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Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher Is a Logic Puzzle Game for Kids and Adults – SuperParent

Players will need to arrange train cars in the right order to solve puzzles.

Tabletop game company Days of Wonder revealed Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher, a single-player game set in the popular Ticket to Ridetabletop game universe.

While the original series of Ticket to Ride tabletop games allow players to become railroad tycoons and buildtransportation lines around the world, Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher is a logic puzzle game for a single player that challenges them to arrange train cars in the right order using as few moves as possible for each puzzle.

Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher has an age rating of 8+. The game will include 40 different puzzles to solve, and players will earn stars (points) on each puzzle depending on the number of moves it takes them to complete it. That is, the fewer moves players take to solve a puzzle, the more stars theyll earn. This may give the game some replayability, as kids (and adults) may want to try a puzzle more than once in an attempt to reduce the number of moves it takes them to complete it. (Players can keep track of their move count for each puzzle using a dial on the game board.)

As reported by BoardGameGeek, Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher will be released in October 2021 for $25. You can learn more about the game on the Days of Wonder website.

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Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher Is a Logic Puzzle Game for Kids and Adults - SuperParent

PlayStation Talent reveals 21 new indie titles ahead of E3 –

Sonys PlayStation Talents program has announced 21 upcoming titles prior to E3.

PlayStation Talents, a program founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain in order to foster the Spanish creative scene, has announced 21 different indie titles ahead of E3.

Below is a trailer from sumptuous and strange-looking Snail-based action game, Clid The Snail.

The titles range from 2D action games like Aeterna Noctis and Operation Highjump, to racing game KEO, and dungeon raider Rivalia.

Last week one of the titles, the first-person horror game Luto,proved fairly popular with its P.T.-inspiredvisuals and setting.

The puzzle-focused Inner Ashes and horror game Do Not Open also focus on first-person perspectives, with the latter being an exclusive PSVR game.

The rest of the announced roster is made up of A Tale of Paper, a stealth platformer that sees your character transform into various different paper shapes, sci-fi stealth adventure The Library of Babel, and 2D brawler Itadaki Smash.

Theres also the curious-looking puzzle game The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo (trailer below) which combines hand animation real word imagery, puzzle game Twogether, Journey To The West inspired action game Wukong, and a party game based on popular childrens animation Pocoyo.

Theres also mysterious post-apocalyptic adventure Antro, narrative platformer Auroras Journey and the Pitiful Lackey, VR racing game Neon Hat, the seemingly Portal-inspiredSystem of Souls, and finally, 4-player alien-wrangling co-op game Welcome to Empyreum.

As theyre all PlayStation Talents titles, it is likely that these games will all be exclusive to PlayStation for the foreseeable future.

In other news, Bloober Teams recent horror game The Medium has been rated by the ESRB ahead of an anticipated PlayStation 5 release.

The Medium initially launched on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store and was made available for Xbox Series consoles digitally, and via its Game Pass service.

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PlayStation Talent reveals 21 new indie titles ahead of E3 -

Tetris Effect Celebrates the Puzzler’s Anniversary and Origin with Awesome Secret Stage – Push Square

Yesterday, Tetris celebrated its 37th anniversary. The game has been through many, many iterations over the years, one of the best being the fairly recent Tetris Effect from Enhance Games. This version reinvented the classic line-clearing puzzle game into a spiritual, meditative experience, which is of course Tetsuya Mizuguchi's bread and butter. Anyway, the Tetris Company revealed that the game hides a super-secret level, and has explained how to access it.

Some players will know about the 1989 stage, which transforms Tetris Effect into the famous Game Boy version. You can access it by partaking in the Weekend Rituals, or reaching player level 50 to permanently unlock the theme. However, there's an even more secret stage that pays direct homage to the game's origins.

The level simply named 1984 is inspired by the first ever version of Tetris, of course created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov. This level theme harkens back to the game he made on his Electronika 60 computer, and it's a brilliant look back at the genesis of what would become a true gaming phenomenon.

To access this special level and unlock it in all the Effect Modes, you'll need a USB keyboard. Here's how you do it.

What a cool way to acknowledge Tetris' anniversary and its history at the same time. Will you be checking out this 1984 theme in Tetris Effect? Get those T-spins in the comments section below.

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Tetris Effect Celebrates the Puzzler's Anniversary and Origin with Awesome Secret Stage - Push Square

Review: Bunny Factory – Movies Games and Tech

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Whenever I think of a factory production line I picture lots of workers, robots, and plenty of frantic action. What I dont imagine is a slow-paced environment filled with one rabbit walking around while wearing a giant robotic suit. Yet, this is exactly what you experience when you play Bunny Factory.

