky 90% off! Playing as a princess and her fiance you need to drag a chariot with the late kings remains through 25 subterranean levels to his final resting place, along the way you are taunted by the ungrateful kings ghost, face enemies, gather loot and take physics based puzzles. Its a well accomplished game that has replay ability and plenty of fun moments and secrets to find its decent on your own but is a real treat in local coop either in tabletop mode or on a TV. Its a solid package and at this low a cost you really cannot go wrong!

$1.49 90%

Feudal Alloy is a metroidvania that is rough around the edges and odd you play as a goldfish controlling a robotic body in an odd landscape full of robots in a medieval setting, I reviewed this one when it came out and I did enjoy it there are nice RPG elements thrown in and the puzzles are excellent its not perfect but at less that 3 its a bargain worth checking out!

2.69 80%$3.39 80%2.99 80%

Remilore is an action RPG that takes the Diablo formula makes it more chilled out. The adventure has some rogue lite elements which are randomised and the levelling up system is interesting, throw into the mix decent combat and nice Japanese voice work and what you have is a nice dungeon looter that you can pick up and play in short, chilled out bursts.

17.99 50%$19.99 50%19.99 50%

Developer by Edmund McMillen and published by Nicalis, The End is Nigh lives up to the standards Edmund has set in his other titles like super meat boy and the binding of Isaac. A dark sense of humor, lovely visuals And perfectly crafted tracks by Ridiculon. The clue is in the title here you play as ash, a blob and the last one left after an apocalyptic event and you set off in search of a friend what follows is precision platforming on single screen stages at its finest, you will want to throw your switch at every turn but someone will keep going back for more punishment! A fantastic title not to be skipped

6.69 50%$7.49 50%7.49 50%

Crystal Crisis is a lovely little action puzzle game. Featuring a crossover of many niche characters, especially those that publisher Nicalis have worked with over the years. It includes Binding of Isaac, Astro Boy, Cave Story, as well as a few other. Its a color matching game that gives the illusion of a 1 v 1 fighter harking back to a once popular genre. Its chaotic but very fun, with 50% off across all regions its a blast.

8.99 50%$9.99 50%9.99 50%

Based on true stories and historical events, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive drama about choice and consequence, chaos and order. The year is 1978, the place is Tehran, Iran. You play a photojournalist who returns home to find his people protesting the ruling King, the Shah. Armed with your camera, youre soon pulled into a dangerous world of revolution and civil unrest. The visuals are not great, the interaction is minimal and its a short game but story wise its fascinating and for the price of a cup of coffee its worth it.

$3.59 70%

In Slayaway Camp, you play as Skullface, a mask wearing, machete wielding serial killer straight out of the 80s!The game is a slide puzzler where you have to perform the right sequence in order to progress in this case its to slash your victims, oh fun! its a good laugh and a fun puzzle game to boot with 80% off you cant go wrong

$2.99 80%

Mars Power Industries is a simple pick up and play puzzle game, there are 80 odd levels and each one is nice and short, the premise is that mars has been terraformed and as buildings pop up they need to get powered up, this is where you come in! Taking place on a simple grid you need to place and connect grids in order to power up buildings, along the way there are obstacles and some tricky spikes to make things that bit tougher but overall this is a chilled, laid back easy to play and good looking game all for under 1

0.87 75%$0.99 75%0.99 75%

Black the Fall is a puzzle platformer that harks back to the Cold War and the rise of communism, its a visual novel in the sense that its focus is its story through sometimes obscure interpretations but its an interesting tale, the switch version does have a few creaky parts to it in the performance side but its a nice, short experience and now its at its lowest ever price point with 70% off

3.59 70%$4.49 70%4.49 70%

15.74 55%17.99 55%

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a special title. The spiritual successor of the Wonder Boy series, this metroidvania platformer is one of the best there is with excellent controls and wonderful gameplay supported by beautiful graphics and one of the very best soundtracks weve heard on the Switch. This is not one to be missed! Everyone can enjoy this regardless of age or skill level. One of the best bargains for sure.

Block Quest Maker, otherwise known as BQM is an RPG creation tool. Using voxels to create and share your very own quests, this is a bit of a niche one, but great for those who are fans of creating games and RPGs. It makes a nice, quirky alternative to the RPG Maker series and is surprisingly good, especially with 50% off!

5.99 50%6.49 50%

EarthLock is a love letter to JRPGs of the PS1 era with its turn based combat, open world to explore and classic mechanics. The game is well crafted and whilst its fair to say its unlikely to be many peoples absolute favorite it does everything well and clocks up an impressive amount of content making this one an impressive bargain at this price point.

4.49 80%4.89 80%

And there you have a bunch of eShop Best Bargains worth considering! What is your pick of the week for Best Bargains? Let us know down below! Thanks for hanging out with us today, tomorrow we will be back with our physical round up. In the meantime, congratulations to Jcookie, this weeks winner. Please email us, and we will get you that voucher. Stay safe, everyone, and take care.

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