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How citizen scientists and video games are taking on Covid-19 –

Analysis: citizen scientists worldwide have come together to help design new drugs to take on the coronavirus

By staying local and social distancing, everyone is playing their part in stopping the spread of Covid-19, but what about playing a part in finding a treatment? If you have a computer, then you have everything you need to become a citizen scientist and take part in discovering new medicines for SARS-CoV-2.

Citizen scientists are members of the public that volunteer to participate in a scientific project or activity. Current projects worldwide include the restoration of coral reefs in the Florida Keys and the discovery of new planets.

A good chunk of science requires a qualified person with a particular skill set. However, in the data collection stage, it usually comes down to sheer work-hours that may take a small group of researchers a long amount of time. Many hands make light work and retrieving scientific data is no exception.

Over the past few months, citizen scientists across the world have come together to design new drugs to treat coronavirus by playing a puzzle game. Others have produced the world's largest supercomputer to combat Covid-19 all from within their homes.

At first glance the picture above may look like something resembling a burst pinata, but they are in fact proteins. People normally think of proteins in a dietary context, but they are so much more than that post workout shake.

Proteins are the nanoscopic machines responsible for operating all life and there are thousands of different types working away in your body. Every protein forms a specific shape which gives it a specific function that can range anywhere from digesting food to moving our muscles.

While appearing harmless, the confetti bursts shown above are actually the key proteins that operate the coronavirus (not that colourful in real-life!). Just like a series of machines on a factory line, these proteins work together to allow the virus to attach, infect and replicate itself inside our cells.

From RT Radio 1's Drivetime, how the Environmental Protection Agency used Irish citizen scientists to monitor air quality

Our job as scientists is to design a spanner to throw into one of these machines to stop the virus from working (AKA a medicine). To make new medicines, we have to know and understand the protein we are targeting. Scientists can take a 3D snapshot of these proteins with relative ease using X-rays, but true understanding comes from seeing them in motion. By seeing how these tiny particles change their shape or fold, we can find weak spots that medicines can target to disable the virus.

We currently do not have the technology to observe proteins moving in real-time. Despite this hurdle, scientists can create computer simulations to predict how they move. The problem with making simulations is they require gigantic amounts of computing power and are generally done by state-of-the-art supercomputers.

But for those without a supercomputer lying about, this is problematic. Thinking outside the box, researchers from Stanford University developed a piece of software called Folding@home that uses distributed computing to create protein simulations. Instead of using one supercomputer to do one big job, distributed computing uses thousands of regular computers to do one small job each.

From RT Radio 1's Morning Ireland, meetIreland's new 5.4 million supercomputer atthe Irish Centre for High-End Computing

By downloading Folding@home, a users computer is sent a small calculation which it solves and sends back to the Folding@home server to then receive another. The joint effort of distributed computing can rival the power of supercomputers, provided a big enough community is created.

In March, Folding@home announced they were putting their efforts toward Covid-19 and the number of users exploded from 30,000 to 780,000 within a month, creating a network that was faster than the top 500 supercomputers in the world combined.

While researchers could target numerous different proteins to disable the coronavirus, one that stuck out was the Spike protein (no pun intended). This protein is the protrusion that gives the virus its infamous spikey shape and allows the virus to stick to human cells and infect us. Folding@home generated a simulation of this Spike protein that exposed a structural weak spot that could be used to develop an antiviral treatment for SARS-CoV-2.

After a few seconds into the simulation, the spike protein begins to reveal what resembles the opening of a monstrous mouth. Despite its non-monstrous size, this isn't far from the fact; its this mouth that the coronavirus uses to latch onto our cells and infect us. Covid-19 researchers have honed in on capping the spike protein as a potential approach to treat the coronavirus and Folding@homes simulation has provided key information in how to do this.

While people may be apprehensive about folding@home slowing down their computer while they work, you can control the level of power folding@home uses and you can set it to only run when you arent using your computer. Interested in helping out? You can download Folding@home here

Although computers are excellent at carrying out simple, step-wise commands, they lack imagination. This isn't particularly vital for making a financial report in Excel, but it plays an important role when you need to design a drug to fit into a 3D protein and people are excellent 3D puzzle solvers.

