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6 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Video Games Forever – Geek Vibes Nation

Technology has revolutionized every facet of a consumers life. Currently, there are over 4.4 billion internet users. In other words, the global penetration rate stands at 57 percent! Also, according to Statista, global spending on technology reached a whopping $3390 billion in 2019.

Between cloud solutions and online platforms, technology has surely changed the landscape of different sectors. One such industry is the gaming industry.

The gaming sector continues to thrive year after year. Currently, the global game market accounts for 123.5 billion USD. And out of the 2.5 billion gamers, 52 percent of people prefer using their smartphones and tablets to play the various video games.

And this is just the beginning. There are multiple ways through which technology has impacted the sector.

Here are some of the top ways it has changed the world of video games.

Gone are the days when the internet wasnt widely available. Now, as technology advances, stable internet connection 24/7 has become quite common across different countries. This has transformed the way people play games.

Now, online gaming is on the rise. Regardless of where the gamer is, he can easily connect to the online gaming platform and compete against other players. This has also given rise to various online gaming platforms.

One such platform is Unlimited Gamez Mo. This online solution allows gamers to access a wide variety of games for a small subscription fee. The games belong to different genres, including strategy, action, adventure, and brain games.

You might have heard that recently Microsoft and Sony announced that they are partnering up to deliver avid games an effective cloud gaming solution.

This is one technology that has begun impacting the gaming sector. What is cloud gaming? Remote computing and cloud gaming are considered to be synonymous with one another.

Cloud gaming allows players to access a given computer remotely, thereby delivering a full-fledged desktop experience. It acts as a video streaming service, like Netflix and Hulu.

Contrary to a conventional game where your commands are directly fed to the desktop, in cloud gaming, the commands you feed are relayed to a data canter, which then performs them in a response time of millisecond.

Since the game is on a shared platform, cloud gaming allows for a real-time multiplayer desktop experience.

Remember the good old days when you had to have a high functioning desktop with an expensive graphic card to enjoy an HD game?

Be it FIFA or WWE; all avid gamers relied on such systems to truly enjoy the game.

However, with the rise of modern technology, HD games can successfully be played on smartphones, tablets, and online!

You will be surprised by the sheer quality of the graphics delivered by online and mobile games. In fact, most games now deliver smartphone and web browser versions on top of desktop versions of the game.

For instance, Fortnite can be played via Play Station as well as on your smartphones. And the quality of the experience is comparable in them both.

First, we lived in a time when keyboards were the only way to play a game. Then, we moved to consoles, and gamers considered them to the best thing that could happen to the sector. Now, even such consoles are considered to be conventional.

Whats next? Wireless consoles!

Now, you dont need to worry about creating a tangling mess when playing video games. Wireless consoles give immense comfort and satisfaction to all gamers. When you add this to the gesture-based consoles delivered by WII, it is safe to say that technology has surely made the gaming experience much more immersive and fun.

Critics of modern technology say that todays time isolates people and makes them anti-social. Considering the frequency and duration of the use of mobile phones, it is understandable why such criticism is made.

However, the same technology helps people in connecting with like-minded individuals. It encourages the creation of communities. Within the gaming sector, technology ensures the development of a gaming community.

As online gaming becomes the primary choice of gamers, people find themselves conversing with other players during the gameplay. Fortnite, which is one of the most popular games of 2019, encourages this by allowing players to interact with one another.

Some of you might remember Flappy Bird. It was a game that proved to be a fad. It witnessed a surge in downloads initially due to its addictive yet challenging gameplay. But, its graphics were not that impressive.

Another game that managed to leave a mark was Doodle Jump, which became a hit within Apples paid app category. So far, the game has been downloaded over 8.5 million times by iPhone users!

Play stores provide game developers with an excellent and easily accessible platform to showcase their games to the world; the cost of entering the sector decreases. This helps in making video games highly affordable.

Also, low barriers and cost to entry provide game developers with room to innovate and create. Even if you fail, it is easier to start from scratch and develop a new game and try again. Why?

This is because all it takes is a creative idea and a talented team, and voila, you have your next game!

