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New Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells Mobile Game Releases Trailer – Red Tricycle

Potterheads have a new way to connect with their fandom. A trailer for Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells, a new Harry Potter mobile game by Zynga Inc. and Portkey Games (from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), has been released. A new website for the game has also been launched allowing those anticipating the games release to sign up for updates.

The trailer visits many familiar locales from the Harry Potter series including Diagon Alley, Platform Nine and Three Quarters and the Hogwarts Express. The website promises that many notable characters will appear in the game as players progress through levels.

The game will feature match-3 style puzzles and daily event challenges needed to level up the customizable in-game characters. Players will be able to unlock and upgrade spells in the game by removing hazards and obstacles within the game. Players will gain collectible cards after each puzzle that is solved, with a magical creature earned once collections are complete, to assist players with solving puzzles.

The game will also feature spell upgrades themed around lessons at Hogwarts, such as Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts and more. Players will be able to team up, join clubs take part in exclusive club events and share Hogwarts house pride.

A worldwide release date has not been announced yet. Updates are available on Zyngas social media platforms and the official Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells website.

Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: ZyngaNetwork via YouTube


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New Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells Mobile Game Releases Trailer - Red Tricycle

AdInMo games ad platform secures $500k to build team – Daily Business

Kristan Rivers: in-game ad model is currently broken

AdInMo, the programmatic ad platform for video games, has secured a $500,000 (407,000) investment round led by Techstart Ventures, the investor in start-ups across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The funding will enable the Edinburgh-based company to invest in scaling-up the platforms capabilities and building out its core team.

AdInMos platform enables game developers to seamlessly integrate non-intrusive display ads directly into gameplay.

Its adverts are often disguised to appear as billboards in racing games, backgrounds to puzzle games, or coins and power-ups in platform games.

Using programmatic technology, advertisers can target audiences across numerous game genres via Internet Advertising Bureau approved formats, while tracking viewability and brand interaction metrics in real-time.

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The first key appointment is Chris Wright who joins as chief technology officer. Mr Wright was previously co-founder and chief technology officer at games analytics and ad-tech company deltaDNA, which last year was acquired by Unity Technologies.

Kristan Rivers, CEO, AdInMo, said: The in-game ad model is currently broken for all stakeholders. Advertisers can only run direct response campaigns, developers only get paid if a player clicks an ad and leaves their game, and players have to put up with constant disruptions.

AdInMos dynamic in-game ad platform solves all of this, by seamlessly integrating non-intrusive ads into gameplay which are impossible to skip, block or ignore, and as a result,

He claims AdInMo ad units deliver four times higher brand recall compared with video ads.

Mark Hogarth, partner, Techstart Ventures, added: Kristan and his team at AdInMo have developed an in-game advertising platform that enables brands to access an incredibly broad demographic at scale.

AdInMos approach allows developers to monetize games without impacting the players experience. This is why Techstart was delighted to lead this seed round and we look forward to supporting AdInMo as it brings this exciting solution to the worlds most innovative advertisers, publishers and developers.

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AdInMo games ad platform secures $500k to build team - Daily Business

6 Great Video Games That Allow Kids to Make Their Own Games and Levels – SuperParent

Beyond bricks and blocks, some of the best ways to build levels with your kids.

Does yourchild dream of making video games? That used to mean building mods off of other games. Or learning to code from scratch. Or taking college-level classes. Obviously, a LOT has changed. Games are nowavailable that are essentially fun, teaching toolsetsthat let you...we mean your kids....create games.

We recently challenged our resident kid to see if he could learn to code a little in Apple's Swift Playgrounds -- today, we put him through some basic, in-game level design to see what he thinks. For this highly unscientific selection method, my kid asked to check out three game-making video games that I currently had copies of on my work desk.

Super Mario Maker 2Rated E for EveryoneAvailable One: Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 has a natural leg up on other titles in this genre. Youre designing 2D levels within the Marioverse! Add in the fact that the Super Mario Maker franchise has been around for a while now -- theres a metric ton of user-created levels out there for you to sample. With the most recent iteration, Nintendo added a story mode that eases would-be level designers into the concepts of what makes a good level. Its almost presented like a puzzle game. It also doesnt hurt that its just fun.

A Kids Perspective:

I started the game and my kid snatched the controller. He was anxious to quickly get in and design some crazy levels. It helps that at the startup of Super Mario Maker 2, youre literally a button press away from editing the level that appearson the start screen. How can any kid resist that?

