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THE TICKER: What now for the Tokyo Games? Says IOC chief Bach, This is like a huge jigsaw puzzle – The Sports Examiner

The latest news, notes and quotes from the worldwide Five-Ring Circus:

In the aftermath of the joint decision by the International Olympic Committee, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the Japanese government to delay the 2020 Olympic Games into next year, IOC President Thomas Bach held a Wednesday morning teleconference for 53 minutes, with about 400 media on the line and many more receiving a recording.

He gave an extraordinarily detailed, 11-minute account of the process by which the question of what to do about the 2020 Games turned from the question of whether Japan would be a safe place to host the Games in July, to whether anyone could get to Tokyo as the coronavirus exploded worldwide.

Bach was forthcoming and detailed a consultative process in which the information provided by the World Health Organization proved the most compelling and the most concrete.

He was pressed, for most of the 16 questions he was asked by journalists from 10 countries, to explain the timing of the postponement decision, his response to criticism that the IOC was too slow, and one question asking if he had considered resigning. He gave expansive answers to all but the last inquiry, to which his reply was no. (More coming on this later today.)

On the more relevant questions about the future planning, he noted:

This indeed a very challenging question. We have there, already yesterday, following there the agreement with Prime Minister Abe, we have asked there our Coordination Commission together with the Organizing Committee to study this question in detail.

They have now formed a task force, with what I find a very good name. With a good spirit, the task force calls itself Here We Go. So they are now looking into it. This needs consultation, first of all, with the 33 International Federations. There, we will have a telephone conference, I think by tomorrow already, contacts have been made yesterday by telephone. So this is the first step, we have to see with them what the options are.

And after having consulted with them, we, of course, also have to take into account the sports calendar around the Olympic Games and many, many other issues. So there I think we should come to a solution as soon as possible, but first priority there should be the quality of this decision to really be able to take the input of all the stakeholders into account: the National Olympic Committees, the athletes, the partners, of course the organizing committee is key also in this.

Bach was further asked about the difficulties inherent in a first-ever delayed Games:

Now, this is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, putting together. And there, every piece has to fit. If you take out one piece, the whole puzzle is destroyed. Therefore everything has to come together and everything is important.

This is why I really do not envy the members of this task force in their work, but having seen the proof of the professionalism, the dedication of the organizing committee which made Tokyo the best prepared Olympic city ever and knowing about the professionalism of our Coordination Commission and our Olympic Games department, Im really confident that we can also master this first-ever challenge. The Games have never been postponed before, we have no blueprint, but we are nevertheless confident that we can put a beautiful jigsaw puzzle together and will then, in the end, have wonderful Olympic Games.

He also left open the possibility that the Games could be postponed to the spring of 2021:

The agreement is that we want to organize this Olympic Games, at the latest in summer 2020 [sic], that means that this task force can consider there the broader picture. This is not restricted just to the summer months; all the options are on the table before or including the summer 2021.

Bach was also asked about whether the IOCs TOP sponsors whose agreements expire after the 2020 Games reportedly including General Electric and Proctor & Gamble will be able to participate in 2021. The answer was yes:

We have contacted there, in the meantime, all of the sponsors and what we can see is that we have their full support for this decision, and we will now work to implement it. You know, these Games are called the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Therefore, for me, its a logical consequence that the sponsors of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 that they keep their rights, even if these games are organized in 21.

Bach did not discuss costs, and they will be substantial. Wild estimates have already appeared, including 300 billion yen (~$2.7 billion U.S.) from unnamed sources, published in the Nikkei Asian Review.

ESPN published an added-cost estimate of 640.8 billion yen (~$5.7 billion) from Kansai University emeritus professor Katsuhiro Matsumoto.

The truth: no one knows. As is usual in Olympic Games with significant government investment, there is the official budget still at $12.6 billion U.S. and lots of estimates from others, which claim the total cost of the Games is as much as $30 billion, including programs which have nothing to do with the Games proper, but just happen to take place in the same time frame.

