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Players were speculating if the rumors were true for months, but now that the PlayStation VR 2 has been officially announced to be in development for the PS5, everyone is beyond excited to see what kind of mind-bending next-level immersion that Sony can bring to the table in the VR market. With competition such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, the PSVR2 is going to really have to step its game up to compete with these virtual reality titans.

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The original PSVR is still highly regarded as a high-quality and incredibly fun VR headset, with many things that could still be improved upon. But what really matters are the games, and the PSVR had great ones by the dozens. Blood & Truth, Iron Man VR, Super Hot VR, Star Wars: Squadrons; the list goes on and on. But with a new headset coming out soon, there are so many ports, sequels, and reimagined experiences that the PSVR2 could provide on the PS5.

Although it may be a bit of a long shot, Half-Life Alyx was a stunning title for PC-enabled VR headsets that really showed a lot of what VR gaming was capable of, and it could potentially be ported to the PSVR2.

Although Valve is a prominently PC-based company especially for their newer titles, PlayStation consoles have seen the release of games such as The Orange Box Collection and Portal 2. Therefore, whos to say that the long-awaited Half-Life sequel couldnt make its way to a PlayStation console once again?

All VR platforms need more games like Blood & Truth. This immensely fun title puts you in the drivers seat (sometimes literally) of a Guy Ritchie-style British action film, where you need to pull off some amazing heists, dodge and shoot through mind-blowing set pieces, and traverse through a story of family and revenge.

Blood & Truth should get a sequel solely based on how fun the experience is. If the sequel was placed as a potential launch title for the PSVR2, its hard to comprehend how amazing it would be.

Fans have been waiting for nearly an entire console generation for a return to the Infamous franchise. Making its last appearance at the beginning of the PS4 with Infamous Second Son, fans are especially fond of the PS3 days with the lightning powers of Cole McGrath.

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Whether a retelling of the first or second game in a new lens or a completely new experience, playing as McGrath in VR and being able to use various electric powers from the palms of your hands would be a dream come true for fans of the open-world superhero series.

A few issues aside, the thrill of Iron Man VR was quite unmatched by any other game on the market. The exhilaration of flying through the air and weaving between buildings as Tony Starks alter ego was so well-implemented and could easily explore more territory in an expanded sequel.

On that matter, it would be wise to continue a partnership with Marvel to create even more VR-based superhero gamesto expand on the superhuman experiences that the PSVR2 could offer. Captain America VR, Spider-Man VR, or Hulk VR could have something amazing to offer new VR fans. Its probably safe to assume that we wont be seeing a Howard The Duck VR, but anything is possible.

Despite ruling the gaming world at one point, rhythm games have sadly dropped from popularity in recent years. The Guitar Hero and Rock Band series tried to have a resurrection in the mid-2010s with Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4, but they sadly didnt live up to the massive popularity that they once had.

However, there is one place where rhythm games still reign supreme: VR headsets. Games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip have entranced players all over again with their addictive gameplay, so it might be time for Guitar Hero and Rock Band to get their third wind and return with a fully VR approach. Completely virtual instruments? Physical controllers with sensors? Whatever the approach, Guitar Hero and Rock Band deserve their day in the virtual sun one more time.

One of the coolest implementations of VR in the past few years has been the retooling of already existing games to be fully playable in a VR setting. Games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and No Mans Sky have received new life by allowing people to live in their worldsthrough a headset.

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The more games reimagined this way, the better. Games like Dying Light, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rage 2, or virtually any other open-world title would be worth revisiting through the PSVR2.

EAs latest line of Star Wars games have been knocking it out of the park. Jedi: Fallen Order, the newly transformed Battlefront 2, and Squadrons have impressed and engulfed players in the expansive galaxy of Star Wars.

Star Wars: Squadrons specifically amazed fans because, with its VR implementation, players could hop in the cockpit of their favorite fighters and battle in space in one of the most thrilling VR experiences on the market. Hopefully, in its success, Star Wars: Squadrons 2 is around the corner, and players can take their starfighters down to planet-side.

Tetris Effect was one of the most oddly entrancing puzzle games to be released. It took the tried and true formula of Tetris and made it into an audio/visual landscape that, along with headphones, created a totally immersive experience around a game that has been around since the start.

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The game even included a VR mode, which further expanded the immersion and put the effect back in Tetris Effect. Games like Puyo Puyo and Match 3-type games, or even old classics like Solitaire or Sudoku, could be turned into something so mind-bending if they were given treatment on the PSVR2

The long-awaited and fan-funded Psychonauts 2 is on its way (hopefully still in 2021), and fans were given a VR side game to experience until the true sequel to the beloved adventure game released. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin was a fun little character-based puzzle game that brought Raz and the whole cast of psychic characters back for an adventure that leads into Psychonauts 2.

Due to this project, there is a possibility that the Psychonauts sequel could include a VR mode on the PSVR2. Whether its a smaller portion of the game or the entire experience, the possibility of another psychic VR experience is an enticing one.

When the iconic PlayStation franchise hit its 4th entry, the Uncharted series saw Nathan Drake hang up his notebook and guns to enjoy a life of peace and retirement. Despite this, there is still reason to return to the series in virtual reality.

If it presented itself as a prequel, players could take a first-person perspective of Nathan Drake in a Blood & Truth style of game, taking players through amazing setpieces that are typical in the franchise. There would be something really special about visiting the Uncharted series once again in the shoes of the greatest treasure hunter out there.

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