Forget all the tutorials and instructions - as nice as they are, my kid just went to town! What he quickly learned, though, is that theres alot of design power in these level design tools and he needed his old man on standby to help. Youll likely have a similar experience with your kid, so wed recommend someone check out the tutorial lessons. They are actually quite digestible and fun to navigate, andthat will help remove the confusion-factor when your budding level designer gets occasionally stumped.

LevelheadRated E for EveryoneAvailable On: Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android

Theres something incredibly charming about Levelhead. Its more than just the hand drawn art style -- or even the cute robotic hero of the story campaign (GR-18) -- that makes this level-building game so endearing. The space crates you deliver are not just your end goal, they are extra platforms -- and weapons -- to get you out of tight spots. Levelheads fun presentation doesnt hurt, either. The fake space delivery company at the heart of the game legitimately had us cracking up as we played through the training levels.

Behind Levelhead, though, is a clean level designing tool -- and thats really what its all about. After a couple of sample levels, you're quickly eased into the concept of designing and sharing what you make.

With the level design tool, youre able to quickly paint, build out, and copy parts of levels. You can craft something really quickly and come up with something that youd be proud to share online. In fact, theres already a huge selection of user-created levels awaiting you in the companys marketing department.

A Kids Perspective:

If you (or your kid) already dabbled with Super Mario Maker in the past, youll feel right at home in Levelhead. My kid was happy to dive headfirst into throwing ideas at a wall, but thereare a lot of cool things available, all at once. I coached my kid abiton thinking of level design like youre telling a story on-screen. That helped, but the Daily Build challenges that appear in the workshop are a great training ground. Instead of having to figure out how to use everything in the tools at once (never a good idea), you can focus on the handful of featured items and build something more focused.

The only downside with Levelhead is that you may find yourself searching online for more, deeper tutorials. If youre OK with the little extra legwork, youre going to be rewarded with powerful tools.

DreamsRated T for TeenAvailable On: PlayStation 4

Dreams is an amazing first step for everyone to get a taste of what its like to be a designer. Its relatively simple introduction allows you to quickly assemble elements and make your own games, or you can get really into the weeds and do everything from laying out the art and animation to creating your own soundtracks. Just bear in mind that this is definitely a huge step from the 2D level designer games we just mentioned above.

When youre done, you can upload your game, as well as download the creations of other online Dreamers. A piece of advice for you: Make sure to check out any downloaded games before you let your kids at 'em. The Dreams team is pretty good at policing inappropriate content, but it never hurts to check for yourself.

A Kids Perspective:

One thing my kid liked right out the gate is that theres a game waiting for you at the start. You unlock pieces as you play.

As for the game-making part, Ill cut to the chase on this one. If you have a younger child, this might not be the best first title to try with them. Dont get me wrong, its great and an incredibly powerful tool, but having so much power and creative freedom up front makes this one a little more intimidating (even if unintentionally). We cant fault the Dreams team -- they make it clear that this is for Teens and up. That said, as with Super Mario Maker 2, you'll likely want to do some pre-gaming withDreamson your own to help yourchild learn the basics.

For the sake of this story, my kid wanted to give the above-listed games a try. That still leaves out some fairly obvious titles we havent really mentioned yet

You simply cant run a game-creation story without mentioning all of the great stuff that's been made within Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox over the years. Its all been very well chronicled online. But, frankly, these games may require a little more workto get a handle on basic level design than my child may be ready for at the moment.

Fortnite has a Creative Mode built specifically for customizers (each player has their ownprivate island to buildon,and your progress is saved between game sessions). While you can focus on building visually impressive creations, you can also create your own mini-games in the space. PC Games N created ahandy guide to getyou started. (And of course, before Creative Mode came along, Fortnite users were once able to jump into the Playground.")

Minecraft, meanwhile, has been around for well over a decade, and in that time has grown into a cultural phenomenon. While my child has goofed around with building virtual real estate, he hasnt dabbled in the game's mini-game making potential. At least not yet.Head over to the Minecraft Wiki to get a feel for some of the typical mini-games people create in Minecraft's blocky world.

Finally, there's Roblox. Theres no denying that this hugeonline world is all about creation. Users and professional developers alike have used the platform to share their creations, which others can play and experience for free. Have a peekat the Roblox developer page for more information about how it all works.