Verdict: It is a great time to be a gamer

Modern technology has surely changed the way how we operate. Now, we cant imagine our lives without uninterrupted internet, smartphones, and apps. There was once a time, not too long ago, when each of these things was unheard of.

The world is surely progressing at a fast pace.

And there is no better time to be a gamer than now! Only time will tell just how much technology will advance in the coming years and how much it will affect the gaming sector.

Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well. She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.

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6 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Video Games Forever - Geek Vibes Nation

Timelie Is coming To PC, A Beautiful Puzzle Game That Follows The Story Of A Girl And Her Cat – Happy Gamer

Urnique Studio has a new puzzle game for fans that will be released for PC this Spring.Timelieis a puzzle game that uses time manipulation as its main problem-solving tool. A new gameplay trailer has been revealed for this game showing off the beautifully unique style and fantastical world.

You play as a mysterious girl who is able to see both the past and future. She is trapped in a strange world where time flows in strange and unpredictable patterns. The only thing that seems to fit is a strange cat that is connected to the world in some way; this animal acts as her sole ally.

Your character has the ability to manipulate the unique Timeline. You can jump forward or backward all in an effort to unravel the mystery of this weird world. This is a non-combat game, so you must avoid the enemies and solve puzzles to navigate your way through this game.

Plan your actions in parallel between the cat and the girl as you get a glimpse at the future. If you made a mistake, simply rewind and try again. The ability to manipulate time means that mistakes are easily forgotten, so keep progressing forward despite all opposition.

The concept behind this game was created by a small student team in Bangkok, Thailand. Early versions of the game quickly received recognition from a ton of prestigious competition, proving the worth of this project early in its developmental process.

The game has received Winner Best Game at Microsofts 2019 Imagine Cup Student Development Competition, Winner Best Game at the 2019 Thailand National Software Contest, and Winner Best Student Technical Project at the 2019 Bangkok International Digital Content Festival. Tons of awards scattered around in its infancy helped drive the team to make this a full game ready for its big release into the world.

The team at Urinique Studio has always had an interest in time manipulation. They were hoping to take it further than a simple tech demo, and with the completion of this title, their dreams were realized. Players are now awaiting the full release of this title for a special one-of-a-kind experience.

Timeliewill be coming to PC through multiple outlets this Spring. The game is reported to be a PC exclusive title, but that may change in the future. If this title looks interesting, you can find more information on their official website along with varying social media channels.

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Timelie Is coming To PC, A Beautiful Puzzle Game That Follows The Story Of A Girl And Her Cat - Happy Gamer

One Of The Most Creepy Puzzle Game Little Nightmares To Release Its part 2 – The Inner Sane

Little Nightmare 2 has a lot of things. Lets know what words are.

Although, It is a Swedish video game developer Tarsier Studios. It is a creepy horror puzzle-platformer game. It came out in 2017. However, The game instantly struck a chord with gamers, for its incredibly organic storytelling style. The game is inspired by Playdeads 2010 smash-hit game Limbo. The game had a fantastic atmospheric narrative and sound design, despite somewhat clunky platforming mechanics. The title of the game was inspired by the three DLCs The Depths, The Hideaway and The Residence.

The game was developed from an Ios game. Very Little Nightmares.The game managed to top one million in unit sales on all platforms by August 2018. Tarsier is preparing to continue its exploration for games by releasing Little Nightmare 2.It the sequel of the horror platforming sensation Little Nightmares.

The game is developed by Malmo based Swedish video game development studio Tarsier Studios. It is founded in 2004 under the name Team Tarsier. The company has already worked for Sony Interactive Entertainment on a number of exclusive PlayStation games. The company is best known for sports such as LittleBigPlanet 3, Tearaway Unfolded and The Stretchers.

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Related to the release dates, the dates arent confirmed yet. Bandai Namco is, however, to announce the dates. The game can be played in PC(Microsoft Windows),PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Talking about the gameplay of the game. It will be as same as the first part. The game will feature an all-new protagonist this time. There will be a young boy wearing an oversized coat and a bag. Over his head named Mono. Six, The first part the hero will be an AI-controlled player who will assist Mono. The gameplay is reasonably standard like other similar games like Limbo etc.

