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Designing the mind-bending perspective puzzles of Superliminal – Gamasutra

Pillow Castle'sSuperliminal is a particularly unique puzzler that snuck onto the Epic Games Store last year. Its test chamber-themed perspective puzzles owe a lot to Valve's Portal, but it manages to stand out by constantly toying with the player's sense of scale, shape and size.

Recently,Superliminal lead developer Albert Shih dropped by the GDC Twitch channel for a chat about the game's design and development, and was able to share some insight on what it took to make a mind-breaking puzzler while walking in Valve's footsteps.

Below, we've gathered some of his explanations about how the object re-sizing mechanic works, and explanations for how he and his colleagues turned them into fantastic puzzles.

First, a quick explainer for how Superliminal's puzzles work on the player end. In this game, players can pick up different objects, and depending on the distance they are picked up at, the game will scale the object's size to be exactly what it seems to be on the screen.

"It's all based off the idea that if you pretend to pinch the leaning Tower of Pisa it looks like it should be a certain size," said Shih. "In this game, I'm trying to fulfill that illusion."

The trick here, Shih explained, is that the game is generally trying to keep objects as large as possible and as far as possible as it can always be. "So it's always projected as far into the if theres a wall behind it well try to find the point on the wall that you know it will be before it kind of collides with anything."

According to Shih, the "easy" part of this game logic is that the game then calculates if an object is twice as far away, it gets twice as big, and vice versa. This even works in different fields-of-view, a possibility Shih himself admitted he didn't fully understand.

"The hard part is actually finding out how far the object should go. Imagine you have a very weirdly-shaped object...let's say you have a sponge. It has a ton of holes in it and maybe you have a background that's really complicated and you want to make sure it doesn't clip into the background.

"We did a lot of trial and error and it's just like a very dense layer of raycast that we're doing to more or less estimate where it should land. Even if it's just a little bit off, it's a little bit closer than it should be, it's fine, as long as it doesn't feel unfair."

From here, Superliminal uses these resizing objects to essentially be a series of solvable optical illusions. These go hand-in-hand with some other clever optical illusions that are created in Unity, ranging from two-dimensional paintings that appear to be 3D objects, hallways that turn out to be painted walls, and a host of other twisted shapes and tricks that mess with player perception.

"Some of [these illusions] are surprisingly simple and some of the hard parts are surprisingly hard," said Shih. "The easy part is if you're trying to do a simple projection that looks like something else, you just have a camera stacked on a projector, right? The camera takes the image and the projector spits out the image.The hard part is actually where depth is involved because the projectors in Unity don't have good depth."

Shih credited Superliminal graphics programmer Phil Fortier with solving these unique programs. "He basically hacked some kind of a system that uses shadow maps that ends up taking into account for depth and all that."

Shih explained that originally, Superliminal was just two puzzles created during his years at college that evolved for a demo opportunity at the Tokyo Game Show.

When it came time to develop a full commercial product, Shih explained that he evolved the game's puzzles by sticking to his preferred philosophy of puzzle design. "The ones that I found the most interesting was kind of like Antichamber, you know puzzle games that were more about seeing something new and trying to think outside the box as opposed to like a sudoku puzzle, right?"

"Like you know the mechanics and you know all the elements, but its more about mastery, its more about a series of steps. So I definitely tried to focus on finding ways that would give players different types of epiphanies.If some people play this game, they might say oh, its not necessarily scratching that mastery itch but theres a lot of cool and interesting stuff in it."

Shih pointed out that Portal is in fact, one of these kinds of games. He analogized Portal's momentum puzzles with Superliminal's scale-driven ones, pointing out that in both games, players are trying to use the tools they have to achieve those "ah-ha!" moments.

To add more depth to the game's puzzles, Shih explained that the game's level and environment design needed to evoke a specific sense of curiosity with players as well. "We [wanted] this space to be interesting enough that people will want to look around and be like oh what is this, is this part of the puzzle? Is this something? Because then that makes the space feel more alive as opposed to just like Im going from point A to point B I dont need to care about anything in between," he explained.

This then led to a discussion about puzzle difficulty and playtesting. While game players are usually invested in learning a puzzle game's logic and language, there's still a fine art in making sure a game's puzzles are something worth solving.

Shih had some interesting observations on this particular learning curve. "Usually Im actually happy when players miss the most obvious things, because...even if you miss [the solution], eventually youll look around enough and find it, right? I think the opposite case is when players go in the room and they immediately figure it out."

To help players make sure they were solving the "right" puzzle, Shih said one key feature to develop was the game's clamber mechanic (which he credited to designer Logan Fieth). The mechanic was created to essentially solve if a player needed "two jumps" instead of "one jump" to climb over and object, but Shih said its existence is an acknowledgement of a need for discrete states in puzzle games.