There are certainly more options out there that allow you to create games and worlds as you play. These just happen to be the big ones that were starting to test drive right now. Are there other games that youve been playing and creating with? Wed love to hear about what youre using - and what youre making!

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6 Great Video Games That Allow Kids to Make Their Own Games and Levels - SuperParent

8 bargain Xbox One and PS4 games to download for the long weekend – What’s On

Three of them are absolutely free

With restrictions on movement throughout the Eid Al Fitr period, weve come up with 10 ways to console yourself through videogames.

Are you ride or die team Sony? Is the Master Chief your wingman? Both Xbox and PS4 players are catered for in this list and all the options are download friendly (through the Microsoft and Playstation stores), so you dont even have to leave the house to get them.

Its almost three years since this free-to-play first-person-shooter (FPS) game was released and thanks to developer tweaks and intense gameplay, it still feels as fresh as a Nessusian breeze. Players take control of a Guardian gifted with elemental powers and must battle through either player versus environment or player versus player settings. The variation in game modes, size of the worlds you can explore, player ranking and weapons systems make it, in our humble opinion, a far better option to plough online multiplayer time into than the likes of PUBG, Fortnite and APEX Legends.

Free, 16+

One of the best examples of the online open-world survival genre. Its a looter shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Norway where players must survive on meager resources, build shelter and outlive rivals. So 2020 basically. Bleak and intense, this 8-12 player game is designed to set up nail-biting one-on-one confrontations and thrifty resource management.

Free, 16+

One woman army, Lara Croft returns in this stunningly-rendered 4K-playable follow-up to the rebooted Tomb Raider origin story. The spaghetti-strapped Spartan heads into Siberia on the hunt for a mysterious artifact (naturally) that promises eternal life. Handy in her line of work. This special edition comes with a bunch of extra downloadable content (DLC), like player skins, level expansions packs, weapons and bonus modes. Aside from being beautiful to look at, like Lara herself, its deep, complicated and will punch you straight in the throat if you underestimate it for even a second.

USD8.09 (about Dhs30), 18+

This game is one of the best pieces of evidence in the case for treating storytelling in videogames as a legitimate art form. We first played it through on the original Xbox 360 version almost a decade ago, and were blown away by the depth and creativity of it. The game is a film noir-inspired tale of corruption and mystery, set in late 40s Los Angeles. You take the role of Detective Cole Phelps, a tough no-nonsense cop on the trail of a grand conspiracy. Gameplay involves a mixture of driving, problem-solving and fighting along with the opportunity to flex your investigative skills through clue-finding and witness interrogation.

USD21 (about Dhs77), 18+

Just a quick note on the Xbox Ganes Pass. Its a subscription service thats usually USD15 per month, but theyre currently offering one month for USD1, if youre not already signed up. Signing up gets you free access to titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon 4, Rocket League, Secret Neighbour, PES 2020 and Tekken 7.

A smart little twist on the battle royale genre. Playable characters are split between humans and werewolves humans are tasked with surviving the night and escaping in a helicopter whilst the werewolves are there to make sure that doesnt happen. Humans can co-op against the flesh-hungry man-beasts or eliminate each other out as they attempt to get to the choppa. Obviously opting for the former is the wisest choice, but show us a soul that can resist a last-minute double cross and well show you a soul thats tired of life. Plug-in for hours of jump-scare fun.

Free, 16+

If youre a fan of basketball and gaming, were quite sure youve already got your hands on this title. But for everyone else, this is the jump-off. Slapping graphics, innovative player control and challenging competitive action the NBA 2K series is without a doubt one of the best sport simulator experiences out there.

USD6 (about Dhs22), 3+

This Tetris-esque puzzle game won our heart with some of the most frantic multiplayer fun on the market. Players must stack stable towers of (suspiciously familiar-looking) blocks, whilst casting spells to hamper opponents. Its simple, hugely moreish and equal only to Mario Kart in its ability to summon the dark side of competitive streaks.

USD7.59 (about Dhs28)

This sandbox-style shootem up supplies gaming smiles through intense over-the-top action, wild chicanery and guns, lots of guns. Set in third-person, players take control of Rico Rodriguez, on his body count-riddled search to uncover the truth of his fathers involvement the nefarious militia known as The Black Hand. The Complete Edition comes with a huge bundle of DLC including expansion packs, and premium kit.

