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The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's big jump from 2D to 3D games, riding off the success of the Super Nintendo. In many ways, Nintendo delivered. The N64 had many amazing games for both singleplayer and multiplayer experiences. Thanks to having easy access to four controller ports, it was the premier local multiplayer console at the time.

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There were many games that almost everyone who owned an N64 had. They were so popular, in fact, they overshadowed some other fantastic games in the N64 catalog. Theseawesome games rarely come up in discussions of great N64 games due to how overlooked they are.

After the incredible collection of games Rare made during the SNES era, all eyes were on Rare for the next generation. And Rare certainly did deliver withBanjo Kazooie. The open-world 3D platformer and "collectathon" is fondly remembered by anyone who played it. Banjo and Kazooie are both considered to be iconic N64 characters alongside the like of Mario and Link. The music, level design, and charm ofBanjo Kazooie are all reasons for why the game was so loved.Banjo Kazooiehas incredibly memorable characters with simplistic yet addicting gameplay.

Gauntlet Legendswas an arcade game made by Atari (the lastGauntlet game to be made by them) and would later be ported to the N64. The game is an over the top POV 3D beat-em-up that supports four-player co-op. With multiple classes and a leveling system,Gauntlet Legends isincredibly addicting, with tons of replay valuethanks to allthe playableclasses. It is an incredibly fun game to play with friends and ranks as one of themost entertaining arcade games out there. The N64 was lucky enough to get a quality port for it, even if it's often forgotten about.

TheMario Kartseries is one of the most popularMariospin-offs ever. The second installment in the series,Mario Kart 64,offered new items and tracks that are some of the most popular in the entire series.

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It was also the first appearance of the "Blue Shell" power-up, arguably the most famous power-up in all ofMario Kart.The music was fantastic, with a huge upgrade in level design thanks to the N64's greater power compared to the SNES.Mario Kart 64was alwaysthe game that everyone pulled out when they wanted to have a great time with others.

Many of Nintendo's large franchises are often incredibly popular thanks to name recognition alone. However, the N64 had an exception to this rule with Pokmon Puzzle League. Many remember classics likePokmon Snap andPokmon Stadium, however,Pokmon Puzzle League is often buried between the other, more popular N64Pokmongames. This puzzle game featured characters from thePokmonanime, both a 2D and 3D puzzle mode, and lighting fast gameplay. It's one of the few puzzle game options on the N64, and a great one that not many people remember.

Goldeneye 007was one of the most popular first-person shooter games with incredibly fun local multiplayer. Its local multiplayer was one of the biggest draws to it, and one of the few FPS games at the time that allowed this without having to bring a PC for a LAN party. Due to this, almost everyone had a copy of Goldeneye 007to break out when they wanted to have a high-octane multiplayer experience.Goldeneye 007also had a great singleplayer, even if it was outshined by its memorable local multiplayer.

During the prime of early era fighting games likeStreet FighterandMortal Kombat, many other fighters came into the ring to try and capitalize on the popularity of the genre.Fighter's Destinywas one of these. This 3D fighter is one of the most unique ones out there.

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While traditionally the only way to win a match was to get rid of your opponent's HP, Fighter's Destiny used a point system to win a match. Ring-Outs, knocking the opponent out with certain moves, or winning a round with a counterattack to name a few. It's mechanicallyunlike any other fighting game, and one of the best fighting games the N64 has to offer.

Super Mario 64was many's first game on the N64 since it was a launch title for the console. It was the first 3D Mario game and set the standard for 3D platformers. Its controls were tight, with a great camera that many previous 3D platformers lacked.Super Mario 64is widely considered to be one of the bestMariogames ever made, and for good reason. The levels are all great, with fantastic music and gameplay. It's hard to find anything bad aboutSuper Mario 64, and that's why it was so popular, it was just so good.Super Mario 64is found in almost all N64 collections, and likely always will be.

The N64 was one of the first consoles that allowed for 3D games, so many developers took advantage of this and 2D games fell by the wayside because of it.This was especially true with platformers,doubly so after the widespread success ofSuper Mario 64.Mischief Makers, however,would be one of the rare 2D platformers available on the N64. The game is incredibly fun and was sadly overlooked due to the simple fact it was a 2D platformer during a time where everyone wanted to play 3D ones. With lots of charm to it,Mischief Makersis worth a second look for any fans of the platformer genre.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was theZelda franchise's first foray into 3D, and is considered by some as the greatest game of all time.The Legend of Zelda was already incredibly popular thanks toA Link to The Past, andOcarina of Timemade it a household name.

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With a fantastic story, set-pieces, characters, and gameplay, there's a good reason why almost everyone hadOcarina of Time. It's been re-released so many times on other consoles and remains one of the most popular video games of all time.

Goemon's Great Adventureis another sidescroller that was sadly overlooked simply due to the fact it wasn't 3D like many of the games in the N64's catalog. It's a shame too sinceGoemon's Great Adventureis one of the best sidescrollers available on the N64. Like many Konami games, it's filled to the brim with charm in both its level design and characters. It is also one of the few platformers on the N64 that offered co-op which made the game even more fun to play.Goemon's Great Adventureis one of Konami's hidden gems and warrants a second look.

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