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One Of The Most Creepy Puzzle Game Little Nightmares To Release Its part 2 - The Inner Sane

Prep Regionals Preview: Five Twin Harbors teams play in regionals this weekend – The Daily World

Five Twin Harbors basketball teams remain.

Five teams that have fought and clawed and struggled and earned their way into the state regional round.

For all the blood, sweat and tears spilled to get to this point, the Elma Eagles, Montesano Bulldogs and Taholah Lady Chitwhins girls basketball teams, as well as the Willapa Valley Vikings and Taholah Chitwhins boys teams, have earned the right to play at least one more game and those games are upon us.

Heres a look at these five fine basketball teams and their opponents for this weekends state regionals.

No. 12 Elma Eagles (16-6) vs. No. 13 Deer Park Stags (18-6)

12 p.m., Saturday at Tumwater High School

Early in last weeks district playoffs, the word was out: Nobody wanted to play Elma.

After a season that saw the Eagles bit by the injury bug early on, Elma is healthy again and playing the type of intense, smothering defense that saw them place sixth in the state last year.

Though the Eagles are still missing a key piece of the puzzle in senior guard Kayli Johnson, who returned to the lineup midway through the season only to re-aggravate a knee injury a few games before districts, Eagles players Jillian Bieker, Quin Mikel and Kali Rambo have all returned to the lineup and gelled just in time for the Eagles to win a second straight 1A District 4 championship, blowing out La Center 66-40 in the championship game a week ago.

One of the few Eagles to be healthy all season, senior center Jalyn Sackrider has been solid again this season, scoring 17.1 points per game this season. Sackrider was dominant in last weeks district championship game, scoring 31 points as the Eagles extended their winning streak to seven games.

In Deer Park, the Eagles are facing a team that reached the regional round for the first time in 30 years and sport a league-MVP of their own. The Stags placed second in the 1A Northeast A League this season and are ranked right behind the Eagles in RPI. Elma is ranked 13th in RPI (0.611) to the Stags no. 14 ranking (0.608).

Deer Park is led by league-MVP Hava Fairbanks, a senior guard who scored 15 points in a 45-44 district consolation victory over Medical Lake that sent the Stags to regionals.

Three of Deer Parks losses this season were to league-rival Freeman, the eventual District 7 champions and the No. 4 team in the state.

No. 11 Seattle Academy Cardinals (18-4) vs. No. 14 Montesano Bulldogs (15-9)

12 p.m., Saturday at Issaquah High School

A season that began on a negative note with the controversial removal of a beloved head coach has turned out pretty positive as the Montesano Bulldogs find themselves in the state regionals.

It wasnt easy as new head coach Mark Mansfield was hired just a few weeks before the start of the season, giving the Bulldogs little time to prepare for a season that was nearly turned upside down before it began.

But the Bulldogs were able to find their footing under Mansfield and the leadership of their lone senior, leading-scorer Zoe Hutchings, to finish second behind Elma in league and punch their ticket to the regionals with a convincing 52-35 victory over a La Center team that beat the Bulldogs a week before in the district semis.

Montesanos opponent the Seattle Academy Cardinals won the Emerald City League with a sparkling 18-4 record, 13-1 in league.

The Cardinals beat Overlake to win the 1A District 2 title, but were hammered by the states 2nd-ranked team, Lynden Christian, 72-19 in the Bi-District Championship on Feb. 21.

Similar to Montes last opponent, La Center, the Cardinals like to shoot the ball from long range.

They like to shoot the 3-pointer. Theyre a little bigger than La Center and like to trap a bit, Mansfield said. We need to limit their wide-open looks. They have four to five girls that arent afraid to shoot it. If you can make them have to work for it and miss a couple of shots, they arent quite as confident.

Mansfield believes that his teams size, even without 6-foot freshman McKynnlie Dalan, who is out for the season with a broken wrist, could be key to a victory on Saturday.

Theres not many teams that well go up against thats as big as us, he said. Though (Seattle Academy) has some size, they play more outside. If we can break their pressure and get the ball inside, we can take advantage of some things in there.