USD15.74 (about Dhs58), 18+

Images: YouTube

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8 bargain Xbox One and PS4 games to download for the long weekend - What's On

What the Golf? Review Golf is Boring – SwitchWatch

Why is golf on my brain right now? It seems like everywhere I turn my head, a golf game is on my screen or is it? What the Golf? is an unbelievably funny game that will entertain from start to finish with its wacky storytelling and its bonkers gameplay. But that is not why you are here, is it? You want to know if What the Golf? on the Switch is worth your time, energy, and money, right? Well, I have good news! Because I have played the game to completion (and then some!), and I have lots of thoughts on it. Here we go!

Understanding the essence of What the Golf? is not easy. It is a colorful and hysterical setting with wild characters, and it takes place on a deep-space laboratory that feels like it borrows a lot from games like Portal (Even paying homage to that particular game). Like Portal, the games environment feels like it is masking a darker reality by keeping you, a sentient golf ball, busy by performing tests that are mini-golf related by sight alone.

As you progress, you combat with friendly-looking computer screens that serve as bosses throughout the game. Like the test chambers, these mini-bosses will test your mini-golf skills and even throw you some curveballs (Or some dog-leg lefts).

The games world is genuinely senseless, but that is completely fine! Since What the Golf? does not take itself seriously, it allows you, the player, to simply enjoy the ride without needing to understand anything. But if you are interested, there is some juicy commentary here for your interpretation, but try not to think about it too much.

The game starts off quite simple. You are tasked with getting a golf ball into the hole, and that is it. Well, that was it, because after the very first hole, the formula just evolves and every rule is thrown out of the window.

This is the genius of the What the Golf? It never takes itself too seriously, and that charm allows the player to have fun and laugh while they try to shoot beer bottles at flags, avoid youth soccer (football) players en route to the goal, or guide a rocket-propelled drum barrel through a maze of cones and trees. This is the genius of the game. Its zaniness and unpredictability will keep you, the player, on your toes as you wonder what the next gimmick will be.

Luckily, What the Golf? is much more than a joke: it is a highly addictive, polished, and engaging game. The tutorial does an amazing job of setting the tone of the game and giving you one major takeaway; you cannot bet on anything except a solid sense of humor, as this is the key to the entire experience.

The game is split up into 10 areas, each with their own amount of stages and hidden areas. Each stage also contains anywhere between 1-3 courses on average, as some challenges take a bit longer than others to accomplish.

I absolutely love the pace of the game. Although it is a comedy at its core, it also has a solid action-puzzle game inside of itself, and it makes for a terrific experience from start to finish. I love the different themes for each area, as they really mixed up the gameplay with new mechanics and ideas. Some areas pay great homage to other stand-out games like Superhot, Katamari, and the aforementioned Portal, and the references made in each area will bring smiles to many gamers out there.

The controls are very simple and they are established immediately; aim, hold A to charge, and release A to fire. Although these controls are a constant, they will not always feel right, because the game does an incredible job of tricking you.

As you make your way through each stage, clearing bizarre level after bizarre level, you are met with a boss of sorts. The stage boss battles clearly took some notes from Undertale, as you are trying to attack (friend?) the heart of the robot so you can move on to the next area. These boss battles are a great change of pace and continue the trend of humor that once again is established from the very beginning. The final boss is truly hysterical and a summation of everything you are forced to learn through this wild adventure, and it is the perfect climax to the insanity that you have to face.

There is real concern that What the Golf? will eventually cease being funny or entertaining or that it will become stale after the umpteenth joke, but it constantly one-ups itself and is never, ever boring.

And just when you think you have figured the game out, it throws some more golf balls at you with extra challenges and a crowned flag mechanic. After you clear a stage, you can return to it at any time to attempt these, and they are a riot. These challenges are basically the same stage with different expectations that go above and beyond What the Golf?s normal absurdity.

These crowned flag challenges are necessary if you desire to 100% the game, and they are also required for opening certain doors that give you access to collectables. For the completionist out there, this game does a fantastic job of tracking your progress and helping you to accomplish your goals. There are lots of challenges to complete and lots of collectibles to obtain!

One gripe I have with the game, though, is navigating its hub. Since you play as a sentient golf ball of sorts, you use the same aiming and shooting mechanic in this area as well, and it can be quite awkward at times. I do not necessarily hate it, but it does not feel very good and I would have loved a simpler means of selecting stages, especially for replays and crowned flag challenges.