Inspired by this fact, collaborators at the University of Washington created a game called FoldIt that turns drug design into a simple, yet accurate puzzle game. One of the puzzles in this game involves the infamous Covid spike protein, the objective is to design a protein that complements and fits onto the spike protein. Creating such a protein could act as a plug that would jam the spike protein and render it useless. Disabling the spike protein would block it from attaching to human cells and stop the coronavirus from thriving within its host.

Despite the complex nature of drug development, Foldit elegantly simplifies protein design into an intuitive puzzle game while preserving the fundamentals surrounding this topic, enabling anyone to play the game. The greater your designed protein fits or 'binds' to the coronavirus spike protein, the higher the score.

Players who create the highest scoring proteins will have their designs made in the lab and tested against Covid-19. So far, 99 protein candidates have been selected and await testing. Previous to the Coronavirus outbreak, FoldIt players had solved protein structures that got them published in scientific journals. Who ever said playing video games was a waste of time?

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not represent or reflect the views of RT

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How citizen scientists and video games are taking on Covid-19 -

Felix The Reaper Comes To Life on iOS –

Death Incarnate is coming to your fruit-based communication device as Felix The Reaper arrives on mobile this month.

Due to start reaping on iOS, one of our favourite indie puzzle games gets its own outing on Apples iOS platform on 15 July. On the go gamers who pick up this different type of puzzler will find themselves in the employment of the Ministry of Death, tasked with hoarding souls and collecting debts in the world above. However, this isnt all as simple as swinging a scythe. The brightly lit discotheque style world finds protagonist Felix dancing his way through a range of grid based environments, only able to step into the shadows to catch your quarry.

Fortunately, this dancing death dealer does have a few tricks up his sleeve, alongside a fantastic soundtrack and some sweet sweet moves, Felix can manipulate time, switching the position of the sun in the sky. By manipulating the surrounding environment, and the shadows cast on it, Felix is able to set up some unfortunate scenarios for those involved in each of his assignments. From frozen fjords to kerbside collisions, theres plenty of challenge to each of these puzzles. Despite this seemingly dour career path, really Felix is a hopeless romantic. While your dance your way through each assignment, our chubby, music-loving Reaper is busy trying to impress his crush Betty.

Felix The Reaper originally launched back in 2019 and two stepped onto PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It blew us away with its bright 3D animation, ingenious puzzles and distinctive character design that even included motion capture from real dancers. Developer Orange Kwong has already made modifications to the existing level design to provide a more fluid game experience and are now even more varied, crazy and deadly. If you are interested in a puzzle game that knows just how cool it is then head over to the Apple App store where you can pick up Felix the reaper on iOS across iPhones and iPads starting July 15, for 4.49, $ 3.99, 3.99.

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Felix The Reaper Comes To Life on iOS -

Turok and Grip highlight free games for Twitch Prime members this July – PC Invasion

A new month means more free games for Twitch Prime members. This July, ten games are available to claim in addition to the SNK classics announced back in May. Of course, weve listed everything available this month to make it easy on the eyes and save you time. Note that some offers are only good for part of the month, so claim them soon if they appeal to you.

Heres a list of all the free games coming to Twitch Prime in July:

As youve surely noticed, most of these are indie games and the list spans multiple genres. Lets take a closer look at a few of the titles Twitch Prime is offering up this month.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a remastered port of the 1998 shooter, and a beloved classic. The campaign features a world filled with dinosaurs and tasks you with ending a plot to destroy the known universe. Thats heavy stuff. By todays standards, the game itself is a total dinosaur too, but it helped to evolve the shooter genre.

Dark Devotionisa side-scrolling adventure, where the player assumes the role of a noble Templar tasked with discovering the secrets within a mysterious fallen temple. The game features plenty of unique fights plus a unique blessings, curses, and prayers system that provides variety to the gameplay.Visually speaking, it kind of looks like a 2D version ofDark Souls at times, so fans of the colors grey, black, and yellow should be satisfied.

Grip: Combat Racingis as the name suggests, a battle racer somewhat like theStar Wars: Podracerseries.Mad Tracksis another racer, which puts players in the driver seat of toy cars and lets them race around on acrobatic tracks.

For anyone that wants to experience something deep and personal, theresDear Esther. This game tells the tale of a widow through letters you discover throughout the journey.

