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Pillars of Active Aging – Old School Puzzles And Games To Promote Active Aging Brain Health – LNP | LancasterOnline

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Just as weightlifting builds muscles, many experts agree that doing brain exercises helps strengthen your mind as you age. But beware - digital diversions are everywhere even for older adults. Research shows that Americans ages 60 and over have increased screen time by nearly 30 minutes a day over the past decade.

While scrolling through news feeds and playing mobile games might be mentally stimulating, spending hours falling down a digital rabbit hole can disrupt sleep, cause headaches and eye strain, and other physical problems. Shutting down your smartphone, tablet, and computer to do old school puzzles and games is an easy trade-off that curbs screen time and helps boost your brainpower. Follow these ideas to get started!

Playing mobile word games is undeniably fun, but traditional newspaper subscribers may argue that theres something special about the look, smell, and feel of actual newsprint. Sitting down with a pencil or pen to do the local papers daily or weekly crossword puzzle engages multiple senses, cuts screen time, and gives your brain a workout.

A Harvard Health report suggests that brain-stimulating challenges like crosswords may help sharpen certain thinking skills that tend to wane with age, such as processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making, and short-term memory. Likewise, doing number puzzles like Sudoku flexes memory functions, engages logical reasoning skills, and helps increase concentration.

If you dont get the paper, you can buy crossword, word finds, Sudoku, or Variety books with hundreds of different puzzles at a newsstand, supermarket, or bookstore. Tackling new mental challenges is also good for brain health, so be sure to try several and mix up puzzles you love with ones youve never tried!

Doing a jigsaw puzzle engages multiple cognitive functions. To put pieces in their proper place and reveal the final big picture, you must recognize patterns, discern colors and shapes, use your memory and even rotate pieces in your mind to determine where they do and dont fit. The more complex a picture is and the more pieces a puzzle has, the more your brain will work to solve it. Plus, putting a puzzle together with family and friends is a fun way to connect! Doing puzzles related to your hobbies and interests like Disney characters, fields filled with colorful flowers, different breeds of dogs, or anything else you like can make the project visually stimulating and more fun.

Beat Boredom with Board Games

Theres no better way to beat the digital doldrums than having a game night with family and friends - virtual game nights count, too! Classic games like Checkers, Dominos, and Chess involve strategic thinking to defeat your opponent. Word-related board games like Scrabble, Boggle, Upwords, and Dabble help stimulate memory, sharpen focus, and promote learning new vocabulary. Whether youre using deductive reasoning to guess whodunit in Clue or attempting to broker a property trade in Monopoly, the wide array of game night options can provide hours of fun social interactions while you exercise multiple parts of your brain.

Playing card games like Poker, Bridge, Pinochle, Euchre, and Rummy have brought players together around a table to shuffle, cut, deal, and hope for a favorable hand for decades. Games like these require strategy, math skills, reasoning, logic, decision-making, and more! If youre not feeling up for a virtual card game with others, Solitaire will forever be a tried and true favorite.

Overall, staying mentally fit is an essential part of a healthy, active aging lifestyle. Any of these suggestions offer a fun way to take a break from electronic devices and give your brain the workout it needs!

At Luthercare, we believe when real passion is born, people catch a glimpse of their full potential andPotential is Ageless!For more information about how Luthercare can help you age actively, please visitLuthercare.orgor give us a call at717.626.1171

Pillars of Active Aging - Old School Puzzles And Games To Promote Active Aging Brain Health - LNP | LancasterOnline

Maquette is a neat puzzle game that packs an emotional punch – The Next Web

Can a video game make you cry? Its cliche as old as time. I think it was Steven Spielberg who talked about it in the late 90s. Infamous game industry charlatan Peter Molyneux was obsessed with the concept around the same time. It was discussed so much back then, that the discourse itself made me want to cry.

Surely people cried when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII, others might have cried when Mario found out that the princess was in another castle. All that is to say that everyone has different emotional responses to works of art, and mine is comparable to that of an unfazed cow.