Its not all confusion, gloom and doom. One athlete with a happy take on the postponement was three-time Olympian and two-time Olympic 100 m hurdles finalist Lolo Jones. Her twitter post:

FINALLY The OLYMPICS OFFICIALLY postponed for a year!! No box of Wheaties for me today. #breakfastofchampions

and showed her pouring a huge tote bag full of candy into her morning cereal bowl!

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THE TICKER: What now for the Tokyo Games? Says IOC chief Bach, This is like a huge jigsaw puzzle - The Sports Examiner

Chess: an expert took an hour to solve this simple puzzle can you do better? – Financial Times

The blame game is under way following last Thursdays decision by Arkady Dvorkovich, president of the global chess body Fide, to suspend the world title Candidates at Ekaterinburg half-way through the 14-round contest to decide Magnus Carlsens next challenger.

Dvorkovich acted following the Russian announcement that international air flights would be banned indefinitely as from Friday, fearing that the grandmasters from China, France, the Netherlands and the US might otherwise be stranded.

Teimour Radjabov, the World Cup winner, who had qualified to play but withdrew citing virus fears, is now claiming that the event should be replayed with himself included. The Azerbaijani may have a moral case, but probably not a legal one.

Fides intention is to play the postponed second half later this year, which could prove too optimistic. Arguably Dvorkovich, who admitted that he made his decision to suspend after just a few seconds of thinking could have allowed the Candidates to continue until its planned end of April 4, and then to have asked for a charter flight to enable GMs to leave Russia. As a former deputy prime minister, he was in a good position to pull strings.

There were stringent medical precautions in place, so the risk was low. The reward would have been an opponent for Carlsen for a title match at its scheduled date in December. As it is now, the future of the next world championship series has become unclear.


An expert who I wont name admitted in a book that he had taken an hour to solve this simple puzzle. Can you do better? White mates in three moves against any defence, and it shouldnt be that hard because the black king is trapped by a vastly superior force deep in white territory.

Click here for solution

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Chess: an expert took an hour to solve this simple puzzle can you do better? - Financial Times

10 Online Games You’ll Get Totally Lost in (in a Good Way) – POPSUGAR

Let's be real: you're never too old to play games. While we still love holding actual controllers in our hands and dominating our opponents with physical movements, we also love a good computer game. They're perfect for taking little mental breaks at work or in between classes and can be the perfect thing to help you de-stress. Always wanted to get into sudoko but never had the time? Now's your chance! Or have you already mastered that and want something new and exciting? We've got you covered! Here are 10 online games that you'll be hooked on in no time.

An online hub of crossword puzzles, Wealth Words allows participants to play for free. Sharpen your vocabulary and word puzzling skills each time you solve a new game.

If you haven't heard of this online puzzle, you're definitely missing out! Perhaps one of the simplest yet most difficult online games out there, the free 2048 challenges you to slide number blocks together until you get to 2048. The trick is you can only merge blocks that are the same number (example: when you join two number-four blocks, it'll turn into a number-eight block). In a way, it's Tetris but with numbers.

Similar to 2048, the objective of Roll the Ball is sliding puzzle blocks. For this free online game, the goal is to create a pathway for the ball. There are six levels of difficulty, but you'll have to begin at novice in order to unlock the next round.

Build your very own sci-fi city on Mars while playing Surviving Mars on Steam. Let your creativity run wild by colonizing Mars, building infrastructures, finding ways to grow resources like food and minerals, and using drones to explore the planet! It costs $30, and you'll have to keep your citizens alive and overcome challenges along the way, but it sounds so cool!

Improve your concentration and patience with the popular Japanese puzzle Sudoku. To win, fill a 9x9 grid, but each row, column, and 3x3 box will need to be completed with numbers 1-9 and none can overlap. This free website even has an option to check for mistakes when you get stuck in a rut.

With 25 different category options to choose from, The Word Search is the best online source for word-search puzzles. All puzzles are free to play, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own. Friends, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, and ice cream flavors are just some of the category options you can choose from.

You'll have 60 seconds to answer a series of questions that are meant to test your logical thinking and planning skills. While playing the free On One Condition, read each sentence carefully, as the pictures are strategically placed to confuse you. The more questions you answer correctly, the more complicated they become.