"Usually in puzzle games you want really discrete states, right? And what that means is like you want people to know exactly when youve kind of achieved or failed a state. You dont want to keep it ambiguous. So if they get it, they immediately get it, and if they dont they know theyre not there," he explained.

"Whats difficult about a game where you can resize stuff and...that it makes for example jumping on things much more difficult. In this game, because scaling is on a range, it means that your jumping can also feel uncertain at times...and that just feels bad."

"So thats why in the end we decided that adding this mantling thing would help make the game feel a lot more discrete, help make it more easily understandable when you solve the puzzle or not."

This mindset proved helpful especially for scaling the complexity and context of Superliminal's puzzles, which eventually take players into the corridors "behind" the experiment labs, and introduce an array of mind-bending possibilities that stretch player notions of perceived space.

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Designing the mind-bending perspective puzzles of Superliminal - Gamasutra

New Update: Full Hands-On Preview Of The Perilous Space Puzzle Game, Filament – Happy Gamer

What substance do puzzle games come with? Do they have the ability to tickle ones cortex? Or what exactly? In the new puzzle game, Filament, one puzzle adventure from Beard Envy and Kasedo Games.


A dangerous space vessel known as The Alabaster is left hanging about in space and the player must go aboard and piece together what happened to the crew and whatever other secrecy laying beneath.similar to the Return of the Obra Dinn.

The game begins when the player, Mr pluto, tries to connect the anchors dispersed throughout the ship and connect vital systems via the hacking tools of your robot companion. And also solve hundreds of maze puzzles to solve the greater mystery hidden beneath.

However, Filament was built using just one style of the maze puzzle. Still, it performs exceedingly well so far, in this instance, connecting guideposts with the ever-extending trail of filament. In so much ways, Filament takes inspiration from The Witness and The return of the Obra Dinn in its narrative and puzzle make-up. Also, there are no guides or tutorials to read up on before going into space to unravel the puzzles aboard The Alabaster.

Theres a lot more than just environmental narratives to guide the player along in the Filament. Even so, often, the female attendant aboard The Alabaster, who calls herself Jupiter, talks to the player as the vital point of contact aboard the perilous space ship. The several one-person speaking sceneries that spring up between puzzles help to add to the mystery, which is sufficiently filled in with collectibles and logs depending on what sort of collector the player chooses to be.

In the space, each area uses a different take on the same formula of wrapping and navigating through the players infinite filament that wires around guideposts to unlock the exist. Like in one area, there may be several posts that need to be chained in a particular order, while in another, it could be matching colors together without disrupting the chain order.

Moreover, these areas tend to blend early on, so it wont be anything remotely close to changing of seasons in The Witness to guide the player but would have to unravel the mystery.

Also, one of the trickiest parts in unraveling the puzzles in Filament is the rope the player must use within the puzzle space. This often poses as a detriment, removing a pathway or a bit too solid to prevent one from slipping past a guidepost towards the exit the player opens. Since the goal is not only to solve the puzzle but also make it out of the exit gate into the next arena, there would be times when the right solution is applied, but a missing loop around an arbitrary post is enough to keep the player locked in place.

To combat this impediment, instead of relying on stopping and restarting a Filament puzzle from the beginning, the robot companion comes as a handy tool to help rewind a Filamentand reverse the steps quickly. A quite handy feature!

Puzzles are typically arranged together in groups of five; in that case, the 300 plus puzzles that the developers spoke of will feel much shorter at last.

Filament is available now to wishlist on Steam and would be hitting screens on significant platforms like Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Linux, with a plan to release the first quarterQ1 this year, 2020.

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New Update: Full Hands-On Preview Of The Perilous Space Puzzle Game, Filament - Happy Gamer

Whos No. 1? Whos No. 20? The weekly puzzle of the mens basketball Top 25 –

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Shakeup in the mens basketball Top 25 has been routine this season. Every week, seemingly bizarre results happen, which by now makes them not all that bizarre.

At any rate, it was a good week for New Jersey in the Top 25. (Hello, Rutgers.) And yep, theres a new No. 1. Baylor, which has been my No. 1 for a couple weeks, convinced more voters to move it to the top spot.

The ACC is represented by Florida State (5), Louisville (6) and Duke (8). Syracuse, by the way, has yet to play any of those teams and faces them just once each this season. Duke is at home, FSU and Louisville on the road.