Im not sure if cows can feel emotions at all, but I am sure that a piece of media never made me cry. Thats not a brag, I wish I was the type to ball my eyes out at a gorgeous movie or a heart wrenching video game, but thats just not me. I didnt well up during The Last of Us and I didnt weep at the end of Titanic. Very cool and masculine, I know.

Playing Maquette, however, made me a little teary eyed.

Its developers describe Maquette as a first-person recursive puzzle game, which is technically correct but theres a lot more to it than that.

The game tells the story of a relationship that (spoiler, sorry) eventually goes stale. Its voice-acted by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Mandalorian) and her real-life husband Seth Gabel (Nip/Tuck), and it takes the player on a journey from the very start of the fling to its depressing end.

The story unfolds as you complete puzzles that are built around the games recursive setup. Its a bit hard to describe, but you basically have to manipulate objects in different sized copies of the world youre in.

At the start of the game you encounter a maquette thats an exact replica of the bigger environment you walk around in. You pick up a tiny little cube outside the maquette and you place it inside the miniature, where it forms a huge box that you can then use to traverse a gap.

The concept starts off pretty straightforward, but as you get deeper into the game youll have to wrack your brain on a bunch of complicated and beautifully crafted challenges.

The puzzle design in Maquette is top-notch and I had a lot of fun messing around to come up with a solution. Sometimes the controls and the mechanics were a bit finicky, but with some patience youll probably get through the whole thing without much frustration.

You dont often see games tackling real, human stories about mundane stuff like relationships, so it was refreshing to see Maquette tackle the subject. Both the writing and the voice acting are top-notch and the subject matter blends with the gameplay way better than youd expect.

Maquette is out today for PC, PS4, and PS5. PlayStation Plus members get it for free as part of their subscription, others will have to pay $19.99. If youre in the market for a well-designed puzzle game that tugs at the heartstrings, its well worth it.

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Maquette is a neat puzzle game that packs an emotional punch - The Next Web

Tvinnr: Basic tips to help you enjoy this relaxing puzzle game – Pocket Gamer

Look Closely at the Board

Tvinnr is a mind game of sorts, so it's good to definitely take your time a bit. Look at your board closely and see what move you want to make next. It's almost as if you're playing checkers with the CPU. See what the game is trying to throw at you.

The good thing is that you can take your time since there's no clock to worry about. I know that sometimes we can be impatient at times, but you'll feel good once you score a couple of combos. You never know where the best combo is going to come from, so that's why it's good to look thoroughly.

With so many blocks and colors, it can be a bit confusing. That said, if you keep your board as empty as possible (which is the goal), you'll be able to see everything better. This will also give you more flexibility on where you want to move your blocks to create those combos.

This goes without saying, and you might do this already, but Tvinnr is a great game to play while listening to a bit of music. It's a tranquil game that allows you to sort of customizing how you want to play. If you enjoy some light, calm music, then that'll work perfectly.

Maybe you enjoy listening to talk radio like I do, then that's another solid option. Podcasts work well too and share the radio vibes. Whatever you're feeling like, Tvinnr gives you the option to enjoy your own sounds while you connect blocks and score points.

This seems like an immensely small feature, but on social media, it's actually a pretty big deal, and so that can easily be the same for Tvinnr. The game gives you the option of choosing either a Light mode or a Dark mode theme for your experience.

Choose the one that you feel will be the easiest on your eyes. Experiment a bit and see which one feels best to you. It can make your gameplay more enjoyable from a viewing standpoint. Or, perhaps you can swap back and forth. This will give you a couple of options.

Some might switch based on what time of day it is. This is another route you can go if you so wish. But, if you choose one; do you want to shine with the light? Or do you want the embrace the darkness? The choice is yours, solver of puzzles.