Does your heart seek to create rather than destroy? TryReus, which lets you control giant deities and mold the world to your liking.

The rest of the games are geared towards younger audiences, which makes them perfect for family-friendly experiences.Melbits Worldis a cooperative puzzle-platformer for the whole family to enjoy.Kunaiis a quirky action platformer with plenty of character and retro style.Picto Questfeatures logic puzzles with light RPG elements to keep the adventure going.

Check out all of these games and more on the Twitch Primelootpage. See you next month for a look at whats new in August.

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Turok and Grip highlight free games for Twitch Prime members this July - PC Invasion

Incredibly Innovative Puzzle Game Carto Comes To PS4 This Fall – PlayStation Universe

As part of the PlayStation Indies initiative, Humble Games has revealed Carto, an incredibly innovative puzzle game with a unique twist coming to PS4 later this year.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the game is set in a beautiful world with charming characters and a beautiful soundtrack.

The games unique puzzle twist is that you rearrange the parts of the map, puzzling sections apart and moving them into new positions like a jigsaw puzzle. This then changes the world you are able to walk around in and explore.

Along the journey, you will come across characters to interact with, communicate to, and learn about them, their culture, and the games personal story of self-discovery and friendship.

You can read a lot more about this unique puzzle game on the PlayStation Blog, but you can also watch the Carto PS4 reveal trailer below:

The innovative puzzler Carto comes to PS4 this Fall.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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Incredibly Innovative Puzzle Game Carto Comes To PS4 This Fall - PlayStation Universe

This Doctor Who Sliding Puzzle Game Is Driving Me Insane and I Can’t Stop Playing It – Gizmodo

Like staring into the time vortex itself, I hate it, but cannot stop.Screenshot: BBC

Im sorry, but if I see Patrick Troughtons face ever again, it will be too soon.

Doctor Whos latest attempt to distract us all from the, well, World in Which We Live is not a new piece of short fiction, or a tiny slice of audio-drama fun, but instead a procrastination nightmare from which I cannot escape.

Doctor Who: Thirteen is simple enough, really. A tile-sliding game in the vein of 2048, you have to match Doctors from William Hartnells first (well, I guess now hes First in a different context), all the way through to Jodie Whittakers incumbent Time Lord. Two Hartnells make a Troughton, two of which make a Pertwee, and so on and so forth. Good luck getting even the modern era of the shows Doctors however, because blimey, by Rassilons ridiculously oversized shoulderpads it seems unnaturally hard for a little time waster.

G/O Media may get a commission

Maybe Im just better at trying to split my brain in two over the chronology of the Time War than I am at logic puzzles. Ive seen John Hurts War Doctor exactly once, but otherwise, Im drowning in seas of Bakers, Colin and Tom alike, and Troughtons, endless Troughtons, as I curse one trapped in a circle of McCoys and McGanns that Ive somehow managed to cut off from the pack. Its like when the second Doctor regenerates at the end of The War Games and is just surrounded by spinning ghosts of his own confused face.

At this point, Im with the Master: turn them all into Cybermen, blow Gallifrey to smithereens, and start all over. Should you desire to waste a bit of your own timeno TARDIS requiredyou can check out Doctor Who: Thirteen here.

For more, make sure youre following us on our Instagram @io9dotcom.

This Doctor Who Sliding Puzzle Game Is Driving Me Insane and I Can't Stop Playing It - Gizmodo

Made in the USSR: 6 video games Soviets went crazy over – Russia Beyond

A few of you probably wont believe it, but the USSR also had video games. They existed either in arcade form, or had to be played on do-it-yourself game consoles. Puzzles, shooters, economic strategy games - and even political satire!


This game was created in 1989 in Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR. Your objective was to defend your city from a Martian invasion.

The gameplay centers on shooting down alien spacecraft flying overhead and deploying ground forces. Your focus needed to increase pretty quickly, as things began to speed up. If more than 10 troopers successfully touched down, the aliens won.

The game was developed for the Radio86 PK - a build-it-yourself game console. Unlike other games made for it, Diversant had its own specially made sound effects. Other games only had primitive bleeps, bloops and pews - or simply didnt have any sound FX at all.

The emulator can be found here


Another Ukrainian-made game - this time from Kiev - came to us in 1991, when things were about to go south for the USSR. The creator was actually a poet and artist - Vladimir Kharchenko.