Once you clear the game, there is still plenty to do outside of the main campaign. You have things like the Daily Challenge and the Impossible Challenge to give you something to compete with others online for leaderboard dominance. There is also a cute Show To A Friend option on the main menu that allows you to introduce the game to others without spoiling too much.

Finally, there is Party Mode, which is an absolute blast! It basically pins two players against each other in a random assortment of What the Golf? levels. This mode has the same kind of tension and competitiveness of a Wario Ware title where levels only last a few seconds but they are intense for the entirety. The hilarity ensues as you and a friend compete for dominance. This is the perfect kind of multiplayer for this game, because it maintains the same tone of the campaign but brings a competition that is mostly absent. It is chaotic fun and a definite reason to come back to the game after clearing the campaign mode.

The audio in the game is equal parts hilarious and brilliant. I love the almost comical level of sound and silence that is used to insinuate that this is a golf game. The soundtrack is pure bliss and is a joy to listen to, and it brightened my every moment while playing the game.

Sound effects are also great, as the sounds of the golf ball being whacked are authentic, but so are the sounds of cars honking, soccer balls being kicked, and portals warping you from one area to another. Triband did a wonderful job giving What the Golf? a sound that is uniquely its own, and it truly pays off.

The visuals are very colorful and everything pops out really well. I especially love the character models and how silly they look. It is amazing how well the team made everything in this eclectic and wild world fit together in such a way that it all feels like it belongs.

I only experienced a couple areas where I clipped through stages or items, like one time the box I was hitting towards the goal merged with another box and I had to get two boxes to the goal instead of one. It is not the worst problem, especially since stages are quick and easy to restart, but they do happen on occasion.

What the Golf? is going to set you back $19.99USD, and that might seem a bit hefty, but as you can tell by what I had to say, this game is top-quality from start to finish. The main campaign will only take you about 3 hours to clear, but there are loads of extra challenges, secrets, and achievements to go after. To 100%, you are looking at around 8 hours or more. But when you take into consideration the Party Mode and Daily Challenges, there is an infinite amount of fun to be had.

This is not your conventional golf game, and that is a good thing. What we have here is a stellar comedic action-puzzle game, and it is absolutely worth your time and money!

What the Golf? Review provided by Triband GamesRelease Date: May 21, 2020Price: $19.99, 17.99, 19.99Game Size: 689 MB


What the Golf? is the perfect blend of comedy and video game. At just about every point in the game, I was both laughing and trying to accomplish a task, and that really says something. The challenges, the bosses, the themes, and the secrets are all a blast, and the team at Triband did a phenomenal job of meshing everything together to feel like one eclectic and cohesive unit. This is one of the most entertaining games I have played this year, and I cannot recommend it enough.



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What the Golf? Review Golf is Boring - SwitchWatch

Isolation can have psychological impact – News24

By now, all South Africans are aware of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa placed the country under lockdown to limit the spread of the virus.

Schools, tertiary institutions, churches and numerous businesses which do not provide essential services had to close.

The lockdown requires that citizens stay at home, isolate themselves and, where possible, work from home.

There are several benefits to working from home: You can manage your own time, wear comfortable clothes and do your work with less undisturbed and with lessinterruptions.

Physical and social isolation, The consequence and reality, however, eventually leads to loneliness. leads to is which of course also means that many people are currently alone and lonely.

However, several psychological disadvantages are associated with social isolation.

Social isolation is the absence of social interaction, contact, and relationships with loved ones, colleagues, strangers, and even society as a whole.

By nature, humans are social beings who strive towards social interaction with others it is essential for peoples well-being and survival.

Although it is also natural to occasionally seek alone time, tThe effect of prolonged social isolation can therefore have negative consequences for the emotional well-being of individuals.

Studies have shown that long-term social isolation has dire consequences for peoples physical and mental health, such as the increased risk of premature death and higher tendencies towards depression.

Isolation can also have a negative psychological impactStill, social isolation even for a few weeks can also have a negative psychological impact on peoples lives.

This can lead to feelings of despair and loneliness, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and difficulties sleeping.

Many people are prone to become discouraged and demotivated because of the time away from others due to social isolation.