The game Word Hunt puts a spin on the spelling bee, but instead of spelling the word out loud, you'll need to physically type it. The free game will provide a definition and a scramble of letters. Oh, and did we mention there will be a shot clock counting you down? If you're stuck on a definition, the game offers hints where you can receive a correct letter.

In order to advance in the free game Tap Zap Boom, you'll have to complete three tasks, tap the mouse, zap the target, and boom! Make it explode. The further you advance, the more barriers you'll have to tap and zap around.

Connect matching colors within a grid by dragging lines between each pair to solve the puzzle. As you progress to higher levels of difficulty in Flow, which is free, more colors will be added and the grids will get larger.

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10 Online Games You'll Get Totally Lost in (in a Good Way) - POPSUGAR

The Best Cheap PC Games You Can Buy On Steam Right Now – GameSpot

Great Computer Games At Low Prices

Because it's not divided up into generations the way that consoles or handheld game systems are, PC has the broadest array of games you'll find anywhere. With the majority of those games playable on modern hardware, save for occasional instances where current operating systems don't support certain games, that means you have a Herculean task in front of you when deciding what to buy and play.

Similarly, whereas console and handheld games see discounts on a more irregular basis, there are constantly sales on places like Steam, GOG, Humble,, and so on. But sale or not, there are plenty of years-old games that are now low-priced but nevertheless worth playing.

As such, it can be downright overwhelming when you decide to pick up something you haven't played before. You have decades of games to choose from. Even if you set yourself a price limit--say, $20 in the US--that does very little to actually reduce the number of games you have to consider. And that's where we come in.

Above, we're rounding up some of the best games you can find on PC for no more than $20. Because of the reality described above, this is far from comprehensive--it's simply impossible to highlight every noteworthy PC game that you can pick up for relatively cheap. But we've assembled a list of games that we think you'll be quite pleased to play, and we'll continue to expand the selection over time.

All of these games are regularly priced at no more than $20--whether or not there's a Steam sale going on. There's usually such a promotion not far off, which means you can get these already budget-priced games for even cheaper. But in the meantime, you can still get any of these at what's still a pretty reasonable price.

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The Best Cheap PC Games You Can Buy On Steam Right Now - GameSpot

With games on hold, PawSox adjusting to a strange new normal in final season before move to Worcester –

PAWTUCKET The coronavirus pandemic hit home early this week for the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Team radio play-by-play voice Josh Maurer tweeted suspicions he might be suffering from the illness currently sweeping across the United States and the globe. Maurer made an impassioned plea for expanded testing and increased cooperation among both government and health care administrators.

It was a chilling reminder for PawSox executive vice president/real estate development and business affairs czar Dan Rea about the current state of the sports world. Rea is conducting staff meetings from home instead of a conference room, and the franchises pending move to Worcester suddenly seems like an insignificant detail.

Were largely in sort of a holding pattern right now and trying to see where things go from here, Rea said. Certainly hoping to have something of a baseball season. Were working closely with our colleagues at Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, the International League and, of course, the Boston Red Sox.

Certainly a strange new normal to say the least.

Thursday was scheduled to be Opening Day across MLB, and the PawSox were set to welcome Syracuse on April 9 to begin their final season in their longtime home. The big leagues have pushed their start date to at least May 10, and all affiliates will be forced to follow their lead. Rea was on a conference call with IL president Randy Mobley earlier this week for an open discussion about how to proceed.

I would say we really havent ruled anything out as far as when were back playing baseball and then how the season progresses from that point, Rea said. Do we play games beyond the traditional end date of the regular season at our level? Does the season continue into September or beyond?

Rea has been away from his McCoy Stadium office for at least the last couple weeks and has no immediate plans to return. Fenway Park underwent a lockdown and three-day deep clean earlier this month, something that could also take place in Pawtucket. Rea has been in touch with the clubs outside contractor in charge of stadium cleaning and is already putting them to work.

Were going to have ample stations and dispensers for hand sanitizer all over the ballpark, Rea said. Its really an enhanced focus on cleanliness.