Heres the poll, which was delayed today by technical trouble:

1 Baylor 1591 (33) 15-1 2

2 Gonzaga 1588 (31) 20-1 1

3 Kansas 1470 (1) 14-3 6

4 San Diego State 1422 19-0 7

5 Florida State 1335 16-2 9

6 Louisville 1303 15-3 11

7 Dayton 1139 16-2 13

8 Duke 1065 15-3 3

9 Villanova 1055 14-3 14

10 Seton Hall 1034 14-4 18

11 Michigan State 1004 14-4 15

12 Oregon 886 15-4 8

13 Butler 867 15-3 5

14 West Virginia 758 14-3 12

15 Kentucky 755 13-4 10

16 Auburn 637 15-2 4

17 Maryland 525 14-4 17

18 Texas Tech 399 56 12-5 23

19 Iowa 398 61 13-5 -

20 Memphis 394 53 14-3 22

21 Illinois 280 54 13-5 24

22 Arizona 225 40 13-5 -

23 Colorado 154 36 14-4 20

24 Rutgers 152 41 14-4 -

25 Houston 151 38 14-4 -

Also receiving votes: Wichita State 94, LSU 83, Michigan 73, UNI 42 , Ohio State 36, Stanford 28, Wisconsin 28, Penn State 24, Liberty 21, Florida 21, Arkansas 19, Virginia 13, Creighton 13, Duquesne 13, Purdue 9, East Tennessee State 6, Indiana 6, Southern California 4, Marquette 2, Brigham Young 2, Harvard 1

Im voting again this season in the Top 25. Scroll below to see the ballot I submitted Sunday.

Florida State guard Anthony Polite (2) reacts to the team's 54-50 win over Virginia in an NCAA college basketball game in Tallahassee, Fla., Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser) APAP

The top three on my ballot seemed pretty simple. But then, the rest of the ballot was a difficult, daunting exercise.

I kept Baylor at No. 1, but moved Gonzaga to No. 2 after Duke inexplicably lost twice last week. The Blue Devils were a bit exposed in both of those losses: How do they play without foul-plagued Vernon Carey? And who can make jump shots? Also, they did not guard Clemson all that well in that loss.

Florida State has won nine straight, just barely surviving on the road in Miami on Saturday. Louisville beat Duke, but just slipped past Pittsburgh. Seton Hall, to me, had the best week, with big wins over Butler and St. Johns to stay unbeaten in the competitive Big East. The Pirates have two home games this week; they have been very good in their own building.

I dont know how good San Diego State is, since it has rarely been challenged in its league, but 19-0 is 19-0 and that record includes wins over Iowa and Creighton. Dayton is one of those national treasure teams that hasnt registered yet with me. I think the Flyers are good. But are they Top 10 good? Not sure about that. I dont think the A-10 is all that special this season and at this point, a win over St. Marys is the best win on Daytons resume.

I added Houston this week at No. 23. I added Rutgers at 24. I added back Florida at 25. The Gators, to me, might be the most puzzling team in college basketball, though there are plenty of contenders. They seem to have a ton of talent. But they havent won a ton of games. Still, they throttled Auburn, which has finally played some good teams, and they have decent wins over Alabama and Xavier. This week, theyve got LSU and Baylor to prove themselves.

And welcome, Rutgers. Its been awhile. (1979, to be exact.)

My ballot:

1) Baylor

2) Gonzaga

3) Kansas

4) San Diego State

5) Florida State

6) Seton Hall

7) Louisville

8) Michigan State

9) Duke

10) Villanova

11) Dayton

12) West Virginia

13) Butler

14) Kentucky

15) Maryland

16) Oregon

17) Iowa

18) Auburn

19) Texas Tech

20) Arizona

21) Illinois

22) Wisconsin

23) Houston

24) Rutgers

25) Florida

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Whos No. 1? Whos No. 20? The weekly puzzle of the mens basketball Top 25 -

Hickey on hockey: Kovalchuk creates line puzzle when injured Habs return – Montreal Gazette

The acquisition of Ilya Kovalchuk was designed to be a simple, short-term deal based on mutual need.

With four of their top nine forwards on the injured-reserve list when the Russian was signed on Jan. 3, the Canadiens desperately needed help up front.

After being cut loose by the Los Angeles Kings, Kovalchuk needed to prove he was still capable of playing in the National Hockey League.

It was a classic short-term rental with little risk for the Canadiens. If he helped the team, that was good. If he was, indeed, washed up, it was costing the team a mere US$700,000.

Canadiens Ilya Kovalchuk celebrates with Victor Mete after scoring against the Flyers in Philadelphia on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020.Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports

Seven games into his tenure, the Kovalchuk experiment is a qualified success. He has moved seamlessly into the lineup and scored two goals in Thursdays 4-1 win over the Flyers in Philadelphia. That gives him three goals and four assists a point-a-game pace and he has been embraced by his new teammates. Hes happy in Montreal, although he said Thursday his goal was to help the Canadiens win and he noted the teams record since his arrival is three wins and four losses.

Theres work to be done, Kovalchuk said.

And that brings us to the big question: Whats in store for Kovalchuk in Montreal?

For starters, we have to look at the immediate future. When the Canadiens emerge from the bye week and the all-star break, they should have a full complement of healthy bodies. Joel Armia returned Thursday and Jonathan Drouin is scheduled to be back after the break. And we can hope Brendan Gallagher has recovered from his headaches, which, the Canadiens insisted, are not a by-product of the concussion he suffered on New Years Eve in Carolina.