Tvinnr: Basic tips to help you enjoy this relaxing puzzle game - Pocket Gamer

Our most anticipated indie games of 2021 – Rock Paper Shotgun

Horaszdttir will bend us to her will to tell you about many different games we await this year. Just check the Most Anticipated 2021 tag to see colletions of all the genres as they appear.

Oh thank goodness, reader. It is almost over. We feel the influence of the mighty Horaszdttir receding. This is it: the last time this year that we must submit to her will, and receive her prophecy of the games yet to come. One last time for this winter, she draws turkeys from her eternal flock to auger the future from their innards. She comes closer, her breath hot and foul upon our ears, and whispers with a smile (oh! Her bloodstained teeth!) a final word: indie.

We are aware that Horaszdttir may be simplistically squashing in a lot of disparate games and developers under one unhelpful banner with this one, but look, they wouldn't fit easily into other categories, and frankly Horaszdttir has a lot on her plate what with tending to a huge flock of angry birds.

What is it? A remake and reimagining of Abes Exoddus, one of the all-time 2D platforming greats.Who's it by? Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.When is it out? April 6th

Ollie: Its hard to overstate how excited I get when someone says Oddworld. Abes Oddysee and Abes Exoddus were my childhood. I am utterly incapable of looking at Oddworld: Soulstorm objectively. So just bear that in mind.

But oh my god, Soulstorm looks like such a treat so far. Abes Exoddus is still one of the most imaginative and characterful platformers Ive ever played. If they manage to capture the old Oddworld magic while also making every part of the game look as sumptuous as Im seeing in the trailers, and simultaneously throwing in new mechanics like crafting, new enemies and so on... Ill be very happy indeed. Soulstorm is less of a faithful screen-by-screen remake than New N Tasty was, but the amount of excitement it generates in me to say Ill soon be playing what effectively amounts to a new Oddworld game is making me vibrate slightly in my seat while Im typing this.

What is it? 2D crafting puzzle game about being a well cool crone and doing crone stuff in a forest.Who's it by? Alientrap, Whitethorn DigitalWhen is it out? 2021

Alice Bee: I played the demo for Wytchwood last year and was on board almost instantly. I love the little scratchy-clawed witch, who wears an upside-down pot on her head and is being given quests by a very demonic goat. The animation is lovely - just look at the way she sort of bounces as she trots around her forest home.

As the witch (or possibly wytch) you're up to various witchy deeds, which end up requiring you to solve lots of puzzles in the local area. You need the hair of the dog, but the dog in question belongs to a woodsman and is a bit rowdy, so to quiet it down you need a spell. Maybe the ingredients include feathers, so you'll need a snare to catch a bird when it lands. And so on and so forth, in a fun little chain. I know, notionally, the witch is meant to be, I dunno, bad? But she seems pretty chill. I am Team Witch.

What is it? Top-down adventuring that looks like a Studio Ghibli made a SNES game.Who's it by? Pixpil, ChucklefishWhen is it out? TBA

Katharine: Eastward was on my big exciting games list last year, but alas, delays have pushed back its release yet again. Here's hoping Pixpil's sumptuous 16-bit era-style adventure game emerges again this year, because golly, I just want to soak in all those gorgeous pixel sprites until the end of time.

It's a bit like Studio Ghibli meets The Legend Of Zelda, only here you're playing a big shaggy, beardy bloke who fights with a frying pan instead of a pointy-eared elf chap with a big sword. The beardy bloke is a miner called John, who discovers a strange girl called Sam with magical powers in a secret underground facility. Together, they make their escape, and it looks like you'll be spending a lot of your time traversing the game's beautifully detailed environments as you search for answers about Sam's past, as well as trying to stop an evil miasma from devouring what's left of this handsome post-apocalypse. I cannot wait.

