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Action games today let players become what action movies can't - action heroes!Thankfully, games likeDevil May Cry 5or evenThe Division 2ensure their players dictate the flow of action. Sometimes, games likeGhost of Tsushimaalso show that the greatest moves come with painstaking training. Regardless, these games continue to make players look like Grade S Badasses, be it against demons, fellow agents, or other fighters. As such, it sucks to see great action get discontinued or cancelled, especially if they have great potential.

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Thankfully, developers also have upcoming action titles to capture the hearts of gaming's best swordsmen and sharpshooters. However, in order to go forward, players must look back. As such, just what are some discontinued action games that could've changed the genre? Moreover, what are some upcoming titles that might do it?

Fans ofCommand & Conquerknow the franchise for its real-time strategy mechanics and interesting narrative. After all, the game takes place in an alternate timeline when humanity fought for control over Tiberium, an alien substance. However,C&C: Tiberiumwould've brought players up and close to the soldiers that fight the war.

In essence, the gameserves as a squad-based tactical game. Thanks to various footage,Tiberiumwould've featured squads of players engaging in intense FPS combat. However, unlike modern shooters,Tiberium would feature squad leaders aiding their teams with various perks and gadgets, adding an RTS flair. As such,Tiberiumtoday would've been a mix ofRainbow Six: Siege's tactical prowess with the intensity ofValorant, minus the theatrics.

Folks from Void Interactive bring players a more intensive take on the tactical shooter genre. Fans ofRainbow Six: Siegewill appreciate the tactical prowess demanded byReady or Not. In this tactical shooter, players become a member of the SWAT unit that takes on various missions with special tasks. As an FPS title, the game includes familiar elements such as choosing and upgrading weapons.

However, perhaps more interesting is the game's focus on tactical action.For instance, the game also introduces a planning phase where players can close or open paths, select equipment, and alter other variables to make the mission easier. Not all games allow this kind of mission customization depth that almost simulates real-life mission planning.

Instead of the disappointingAliens: Colonial Marines, sci-fi fans may have actually had anAlienaction-RPG. As per Obsidian Entertainment, they were supposed to releaseAliens: Crucible, an RPG set in theAlienfranchise. Unfortunately, since Sega wanted to push for a more action-packedColonial Marines, fans never got to play a strategic take onAlien's survival horror potential.

As per Obsidian's screenshots and information,Cruciblemade for an interesting tactical RPG. For instance, the game likely takes a spin on the survival horror aspect ofAlien: Isolationwith the tactical prowess of hit RPGs. In this theoretical release, players equip various characters with scarce weapons and armor they find in the game as they fight various Xenomorphs and alien threats.

Arkane Studios'Deathlooptries to spice up the FPS mix with a unique time travel mechanic. In this title, players need to successfully eliminate a set of targets within a particular timeframe. Unfortunately, players who fail to do this will "reset" the level's "loop". Fans of Arkane's other games such asDishonoredwill delight in the game's parkour and stealth focus.

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Interestingly,Deathloopalso features a multiplayer aspect. However, instead of an ally, the other player will pose as a direct foil to the player. This weird take on cat-and-mouse makesDeathloopboth an action game with a twisted take on puzzle games.

Aside fromDeath Stranding, acclaimedfilmmakerGuillermo Del Toro actually tried venturing into video games. For instance, Del Toro and THQ actually wanted to makeinSane, an action-horror gamewith an eldritch twist. Unfortunately, aside from a 30-second teaser, there's not much information about the game.

Considering Del Toro films,inSanemay have a grounded yet twisted premise. As such,inSanemay have a mix ofSilent Hill,FEAR, and even a dash of Lovecraftian-inspired games in its narrative. And thanks to modern gaming tech,inSanetoday may have provided a visceral eldritch narrative with gameplay that transports players into a Del Toro film.

Folks from Bethesda and acclaimed dev Shinji Mikami announcedGhostwire: Tokyo, an action title that's one partShin Megami Tenseiand another partSkyrim. In this game, players discover that a catastrophic paranormal event wiped out a majority of the world's population. Moreover, they soon discover that ghosts started populating the world. And somehow, this paranormal event also granted them powers.

At first glance, the game plays visually-similar to other FPS titles. Moreover, given it's published by Bethesda, it's likely thatGhostwirewill retain similar components to that of Bethesda's classics - class-less stories, or even diverse open worlds. However, it's interesting how Bethesda may tackle an open world that's finally set in modern times.

Folks from Day 1 Studios (FEAR)actually attempted to make aGotham by Gaslightadaptation. In the comics, this story introduces Batman in the Victorian Era as he encounters the enigmatic Jack the Ripper.Additionally,Batmanfans loveGotham by Gaslightthanks to its smart approach to Batman and his skills as limited by the technologies and societal constraints in Victorian-era England. Unfortunately, the lack of a publisher forced Day 1 Studios to shut down the project.

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However, thanks to the critical acclaim of theArkhamseries of games, it's easy to imagine howGotham by Gaslightwould appear today. Thanks to the presence of Jack the Ripper,Gaslightmay take the form of a semi-open world game with Batman searching for Jack throughout the city.

IO Interactive'sHitmanseries expanded on how open environments can improve the stealth-action experience.As such, fans anticipate just howthe upcomingHitman 3can further diversify the stealth genre. After all, the game already allows players to tackle missions using virtually any object they can find in the area. For instance, they can go guns blazing, become stealthy, or even let the environment eliminate their marks for them.

Moreover, a VR component forHitman 3sets up the stealth genre for an interesting level up. After all, aHitmangame with a VR component will further immerse players in the game environment. If done properly,Hitman 3VR may allow players to be as precise as they want when executing their kills, thanks to how interactive things might eventually become.

Thanks toStarCraft, RTS fans have access to a sci-fi title where they can go fast and loose with their battles. Moreover, its gripping narrative talks of war, betrayal, and redemption that spread across three different races. However, outside its RTS fame,StarCraftwould've gone third-person action inGhost. Unfortunately, various development woes eventually led to Blizzard killing the project entirely.

Based on footage and screenshots,Ghosttoday would be a combination ofHitmanandGhosts of Tsushimaalbeit in theStarCraftuniverse. The Ghost Nova, a psychic operative, has to go on missions alone to secure targets, steal information, and even kill individuals. And thanks to her proficiency with weapons, she can easily take on a mission stealthily or go guns blazing.

It's no doubt that CD Projekt Red'sCyberpunk 2077serves as one of the most anticipated action titles in gaming today. Thanks to gameplay and story trailers,Cyberpunk 2077boasts an open world with customization never-before-seen in sci-fi titles. Unlike the fantasy setup ofThe Witcher,Cyberpunk 2077takes place in a dystopian Earth where megacorporations and cybernetics have taken over the world's geopolitical infrastructure.

As an adaptation of theCyberpunkTTRPG,Cyberpunk 2077boasts a class-less progression system. Moreover, their chosen background allows them to tackle the game's story from different perspectives. Thanks to the set up of the game,Cyberpunk 2077can give a more cohesive take on the open world formula that Bethesda popularized.

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