Best Android and iOS games of the week [15/10/2020] re:Jerusalem – re:Jerusalem

As usual, in our weekly column, we present our readers with the most interesting games among the dozens of titles that open on mobile platforms every week.

In the second week of October, we have premieres like Poor Thief !, Girabox, Infinity Mechs, Ordesa, Escape Legends, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, Cubinko and more.

Below we have separated ten titles in the most varied styles and prices to try to satisfy all tastes. Discover our selection below.

Muspelheim, a nation of desert and jungle, also called Kingdom of the sand. Volker, son of a blacksmith, always dreamed of becoming an adventurer, but at the same time ventures out with the aim of becoming a blacksmith at court!

The most innovative and fun 3-game game in years!

Your puzzle skills will be put to the test with this new match 3 game mode! Our exclusive ink blocks will expand your mind in ways you never imagined in this addicting puzzle game. Enjoy the satisfaction of putting the pieces together perfectly, filling the board with an explosion of color and an extremely fun design!

Equipped with a simple sword and magic in your hands, prepare to face a fantasy world filled with monsters!

Explore and venture through various mazes, face off against hundreds of fierce monsters and challenge great bosses! To survive you can get different random skills and combine them for powerful effects.

Do you like to solve puzzles? Want to get involved in PvP games? Want to challenge your problem-solving skills on the go?

So welcome to the world of Escape Legends! Put your puzzle skills to the test in a time bomb from a game that will prove that you have what it takes to escape first. Its a fast-paced escape game with procedurally generated rooms that ensure each new meter is totally unique.

Use items and power-ups to frustrate your opponent, always staying one step ahead. Be careful, your opponent can use these same power-ups! Think fast, act strategically, and beat everyone who plays with you.

Girabox is a minimalist puzzle game with an equally minimalist premise that allows for deep gameplay.

Enjoy a frictionless experience, with an emphasis on minimalism.Play through the different level packs and compare your score with the others in the leaderboards.

INFINITY MECHS is an idle game featuring super robots developed by SkullStar and licensed by Game Duchy. Here you will have access to a galaxy of mechs with a constellation of team building strategies!

The army of mechs needs your leadership!

Watch the battlefield live, where the particle effect will sweep your screen! Adventure, intense PvP, one-handed operations Mechs are one mans romance! Now the Ushers of Mechaland are attacking you!

Thousands of years ago, a huge force blew up the universe and the original King of Heroes left behind the only relic the Emperors Book Fragment, which sealed the power of creation and destruction.

The Fatal Legend will come to the planet Aurora and experience the dynamic history surrounding the Relic. Start your adventure with the ultimate monsters from planet Aurora!

You are the poor thief, a thief cursed with immortality and an insatiable thirst for treasure. Go through dozens of levels and remember: it is not always possible to avoid death. In fact, this is the only way to solve many of these puzzles!

Two years after her departure, Lise returned to the family home. But his reunion with his father is soon interrupted by a ghostly apparition In the middle of the forest, in a house haunted by tragedy, its up to you to reveal the secrets of the past.

Tilt your device to move around the scene, but be careful: your actions can have unintended consequences!

Download Rabbids Coding, a fun, accessible and completely free educational application to learn the basics of programming.

Raving Rabbids have invaded a spaceship and destroyed everything!Using lines of code, give your instructions and regain control of the situation.

This app is for everyone over 7 years old. It was created to raise awareness of digital practices and reach as many people as possible, whether in the family, at school or with the support of associations and media libraries.

The app teaches the basics of programming and algorithmic logic. It presents the concepts of sequential programming, loops and conditions. No prior programming knowledge is required to play.

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Best Android and iOS games of the week [15/10/2020] re:Jerusalem - re:Jerusalem

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