Developed and published by DillyFrame, this is a 3D puzzle game with bunnies, lots and lots of bunnies. You must work solo or with friends to fill puzzles with coloured boxes. The premise lacks a sense of complexity, but the puzzles quickly become more and more difficult. You must use a bit of luck and an awful lot of logical thinking to overcome each problem you face.

I have been fortunate to play and review most of DillyFrames games, and Bunny Factory is the latest iteration in a long list of titles. They normally focus on classic problem-solving ideas, such as; Mahjong, Sudoku, and more. This time they have broken their familiar pattern and focussed on a completely original concept.

The gameplay starts pretty easy. A pattern is shown on the floor and you must place the relevant coloured blocks to light up each portion. The blocks have arrows that highlight the path that they will fill, and you must jostle each one around until no tile is left unlit. It tests your spatial awareness and ability to plan. Its simplicity makes it so fantastic and each stage has that just one more try element to it.

As you complete each puzzle, you are awarded with a yellow cube that has a number on it. You must follow the arrows, place the cube down, and start the next problem. This doesnt just work as a method to move the game forward. No, it encourages you to explore the factory, activate the equipment, and find the collectables that hide in plain sight.

The further you progress the more complex the puzzles become! Extra colours are added to the mix, and plain cubes must be painted to fill the pattern. It quickly becomes very difficult and you have to use more trial and error and forward-thinking to be successful. The higher the level, the longer each stage takes, so this forced me to only play a few levels at a time. The constant back and forth made playing this for long periods quite tiresome, so to ease this I played it in short bursts.

With one hundred challenging levels, a massive factory to explore, and a reliable server to play with friends, Bunny Factory is by far the best game in the series. The original idea has allowed DillyFrame to shine and they have learnt from their previous mistakes. Whenever I played their previous games, they were all full of bugs, issues, and graphically they were a bit of a mess. Fortunately, I didnt experience any of these issues and other than the timeit tookto complete the later stages, I loved every minute of this.

I was, however, disappointed that they removed the NPC bunnies and mindless sports from the game. Previous iterations allowed you to play football, attack passing rabbits, and cause general mayhem. Bunny Factory has some cool extracurricular activities that relate to the factory, but they sadly lack the immature nature found in previous games.

Compared to previous titles, Bunny Factory looks great! Its more polished, the world is larger and has a lot more detail. The blend of neutral colours and bright tones make the puzzles interesting to observe and the bunnies have smooth animations. It is much better than what they have previously produced, but it doesnt stand out against others in the field. It is nice, but it just wont wow you.

The audio follows suit. It delivers an expected lighthearted soundtrack with an industrial edge. It matches the theme nicely and delivers a pace that doesnt add pressure to the gameplay. The sound effects are amusing, especially when multiple people are playing. Kicking each other never gets old, nor do the noises each rabbit makes.

I appreciate it when developers create games that are simple to play, and this one is as straightforward as they come. You open with an image of the control layout, and with a little practice, it quickly becomes second nature. Everything is responsive, and moving the blocks was an easy task. Taking the role of a robot bunny factory worker has never been so easy.

With one hundred levels to complete, and a challenging learning curve, this will keep you playing. The multiplayer option was a great idea as it reduced the constant back and forth when sorting blocks. A small achievement list requires you to complete half the puzzles and to explore the whole factory looking for collectables. This can be achieved in around four hours, with the same again required to finish it.

If youve not played the series, youll have to take my word for this, but this is by far the best one yet. A thoroughly polished endeavour that tests you mentally from start to finish. Yes, I was disappointed about the lack of NPCs and without them, it felt devoid of life. Yet, the overall package is very good, and this is an enjoyable puzzle experience. If you are a fan of the genre, buy your copy here! Solve each problemand get the factory back up and running.

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Review: Bunny Factory - Movies Games and Tech

Universal Studios Japan has reopened to the public – Nintendo Wire

After months of delays, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan finally opened to visitors on March 18th, 2021, but the excitement was short-lived. After being open for about one month, the park closed to the public on April 25th due to precautions associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, just over a month after the closing, Universal Studios Japan and, consequently, Super Nintendo World are open to the public once again, albeit at a reduced capacity. Universal Studios Japan has released guidelines for the reopening, dictating that the park will only be open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, guests are advised to depart from the park at staggered times in order to avoid congestion.

As a lover of gaming and the written word, Jaxson currently fills his time not only with playing games, but also writing about them. Ready for anything, Jaxsons passion for puzzle games, JRPGs, tough platformers, and whimsical indies helps him bring a well-rounded opinion to Nintendo Wires reporting.

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Universal Studios Japan has reopened to the public - Nintendo Wire

Eight awesome indie PC games you shouldnt miss this June – PCGamesN

Its gaming month! I mean, obviously every month is gaming month, but June is especiallygamey thanks to E3 and its many satellite events, which promise reveals for everything from 200-hour-long epics that wont be out for another console generation to the next potential indie surprise hit.