An extended season could allow the PawSox to catch up on some of their planned promotions. The usual fireworks nights and giveaways are all on hold as social distancing and necessary restrictions become the norm.

Maybe its the optimist in me, but I still think theres a chance to have what will be a substantive season, Rea said. We still need to answer the ultimate question what is the season going to look like?

The Red Sox have closed their JetBlue Park complex in Florida after an unidentified minor leaguer tested positive for the coronavirus. Boston would have to convene some sort of second spring training before beginning the season, and players would need to be assigned to affiliates. Rea has also been in frequent contact with Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom, general manager Brian OHalloran, vice president of player development Ben Crockett and director of minor league operations Brian Abraham.

They have such a multi-faceted puzzle to solve, Rea said. Were one piece of that puzzle. Theyve been very open and communicative with us. Theyre trying to think their way through this new normal as well.

The PawSox are also dealing with a pair of state governments as they prepare a move to Polar Park in Worcester for the beginning of the 2021 season. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has allowed construction projects to continue as scheduled, declaring them essential businesses. Worcester city officials have yet to place any of their own restrictions on the ballpark, which saw its first steel beam put into place last week.

Ultimately, it is a public policy question, Rea said. We want to follow those guidelines. If somebody was to come in and say differently, we would certainly listen.

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With games on hold, PawSox adjusting to a strange new normal in final season before move to Worcester -

PuzzleScript: The free puzzle-building tool that lets you make games in minutes – BingePost

This text was initially revealed in November, 2013. Were republishing it right this moment in case youve got received some free time to make your personal easy puzzle recreation.

Worst fruit/vegetable thrusting recreation Ive EVER performed. That is how the Guardians video games critic Keith Stuart appraised the primary recreation I ever made. It was constructed utilizing PuzzleScriptStephen Lavelles puzzle recreation creation instrumentand goes by the identify of Avocado Pusher. You employ a large finger to push little avocados into swimming swimming pools. Typical Guardian, I shot again. I guess if it had been Fancy Artisanal Loaf Pusher you would be throughout that.

Everybody else had been way more impressed. Ex-PC Gamer critic and present indie dev chap Tom Francis gave it a probably-not-entirely-sarcastic 9/10 and illustrator and video games critic Marsh Davies known as it The most effective 55 pixel rendering of an avocado Ive seen in a recreation. One of many creators of limitless runner Boson X, Ian MacLarty, even created a mod for the factor known as Asparagus Pusher.

I am saying this not simply to level out that Keith was improper, however to emphasize how simply PuzzleScript can provide you a working recreation. Within the 20 minutes earlier than I wanted to go to the pub I labored out what essentially the most fundamental instructions within the recreation engine would obtain and created my very own objects and avatar by fidgeting with the colors and pixel patterns in a pre-existing degree editor. The top end result was insanely easy however, crucially, labored as a puzzle recreation.

Exploring additionalin spite of everything, Avocado Pusher 2: Electrical Boogaloo shouldnt be going to make itselfmeans studying extra in regards to the recreation instructions and the way these is perhaps used. When somebody publishes a recreation on PuzzleScripts servers gamers are additionally supplied the choice to hack it. Hacking it reveals you the script the creator used. It is useful both for rooting round beneath the bonnet of the sport to see what is going on on or for permitting you to tinker with or modify it.

The anatomy of the PuzzleScript script is as follows:

First is the housekeepingyour identify, the sports title and a homepage URL.

Subsequent are the objects. With a fundamental recreation these will in all probability be background, goal, wall, participant and crate. You give every of the these a color attribute if you would like a block color or you may quantity the totally different colors and create 55 pixel objects. My crate was the avocado and in PuzzleScript it appears like this:


Inexperienced Lightgreen darkgreen






As soon as youve got arrange how your objects will look you create a legend the place you ascribe every of the objects an emblem. It is these symbols which youll then use to construct ranges in a while.

Sounds come subsequent though I tended to depart that part clean as there was a really explicit squelching sound I needed and could not discover.