In times of social isolation, individuals tend to exhibit more forms of unhealthy behaviour than usual, such as smoking and drinking more alcohol. Individuals with drinking and smoking habits may become more dependent on these substances during the lockdown.

Feelings of loneliness also tend to worsen when individuals are isolated with others with whom they do not have a close relationship and, therefore, loneliness becomes a more significant struggle during times of social isolation.

This can turn into a vicious cycle, leading to more loneliness and depression if such feelings are not dealt with.

Isolation may cause some people to become complacent, giving up on goals and routines.

Social isolation will, however, affect people differently.

Extroverted people will long for social engagement with others and will long to get outside, go shopping and see people.

They will just want to go shopping and spend time with others. More introverted individuals, on the other hand, may very well enjoy this alone time and spend time taking long baths and reading books.

Yet even introverts will start to experience social isolation negatively at some point.

For example, families may not be used to extended periods together.

Being together all the time may lead to increased conflict between family members.

While individuals with big homes can spend time in their gardens and exercise on their lawns, those living in overcrowded flats or informal settlements are more prone to . Such individuals may be more inclined to experience depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Also keep in mind those who have to keep their small children busy every day while juggling other responsibilities.

Fortunately, most schools have provided parents with study material to keep their children busy educationally.

Alternatively, parents should create some form of structure and routine for their children.

Families can play board games and create their own fun activities.

Children should also be allowed to engage with their friends via social media.

Parents should encourage their children to share their worries and concerns openly.

If not addressed, these experiences of overwhelming loneliness, sadness or lack of meaning may continue long after the lockdown has ended.

who are now home for several weeks and need to be kept busy and entertained by their parents. There is, of course, hope.

It is important to remember that although people are currently isolated, they can still attempt to be social by using various forms of social media.

Recent studies have shown that individuals may experience less loneliness when interacting with others through various forms of social media.

Accordingly, people can consider reaching out to those they have not heard from in a while. act more contact with others and reach out to those that they have not heard from in a while.

However, also beware of negative content or fake news. Although it might not fulfil everyones needs for interpersonal communication and interaction, social interaction via the internet allows people to experience a sense of congregation and community.

Social interaction is crucial; many of us need it to cope with daily challenges.

The reality is, however, that many people do not have access to the internet and social media, and therefore cannot communicate with others. In times of prolonged social isolation, it becomes essential that people continue with certain routines in their lives and to not just sit in front of the television.

People have to set goals albeit small ones for themselves and try to achieve them.

Attempting any form of exercise and keeping their minds occupied with books or brain games can be very beneficial.

Individuals who experience depression and loneliness after the lockdown should reach out to others, try to eat healthy foods, do fun things, and exercise more.

Such individuals should also consider contacting mental healthcare professionals for assistance, or visit the South African Depression and Anxiety Groups website or Facebook page for help.

) Dr Jacques Jordaan is a lecturer and director of the Psychology Programme at the University of the Free State.

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Isolation can have psychological impact - News24

8 video game deals to help you pass the time at home – Mashable

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

By StackCommerceMashable Shopping2020-05-19 09:00:00 UTC

As fun as it is to bake bread, there are only so many times you can bake a sourdough loaf and feel any real sense of accomplishment.If you're looking for something new to do, it's probably time to reconsider playing video games and these eight deals can get you started.

Enjoy the frantic, cell-shaded action of the much-loved Borderlands series with this $10 bundle (down from $59.99). This package includes two games: the critically-acclaimed Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, plus all of the games' downloadable content.

In addition to the fun of mowing down hordes of baddies and looting for crazy new weapons, you'll have tons of fun playing with a few of your friends.

Right now, you can kick off your career as a diplomat (or conquering emperor) with the turn-based strategy classic, Sid Meier's Civilization V, for just $12 also down from its full price of $59.99.

With this package, you'll gain access to all of the downloadable content you could want, including maps and scenario packs.

Do you love Sid Meier's Civilization VI and want to keep your conquest going? Consider picking up Civilization VI: Gathering Storm for $20, on sale from its MSRP of $119.19.

This expansion pack adds eight new civilizations, nine new leaders, the ability to construct seven new world wonders, plus a new set of units, districts, buildings, and other improvements.

If you want the experience of Sid Meier's Civilization VI in its entirety, consider the Platinum Edition.

This $47 bundle includes a copy of Sid Meier's Civilization VI, plus the six DLC packs and the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions.

