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There are plenty of great Gundam games, some of which don't get enough attention. These are some of the best little known titles in the series.

The very first Gundam anime premiered in 1979 and with it a mecha empire was built. This includes videos games, the first of which was Kidou Senshi Gundam Part 1: Gundam Daishi ni Tatsu. It released in Japan for PCs like the FM-7 in 1983.

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It should come as no surprise that Japan, over the years, has received way more Gundam games than anywhere else in the world. Its hard to pinpoint what exactly was the first one to hit North America, but Gundam Battle Assault for the PS1 in 2000 was among the first for consoles if not the first. So, lets see what the best Gundam games never reached the shores outside of Japan.

Like Pokmon, this 2012 PSP game actually has two versions: Cosmic Drive and Universe Accel. Both are mostly the same albeit through different story perspectives. Why one should care about either of these games is the fact that Level-5 worked on them. It actually plays similar to a game they did release in the West, Little Battlers Experience on 3DS, which was an action RPG. There is a fan translation although it isnt done yet.

This is another PSP game, but from two years earlier in 2010. It is essentially a third-person shooter that plays similarly to Monster Hunter. There is kind of a story, but the game is all about getting to play and customize various Gundams throughout the series in short, quick bursts of action.

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It also has a fan patch for English, but it isnt complete. Another game similar to this, Another Century's Episode Portable, is also worth checking out since it includes other mech series like Eureka Seven and Code Geass.

This was a late release for the Super Famicom in Japan in 1996. It is a fighting game based on Gundam Wing. While it never released in the West it does have a full translation patch. It also has a connection with a game that did release over here in that it uses the same engine as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition, also for the Super Nintendo.

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