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The Game Boy Advance was a spectacular console, bringing a bigger quantity and quality to any handheld console before it. This console had full-sized RPGs, platformers, and remastered ports of famous games, and set the tone of what a portable device was capable of long before the technologically impressive Nintendo Switch.

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No set of games did this more than the Marioseries, which took advantage of everything the console was capable of. While most of them shine, a few games in particular stand out as the absolute best of the Marioseries, and some that as the best of the Gameboy Advance altogether.

The Super Mario Advance series is much better than you would think, given that theyre remakes of NESand SNES games. These games all are already worthwhile just for the updated colors and sprites, as well as save features in games that originally needed to be beaten in one sitting.

The first of these is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2, which it desperately needed as its original form is much more reminiscent of Doki Doki Panic, the Japanese exclusive game that was given a Mario-style coat of paint for international audiences. This Game Boy Advance version is the definitive version that solidifies it as a true Mario game.

While these arent massively deep games, this combo is certainly not to be ignored on the Game Boy Advance. As with Tetrison the original Game Boy, puzzle games are a perfect fit for handheld devices, and more than one arcade-like puzzler in a single cartridge is exactly what you need in a portable device.

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Puzzle League and Dr. Mario have both had standalone games on other consoles, but having them together and in full color on a portable console was a huge deal. These versions also dont try to remix or overcomplicate the rules from what you remember and are exactly the puzzles you love.

Its somewhat unfortunate that this great game has such a nonsensically confusing name. Despite being the fourth Super Mario Advance game, its a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, and since it differs so much from the other games before it, it doesnt come across like a sequel.

Thankfully, besides this confusion is a great upgrade to a game thats right at home on a portable system. This game was already beautiful to look at, but this form adds more color and style to make things far clearer. This, alongside having save files, help perfect an already great game.

For a more original entry in the series, gamers dont need to look further than Mario Pinball Land, one of the multiple pinball games that showed up on the Game Boy Advance. This game has pleasantly simple controls with a huge depth to its levels, and doesnt play like any Mario game youve tried before.

With the shoulder buttons of this console, this style of game was a no-brainer for a portable console, and this odd genre has a surprising amount of unique level mechanics and visual styles. Its an underrated and easily forgotten game, but deserves to be recognized as one of the more fascinating games of the Game Boy Advance.

There are a few sports games featuring Mario on the Game Boy Advance, but their quality isn't typically quite high. Games like Mario Tennis: Power Tour and Mario Golf: Advance Tour arent unplayable, but because of the hardware limitations they can feel like diminished versions of games that work great on home consoles.

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This is not true ofMario Kart: Super Circuit, which was a surprisingly huge leap for the Mario Kart series. Its extremely similar to Mario Kart 64 in terms of visuals, but has more tracks and brighter colors to help it stand out. It also featured single cartridge multiplayer if others had a link cable but didnt own the game themselves, meaning it was still wonderfully easy to play with friends.

Unlike the other remakes in this list,this version of Yoshis Island is more similar to its SNES counterpart. This is far from a bad thing, though, as its bubbly visual style is gorgeous and timeless. Porting it onto this console is a huge show of power for the Game Boy Advance.

What helps it stand higher is just how unique of a game it is to the rest of the Super Mario Advance series. Games like this that could perfectly replicate the SNESwere great to have for kids who either didnt grow up with the SNES, but is just as great for fans of the game thatwould rather not sit in front of a TV to enjoy it again.

It would be a crime not to mention one of the bestMario spinoffs, born right on the Game Boy Advance.WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! isnt the first instance of Wario appearing in a game by himself, but its the first entry in the WarioWare series that has stood the test of time.

This ridiculous compilation of of microgames pushed the hardware to its limit, each using its buttons in incredible and unique ways given that there are only really four buttons meant for gameplay besides the D-pad. This is the first in a huge series of games that make great use out of every piece of hardware, and its amazing to have started so strong on such a simple console.

The best of the remakes would have to be the classic Super Mario World from the SNES. For the most part, this port is greatly similar to Yoshis Island: Super Mario Advance 3, as it still has the same visual style as its original release with a few additional features and colors.

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What makes it perfect to have on a handheld console is just how massive this game is. There are more levels in this than any of the other Super Mario Advance games, and playing on a home console might limit just how much of it someone could play. Having it on the go helps this game maintain its reputation as one of history's greatestMario games.

After Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG showed how Mario could fit other genres, its no surprise that Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sagawas so incredible. Its combat system is similar to Paper Marios, but with far more active button commands as you fight and dodge attacks, making it far more action-packed than your average RPG.

This is one of the only games to use Mario and Luigi together like this, with Mario being linked to the A-button and Luigi to the B-button in combat and the overworld. Its shockingly fun to play, features with beautiful sprite work, and contains some of the best music of any Mario game.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sagamight be a great RPG for people who dont like RPGs, but that genre can still be somewhat disinteresting for many gamers. Puzzle games can often be far more approachable, and this is where Mario vs. Donkey Kongsucceeds by being a great experience for both puzzle and platforming fans.

This game uses Marios platforming skills to solve puzzles, and is a great successor to the often forgottenDonkey Kongon the original Game Boy. With amazing sound design, bright colors, and a huge list of mechanics that keep you on your toes. This is one of the best games for the Game Boy Advance as a whole, and is a magnificent Mario game overall.

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10 Best Mario Games On The Game Boy Advance, Ranked | TheGamer - TheGamer

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