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I cant keep up with tried-and-true old horror games, much less newer ones that look intriguing, but thats not a complaint, and Ill pad my backlog as much as possible. Today on the Epic Games Store, weve got another ideal-for-October giveaway with Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition its free from October 2128, so claim it if youre in the mood.

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror adventure game about a child trapped in a weird nightmare. It doesnt have combat, which could go either way depending on what you want out of smaller-scale horror games, and its on the short side, with the How Long to Beat consensus being two hours or so. For a freebie, I think that actually works in its favor.

This is one of those games that I distinctly remember missing we dont often play as two-year-olds and the enhanced edition moniker speaks to me. According to developer Krillbite Studio, the new features are: improved visuals, digital artbook and soundtrack integrated in the game, selectable pajamas, enhanced puzzles and gameplay, new dialogue, and a brand new museum level where you get to explore behind the scenes and experience never before seen footage and concepts cut from the released game.

What about jump-scares? As our reviewer Caitlin Cooke summed it up, Among the Sleep builds upon slow tension and mystery rather than the thrill of a quick scare, which leaves a sense of dread especially considering the fact that you play a defenseless toddler. Steam user review johnhdz1023 calls it a PG horror game that doesnt always feel PG.

Heres an amusing and sad tidbit: the store page for Among the Sleep includes a positive quote from the defunct game blog Joystiq. Rest in peace, Joystiq. You are missed.

Like I said, another one for the nebulous backlog. Next week, from October 28 to November 4, the Epic Games Store will give out DARQ: Complete Edition. Its a sneaky horror-puzzle game set in a nightmare. You hear that, dream warriors?

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Among the Sleep is a horror game freebie on the Epic Games Store - Destructoid

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