When everyone is healthy, the dilemma facing Claude Julien is how to fit all the pieces into the puzzle.

Kovalchuk has been playing on the top line with Phil Danault and Tomas Tatar. Thats normally Gallaghers spot and presumably Julien would want him back there chasing a third consecutive 30-goal season.

The second line features rookie Nick Suzuki between Max Domi and Armia. There will have to be an adjustment when Drouin moves into one of the top wing positions. Suzukis development should be the key here. He has to remain in the middle and that means Domi, Drouin, Armia and Kovalchuk are all in the mix for second-line duty on the wings.

Julien could move Armia to the third line and resurrect the Finnish Connection with Jesperi Kotkaniemi and the hard-working Artturi Lehkonen. This is a potentially dangerous third line, but Julien still has to find room for whoever is left over from the second-line juggling act.

As for the fourth line, the Canadiens should look to the future and install Ryan Poehling at centre between Nate Thompson and a player to be determined later. Thompson would be available to take the important draws, while Poehling would have the opportunity to work on the other responsibilities that go with the position.

Thats the short-term situation.

After describing himself as a soldier Thursday night, Kovalchuk was asked if he was interested in re-enlisting.

He certainly seemed open to the idea about returning next season. He talked about liking Montreal and meeting team owner Geoff Molson. At 36, he doesnt fit into Marc Bergevins youth movement, but his younger teammates have talked about his willingness to share his experience and knowledge and he would be valuable as a teacher for Suzuki and Kotkaniemi.

The key and this will also the case for Tatar will be to find the right money and the right term to satisfy both parties.

Kovalchuk has expressed his gratitude to the Canadiens for allowing him to resurrect his career and that might play into the equation if the Canadiens decide they want to keep Kovalchuk. But, as we learned a few years go with Alexander Radulov, gratitude only goes so far.

Armia doesnt miss a step: When a player has been on the sidelines for 11 games, theres a tendency to ease him back into the lineup with a lighter than usual workload.

That wasnt the case with Armia on Thursday.

Armia was fortunate he has was out with a hand injury and he was able to continue skating and maintain his cardiovascular conditioning. He needed that against the Flyers.

Armia played 29 shifts, matching Danault for the most in the game. He was on the power play, killed penalties and was on the ice for 20:49. The only forward with more ice time was Danault at 21:21. Armia didnt pick up a point, but he made an impact with five shots on goal, three hits, two takeaways and a blocked shot.

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Hickey on hockey: Kovalchuk creates line puzzle when injured Habs return - Montreal Gazette

Neko Ghost, Jump! Is a Cute Puzzle Platformer Where You Swap Between 2D and 3D – Push Square

Do you like 2D platformers? What about 3D ones? Wherever you stand on this age-old genre of games, you may be interested in Neko Ghost, Jump! -- a cutesy action game that allows you to swap from one viewpoint to the other.

As you can see in the gameplay video above, you can play the game in either a side-scrolling view or in three dimensions. It seems like you'll be swapping between the two in order to progress through each stage, which is certainly a novel idea. It doesn't look like a particularly complex adventure, but it certainly has style, and there aren't too many games with this perspective switching hook.

The game is coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in 2020, as announced by developer Burgos Games. What do you think of Neko Ghost, Jump? Hop into the comments below.

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Neko Ghost, Jump! Is a Cute Puzzle Platformer Where You Swap Between 2D and 3D - Push Square

The Vex Mythoclast Is The Only Destiny 2 Puzzle Reward That Makes Sense – Forbes


Yesterday, I wrote an entire article about a range of possible prizes for the ongoing Corridors of Time puzzle the community is working on (and nearly finished with). They ranged from the amazing but unrealistic (a new planet) to the truly terrible (an emblem) to somewhere in between (a legendary or exotic sword).

But doing a bit more research and thinking about this more clearly, I have come up with one final answer that isnt on that first list at all. And yet I think its a balance of something that would both be hugely satisfying to players, thematically consistent with the puzzle and at least somewhat plausible as a reward.

Its no secret, given the title and image above, its the Vex Mytholocast.

Some of this article is going to be completely spoiler-free as I talk about the Mythoclast, but later I cant really get around referencing some datamined dialogue about the puzzle. There are lines that dont spell out the exact reward, but they do reveal who is in the grave at the end of the puzzle. Ill put up spoiler warnings before I get there.

The current puzzle

The Vex Mythoclast is a hugely beloved Destiny 1 weapon that was the original exotic raid reward from the Vault of Glass after killing Atheon. It was a primary fusion with elemental damage and the game had never really seen anything like it, nor has it since.