What is it? I fail to see what I need to explain that the title does not. Oh fine, it is a funny 2D action-adventure.Who's it by? Snoozy Kazoo, Graffiti GamesWhen is it out? 2021

Alice Bee: See Turnip Boy. He is a turnip. He is accused of tax evasion by the mayor. He likes ripping up documents, you see. I really like Turnip Boy. Anyway, to get out of the whole tax kerfuffle, Turnip Boy ends up going on a series of quests, involving killing a giant pig, and a snail not paying his rent, and lots of fun things. It's a bit Zelda-y, in that you have bomb plants to chuck around and puzzles to solve. But it will surprise you by setting up expectations and then subverting them. Also, Turnip Boy can find cool hats to wear. Honestly, it is so rare that I play a game that is trying to be funny and I actually find it funny, that I couldn't be more excited for this.

What is it? Surreal RPG adventure with turn-based combat and great writing.Who's it by? Studio ZevereWhen is it out? 2021

Alice Bee: That description is not all there is to She Dreams Elsewhere; it also looks great, too. Thalia has anxiety, and somehow wakes up in a sort of surreal, nightmare version of her waking world. The art, and limited colour palette, are absolutely striking - as is the deft writing describing Thalia's experience and relationships with her friends. I didn't entirely gel with the combat in the section of the demo that I played, but I'm keen to see if I can get to grips with it over the full game, especially because I want to see what happens to Thalia. Definitely one to watch.

What is it? Tony Hawk.Who's it by? Glass Bottom GamesWhen is it out? 2021

James: In SkateBird, youre a skateboarding bird. In tiny little environments you pull off sick kickflips and pop shuvits (leave me alone, I dont skate), grinding on book spines and using staplers as ramps. Described as "a game about trying your best", Im intrigued to see how it manages this. Its all well and good getting sick combos and mega points, but Im far from a skate game veteran, so Im hoping the birdies wont punish me for my incompetence.

By the looks of things it's a great entry point into the genre, though. Just have a look at the most recent trailer - the way those little wings flap mid-jump is the most precious thing in the world. Im envisioning a game in which me and all my homies are skating around our miniature cardboard parks, frantically flopping around, trying our hardest to fling our little round bodies around in the most elegant way possible, all the while vibing to the chill beats youd expect from a game about budgie Tony Hawks. Itll be nice to pretend Im a cute bird staying active, as opposed to my current reality of being glued to my office chair.

What is it? A slice-of-life adventure game with big Makoto Shinkai energy. Who's it by? Mojiken, Toge ProductionsWhen is it out? 2021

Katharine: I loved, loved, loved the chill slice-of-life vibes of A Space For The Unbound's free prologue demo when I played it last year, and I've been quietly looking forward to it ever since. Set in rural Indonesia in the late 90s, this narrative-driven adventure game follows the story of a young boy named Atma and his young friend Nirmala. It's classic coming of age stuff, with the added twist of Atma being able to 'space-dive' into the minds of others to find out exactly what makes them tick. That's not the only supernatural thing Atma will have to face on his journey, though, as there's also something more sinister at work that threatens to destroy the entire world. It looks like heavy stuff, but the good news is that there are plenty of pettable cats to nuzzle up with in between its big cosmic apocalypse moments, and that's something I'm 100% here for. If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can try the prologue for free right now.

What is it? Noir detect-'em-up RPG where you are a private detective and literal raccoon.Who's it by? EggNut, Raw FuryWhen is it out? 2021

Alice Bee: We've mentioned Backbone a bunch of times, and I'm still well up for it. What I was most struck by in the demo (which you can still play on Steam) was the writing. In the course of your raccoon-y investigations around town, you naturally chat to people for info. The way the conversations flow and loop back around, but without any, "Wait, can you repeat that?" options make them, I think, the most natural dialogue I have ever seen in a video game. I still have some reservations about the ol' animals-as-metaphor-for-racism chestnut, but I'm trusting that the game is smart enough to play out its themes well. And, obviously, I am a fool for mystery games.