No. 10 Willapa Valley Vikings (17-7) vs. No. 15 Friday Harbor Wolverines (12-9)

2 p.m., Saturday at Tumwater High School

Willapa Valley staved off elimination with their best performance of the season in beating Winlock 63-54 in a winner-to-regionals elimination game on Saturday.

Four Vikings scored in double figures after Willapa Valley struggled in losses to Toutle Lake and Onalaska earlier in the 2B District 4 Tournament, two games Pearson said helped the Vikings to raise their level of play against Winlock.

Friday Harbor comes in to regionals on the heels of a thrilling 18-point comeback to beat Darrington 48-47 in the 1A 2B Tri-District Championship game on Saturday.

Willapa Valley head coach Jay Pearson said the Vikings will have a key advantage against the underdog Wolverines.

Our advantage is going to be our height and length, said Pearson, whose team features leading-scorer Logan Walker (6-foot-3) and Beau Buchanan (6-foot-6) compared to Friday Harbor, which doesnt have a player over 6-foot-2 on its roster. (Our size) will make it difficult for them to get shots off and should allow us to attack the basket and get offensive rebounds.

No. 9 Taholah Chitwhins (18-3) vs. No. 16 Mount Vernon Chr. Hurricanes (13-13)

6 p.m., Friday at Tumwater High School

After looking impressive in winning the 1B Coastal League and beating Three Rivers Christian in the 1B District 4 playoffs, Taholah checked off a major goal in upsetting Naselle, the states 5th-ranked team, 58-53 to win the district title.

Led by Izaiah Mowitch and James Orozco, who scored 18.2 and 15 points per game this season, respectively, the Chitwhins are on a 12-game winning streak and enter the regional round as the highest ranked of the five local teams at No. 9.

Because of their success this season, Taholah received a favorable draw in the regional round, facing No. 16 Mount Vernon Christian, the lowest seed in the tournament.

After suffering a six-game losing streak earlier in the season, the Hurricanes beat Lopez 72-37 to earn a trip to regionals on Feb. 20.

MVC is led by senior Chris Wyatt, who averages 10.5 points per game.

No. 12 Moses Lake Chr.-Covenant Chr. Lady Lions (15-6) vs. No. 13 Taholah Lady Chitwhins (15-7)

2 p.m., Saturday at Big Bend Community College

After graduating the majority of its district-title winning team last season, the Taholah Lady Chitwhins surprised many on the local basketball scene by repeating the feat with a 50-40 overtime win over Naselle in the district championship game on Feb. 20.

Led by sophomore center Nakeah McCrorys 12.8 points per game, the Lady Chitwhins will face a Moses Lake Christian-Covenant Christian team that hasnt lost in over a month, rolling off a seven-game winning streak capped by a 51-43 victory over Pateros in the 1B District 6 championship game.

The Lady Lions feature four seniors and a host of freshman, one of which, Kali Kast, leads the team with 13.6 points per game.

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Prep Regionals Preview: Five Twin Harbors teams play in regionals this weekend - The Daily World

A wizard themed mystery game is coming to Edinburgh – here’s everything you need to know – The Scotsman

The touring outdoor detective game is coming to the Capital in April.

If youre a fan of Harry Potter and love a mystery then CluedUpps interactive game may be right up your street.

Described as a giant game of Cluedo, the outdoor detective game is inviting groups of friends or familiesto sign up in a race to be the first to solve a mystery.

When is it taking place?

CluedUpp is bringing its game of intrigue to Edinburgh on Saturday 18 April starting from 10am-1pm. The secret start location will be revealed two weeks before the game starts.

How does it work?The team and CluedUpp said that the game will: Transportyou into a fantasy world of witchcraft and wizardry -our spell-binding detective experience will see 100's of players scrambling across town, hoping to solve the mystery in time. Can your team stalk the streets, solve the clues and crack the case before it's too late?

Variations of the mysteries have been played by over 420,000 detectives in more than 38 countries worldwide, with the game then titled sneaky finders -visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow last summer.