There has been a lot of focus on swords for the prize here because well, theres a sword sitting on the damn tomb which you can easily see. So if there is a weapon reward for the quest, that seems likely. This has led people to talk about how it might bring back the three exotic Destiny 1 swords Bolt Caster, Raze Lighter or Dark Drinker.

And yet thematically, this is kind of inconsistent. Those swords were from the Taken King and their quests involved the Hive and Oryx. This is a purely Vex based puzzle and this entire season is based around Vex and Cabal without Hive anywhere to be found. It would be kind of weird to bring back these weapons in a way that has zero to do with their origins in D1.

The Vex Mythoclast is another story. I need you to read a few different things here.


Mythoclast Weapon Description: ...a causal loop within the weapon's mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into...

Mythoclast Grimoire Card: Some legends live forever. Others are overwritten - reshaped by the sheer will of those who believe that any ordeal can be conquered, any foe vanquished, any god cast down.

The Mythoclast is a Vex instrument from some far-flung corner of time and space, mysteriously fit for human hands. Its origins, mechanism of action, and ultimate purpose remain unknown. Perhaps it will reveal itself to you, in time...

Mythoclast Word Origins: The name "Mythoclast" is derived from the Greek words "mthos", or "fable/legend" and klasts or "broken in pieces". Thus the literal definition of the name is "Breaker of Myths" or Destroyer of Myths

Read that and tell me that at least thematically, a mysterious Vex weapon fit for human hands with unknown origins and references to casual loops and shattered bits of space and time doesnt fit with the current Corridors of Time and this maddening puzzle quest perfectly.

Its a reward that fits with both the nature of this puzzle and the race that has created it, the Vex. It is a high profile enough weapon to satisfy fans who have watched/worked endlessly on this puzzle, but not so big that its impossible to consider like an entirely new planet. I would consider it a fitting reward for Destinys biggest puzzle in history.

Now, I want to briefly conclude with those datamined spoilers I talked about earlier. Some support this idea, others may not.

The tomb

Heres Saint-14 talking about the tombs weapon, with the tomb being our tomb in some far-flung future that may never even happen, or that may be altered by our very solving of this puzzle.

Ive marked this grave with one of his favorite weapons, shattered in that final confrontation. It used to be mine. All who find what weve left here please leave it be. Unless. Unless youre still out there somewhere. Youve performed miracles before. In which case, take it. And come back to us. And well kill what killed you. Or die trying.

There are some conflicting statements here that either do or dont support this idea:

This is listed as one of our favorite weapons, and I think for most Destiny 1 players, the Mythoclast certainly fits that bill. Im less sure about say, the exotic swords there.

Saint says the weapon used to be his. This is confusing, because in all my research the only weapon I can ever confirm Saint as definitely using is Perfect Paradox. I cant find any evidence Saint would have used the Mythoclast. But you can say the same for like, any other exotic weapon too, unless its one we havent seen yet (like a Sundial Sword from Saints armory that includes the current seasonal loot pool of Gallant Charge, Steelfeather Repeater, etc.). (Update: Im being told that Saint also used Gjallarhorn and the upcoming Bastion exotic, so, hmm).

Saint says it was shattered in the final confrontation that presumably killed us. Youve just read about how the clast part of Mythoclast means broken in pieces. Also, the sword that is sitting on the tomb sure does not look shattered.

Saint says he has marked the tomb with the weapon. Again, this would seem to reference the visible sword on top of it, as you cannot really mark something with an item that would go inside the tomb. The sword appears to be a marker, along with our ghost. So that doesnt seem to fit.

Ultimately, I am rooting for Mythoclast. I think it would be a huge missed opportunity for Bungie here if this wasnt Mythoclast, as it fits so perfectly with the nature of this puzzle that its hard not to see it as the perfect, satisfying prize for this massive quest. But we should know for sure in the next day or two, at the rate the puzzle is being solved now. Stay tuned.

Follow meon Twitter,FacebookandInstagram. Pre-order my new sci-fi novelHerokiller, and read my first series,The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also onaudiobook.

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The Vex Mythoclast Is The Only Destiny 2 Puzzle Reward That Makes Sense - Forbes

Rabalais: 2020 forecast looks cloudy, but 2019 showed LSU isn’t going back to its old ways – The Advocate

To the last, everything went LSUs way this football season.

Even the skies, which before Saturday morning were forecasted to spit rain on LSUs national championship celebration parade, looked gray and swollen but only ever meted out a few misty drops on LSU fans as they made their way home.

As Tiger Stadium public address announcer Dan Borne always reminds us, it never rains in Tiger Stadium. Nor, apparently, even right outside when thousands are gathered to cheer on their champions one more time.

Borne more than anyone had some heavy verbal lifting to do Saturday: It was his task to list all the achievements, all the awards, from LSUs 2019-20 national championship football season.

There were so many things to mention, those of us who were there are lucky we still are not.