What is it? An isometric immersive sim from former Dishonored and Prey devs.Who's it by? WolfEye Studios, Devolver DigitalWhen is it out? 2021

Colm: From the people who brought you Prey and Dishonored, this action-RPG hangs its occult-soaked 10-gallon hat on immersive sim ideas. In this twisted, fantastical Red Dead Redemption, youre able to tackle objectives however you like, and characters will react to what you do. You can be the cowboy you want to be. And then the pigman. And then the werewolf.

Weird West has five playable characters: a protagonist and a main story, and four additional playable characters with their own quest lines. A cool wrinkle to this is that when you begin playing as a new character, previous characters will remain in the game world and can be recruited to your party. It reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2, when Konami wanted to give players a different perspective on Snake by having him be your friend after the Tanker chapter. This is obviously already better, as you dont have to play as shit pre-MGS4 Raiden here. Hooray.

Its as simple as this: cowboys are cool, but cowboys in a stylish, contorted world full of monsters sounds even cooler. Fingers crossed WolfEye delivers.

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Our most anticipated indie games of 2021 - Rock Paper Shotgun

MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is an upcoming puzzle adventure game for iOS from TheCodingMonkeys – Pocket Gamer

TheCodingMonkeys have announced that the second game in their MonkeyBox series will be arriving for iOS on April 15th. It's called Cards! and will be the follow up to Polarized, which released in March last year. The MonkeyBox series of games are intended to be shorter, more experimental experiences.

Cards! then is a story-driven puzzle adventure that uses a deck of cards to depict its narrative. It promises to be simple to get the hang thanks to intuitive mobile controls, which will consist of a series of swipes and taps.

The App Store description of the game is deliberately vague, mentioning various locations you'll travel through, which include oceans, caves and deadly deserts alongside mentioning potential encounters with dangerous cats and a trip in a hot air balloon.

It certainly doesn't tell us an awful lot about what the story will actually be about, but that might be intentional on TheCodingMonkey's part, to keep their digital cards close to their chest. However, we do know that the world of Cards! is a dangerous one, so the choices you make may prove vital to your survival.

MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is available to pre-order now over on the App Store ahead of its release on April 15th. It will be a premium title that costs $1.99.

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MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is an upcoming puzzle adventure game for iOS from TheCodingMonkeys - Pocket Gamer

Play with Gravity in Gravifire on Xbox and Switch – TheXboxHub

Block pushing puzzle games are frequently added to any video game playing device. However, Gravifire on Xbox and Nintendo Switch is a unique one that also allows you to play with the forces of nature as you change the flow of gravity to get the blocks to their intended destination. And it can be downloaded right this very moment.

In Gravifire, the Green Fire has been abducted from their home planet and thrust into a series of puzzle rooms. Complete each room in order to return home. Are the aliens testing you, or are they making their own fun watching you struggle through the puzzles? Either way, there are 50 levels to complete before you can return home. Plus a bonus one if you can complete all 50.

Gravifire is a standard block pusher puzzle game with a unique twist; gravity manipulation. Control the direction of the force of gravity to help you solve the puzzles. And just when you think you have the hang of it, expect to have to solve them whilst dodging deadly lasers and other various traps designed to keep you abducted for as long as possible.

Our review is also live right now if you would like to know more.

Available to download right now with a slight discount if youre quick Gravifire on Xbox is a testing little puzzle game that should keep the brain ticking over for a couple of hours at least. Normally priced at 4.19, its a cheap way to fire up those brain cells too. Let us know in the comments if this unique take on a block pusher can part you with your cash. You can grab it from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch too.

Game description:

GraviFire is a logic game that mixes the mechanics of movement and gravity. You need to put all the objects in the right places by controlling the character and the force of gravity. The Green Fire has been abducted by evil aliens, who force him to solve puzzles for tests. You need to pass all the tests to return the Green Fire back to his home. Looks like you are in for some serious brainstorming! Gravity, movement, deadly lasers What else the aliens have prepared? Features: Gravity control 50 mind-bending levels Many different mechanics Bright pixel graphics

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Play with Gravity in Gravifire on Xbox and Switch - TheXboxHub

It Takes Two Isn’t Focusing on Replayability, Won’t Have Collectibles – GameRant

Hazelight Studios' Josef Fares shares that his upcoming co-op game It Takes Two won't focus on replayability or collectibles to find.