Teams of two to six players need to buy tickets and register their fantastically clever team name before downloading the game app to their phones. The detective game is self-guided and will see teams solve puzzles and games, and unlockevidence hidden all over the city in order to solve the mystery. Dressing up in your wizarding finest is encouraged as there are prizes up for grabs, including onefor the best dressed team.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are on sale now and priced at 36 per team (of up to six people)and children under 16 can play as extra for free. Dogs can also come along as there is a prize for best K-9.

Read more:You can now play wizard golf in Edinburgh - heres everything you need to know

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A wizard themed mystery game is coming to Edinburgh - here's everything you need to know - The Scotsman

How conservatives rigged our politics: Republicans are beating Democrats at a game they dont even know theyre playing – AlterNet

According to Galluppolling, more Americans identify as Democrats than Republicans. On average, roughly 29 percent of Americans identify as Democrats, 27 percent as Republicans, and 41 percent as independent. Its close, but the edge is enough that one would expect our legislatures, courts, and governorships to reflect that advantage.

They dont. Despite being the less popular party, Republicans havecontrolledthe majority of our state legislatures and governorships for the past decade. In twenty-two states, Republicans control both branches of government, compared with only sixteen for Democrats. A majority of Supreme Court justices have also been appointed by Republican presidents. And Donald Trump won the presidency despite losing to Hillary Clinton by almost three million votes. How have Republicans pulled this off?

InThe Democracy Fix, Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society (and a regular writer for this magazine), gives a detailed and often demoralizing account of how Republicans seized political power that vastly exceeds the public support for their ideas. Tracing the origin story back to Lewis Powells memoin which the then corporate attorney who would later become a Supreme Court justice outlined a plan for conservative dominance of public policymakingFredrickson shows how the GOP used gerrymandering, voter suppression, dubious scholarship, and dangerous media outlets to rig the system in their favor. And although she offers a plan for Democrats to fight back, it feels like Republicans have already won a game Democrats didnt realize they were playing.

Cynical gamesmanshiplike Mitch McConnell denying a confirmation hearing to President Obamas Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garlandhas allowed Republicans to gain control of our democratic institutions in unseemly ways. Fredricksons book weaves a fascinating tapestry that shows the different pieces that fit together as part of Powells devious master plan.

In his 1971 memo, Powell created an ingenious road map for pro-business interests to gain control of legislatures, the courts, and the media. The plan, as Fredrickson notes, was to fund a broad array of institutions that would exert control over the instrumentalities of power. And they did: Wealthy conservatives like John M. Olin, the Coors family, Richard Scaife, and Charles and David Koch supported a web of think-tanks, media outlets, lobbying groups, and other organizations that have helped fulfill Powells vision.

At the same time, gerrymandered districts have given Republicans the means to win legislatures even when Democrats win the majority of votes. For example, in 2012, Democratic statehouse candidates in Pennsylvaniawon51 percent of votes, but ended up with just 28 percent of legislative seats. The practice of drawing legislative districts to favor one political party over another dates to at least the 1700s. But it has arguably never been done more aggressively than it was by Republicans in the late 2000s.

Before the 2010 census, Karl Rove proposed a plan called REDMAP to help Republicans gain control of state legislative seats so that the party would have control over the new maps. Republicans spent more than $30 million in key states and were able to flip control of the General Assembly in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio, giving themselves a significant electoral advantage. By the time Republican legislators were drawing districts in their favor, other pieces were in place to ensure GOP success. President George W. Bushs Supreme Court appointee, John Roberts was instrumental in weakening the Voting Rights Act through cases likeShelby County v. Holder, in which the Court removed the requirement that states get federal approval before changing their election laws.

But gerrymandering was just one piece of the puzzle. Republicans further stacked the deck in their favor through voter suppression tactics largely formulated by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), with funding from Scaife and Koch.

ALEC is not your run-of-the-mill lobbying group. It recruits candidates, drafts model legislation, pays for legislators to come to their conferences, where ALEC feeds them ideas and talking points for how to enact a conservative agenda. Through this model, ALEC has pushed voter ID laws to make it more difficult for younger voters, poorer voters, and people of color to cast their ballots. Years ago, courts could be counted on to strike down such laws as unconstitutional. But Republican executives have filled courts with conservative judges, thereby entrenching those law and fulfilling Powells overarching strategy.

