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2D games are the best, they're unique, exciting, and adventurous. But there's just so many to choose from, which is why its best to look at the ones everyone loves.

Whilst they don't exactly have the depth 3D games have, 2D games focus more on the beautiful visuals, stunning storyline, and marvelous mechanics to keep their fans begging for more. Nevertheless, there is always that golden bunch that stands out from the rest, that game that players will never forget and will want to go back to again and again.

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Voted on by the players, this top 10includesones that, if you haven't tried, you're missing out. They will enthrall you and put 2D games at the top of your list for the future. These games are masterpieces and a must-play for any PC/Steam gamer.

Inside follows a small boy who finds himself at the center of a dark project, he must escape, keep his head down, solve puzzles, and try not to become whatever the people around him already are.

This 2016 game has been a hit with critics and players alike, mainly due to its intriguing visuals, beautifulsoundtrack, and unsettling atmosphere. However, despite its creepy look, it's a joy to play and experience. At its core is a puzzle-solving platformer that will engage, shock, and enthrall until the very end.

Limbo is the type of game where you will die on multiple occasions, but nevertheless, it is a relatively short game. This doesn't mean it isn't meaningful, although the ending may feel it on the first run. It's the type of game that requires a few separate runs to really appreciate what is happening but is still unique and enjoyable to play.

Similar to Inside, Limbo has a dark and creepy atmosphere with moody lighting and simplistic drawings. However, it is more of a dark puzzle-platformer that constantly trolls the player as they struggle through the world of Limbo to save their sister.

Everyone knows about Cuphead so it's no surprise that it has a score of 88, no matter how infuriating it may be. Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game that places the player into countless challengeswith boss battles. Which, while frustrating, is incredibly rewarding when you succeed.

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What makes this game stand out so much is how beautiful and well made the visuals are, with the creators using the same techniques of the 1930s era it's set in. Using traditional hand-drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings. It's a game not to be missed, but it will be insanely frustrating.

Published by Xbox, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is the sequel to the beloved game Ori And The Blind Forest and lives up to the hype. What will initially attract the player is the stunning visuals it presents, it's calming and beautiful and will enchant anyone playing.

However, it isn't just the visuals that make this game deserving of such a high score. As many fans have previously said, this game is emotional and leaves the player feeling empowered and in need of a few tissues. So if the player is looking for an emotionally and engaging experiencethen look no further.

Stardew Valley is another extremely well-known game but unlike any other in the top 10. Rather than a platform game or a puzzle, this is a relaxing farming game with secrets, twists, and a variety of stories everywhere you look. It tells the tale of an office worker, unhappy with their life when they inherit their grandfather's farm and run off to live a new more nature-filled life.

The player will be able to raise animals, grow crops, explore the mines, and even start a family, all in this adorable and stunning game. It's well worth a try.

World Of Goo is a fun construction puzzle game that is an ideal time waster. It's a fun and somewhat challenging game that forces the player to think but not so hard that it gets frustrating which is what makes its rating so high.

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Unlike Limbo or Inside, its a joyful and fun game with great mechanics and an enjoyable variety of levels. It seems like this game is timeless since it came out in 2008 and remains popular, however it did just get an update which acts as a remastered version showing that players may get some new levels to enjoy more than 10 years after its release.

This time-bending and reality-altering puzzle platformer will keep any players mind working at full speed, whilst still having fun. It has an interesting style that isn't seen in many 2D games. It's drawn in a painterly style which is both awesome to look at and extremely unique.

It draws you in and keeps you engaged whilst you come up with ways to survive the puzzle ahead. Making this game an extremely enjoyable one and an experience that isn't worth missing out on. What is perhaps the best thing about Braid is how forgiving it is. If you don't like or can't figure out a puzzle then you can simply move on and solve it later, so lessstuck on one scene, and more gameplay.

The original Spelunky ushered in the rogue-likes we know of today. And its sequel is not different. It's fun, new, and often pretty challenging but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment any gamer will get out of it.

It should be noted that this game is extremely similar to its predecessor and can get extremely frustrating, but just like Cuphead, it only makes that win so much sweeter. Spelunky 2 is a simple rogue-like platformer that will frustrate anyone who plays it yet when it comes to being away from the game, it's all you'll think about.

FEZtakes the 2D design and flips it on its head, whilst still sticking to that popular retro look that everyone knows and loves. Thegame explores Gomez who is a 2D character living in a 2D world until the existence of a mysterious 3D world is revealed. Gomez must navigate this new world and discover what awaits him.

What makesFEZ so deserving of its rating is how well it combines the two genres whilst still keeping it as a 2D game. Its something you'll have to check out for yourself but critics and fans alike adore this game and all its cuteness.

With award-winninganimation and hand-painted environments, Mark Of The Ninja is a stealth-based platform game that resembles Terraria in the way it's laid out. However, it's so much more than that and so different in the playstyle.

This game is one of the best 2D experiences out there. It combines tradition with tension and buffs, it uses stealth and tactics so well that it feels like there are an unlimited amount of ways to take down an enemy, making it a completely unique experience. Both critics and fans struggle to find a fault with this game, so give it a try and it may change your gaming life forever.

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