In this financial strategy game, you were a businessman trying to stay afloat. You began with a house and a car and some money, as well as a little oil and a small plot of land. For a Soviet citizen, not yet familiar with how the market economy worked, the game was a sort of guide to capitalism. You often encountered events demanding a swift reaction from the player - from bankruptcy to mob kidnappings. Even natural catastrophes happened occasionally, which could really derail your flourishing business.

You could also trade stock, place horse-racing wagers, take part in casino gambling and even make lucrative deals after chance encounters in fancy restaurants. It was all about reaching the top in this game.

The game can be downloaded here, but you might need an emulator. Heres another way to play it.


Youd be hard-pressed to find a person that hasnt played tetris! A version of the legendary puzzle game exists on every console and gaming computer in the known galaxy in multiple iterations. It was created by Aleksey Pajitnov in 1984 in Moscow, and has become one of - if not the most - recognizable games in the world.

The designers were inspired by Pentomino - a board game with different-shaped figures made of squares. In Tetris, the figures come down from above, with the player having to arrange them in a way that completes a horizontal line, eliminating it. They come in different shapes and sizes, which can be turned around, but never changed. Its all about reaction time in this game, which gets faster and faster the more successful you are.

Above all else, Tetris is an example of phenomenal commercial success. It brought its creators worldwide acclaim, and continues to be popular to this day. In the 1990s, nearly every child in Russia had a grey plastic handheld electronic game called Brick Game, which everyone simply referred to as Tetris.

Play the iconic game here.

This video shows the evolution of the game since its inception in 1984.

And this one shows the first version.


This puzzle was made in 1988 by Pajitnov - the creator of Tetris. It was commissioned by the Moscow Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of the Youth, which, at the time, was creating educational computer content.

Macintosh, Amiga and ZX Spectrum were among the systems the game ran on. Like its predecessor, Welltris had block figures that you had to arrange. Except they fell into a three-dimensional well. A player had to clear the rows both horizontally and vertically.

You could also tweak the size of the blocks and the speed at which they turned. The higher the speed, the more points you got.

The game graphics were something to behold. They were a mixture of two and three-dimensional images. The initial plan was to have the game in 3D, but the idea was dropped, with the rationale being that the game would have been too slow, affecting its dynamics. The results didnt disappoint, however.

Heres a video of the gameplay:

And a website where you can play the game.


If you guessed that the game came out in 1989, you are correct. It was created in Moscow, and was a sort of political satire, demanding lightning fast reflexes. The story centered on the comical rivalry between new democrats and old Soviet bureaucrats.

The then-President Mikhail Gorbachev graced the title screen with the Kremlin as the backdrop. The interface looked like a swamp with a bunch of jumping toads. A small green figure that looked like an ordinary frog symbolized a democrat, having to jump over bumps, which symbolized laws and decrees. The bureaucrat was always in its way, and was symbolized by a larger, red figure.

You can play the game here.

If its not exactly your cup of tea, just enjoy the video...

This game simply revolved around filling squares with your own color faster than your opponent. There was a two-player mode, as well as the ability to play against the computer. The game also had a quirky feature - the computer could play itself, with you watching (if thats your thing!)

The game was created in 1990 by Moscow-based company Gamos.

Heres where to play it.

And heres a video of the gameplay:

And another video:

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Made in the USSR: 6 video games Soviets went crazy over - Russia Beyond

Adventure/puzzle game ‘Carto’ heading to Switch – GoNintendo

Carto is a chill adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-shifting puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of new friends, and guide Carto on her journey home.

Key Features

Unique puzzle / exploration mechanic: rearrange pieces of your map, and watch the world change around you!Chill out and explore peaceful-yet-mysterious lands, uncovering secrets and solving environmental puzzles.Bask in lush, hand-drawn visuals and relaxed tunes.Meet new friends and help them solve their problems!Journey through different biomes, each with their own characters, culture, and a unique evolution of the central map mechanic.

Publisher Humble Games and developer Sunhead Games have confirmed that Carto will come to Switch sometime in Fall 2020. If you'd like to learn more about the game, Humble Games has shared a special feature over on Playstation's official blog, complete with soundtrack samples. You can check that out here.