After sound, collision layers must be set. Objects are written out in comma separated lists. Any objects on the identical line will deal with one another as strong. Normally youll need the primary layer to be the background, the second layer is for the goal and the third is for just about every little thing else. The third layer for Avocado Pusher is Participant, Wall, Crate which signifies that the participant cant stroll via partitions and treats the crates (avocados) as strong objects to be interacted with.

As soon as that is handled you might have the foundations. That is the half which really makes the sport work. If you happen tore after one thing tremendous easy you may go for:

[ > Player | Crate ] -> [ > Player | > Crate ]

What this implies is when a participant pushes a crate the crate will transfer in the identical route because the participant is pushing.

I really created a second recreation known as Giant Needs a Heart the place you need to give a coronary heart to a large and thus flip him right into a human. Its based mostly on a fairytale I half bear in mind the place a large takes out his personal coronary heart after which begins kidnapping folks. A prince saves everybody one way or the other as a result of the patriarchy may as nicely make itself helpful and in a single model of the story the enormous has to place his coronary heart again in and return to being a great individual.

In PuzzleScript that appears like this:

[ > Player | Crate ] -> [ > Player | > Crate ]

[Giant | | Player] -> [ > Giant | | Player]

late [Crate | Giant ] -> [ | Player]

late [Player | Giant ] -> [ | Giant]

The primary line means the participant can push the guts across the display screen. The second signifies that when the enormous can see the participant the enormous will transfer in direction of the participant. The third line signifies that when the enormous and the guts are subsequent to 1 one other the sport removes the guts and swaps the enormouss avatar for a participant avatar. The fourth one signifies that if the participant is subsequent to the enormous the participant disappears.

After the foundations are set that you must repair the win circumstances. For Avocado Pusher I had All Goal on Crate which signifies that all of the avocados needed to be in a swimming pool. For Big Wants a Coronary heart the win situation was No Crate which signifies that the guts had been given to the enormous efficiently and he was now a human.

When all of thats in place you simply use the symbols from the legend you created earlier to design as many ranges as you fancy with numerous layouts and objects. It can save you your progress to your laptop as you go or roadtest tweaks in a pane on the browser window.

The video games I made have been easy and primarily constructed to check whether or not I would understood the way in which the engine works. Different folks have actually gone to city with PuzzleScript, although. Aaron Steeds Flying Kick is a superbly crafted leaping and kicking puzzler whereas Jonah Ostroff has de-made the chemistry puzzler Sokobond utilizing the instrument.

In case you have a half hour spare I would advocate poking round in PuzzleScript. It is not appropriate for each recreation concept however as you fiddle with the programs you will doubtless end up producing new methods to make use of them in addition to uncovering beforehand unknown skills for pixel avocado paintings. PuzzleScript is a extremely well-designed instrument for creating puzzle video games in addition to testing out ideas rapidly. Made one thing enjoyable? Share it within the feedback beneath.

PuzzleScript: The free puzzle-building tool that lets you make games in minutes - BingePost

Here’s what people are doing to pass the time during coronavirus isolation – ABC News

March 28, 2020, 9:26 AM

10 min read

10 min read

Staying at home has become synonymous with healthy habits in the age of coronavirus, but what's everyone doing to stay entertained indoors?

From insanely intricate puzzles keeping people focused for days to baking loaves of fresh bread, here's a snapshot of what some people are doing to pass the time inside and at a socially responsible distance.

A person begins a puzzle in this undated stock image.

Whether you're an avid puzzler who can master a 1,000 piece puzzle or a novice who needs to start small, people have shared their masterpieces all over social media as we continue to socially distance.

Even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have shared a glimpse at their own attempt at a 4,000 piece puzzle that she joked would keep her busy for "at least an hour."

Late-night host Conan O'Brien also hopped on the puzzle train and said the activity is a great way to entertain yourself while staying safe.

He shared a video on Facebook to talk about the booming trend and jokingly advised dropping pieces in boiling water to ensure each one was properly clean.

The largest jigsaw puzzle store in the U.S., the Puzzle Warehouse, said on its Facebook page before they had to close their local storefront in St. Louis, that things had gotten "a little crazy over here" with the influx of attention.