It seems Hazelight Studio founder Josef Fares, who is also the creator of upcoming co-op puzzle game It Takes Two, has a penchant for making controversial statements whenever he is interviewed. In a previous talk he gave, Fares openly criticized the way the Xbox series named its consoles, and just recently shared that It Takes Two will not offer much replayability nor will it have collectibles to be found in the game.

Most fans will recall that It Takes Two first showcased its co-op gameplay to the public back during The Game Awards 2020. The game revealed the main storys premise through a fun trailer that featured the main characters, Cody and May. Having transformed into dolls, the couple has to explore a different world, and solve puzzles together in order to find a way to return to their original forms. With unique split-screen gameplay, Fares was even confident enough to offer monetary compensation to players who will get bored of playing It Takes Two.

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In another interview that Fares gave, he shared that It Takes Two will not focus on replayability. Noticing how often he was asked this type of question, he quickly pointed out that statistics show that most gamers do not even finish games, much less choose to replay them. He also mentions that It Takes Two can still be played again, if players choose to do so, however, that is not the main focus of putting the game out in the market.

With It Takes Two already gone goldand seemingly ready for launch a month before its release date, Fares seemed very proud to share that the title has completely foregone having any collectibles. Though this feature is arguably one of the biggest replayability factors of a video game, the development team has chosen to side-step having players collect unique items in the game. Fares states that they have chosen to find better ways to lead players into new areas in It Takes Two. Based on the trailers, this can happen in the way of mini-games dotted throughout the game's fantasy world.

With the games launch just a few weeks away, fans are likely excited to experience the very different and seemingly varying gameplay of It Takes Two. Considering just how outspoken and controversial Fares continues to be, fans are hoping that the game will be as unpredictable as its creator, allowing for a possibly great gaming experience with friends.

It Takes Two is coming toPC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on March 26, 2021.

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Source: GameRevolution

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Dog Scorestreak Possibly Leaked by Glitch

Luie loves to play JRPGs, RPGS, and action-adventures. She's a big fan of Final Fantasy, Persona, Story of Seasons, and Monster Hunter.

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It Takes Two Isn't Focusing on Replayability, Won't Have Collectibles - GameRant

Lovin Games Weekly – There is a new Aliens game on the way – Lovin Dublin

Your weekly round-up of the biggest new games, the biggest gaming news, and the best deals around.

No time to dilly dally, not this week!

We've got lots of game stuff to discuss, starting with...



If you're a fan of puzzle games - along the lines of Portal or The Talos Principle - then you're in luck with the brand-new PS5 game, which is one part celebrity-voiced walking-simulator, one-part unique brain-bender.

Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World, Black Mirror) voices one half of a couple, her voice echoing over the landscape of memories, as you wander through and attempt to unlock further access to the couple's history. The central gimmick involves a model of the real world you're in at the centre of the playable area, and all of the tiny changes you make there are mirrored in the real world. So if you move a tiny block on the model, a huge boulder will be moved in the real world.

Maquette is available on the PS5 for free as part of the PS Plus subscription for the month of March.


A brand new Aliens game is on the way

Is there a movie franchise that lends itself more readily to video game adaptations than Alien? If you want to ramp up the horror, then you can stick with the format of the first movie, and you end up with a great game like Alien: Isolation. If you want an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping game, then adaptation the James Cameron-directed sequel is right there.

However, despite the apparent ease of that adaptation, not many games have successfully transplanted that sequel over to a game yet, with some even ending up as some of the worst games ever made (cough cough, Aliens: Colonial Marines, cough). So we're hopeful that new online co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam can remedy that, which will be going down the World War Z route of movies-into-games adaptations.

Aliens: Firestorm is set to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC some time this Summer.