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Adventure/puzzle game 'Carto' heading to Switch - GoNintendo

10 Fantastic Disney Games From The 16-Bit Era | TheGamer – TheGamer

The fourth generations of consoles, which took place, roughly speaking, between 1987 and 1994, saw the emergence of the 16-bit consoles. These consisted of the TurboGrafx-16, the Sega Genesis, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The early years of video games were not like they are today, especially when it comes to licensed games. Licensed games were not only widely accepted but were also some of the best games on their respective system, with Disney games being the prime example of this.

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To show just how dominant and high-quality Disney games were at that time, we have comprised a list of some of the very best Disney games of that era.

Mickey Mania was an adventure through the career of pop cultures favorite little mouse. You start off in Steamboat Willie, widely known as the first appearance of Mickey. The first level is completely black and white, aside from our titular hero, before it transitions into full color to signify the transition of time from the black and white era into the color era, creating a really cool effect.

From there, you go through the history of Mickey Mouse, represented with some colorful levels, while also seeing some familiar faces along the way.

World of Illusion is part of Sega's fantastic Illusion series which had entries on the Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear. In the game, you have the ability to play as either Mickey, Donald, or both in two-player mode.

With the swing of Mickey or Donalds cape, you make enemies disappear, which acts as your attack for the game. As with most Disney games, World of Illusion is rather easy and can be beaten in an afternoon, but the fun locations and platforming make it a great playthrough, especially if you bring along a friend.

The Magical Quest was the start of a trilogy on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which included Magical Quest, The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, and the Japanese-exclusive Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald.

Throughout the game, you collect costumes for Mickey to wear, which will give him abilities that help him make his way through levels. First, you get a magicians outfit which allows Mickey to shoot magic at his enemies, then a firefighter uniform which lets him spray water, and, finally, you get mountain-climbing gear which allows him to use a grappling hook to attach to certain objects.

One of the greatest co-op experiences on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is Goof Troop. Goof Troop is a top-down puzzle game developed by Capcom. Capcom and Disney had a good relationship during both the fourth and third generation, creating many fantastic games like Duck Tales, The Magical Quest trilogy, Aladdin on the Super Nintendo, and many, many more.

In Goof Troops single-player, you play as Goofy solving puzzles built for one, but, in co-op, the first player controls Goofy, while the second controls his son, Max, solving puzzles built for 2 players.

Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow stars Maui Mallard, who is actually just our favorite speech impaired duck Donald. Maui Mallard a Hawian wearing shirt duck by day and a ninja by night. The game is filled with some great use of color and excellent animation that really makes Donald come to life.

Throughout the game, you switch back and forth between Maui Mallad and Cold Shadow. The Maui Mallard parts play almost like a run and gun while the Cold Shadow parts play like an action platformer with the ability to use your staff to swing from platform to platform.

The Japanese-exclusive Donald Duck no Mahou no Boushi is, like just about every other game on this list, a very colorful platformer. In this game, you complete various chores for different characters in the game, such as putting mail in mailboxes and cleaning dirty windows. Trust us, it is more fun than it sounds.

The Donald sprite in this game is great and incredibly expressive, with many different animations to express just how our not-so-brave hero is feeling, with all of the levels also receiving the same amount of detail.

Another Japanese-exclusive game, Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken stars Mickey, as the name implies. Throughout the game, you explore Disneyland as Mickey with the help of balloons. You have the option to fill up your balloons with either helium so you can float or water use them to soak your enemies to death.

We find it odd that any Disney game would not be localized and brought to North America, the home of the characters. Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken, Donald Duck no Mahou no Boushi, and Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald are all fantastic games that would have been very much enjoyed in North America.

This may start a small debate as many prefer the Sega Genesis version of Aladdin over the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version. We feel that, if you prefer action platformers, youll prefer the Sega Genesis version, but, if you prefer straight-up platformers, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version is for you.

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Throughout the game, you replay the events of the movie, using Aladdins acrobatic skills and pension for throwing fruit to progress all the way to the climactic final battle with Jafar. The game has some solid platforming and offers a bit of a challenge, especially when compared to other entries on this list.

Quackshot Starring Donald Duck borrows slightly from Nintendos Metroid series, as you must find items in one level of the game and use them to help you progress further through previous levels. While the levels are broken up, the need for backtracking with new items gives the game a feeling of cohesion.

