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When it comes to the puzzles themselves, they are definitely pretty interesting. Some seasons provide no water where there is plenty while others do provide water where there is none. This can be used to move around more easily throughout areas for both yourself and certain objects. Then you have the winter season to work with which will freeze the top of the water, even if that water only exists within the season orb. Utilizing these seasons in the puzzles was an awesome choice and easily my favorite aspect of this games whole set up.

You will also come across crystals that remove the orb power and cancel your season orb. These sections will test your platforming and overcoming skill, so be ready to think outside the box. But mainly, this is where you will end up using your slingshot the most as you will eventually gain the ability to shoot a season dome spawn with the slingshot, which became handy really quickly.

Given that the story and gameplay style is fitting for kids, the cartoon style used for the artwork is very fitting to the game. They did send out a patch for the games culling and processing issues, but even after the patch I still came across some problems. Dont be surprised to see the wrong season randomly glitch on the screen or for there to be lag in the cutscenes themselves.

Again, given that this game has an overall style that is for kids, the sound effects and music used was very fitting to the game. I enjoyed the music used and found it to drive that adventurous feeling that these games are trying to provide. However, I did come across a glitch near the end of the game where the music just stopped altogether and ended up with no music during the games final moments.

There are tons of side quests and collectibles all over the world of Valdi, so there is plenty of reason to go back through it. While defeating enemies doesnt provide any reward on its own, there are plenty of enemies around for the player to face off against if they want to. I can see players putting more time in this game than just doing the main questline.

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