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Cooliex Presents: Tetris Attack – Video

Cooliex Presents: Tetris Attack
This game is and forever will be one of my favorite puzzle games. I love this game, the game is simple yet very complicated. You gotta have fast fingers and a sharp mind to do some crazy combos. I played through the game on normal and showed off an impressive demo combo in the end. Enjoy!From:Cooliex1986Views:9 0ratingsTime:17:18More inGaming

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Cooliex Presents: Tetris Attack - Video

Quexlor Action-RPG Engine – Code and Tutorial for iOS – Video

Quexlor Action-RPG Engine - Code and Tutorial for iOS
Download the iOS Starter Kit from: Rapidly create your own action, RPG, adventure or RTS game with this complete starter kit. Includes a drag-and-drop ready RPG engine, complete example game project, a helpful ebook tutorial and a gigantic royalty-free art package. You #39;ll learn how to make levels with the free Tiled map editor. It can be used to make levels for platformers, RPGs, isometric games, side-scrollers, RTSs, puzzle games and just about anything you can dream up. With the massive artwork library that #39;s included, you will be able to quickly choose among hundreds of textures, characters, objects and everything you need to populate your maps. Download the iOS Game Source Code from: http://www.chupamobile.comFrom:ChupaMobileViews:4 1ratingsTime:01:15More inGaming

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Quexlor Action-RPG Engine - Code and Tutorial for iOS - Video

Puddle#2 Killing Weeds! – Video

Puddle#2 Killing Weeds!
This is a very enjoyable indie game! I don #39;t normally like puzzle games but this one is alot of fun! If you want to check this game out steam is running a sale on it. You can pick it up for $7.99 USD until November 16th. Twitter: Trailer: 0ratingsTime:18:59More inGaming

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Puddle#2 Killing Weeds! - Video

Boomie vs Pirates by Appiteks is Already Listed Among the Top 100 Puzzle Games on the Apple App Store

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill., Oct. 25, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Company representatives with Appiteks, the developers of Boomie vs Pirates game app, announced today that the statistics from its first week on the market shows its now among the top 100 free puzzle games on the Apple app store.

"With over 710,000 other apps on the market, our game app has become incredibly popular," said Chris Luck, CEO of Appiteks.

Luck went on to stress that the success of his company's first game doesn't come as a huge surprise to him or his staff.

"This is what we expected, because we did the proper research on what people want and we worked very hard to create a top-of-the-line game that people of all ages can play," Luck said.

Luck pointed out that he believes Boomie vs Pirates will rival some of the most downloaded games in the industry.

"This game was created to help fill the void that many gamers are faced with due to the current games being less than what they should be," Luck said. "Boomie vs Pirates is now on track to doing exactly what it was designed to do, which is dominate the industry."

Driven by his love for games, apps, mobile devices, and technology, Luck believes that when it's all said and done, Appiteks will be one of the most trusted and liked game app company's on the market.

"Our focus is to build a reputation for providing nothing but quality products," Luck said. "Appiteks will be at the very top. If great games are what you love, then Boomie vs Pirates is a must-have for anyone who wants to have a great time playing games."

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Boomie vs Pirates by Appiteks is Already Listed Among the Top 100 Puzzle Games on the Apple App Store

Boomie vs Pirates deemed one of the top free puzzle games on the iPhone

A recently released game app developed by Appiteks is now listed as one of the top 100 free puzzle games on the iPhone.

Edwardsville, IL (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Thats the really awesome thing about this game, because it not only provides fun and excitement, but it also stimulates the brain, which is great news for parents and aging adults, said Chris Luck, ceo of Appiteks, the developer of Boomie vs Pirates. Many gamers are really enjoying this game even though it has not been out that long, but that was our entire goal during our research and development stages of the game.

Gamers, according to industry reports and statistics, have fallen in love with Boomie vs Pirates so much that it is now listed among the top 100 free puzzle game apps.

The best part about it is that people can have a ton of fun without spending a dime, Luck said, before adding, We know and understand that times are still tough for many families during these economically challenging times, so this game is one way that parents can provide entertainment for their kids while still providing them with useful mind stimulation.

Luck went on to invite all gamers to give Boomie vs Pirates a try.

We guarantee that you will be more than pleased with this game, Luck said. Everything that you expect and want in a game is included in Boomie vs Pirates. The graphics are top-of-the-line, the challenges keep you wanting to play more, and its so much fun that literally hours can go by without you even realizing it. Thats the way game apps should be and thats the way Boomie vs Pirates is designed.

The chief executive officer stressed that other games on the market fall short of the thrills, fun, and engaging action that Boomie vs Pirates provide gamers with.

Ive played games all of my life, so believe me, I know what makes a good game a good game and I can tell you for a fact that Boomie vs Pirates is a good game, Luck said. With Boomie vs Pirates being listed as one of the top 100 free puzzle games, obviously Im not the only who thinks so. I promise that anyone who tries it wont be sorry.

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Boomie vs Pirates deemed one of the top free puzzle games on the iPhone

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