Not that the thousands of LSU fans the 15,000 or so who shoehorned their way into the Pete Maravich Assembly Center and the thousands more who were turned away for safety reasons werent looking for a reason to keep this season from finally, completely drawing to a close.

Virtually everyone and everything associated with the Tigers got a lusty standing ovation. Or five, as seemed to be the case for Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow. And Louisianas favorite new parlor game is trying to figure out how closely you might be related to coach Ed Orgeron.

Mais, you know, I think hes my fifth cousin once removed on my Tante Clotilles side!

Campus filled on the morning of the parade, the first of its kind in over a decade.

No one really wanted it to end for two reasons: to gather around the feel-good campfire still burning brightly from LSUs perfect, unprecedented season; and fear of the future to come.

To be sure, the Tigers are going to take a step back in 2020. How could they not? LSU lost Burrow, along with key seniors like defensive end Rashard Lawrence, guards Damien Lewis and Adrian Magee, and cornerback Kristin Fulton, plus the nine juniors who shouted We won! Goodbye! and exited early for the NFL draft.

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda is gone, too, not to a similar role in the NFL as long expected but to be head coach at Baylor. Does Aranda really like recruiting that much? The deep-pocketed folks in Waco are about to find out. Passing game coordinator Joe Brady were told never did, so there was little way he could have been expected to turn down an offensive coordinator job with the Carolina Panthers. With the NFLs current predilection for coaches so young they have to be driven to work by their moms, it would be no surprise to see the 30-year-old Brady as an NFL head coach before he turns 35.

All of that may burnish LSUs image as a strong player and coaching destination. But it wont help the Tigers gain a critical first down at Florida next season. Nor stop Alabamas offense and force a key punt this fall in Tiger Stadium with the game on the line.

To borrow a line from the great Peter O'Toole, as I totter into antiquity I will likely never see a team this like again. But it doesnt mean LSU cant be great again. In fact, I fully expect LSU will be back in the College Football Playoff challenging for another national title within the next two or three seasons.

It began with an audacious promise from a still unheralded quarterback of an untried offense: The team would score 40, 50, even 60 points per game.

The reasons are threefold:

1. LSU has talent and will continue to acquire premium talent at a high rate. If you thought Orgeron was a recruiting closer par excellence before, wait until he goes into an in-home visit wearing a championship ring the size of Rhode Island.

2. LSU is paying top dollar for quality assistant coaches. For Aranda and Brady alone, LSU was likely willing to shell out about $4 million combined, plus whatever raise Orgeron and offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger have coming to them. Believe me, top football coaches will take notice.

3. The lasting legacy of this 2019 LSU football team, beyond all the titles and victories and shattered records, is that of a massive culture shift in the program.

LSU showed with its offense this season that it has arrived in the 21st century. A decade and a half late, perhaps, but better late than never. Brady was an enormous addition to LSUs offensive brain trust, but he wasnt the only coach out there who could help bring RPO and cutting-edge passing concepts to Baton Rouge. And with him gone, those arent things that will get packed away.

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump paid tribute to the national champion Louisiana State University football team on Friday, saying it would

Orgeron has embraced this new offensive philosophy, and thats the biggest thing. And he knows you, the LSU ticket-buying, championship T-shirt wearing, Advocate poster purchasing (shameless plug, I admit, but it helps paint the big picture) public wont stand for a regression to the Tigers power-I days of yore.

To long-time college football writer Tony Barnhart, Mr. SEC himself, this season was far more than a gigantic flash in the pan.

Yes, they can continue to do this, Barnhart said. At this level? That is a bit much to ask. But theyve made the commitment, they know what it looks like, and the fans will never let them go back. They wont be able to do this every year, but in my mind this is now their offensive identity.

And theyre not going to change.

The last piece of the puzzle will be to attract not just talent at LSUs current levels, but elite quarterbacks. As this years CFP final four proved, you MUST have one to do great things in the modern game. LSU had Burrow. Oklahoma had Jalen Hurts and Ohio State had Justin Fields, quarterbacks who got landslide by Burrow in the Heisman voting but players who could have won the trophy in many other years. And Clemson had Trevor Lawrence, who got thrown into the spin cycle by LSUs defense in the CFP title game but is also regarded as the odds-on top pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

The Advocates offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette are reopening Wednesday morning and are stocked with extras newspapers and hi

Its the piece to the puzzle that is the most elusive. But if LSU can find it again, watch out.

So revel in 2019. And dont fear 2020 too much.

LSUs next national title may not be close at hand, but it probably isnt as far away as you may think.

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Error! There was an error processing your request.

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Strange Platform-Puzzle Game THE PEDESTRIAN Launches On January 29th – GameTyrant

One game that is looking to bring a new style to the world of platform-puzzle games is The Pedestrian by Skookum Arts. This title lets you play as the man figure you see on various signs within the real world and then plays on that aspect for the entire set up for the games puzzles and platforms. Giving you the task of putting signs in the correct order, connecting doors and switches to the correct components, and just generally figuring out how to get from point A to B using creativity and selective resources, this strange game is going to challenge you in a new way.