The family-run shop sells 1,000 puzzles on an average day, according to the Washington Post, but in one week since coronavirus, it sold as many as 10,000 per day and can still fulfill orders online.

There has been a new food movement on social media this month that would make Oprah proud. It's all about bread.

Compared with the first half of the month, this week twice as many people tweeted about cooking/baking, with around 500K tweets per day, Twitter told ABC News.

Social media has been filled with the sights (and we wish the smells) of fresh-baked bread.

As people sift through their pantry staples, flour and active yeast have become the stars of self-isolation for people looking to try their hand at kneading and baking.

Others have deemed this to be the perfect time to start from scratch. Using just flour and water, people are learning how to foster their very first sourdough starters. After a few days of feeding and ripening, passing a float test and eventually with the right temperature, tools and recipe, they use it to bake a lovely fresh homemade loaf.

Tara Jensen, a professional baker known for her sourdough knowledge, has even shared the journey from start to finish with all the burbling scientific details to better help novice bakers get their starter, well, started.

Mia Lardiere holds up her laptop while playing The Sims with her three avatars Moira, David and Alexis.

From Call of Duty to computer game classics, Americans are jumping at the opportunity to fire up their favorite game consoles.

Can't go outside with friends? That's not a problem for literally anyone who has instead turned to creating their own alternate life simulations on The Sims.

A man plays video games in this undated stock image.

And for any parents who want to make sure their kids aren't spending all day playing video games, the American Academy of Pediatrics advised using this time to let kids practice self-control with their consoles.

"Make a plan about how much time kids can play video games online with friends, and where their devices will charge at night," the AAP said. "Challenge children to practice 'tech self-control' and turn off the TV, tablet, or video game themselves - rather than parents reminding them."

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Here's what people are doing to pass the time during coronavirus isolation - ABC News

Solve Mesmerizing Puzzles In VR With FORM – GameTyrant

FORM releases on April 7th for PSVR. This puzzle game will weave dreams and memories into intricate obstacles for the player to overcome, and this is a world that is dynamic, changing and warping around the player as you experience the strange mystery at the center of the story.

Heres the story from developer Charm Games:

Dr. Devin Eli is a brilliant physicist at the global technology mega-conglomerate Mindful Laboratories. Working in seclusion at an atmospheric research facility in the Alaskan wilderness, Dr. Eli is on the brink of uncovering the meaning behind a mysterious signal coming from a secret artifact - The Obelisk.

The developer intended FORM as a virtual reality game from the beginning, so players will be able to utilize the PS Move controllers while solving puzzles, and the environment reacts to your decisions as a player.

VR games are getting better and better (looking at you, Half-Life: Alyx) and Charm Games has created an engrossing experience for those that have never played in VR and for those that are well-versed in the immersive gaming world.

This is one to enjoy with family and friends.

What are your favorite VR games right now?

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Solve Mesmerizing Puzzles In VR With FORM - GameTyrant

If you’re in the mood for a mobile puzzle game, Monument Valley 2 is free – Destructoid

You can finish it in a single sitting

Ustwo Games is giving out its architectural eye-candy puzzle title Monument Valley 2 for free on the App Store and Google Play. "There are times when we just need a hug. So here is a virtual one from us."

The game normally costs $4.99, so this is a kind gesture. The deal will stick around "for a little while."

Monument Valley 2 doesn't have brain-busting puzzles, so if you tend to get stuck and frustrated, I wouldn't worry about that happening here. "Hypnotizing" is the word CJ latched onto in his review.

You can do a whole lot worse as far as free iOS and Android games go. Give it a shot.

@ustwogames [Twitter]

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Disclosure-bot: Just in case the editor neglected to mention it, we have zero control when deals start and end. Deals can sometimes be gone within minutes (please don't shoot the messenger). Trying deal links even hours after this article's time stamp may lead to self-punching, so maybe bookmark our video game deals if you're on the hunt. Also, it goes without saying, but some shopping links do directly support the author. If you've spotted any inaccuracy please let us know asap.

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If you're in the mood for a mobile puzzle game, Monument Valley 2 is free - Destructoid

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