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Only four levels are available from the start, but more are unlocked once you have completed them. You start the game with only a plunger that can only stun enemies but quickly acquire different tools for fighting enemies and traversing levels.

One of the best platformers on the Sega Genesis, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is an easy but highly enjoyable playthrough that deserves every platformer lovers attention. You can do the classic hop and bop like in the Super Mario series to take out enemies or you can use apples to dispatch enemies safely.

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This beloved game was remade for the seventh generation of consoles with updated visuals and soundtrack to ensure this great game is not forgotten to time. It's easily one of the best platformers and possibly one of the best games of the 16-bit era.

NEXT: Disney Codeillusion Teaches Players To Code Using Mickey, Aladdin & Other Iconic Characters

Next Pokmon Sword & Shield: The Isle Of Armor: 10 Things You Missed About Honey

Ian is a writer with a strong interest in video game history. He has a small collection of games going back to the '70s with the Atari 2600 all the way up to the most current generation; so when you need a random fact about video game history to show off with at a party, he's your guy!

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10 Fantastic Disney Games From The 16-Bit Era | TheGamer - TheGamer

Top 10 Addictive Games That Can Help You Cure Boredom at the Workplace – ThisisXbox

When you are idle at work, there are some super addictive online games that you can lay hands on to keep yourself busy. We have made a list of the top 10 here, and they will give you the exact feeling you are looking for when you play them. Now, the information we are giving you is one we wont want you to abuse, so as not to hurt your employers.

If youre looking for sites to play CSGO crash where you can win skins when we say addictive games you can play when you are free, we refer to those few hours or minutes you need to kill off at the workplace because there is absolutely nothing for you to do. With these games, you can discard boredom effectively, instead of surfing YouTube videos or browsing through social media. Never make the mistake of getting engrossed in these when you have some work to do.

Here, you will have a very unique set of mystery puzzle games brought together under one system. This is a title from Mateusz Skutnik, and you will have a lot of creepy music and artwork that evokes a feeling of horror in you. The major role you will have in the game is to find a way to escape from the town where youve been trapped. The game offers fun and creepiness at the same time.

This is actually a very hilarious game where amusement is the core of the gameplay. Here, the gamer takes the place of a disgruntled office staff named Karoshi. Karoshi in the game tries to apply the highest form of innovation in his bid to commit suicide. At the beginning of the game, you get 50 lives and you are meant to try and end your life on each of the 50 levels. This is hugely weird, but Im sure many people can relate to the situation portrayed.

This is an amazing office game, and it is the type you can enjoy while your boss is present. If you doubt this, then you need to check it out to confirm. The setup of the game is like that of an excel sheet for office use, and in the game, you will be tasked to bring boxes of similar color together for them to disappear.

This is an aggravating and at the same time ingenious game, so we dont have to wait for the snow to appear before we play it. It is a game of both logic and skills, where the player is expected to create a line on the heap of snow on the screen, paving the way for Santa to drive through his sleigh. While making the drawing, you have to be careful to avoid creating many slopes. This is because the slopes always push the sleigh forward.

Here, we are talking of a game that involves a lot of mental energy. It is a game of puzzles, and is themed after Christopher Mansons book the Maze. This comes in a plain text format like the book, and each of the pages serve as doors in the maze, and they lead to different pages of the book. Here, you will have the task of navigating from page 1 to page 45, and returning back to page one through the shortest route. You will enjoy this in the office.

This game is one you will cherish if youve been handling computers all through your life. This is a game that focuses on the players typing speed. You may think that it would be boring, but its not. Here, you get a small passage and are asked to type a word as fast as you can, while pursuing other players on the web. This will let you gauge your typing skills.

It is another maze type puzzle game. But here, you are required to dig a path in a mine and drop gold inside a small cart and collect it back. You can keep yourself busy with this. It is a pastime that gives you the amount of fun you crave.

This is one game you should try out if youve not played it. It is one of the toughest of all the bloody games out there. Here, you will think that you cant possibly succeed in the game. With the Q, W, O and P, you are told to try and control the leg of a sprinter on the keyboard. Many people have given up on the game; you can try it and tell about your own failure too.