This 59% discount on one of the best strategy games in recent memory is substantial, and perhaps the most compelling deal on this list.

If you want to test your spacial knowledge and logic la Portal, consider Lightmatter: First-Person Sci-Fi Puzzle Game.

In this game, you'll explore an experimental facility that forces you to solve challenging puzzles that require you to master different light sources.

This game promises to "test your creativity as well as knowledge with angles and logic" and, right now, you can save 20% off its standard price and get it for just $15.99.

Are you looking for a beautifully-designed, exploration game? Look no further than InnerSpace.

You'll explore new worlds where physics is inverted, seeking a new life and exploring the mysteries that present themselves.

You can start playing this successful Kickstarter project for just $5 using a PC, Mac, or Linux computer, down from $19.99.

>observer_, which netted a 9 out of 10 at GameSpot, let's you experience a cyberpunk future where people's minds can be hacked and invaded.

Through the game, you'll be able to relive the darkest fears of unstable criminals and victims. Suffice to say, this game is not for the faint of heart.

Right now, you can add this highly-rated horror game for just $9.99, on sale from its usual $29.99 price point.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic holds the distinction of the highest-rated video game in the Star Wars canon.

Boasting a 93% rating from Metacritic, 9.1 out of 10 at GameSpot and an astonishing 9 out of 10 on Steam, this game, and its sequel are must-haves for any video game or Star Wars enthusiast. Normally $19.98, you can get it here for just $4.99.

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8 video game deals to help you pass the time at home - Mashable

Hayes was the missing piece of the Flyers’ puzzle –

If there was never a halt to the 2019-20 NHL season, the race for the Stanley Cup would have been in full force right about now. Conference Finals games would have been underway and the Flyers would have been pushing for their first taste of the Finals since 2009-10. Yes, I firmly believe what the Flyers were working toward this season was something special.

Its clear that there were many new elements being implemented during training camp back in September. While new faces behind the bench were added since last season, there was another crucial addition to the squad during the summer that should now be considered the missing piece.

Kevin Hayes.

At the initial point of his signing, no one knew the impact Hayes was going to have on his new team. The relationship he created with head coach Alain Vigneault during their time with the Rangers certainly helped with the transition but it felt like the 28-year-old fit right in.

Its old stuff obviously with a new team, Hayes noted back during training camp. With the same coach that I had my first four years, its relieving to be able to get as comfortable with the coach as soon as possible.

At first, the level of normalcy in the locker room almost felt too good to be true. Dating back to one of the first times Hayes spoke to media back in September it was like he was meant to end up in Philadelphia. It doesnt matter if that sounds a bit clich, you could sense a different energy compared to what the room was like before he was a member of it.

And it took little to no time before Hayes wanted to start making his mark in the organization by taking on a leadership role.

As soon as I signed here, I was getting text messages from some of the players, Hayes said. Im an older guy now kind of. Try to help all the younger guys, try to explain how quick the drills go from one drill to the other.

When I was younger, I looked up to guys and Im just trying to be that guy now.

Things are always easier said than done and while it was something he noted during his early days just how much of an impact was he really going to make in his first year? It turns out, quite a big one.

After signing a seven-year deal with the Flyers, he quickly earned the respect of his teammates and was named an alternate captain which was announced leading up to the Global Series that was held in Prague, Czech Republic. (Its almost hard to believe the Global Series even occurred at the start of the season feels like ages ago.)

It only took five periods and some change into the year before he found the back of the net for his first time as a Flyer and a power play goal during the home opener definitely makes for a great first impression.

From that point on, Hayes became a crucial part to the core of this team and an absolute fan-favorite as the season evolved.

His contributions on-ice added much needed depth down the center. Imagine if Hayes didnt sign with the Flyers and the news was still released about Nolan Patrick and his migraine disorder? Chances are, Claude Giroux would have had to move back to the middle, which would have broken up the strong duo of him and Sean Couturier and fans would have rioted if productivity didnt meet their expectations.

Thankfully for everyones sake that was not the case. So far through his 69 games played, hes tallied 41 points (23 goals 18 assists). He sits fifth overall on the team in points, just behind Travis Konecny (61), Couturier (59), Jakub Voracek (56) and Giroux (53).

Producing on special teams also became one of his strong points having four short-handed goals and being an absolute force on the penalty kill.

