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Americans have more virtual obligations than ever. After a day of calendar notifications, email alerts and Zoom meetings, its nice to sit back and unplug. Check out our fun ideas for busy professionals who have a hard time disconnecting.

Record players turn listening to your favorite albums into a special ritual. There are a ton of advantages to vinyl, including superior sound and a neat hobby to pursue. Plus, a turntable looks pretty cool in a living room or bedroom.

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Mobile puzzle games are fun, but they add hours of extra screen time to your day without giving you much to show for it. Analog puzzles have been increasingly popular since March because they are great for relieving stress during isolation. Also, jigsaw puzzles can improve your visual-spatial reasoning and short-term memory, according to some studies.

Digital clocks and smartphones expose you to blue light, which can damage retina cells and make falling asleep more difficult. Analog clocks are great because they dont put off blue light, and you dont have to worry about losing track of time during a power outage. These retro clocks also add a chic, vintage flair to your home.

Crossing something off a paper to-do list with a pen can be much more satisfying than using an app. If you're obsessed with productivity, give bullet journaling a whirl. Its an efficient way to log your daily activities and keep track of personal or professional goals.

You can also save your memories in something more tactile than another Facebook photo album. Scrapbooking is a fun and crafty way to preserve your favorite recollections. If you have kids, its also something you can do together!

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Instead of scrolling endlessly through Instagram, consider investing in a few quality art books for your coffee table.

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