Then theres the Federalist Society, founded in 1982 and funded in large part by Scaife and Koch money. It was a breeding groundfor conservative academics in the mold of Robert Bork and Antonin Scalia to elevate their judicial careers. Similar groups soon began to emerge, like Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), which ran targeted campaigns to support conservative judges and attack more liberal nominees. The JCN spent more than $10 million to help get Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

Right-wing think tanks and media outlets have strengthened the conservative operation even more. Experts from the Heritage Foundation appear on Fox News to advance conservative ideas and give them a faade of credibility.

All in all, Frederickson expertly unpacks the the reason Republicans have successfully seized political power from Democrats: They understood that power precedes policy and not the other way around. In other words, while Democrats were trying to beat Republicans with superior policy proposals on a level playing-field, Republicans were changing the rules of the game.

Fredrickson believes Democrats need to catch up, but in a more ethical fashion. They need to unrig the system. Rather than going back and forth with Republicans on gerrymandering, Democrats in power, she argues, should install nonpartisan redistricting commissions that cannot be manipulated by either party.

She champions other critical solutions, like pushing for clean-money campaigns to diminish the impact of PACs and Super PACs that emerged after the Supreme CourtsCitizens Uniteddecision, as well as instituting strong protections for voting rights, and making it easier to vote.

Fredrickson also emphasizes that the left needs to match the Federalist Societys pipeline of judges to get more progressives on the bench, through increased support for organizations like her own: the American Constitution Society. Whats more, Democrats need to put much more money and effort into winning state and local elections for legislators and judges alike

Although Fredrickson proposes clear, essential solutions as an answer to Powells memo,The Democracy Fixis less clear about how to enact them. More specifically, it does not explain how an average person, who isnt a wealthy donor or leader of a large organization, can realistically play a significant role in reversing the damage Republicans have done.

For example, Fredrickson argues that progressive donors need to better coordinate funding to provide a major and undivided focus on elections on the courts, on core legislative priorities, and on an effective communications infrastructure. She calls for a robust analog to the JCN. While all of those are worthy goal, there is little that even a die-hard political activist can do to advance them.

At times,The Democracy Fixgives the impression that, even in a country of more than 300 million people, the struggle for political power is a chess match between a handful of elites. Perhaps that is truer than we would like to admit. Still, it is dispiriting to learn how a relatively small group of conservative funders and thinkers constructed the apparatuses that led to right-wing dominance. Equally disconcerting is the sense that only a small group of better organized liberal funders and thinkers can balance the scales.

Nonetheless, Fredricksons central thesis holds strong. Democrats need their own Powell memo. More importantly, they need the will and infrastructure to follow through.

David Edward Burke is the founder of Citizens Take Action, a nonprofit organization that advocates for political reform.

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How conservatives rigged our politics: Republicans are beating Democrats at a game they dont even know theyre playing - AlterNet

Neil Cameron: Why the Rangers players have let Steven Gerrard down – HeraldScotland

RANGERS start a game slowly. Then play some decent football. But late on concede a goal from awful defending and drop points.

Repeat to fading away in the distance while Celtic, as good as they are playing right now, are helped on their way to nine league titles in a row by a rival in freefall.

What to make of it all.

From the day Gerrard was appointed, I said it was a strange gamble to take. A roll of the dice by a desperate board which needed to sell season tickets, and get the supporters back onside after the Pedro Caxinha/Graeme Murty chaos.

It made some sort of sense. Risky? Sure. However, after being turned down by Derek McInnes and having to cancel the end-of-season party for good reason something had to be done.

And getting in the former England captain, one of the most respected football figures from the past 25 years, really was something.

Rangers fans I know allowed themselves to get excited; albeit recognising this was a rookie boss walking into a massive institution in the shadow of their old friends from across the city.

Over the best part of two seasons, Gerrard has done okay. A six or seven out of 10. In his first two campaigns, this Liverpool legend at least gave Celtic a run for their money for a bit. Thats progress.

Get through against Braga tonight, which Ive a feeling they will, and win the Scottish Cup, which I dont believe is going to happen, would make this season is a success.

