10 Holiday Gifts to Give Any Game of Thrones Fans Missing the Show – Winter is Coming

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Even though the HBO show Game of Thrones ended a while ago and there doesnt seem to be a feasible prequel spin-off show insight, this Christmas celebrate the show that captured the world for almost a decade. Whether you are house Stark, Targaryen, or Lannister, youll find be able to find a gift for a GoT fan to reminisce about the show.

Discover Kurt Adlers Daenerys and Drogon Christmas ornament available on Amazon.

Get ready for Daenerys to fly around your Christmas tree thanks to this Kurt Adler ornament of her riding one of her dragons. We are assuming the dragon is Drogon, Danys one she usually rides. Get ready to scare some children with the menacing dragon on your tree.

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Discover 4D Cityscapes 3D Puzzle: Game of Thrones Red Keep available on Amazon.

Though Daenerys destroyed Kings Landing and the Red Keep in the last season of the show, that doesnt mean we cant enjoy it during its heyday. Thanks to 4D Cityscape, you can build the Red Keep with this 3D puzzle with over 300 pieces to utilize.

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Discover Diamond Comic Distributors Dragonstone bookends on Amazon.

If you are a Targaryen, you know that Dragonstone is a very important location for the family. There are dragon heads everywhere, which you can now bring into your own home. This book ends will look stunning on any shelf, coffee table, or mantle and hold all your books in a secure location.

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Discover Hasbros Monopoly Game of Thrones available on Amazon.

The holidays seem to always be synonymous with bringing out the board games and playing a few rounds of Monopoly. This year, why not spice it up with a version in Westeros. The iron throne cardholder even plays the theme song so you can immerse yourselves.

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Discover AleHorn Stores Ale cup available on Amazon.

Even though the show was known for its fighting, it was also known for its drinking. If you prefer ale, youre going to need a horn to drink from, especially if you are near the Starks. This one from AleHorn will make you feel like youre about to eat from Hot Pies pub with some ale.

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Discover Mr. Winders Game of Thrones music box available on Amazon.

If you want a new way to experience the show, this music box is a great way to do that. Sure you can hear the theme tune on YouTube, but this music box is an experience. Turn the crank and let the music start. It even has many of the shows symbols on the outside for you to enjoy.

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Discover Desired Cart Stores I Drink and I Know Things tumbler and whiskey stones set available on Amazon.

When Tyrion Lannister drinks, he knows things. For those in your life that fancy themselves as a savant then this gift will be perfect for them. This whiskey glass with Tyrions saying I Drink and I Know Things complete with whiskey stones will make any virtuoso feel even more intellectual.

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Discover Game of Thrones Dragon egg candles available on Amazon.

Many fans of Daenerys will remember in the first season when she received three supposedly petrified dragon eggs as a wedding present. Then she put them in the fire and her babies emerged. For those that love the dragon eggs Dany got, these candles will be a welcome addition to any home.

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Discover the cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer from Bantam available on Amazon.

Though cooking was not a major thing on the show, it was still an element that helped audiences immerse themselves in the world. This cookbook gives viewers recipes for some of the most well-known treats like the Nights Watch pork pie and Sansas favorite lemon cakes.

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Discover the Hodor doorstop available on Amaazon.

As we all tragically know, Hodor comes from Hold the door. Honor this fallen hero with this doorstop and make fans do a double-take when they enter your home to find Hodor is holding your door.

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10 Holiday Gifts to Give Any Game of Thrones Fans Missing the Show - Winter is Coming

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