If you havent heard of this game yet then the best part about learning of its existence now is that you only have to wait just over a week before it launches on Steam! If you have seen various bits of this game around before then the wait is nearing the end. Later this month, on January 29th, The Pedestrian will finally hang up the starting sign for puzzle and platform game fans to get this new styled adventure going.

I always admire when developers bring out a new concept of how a game can be applied to the real world and this is certainly an original idea. Its like something you would expect from a Pixar film but made for gamers to enjoy. Check out the release date trailer and see what this game has to offer later this month:

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Strange Platform-Puzzle Game THE PEDESTRIAN Launches On January 29th - GameTyrant

The Destiny 2 community is still trying to solve Osiris latest puzzle – PCGamesN

This week, a new quest appeared in Destiny 2. Osiris, the Vex-obsessed warlock who lives on Mercury, invited players to explore the Corridors of Time a kind of intersection between realities and timelines that the Vex use to show up wherever and whenever they choose. Once inside, players have found one of the longest puzzles to ever show up in Destiny, and the community is still working out the solution in the hopes of revealing its ultimate reward which remains a mystery at the time of this writing.

The Corridors of Time puzzle has several layers to it. When players first began heading back into the Corridors of Time, there didnt appear to be any specific direction to travel in or activity to accomplish. But players soon noticed symbols placed around the chambers that corresponded to symbols displayed on the new obelisks that have appeared in the EDZ, Nessus, and Tangled Shore patrol zones. Running through the doors in the Corridors of Time in the sequences shown on the obelisks would take players to a room containing a vault, which contained a new bit of Destiny lore.

So far, so good. In those final vault rooms, though, players noticed changing patterns of hexagons and symbols hints that there was more to this puzzle than a dozen or so new pages of lore. By matching up the symbols players saw on the floor in their runs, the community pieced together a map that revealed another sequence of eleven symbols. That sequence, in turn, would lead players to yet another vault room and at this point, players all began seeing different images on the floor.

At this point, the puzzle becomes far too complex for any one person or fireteam to solve, and so Destinys puzzle-solving community has been busy compiling screenshots players have submitted, inputting the sequences of symbols they find into a master spreadsheet. That spreadsheet checks for matching sequences, and connects them to an ever-expanding new map that will, presumably, eventually reveal an extremely long string of symbols that will guide players to the final treasure hidden in the Corridors of Time.

Right now, it looks like this:

Some players believe these sequences change daily or hourly, but whats clear is that everyone can generate new map fragments that add jigsaw pieces to the puzzle and will eventually light the final path through the Corridors of Time. The map already contains thousands of individual images.

Bungie has delighted in adding opaque puzzles into Destiny 2, and the games raids often involve working out weird sequences of steps to perform in order to progress, but theres never been one quite like this. The infamous Niobe Labs puzzle had to be simplified when Bungie realized it had neglected to include critical information for solving its puzzle a year ago, and only one team could end up winning the prize at the end of Warminds Valkyrie of Dawn puzzle in 2018.

This time, as streamer Say No To Rage points out, big-name streamers like xGladd are working out the solution alongside the community, with everyone adding information and in some cases, pulling all-nighters to do so to the dataset that will eventually provide the solution. Thats pretty cool.

Well have to wait and see what these dedicated explorers discover at the end of the Corridors of Time if they discover anything at all. Theres no guarantee yet that theyre even on the right path. Time will tell.

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The Destiny 2 community is still trying to solve Osiris latest puzzle - PCGamesN

Five of the Best: Blocks –

Five of the Best is a weekly series about the bits of games we overlook. Things like crowds, potions, mountains, hands. Things we barely notice while we're playing but can recall many years later because, it turns out, they're fundamental to our memory of the game. Well, now is the time to celebrate them!

Today we're celebrating...

Blocks! Or do I mean cubes? Don't! We had a whole argument about this. Cubes are a kind of block, as far as I'm concerned, and so are other shapes like the lower-case L Tetris block. If we confined ourselves only to cubes, we'd have to talk about the Companion Cube from Portal, again, and then I'd be forced to counterbalance it with Peter Molyneux's Curiosity cube just to be mean. But no, I'd never be so cheeky as to put a red herring in the list...

Be sure to share your best blocks in the comments below. Happy Friday!

I'd like to talk about the T-Spin. This is, quite simply, placing a T-tetromino (a Tetris block to you and me) into a T-slot, then rotating it before the piece is Locked Down. Locked Down in Tetris lore is a proper noun, and therefore must be capitalised and I am very much on board with that, because it makes me say the word in a sort of fist pump kind of way and as any Tetris aficionado knows, Locked Down is the full stop on your sentence. There's no going back.