Now, lets get back to that fan-favorite aspect and it has everything to do with him being micd up. There have been hysterical bits left and right that not only showcase the comedic side of him, but also the bond and relationships hes been building with teammates. Athletes are still people at the end of the day and seeing the human aspect of moments like these put him high on the list of favorites. Accomplishing that in such a small amount of time is something that not every athlete in Philadelphia can say, but he has been welcomed with open arms.

If I were to rank how the Flyers did in free agency this offseason, I would say they won the whole thing thanks to Hayes. They didnt have to go after one of the top free agents and severely overpay that was not the need for the Flyers. The talent was already here and it was time to fill the gaps and find players that complimented the current roster.

Going out and getting big-named talent doesnt fix anything without having a well-rounded team. If that were the case, Connor McDavid and the Oilers should have at least three cups by now.

Remember when the Devils won the offseason because they had the first overall pick, drafted Jack Hughes and acquired P.K. Subban? Theyre currently sitting at the bottom of the Metropolitan Division because there are still far too many holes within that roster to become a threat of any sort in the East.

The same goes for the New York Rangers after signing Artemi Panarin. Dont get it twisted Panarin was having a Hart Trophy caliber season, which helped the Rangers get on the leagues radar at times. Though looking at the surroundingtalent on their roster, things were never going to grow since majority of the work was heavily relied on one person.

Does that ring a bell?

Giroux had been carrying the weight of the Flyers on his back for a decade and there is finally balance throughout the entire roster. This is why the season was clicking on every level. If one player didnt show up one night, there were others right in line to step up and take responsibility. In previous years, that was never the case. A slow night from Giroux often meant a loss of two points.

One single addition in Hayes completed a puzzle that was in the works for years. There is veteran presence being utilized the right way, a young core with proper guidance and trust from the coaches, new bench bosses with impressive rsums and the future of the franchise with Carter Hart between the pipes.

If and when the 2019-20 NHL season returns the finished product is going to be one for the ages and that all traces back to that final piece.

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There’s A New Harry Potter Game On Mobile, But It’s Probably Not Very Magical – GameSpot

There's a new Harry Potter game coming to mobile, but it doesn't look like it's going to be quite as exciting as Wizards Unite. The game, which has received its first trailer ahead of release, is called Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells, and it's a match-3 puzzle game.

You can watch the trailer in the tweet below, although it doesn't show off any gameplay.

The game is being released under the Portkeys label, and is developed by Zynga (Words with Friends, Farmville). It seems to be set early in Harry's time at Hogwarts, based on how young the characters are in the key art. If you're in Australia, the game has already soft-launched on both the App Store and Google Play--but other regions will have to wait a little longer. No release date has been announced.

The game features many locations from the series, including various parts of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley.

Fans of the series can always pretend that this is an adaptation of the unpublished manuscript for Harry Potter and the Three Green Stones That Disappeared When They Touched Each Other, but there are also other ways to continue enjoying J.K. Rowling's wizarding world. For instance, there's this excellent Harry Potter RPG created inside Minecraft, or you could watch Daniel Radcliffe read the Harry Potter books.

If you're waiting for a new AAA Harry Potter game, it might still be happening--plans for an open-world leaked back in 2018. Nothing has been announced, however.

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Crypto by POWGI ready to be cracked on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 – Gamasutra

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]


Staffordshire, UK Lightwood Games is thrilled to announce the release of their latest word puzzle game, based on a classic code-breaking puzzle.

Crypto by POWGI is out today on PlayStation 4 and will be released on the Nintendo eShop for Switch on Thursday, 21st May.

In a cryptogram puzzle, every letter of the alphabet has been switched for a different letter to present a scrambled message. Using logic and reasoning, players can decipher the encoded text to reveal a funny or inspirational quote.

A good starting point is to look for apostrophes in the text, as they are frequently followed by a letter S. Single-letter words are A or I, and double letters in words often provide useful information.

Crypto by POWGI contains 180 cryptograms to solve and is priced at $7.99 / GBP 6.49 / 7.99.

The PlayStation Vita version of this game has been delayed by circumstances beyond our control. However, cross-buy entitlement is included so players purchasing the game on PS4 now will be able to download the Vita version at no extra cost once it is available.

Players who complete the game will be rewarded with a platinum trophy.

For press copies or more information, contact:u2028Chris Newman


Crypto by POWGI ready to be cracked on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 - Gamasutra

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