Rangers are at this moment in time the second biggest club in Scottish football in terms of finance, stadium, youth policy and playing squad. Second is where they should finish. Anyone who believed Ryan Kent would prove to be the last piece of the puzzle couldnt be trusted to complete a four-piece jigsaw.

The biggest concern for Rangers fans everywhere is that its the same mistakes being made. How many times have they watched their team fall behind, but then get back into it, only to come off at the end with a draw or defeat?

The manager is the one who carries the can. Always has been, always will be. Gerrard will be judged on results. He wont be allowed to finish a third season without a trophy.

But is he really the one to blame for what has been a shocking 2020? He is in charge but, sadly, isnt able to put on the boots and carry his players over the line as he did as Liverpool captain for hundreds of games.

Its the players, most but not all, who have failed their club.

Kent, we are told, cost 7million. Before Sunday, one of his better games, he had not provided an assist for a year in the Premiership. For a winger who cost so much, and is a talent, thats a dreadful return.

For all his brilliance, Alfredo Morelos continues to miss games because of stupid bookings. The central defence on Sunday was frighteningly awful. Again. Id fancy my chances of scoring against them and I make a noise every time I attempt to get out of a chair.

Rangers have shown this season that they can play. Im not sure ability is the biggest problem. Its mental strength and attitude. How else can anyone explain the number of games when points have been thrown away from leading positions?

Gerrard is a conservative manager. He is reluctant to make changes during a game. He is not without criticism. But, again, this is someone less than two years into management. Hes still learning, gaining experience, but on some aspects the penny hasnt dropped.

For the most part, I let him off with that. It would be different if this was someone with 10 years of management on his C.V.. Gerrard has shown potential but that isnt good enough to beat Neil Lennons Celtic to the league.

In what was a regrettable admission at the weekend, he conceded he was probably not ready to become Liverpool manager. If you are not ready to be Liverpool manager than its unlikely you will be good enough for Rangers.

I bet he wished he hadnt said that.

And as for his public criticism of players, spare me the hes throwing them under a bus nonsense. They are the ones failing to find players with a pass or dealing with the absolute basics of defending long balls, of which there are a lot of in Scottish football.

Im not buying the players arent coached well. As a team, Rangers against Celtic and in Europe have performed superbly as a unit. Its clear, at least to me, that too many in the squad dont fancy it as much as they used to

Gordon Strachan made an interesting point when he alluded to the players being affected by the all of the avoidable off-the-field nonsense. Im sure it hasnt helped Gerrard but in all honesty, I can see a reason for some PR gaffe having a direct affect on Nikola Katics ability or not to win a header.

It certainly doesnt have an influence on the expensive summer signing going missing during matches.

The players, with a few exceptions, could do with taking a good look at themselves.

So what if there was some sort of fall-out in Dubai. Get over it like adults dont sulk like a bunch of 12-year-olds.

When May comes and Rangers have nothing, Gerrard should keep his job. He has done enough to be given one more opportunity. As for some players and a fair few more behind the scenes, a taxi has been called.


In a one-to-one interview last week, Andy Robertson was asked about his time working in Marks and Sparks.

Our other Andy admitted that hes glad that his days in the store were over because he always wanted to be a footballer and, being the most popular player at Liverpool as they are about to win their first title in 30 years, it is a decent enough way to make a living.

But then made the point that it would be insulting to M&S workers to suggest he is better than them. Indeed, Robertson said that had life gone in another direction, that job would have done him fine, and who would he be to look down at former colleagues?

The man is already a legend for all sorts of reasons. His mature and quite correct attitude makes me love him even more.

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Neil Cameron: Why the Rangers players have let Steven Gerrard down - HeraldScotland

Disc Room for Windows PC is an action game, full of deadly buzzsaws – Polygon

Devolver Digitals latest game, Disc Room, is a run-based action-adventure in which players must navigate and survive rooms filled with deadly sawblades. Its a fast-paced, top-down hardcore game for Windows PC, thats reminiscent of classic arcade game Smash TV.

Players can use a special dash move, to save themselves from danger, but otherwise need to sprint around rooms, attempting to survive. Screenshots for the game show a timer, which players presumably need to outlast to win the room. Other rooms include puzzles and locked doors.