T-Spins are tricksy kinds of things, but they're so satisfying because they, in most Tetris video games, give you bonus points of some kind and, let's be honest, if you do one you're showing off. In competitive multiplayer Tetris games they often do wonders to mess up your opponent(s). And as we all know, the meaning of life can be found in the act of winning while showing off.

What if two highly skilled Tetris players only used T-spins in a battle with each other?

They are also magic in that very special Tetris way. Tetris is a game that turns simple blocks - the kind of blocks I have bought for my children to play with as babies - into multifaceted, multi-purpose puzzle cogs. Even on the face of it, the T-block is simply just a T shape that's doing a squat. It is one of the most versatile, useful blocks in the game, because it can fit so many gaps. T-Spins evolve the T-block into the block's final form.

T-Spins even change the way you think about the screen. Normally, you build up a layer of blocks to fill most of the screen, leaving a single line free for, hopefully, Tetris after Tetris. Setting up T-Spins involves mentally dividing the screen up into three, building a block with a gap - almost like a chip off the old block - on the left-hand two-thirds, and placing a Z-block on the right hand side. Then, as your T-block falls, inevitably, towards the gap, rotate it to slide it in. Boom. T-Spin!

So, here's to the T-Spin and the T-block. Name a more iconic duo in video games. Take your time. This one isn't Locked Down yet.

Wesley Yin-Poole

That Minecraft would make the list is unquestionable. The question is which Minecraft block to single out? The dirt block, the brown one topped with green? It's definitely the most famous Minecraft block. It is Minecraft. But is it the coolest block? The obsidian block is pretty cool - literally it's cooled lava. And it's black, and all cool things are black. And you need it to get to the Nether, the hellish other realm in the game. But no, it's a bit too obvious.

For me, it's a simple wood block. I'm a plain kinda guy. I like Captain America. Seeing a wood block has a strong effect on me. When I see one, I see humble beginnings and new adventures. A wood block makes me want to start again, to get back to using wooden tools to make my Ikea cabin in a picturesque location - in the woods, down by a lake, on a mountain top - and concern myself only with staying alive. No mining, no metal, no complications.

It doesn't last, of course, as the hunger for progress inevitably always takes over. But for a while, the simplicity is bliss.


There's probably a name for it, but for me it's the Fuse block. It's a special block in Lumines, which is a game about clearing blocks from the screen by matching their colours. The idea is that blocks of two colours fall and you rotate them and place them so that they form squares of one solid colour. Then a timeline sweeps through and removes them and you get on with your life. Beautiful!

But the Fuse block is special. It allows you to clear blocks of the same colour that aren't in squares. This in turn means that you can sort of thread colours through the growing mountain of blocks, waiting for the Fuse that will trigger them all. Voila! All your greens disappear in one go - all the greens that are touching, anyway. This in turn causes a collapse in all the oranges, say, and then they go next in a great thundering wave.

The Fuse block encourages you to take risks rather than play it safe. Fine. Loads of puzzle games do that. But it also turns a game about falling blocks into a game about dynamite, and for that I love it, love it, love it.

Christian Donlan

There's an artform to using the Fake Item Box. It's not a showy weapon. It's a sneaky one. And when it works? Gosh. It's the most immensely gratifying thing in the game.

It's not just that you've caused someone to crash. Anyone can do that. It's the proper placement of the thing, clustered amongst real Item Blocks, hiding like a cuckoo egg in the nest.

So dramatic!

It's the knowledge your opponent drove into your Fake Item Block unaware of what was to come, perhaps until the last second, perhaps only when they began tumbling over, wheels spinning, careening off the track. It's the sequence of emotions you sense is now playing out in their head - their hope of a useful item turned into a shock of realisation, despair, shame. 'Why hadn't I seen it coming?' you can almost hear them scream.

And the satisfaction you caused this all.

Fake Item Boxes were last seen in Mario Kart Wii. Then Nintendo took them out. Cowards.

Tom Phillips

Alan Wake is sort of a puzzle game about blocks. But only because it's a game about a writer with writer's block. Poor Alan's gone on holiday and can't do his work. Then I think his wife goes missing. Or maybe she doesn't. And maybe there are creatures made of darkness and a bit with a lighthouse. No matter! He can't do any writing! Writer's block.

Writer's block is a lovely phrase. I get it: they're blocked and the words can't flow. It's sort of plumbing-based. But I love that word block. It makes me think of an object on the floor of a room you're passing through and you're not looking where you're going - of course you aren't; you're a writer - and you trip over it. Writer's block. That hot gaseous feeling inside the head. The eyeballs are angry and grainy and seem to be boiling. The nose feels thoroughly stuffed. No words are coming. Poor Alan.

Christian Donlan

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Five of the Best: Blocks -

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