Assassin's Creed Valhalla

As it was one of the biggest games of 2020, then chances are you've already bought and played Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But in the off-chance that you haven't, then you'll be very happy to hear that their is a week-long sale on the game, marking it down by 33% for PS owners.

The Viking-era set game is absolutely HUGE, so you'll definitely be getting your money's worth. While the graphical improvements throughout the series means that Valhalla is definitely one of the prettiest games that has ever graced the PS4.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is available on the PS Store, marked down from 69.99 to 46.89 until Wednesday, March 10.

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Lovin Games Weekly - There is a new Aliens game on the way - Lovin Dublin

50% Kemco RPG and Puzzle Games on PS Store – GLYFE Nation

Save up to 50% on 5 entertaining RPG and puzzle games on the PS Store during the PlayStation Indies Sale!

KEMCO is has announced that 5 titles for PlayStation join the PlayStation Indies Sale on the North American and European PlayStation Store with up to 50% off discount.

The game features familiar quests, but also dungeons filled with puzzles to solve, and characters who grow and can be developed as the story progresses with the class change system. Additional elements such as dungeons and special items are available for extra fun!

Boasting a story that blurs the lines between good and evil, and plenty of content to go around, this is one title not to be missed! This includes a variety of unique subquests, in-battle transformation systems, as well as a weapon forging system allowing players to make entirely unique weapons as they battle in turn-based battles with 3D animation!

Kunah, a boy from the fire dragon tribe is one day summoned by the god that reigns over the world above, Vanneth, and is told to bring Escude, a lost girl from the angel clan back to Vanneth. With his childhood friend, Riel, the daughter of the ice dragon chief, he follows after the missing girl and sets out for the vast world below the clouds only to find mysterious and fun adventures.

The smash-hit puzzle game has finally arrived on PS4! Find the game console Mom hid around the room! An easy-going and funny escape game for players of all ages awaits with entertaining levels!Mom Hid My Game! for PS4Mom Hid My Game! for PS4Mom Hid My Game! for PS4PS4

Hide & Dance! is the renewal title based on the popular application from hap Inc. released for PS4 with an enhanced volume. You can enjoy a comical rhythm & dance game by pressing the buttons to the rhythm of the music and making combos. If your mom tries to enter the room from behind, try to avoid her with a hiding action!Hide & Dance! for PS4Hide & Dance! for PS4Hide & Dance! for PS4PS4

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50% Kemco RPG and Puzzle Games on PS Store - GLYFE Nation

The Video Games to Play This Month: Get Tiny with Maquette, It Takes Two, and More! – The Portland Mercury

Maquette Courtesy Annapurna Interactive / Graceful Decay

But smallness does not always equal powerlessness, at least I hope not, and well be putting that premise to the test this month with a variety of new games. For some strange reason, multiple upcoming releases from multiple developers on multiple platforms all involve the same basic conceit: You are very small, and it is up to you to save a world that is very big.

Maybe there will be something cathartic about feeling both tiny and strong? That would be a relief, and now that I think of it, vastly preferable to the opposite being enormous and weak, a.k.a. how the bugs in my apartment think of me.





Of course, the months most prominent game in which you will be made to feel very small is Monster Hunter: Rise, coming March 26 to the Switch. Fight against colossal monsters in lush landscapes; though your character is not miniaturized, you might as well be as these creatures bear down on you. I wrote about how to get started with Monster Hunter over here. Also this month is a Crash Bandicoot 4 remaster for next-gen consoles, which will be fun though I cant imagine who is buying a PS5 to play last years/decades platformers. And then theres Balan Wonderworld (available on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam), an odd indie-developed, Square Enix-published title that has a promising premise acquire powers by dressing up in a platform adventure themed around musical theater and a look that is so generic, unpolished, and uninspired that I fall asleep just thinking about it.

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The Video Games to Play This Month: Get Tiny with Maquette, It Takes Two, and More! - The Portland Mercury

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