Disc Rooms trailer shows a variety of buzzsaws of different sizes and behaviors, including some that move erratically, and even buzzsaw bosses. The rooms in Disc Room are unique challenges of increasing complexity, according to a Devolver Digital tweet. Some are built around devious puzzles to unwrap, solve, and survive.

According to the games Steam page, Disc Rooms developers Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, and Doseone will launch the game sometime this year.

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Disc Room for Windows PC is an action game, full of deadly buzzsaws - Polygon

The Global Online Toys and Games Retailing Market is expected to grow by USD 9.10 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 10% during the…

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

Global Online Toys And Games Retailing Market 2020-2024 The analyst has been monitoring the global online toys and games retailing market and it is poised to grow by USD 9.10 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period. Our reports on global online toys and games retailing market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors.

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The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current global market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The market is driven by availability of multipurpose toys and games.In addition, emergence of 3d printing is anticipated to boost the growth of the global online toys and games retailing market as well.

Market Segmentation The global online toys and games retailing market is segmented as below:

Product: Activity And Ride-on Toys Infant And Pre-school Toys Plush Toys Games And Puzzles Others

Geographic Segmentation: APAC Europe MEA North America South America

Key Trends for global online toys and games retailing market growth This study identifies emergence of 3d printing as the prime reasons driving the global online toys and games retailing market growth during the next few years.

Prominent vendors in global online toys and games retailing market We provide a detailed analysis of around 25 vendors operating in the global online toys and games retailing market, including some of the vendors such as AlibabaGroupHoldingLtd., Inc., Fat Brain Holdings LLC, Kohls Corp., Nordstrom Inc., Inc., Target Corp., LLC, Walmart Inc. and The Walt Disney Co . The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information including inputs from key participants in the industry. The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to an analysis of the key vendors.

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The Global Online Toys and Games Retailing Market is expected to grow by USD 9.10 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 10% during the...

New History Mystery escape game Goin’ Up City opens at Museum of Norwich | What’s on and things to do in Norfolk – Eastern Daily Press


PUBLISHED: 13:27 24 February 2020 | UPDATED: 14:15 24 February 2020

A new escape game from History Mystery has started at The Museum of Norwich. Byline: Sonya Duncan (C) Archant 2020

Archant 2020

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Goin' Up City is the latest offering from History Mystery, who already have games in the museum's undercroft, at Norwich Guildhall and in the hidden street below Castle Meadow, and challenges teams to crack clues and discover all the elements of a great night in Norwich.

Groups of three to 10 players will have the whole space to themselves and will need to use information from the different exhibits, which includes an apothecary and a cinema, to complete the game and secure their taxi home.

Teams will be able to learn about the history of the city, including its lost pubs and clubs, with plenty of clever technology and props along the way and a live game master will be on hand to offer hints.

History Mystery decided to launch the game as they already open up the museum, located in Bridewell Alley, out-of-hours to access the undercroft for their game The Merchants' Vaults and wanted to utilise the space.

READ MORE: Man proves he holds key to girlfriend's heart with escape room proposalIt is open on Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday and teams have an hour to complete it and even get to choose a soundtrack from a decade of their choice.

Alasdair Willett, managing director at History Mystery, said: "We wanted to make use of the museum and thought it would be great to have a game here after hours and when we took a walk around we discovered everything in the museum was the components of a great Saturday night out.

READ MORE: Take a look inside this doggy day care centre in Norfolk"There is quite a few references to Prince of Wales Road and the nightclubs that used to be around and it will connect with everyone, whether they are still out enjoying Saturday nights in the city or whether that was 50 years ago and it really taps into nostalgia."

Mr Willett first started History Mystery four years ago as he wanted to tell historical stories through escape rooms and teamed up with his brother who is an expert in heritage interpretation.

Mr Willett added: "I used to work in change management which was basically making people's lives a misery, so I decided I wanted to do something that makes people happy.

"I had played an escape room and enjoyed that and coming from Norwich you can't move without bumping into history, so I put the two things together."

You can book the Goin' Up City escape room at

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New History Mystery escape game Goin' Up City opens at Museum of Norwich | What's on and things to do in Norfolk - Eastern Daily Press

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