It would be good to bring a trivia title into this. In the trivia machine, you will select the type of quizzes to play. The topics include movies, history, and music, and they come in three varying levels, namely the genius, scholar, and elementary levels. Its a game you need to try.

This is another flash game that became very famous, and its our number 10. It is a navigation game that involves racing, where you are to man a small cart in the middle of a field that has a lot of cubes that you must avoid and not bump into. As you progress, the speed increases and you are lured deeper and deeper till you forget how long youve been playing. Wear your racing garb, and check out the game.

These games are so good that they will give you the fun you seek for, and they are also so discreet that you can enjoy them when you have the smallest opportunity in your office. But you have to understand that they can captivate you and you will get immersed so deeply into them. Do not let the desire to enjoy them slide into addiction. So you dont play them while you have work on your table. These are not the only addictive games you can enjoy at work. There are many others out there, and you can discover them and use them as a pastime when you dont have real work to do.

Originally posted here:
Top 10 Addictive Games That Can Help You Cure Boredom at the Workplace - ThisisXbox

With dinnertime singing and 1,000-piece puzzles, the Portland Thorns are settling into the bubble before faci – OregonLive

In the Portland Thorns FC bubble in Utah, there is a massage room, a physical therapy room and a lounge where players play pop-a-shot basketball and pingpong. Two players were building a 1,000-piece puzzle, and a teammate hid the final few pieces. Defender Becky Sauerbrunn broke through nerves to sing Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks at a team dinner.

Whereas Thorns coach Mark Parsons said some teams are having a culture shock settling into the new bubble environment, he believes his team has grown closer because of it.

Were loving our time here so far, Parsons said. The group is as strong as it has ever been, which is unique in such a wild year. But maybe this is what we need.

After falling to a decisive goal in the final minutes in the NWSL Challenge Cup opener against the North Carolina Courage on Saturday, Parsons team is turning its attention to the Chicago Red Stars. The two sides will kick off at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday from Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman, Utah, for each teams second game of the National Womens Soccer League Challenge Cup. The game will be streamed on CBS All Access after Saturdays game on CBS had the largest viewership in NWSL history.

The previous record for viewership was set by the Thorns in 2014 with 190,000 viewers. Saturdays game had 572,000.

Parsons doesnt want his team to dwell on the 2-1 opening loss, even though he felt the Thorns had multiple chances to win. The Thorns didnt get the result Parsons believes his team deserved from the work it put into training, but he said the disappointment cant creep into the next game. Parsons told his team that the few seconds that slipped away at the end of the game shouldnt erase what he felt was a strong performance.

The way that the group have reflected has been very real, Parsons said. Theyve been very honest with each other on areas that have to improve quick. But also, really seeing specific areas that we wanted to be strong at and that we were strong at, that we can build from. The feelings great.

The Thorns will be playing Wednesday without a key piece in Sauerbrunn, who will miss the game with a left hip injury. Midfielder Lindsey Horan will play despite being kicked around during the opener against the Courage.

Parsons believes his team can withstand the loss of the U.S. womens national team star because of the time the club has spent together over the last month and the relationships on the field that have been built as a result. He believes there will be no loss in team chemistry even without Sauerbrunn playing.

The understanding of roles has been very good, but also cohesion between players and nonverbal communication has been good, Parsons said. Because of that, we feel great. We feel confident that people are able to step in for whatever reason.

The Thorns have adjusted well to the unprecedented bubble the tournament is taking place in amid the coronavirus pandemic. Portlands staff had sleepless nights, Parsons believes, because of the hours spent driving equipment to Utah to create as smooth a transition as possible.

Parsons talked about the improved culture he believes his team has, and how that has shown up on the field, even in a loss in the first game. The team has trained to clean up rust from the return to real games after a long break, and feels comfortable and good ahead of facing Chicago, Parsons said.

And Parsons said hell have some extra motivation for his team posted in the locker room.

A reporter asked Parsons about a comment made by Red Stars forward Katie Johnson, saying that the Red Stars are excited to play the Thorns because the notoriously loud Portland fans wont be present.

That quote from Johnson will be posted for the Thorns to see before taking the field.

The fact that theyre excited to play us without fans, because maybe we wont have much energy, Parsons said. Well guess freaking what, were going to double the energy. Thanks for that. Itll be in the changing room.

-- Matt Cohen,

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