Like pretty much everything else over the past couple of years, E3 isnt quite the same this year. According to our E3 2021 schedule, there are no fewer than 18 different publisher events scheduled to run this June. Thats a lot to keep up with, so its fortunate that the indie scene is still in full swing, providing releases for every genre going so you can switch off from the triple-A parade.

This month weve hunted around our inboxes, pored over Steams Popular Upcoming tag, and played a bunch of demos so we can bring you a shortlist of the months finest indie and mid-market offerings. As the triple-A side of the game industry kicks into high gear it seems like the rest of the market is also raising its game there are loads of exciting games to browse, and a little something for everyone.

If youre not fussed about being up to date then we suggest checking out our roundup of May games while youre here, but if youre after something fresh to chomp through then here are eight mid-market andindie games you shouldnt miss in June.

If youre after an Animal Crossing PC game then Hokko Life is as close as youre going to get. You arrive in a sleepy town populated by anthropomorphic animals, and its up to you to spruce the place up so its a bustling rural community.

You can choose what to build, what kind of style Hokko should have, and even design each piece of furniture, from bookshelves to sofas. If you love the designing, crafting, and painting parts of games like The Sims, but you cant be bothered making sure your avatar doesnt set themselves on fire making a salad, thenthis could be for you. Check out Hokko Life on Steam here.

Lets face it, some of the most satisfying enemies to slay in games are the toothless mobs that you can squish without breaking a sweat, and in turn-based tactical RPG The Last Spell, youre tasked with wiping out hordes of underpowered enemies in a matter of turns.

Your party must defend the last city on Earth from an army of monsters that attacks each night. At the start of each day you spend some cash fortifying your position and buffing your party with stat upgrades and gear, then when night falls you begin the combat stage, which is where you attempt to fell the horde before it can penetrate the city walls. Theres something for everyone in The Last Spell, with elements from tower defence games, nods to strategy games like Into the Breach, and an interesting mix of roguelike and tactical RPG mechanics. Check out The Last Spell on Steam here.

Billed as a first-person, romantic, metal-detecting game, The Magnificent Trufflepigs sees the sharp-witted Adam returning home to the rural village of Stanning to help a woman named Beth uncover a local mystery. You do this by scouring fields and greens for clues and reporting them to Beth via walkie-talkie, learning more about her over time and forging a connection with your accomplice that you can shape through dialogue choices.

Theres clearly some inspiration from Firewatch, as well as from the enchanting British TV series Detectorists. On top of that, The Magnificent Trufflepigs is also made by the lead designer of Everybodys Gone to the Rapture, so check this out if youre looking for a new first-person exploration game. Check out The Magnificent Trufflepigs here.

Astalon: Tears of the Earth is a throwback Metroidvania through and through. Theres a gloriously catchy chiptune soundtrack, saturated 8-bit pixel art, and hundreds of rooms to explore and fight through.

Theres a neat twist in that you can switch between and level up three different characters between each room, so you can try out different styles of play if you get stuck for too long. Most enemies have a weakness that one of your three heroes can exploit, so tackling Astalons boss fights is as much about picking the right character as it is reacting to the on-screen action. Check out Astalon: Tears of the Earth here.

Mighty Goose is sadly not a sequel or spinoff to Untitled Goose Game, but its still a very worthy addition to the pantheon of powerful geese protagonists in gaming. If youre at all familiar with run-and-gun shooters like Metal Slug and Contra, then youll feel right at home with Mighty Goose.

And if youve ever wanted to watch a goose gib several enemies with a single shotgun blast, or speed across a desert in a tank, then this is probablythe only game offering that. Check out Mighty Goose here.

A strong contender for a spot on our list of the best detective games, Backbone is a post-noir RPG in which you interact with and interrogate suspects to solve your biggest case yet in a dystopian version of Vancouver. If youre drawn to stunning pixel art then Backbone is an astonishingly gorgeous indie thatll take you through many detailed, grimy environments as you hunt for a missing husband.

You have a few different ways to unearth clues as you play, including stealth, but you do most of your detective work by getting to know the seedy underbelly of Vancouver, prodding and probing at its cast of anthropomorphic characters, and making tough decisions on how to pursue the case. Check out Backbone here.

Summertime Madness is a meditative first-person puzzle game about an artist who has become stuck in their own creation after botching a deal with the devil. Fortunately, you must be a very good artist, as the canvas youve become stuck inside is an enchanting mix of pastel shades and soft, blotted textures.

The world around you changes as you uncover the paintings mysteries, unveiling new vistas for you to explore and puzzles to solve. The puzzles themselves favour a creative approach and strike a great balance between head-scratching and soothing to work through. Check out Summertime Madness here.

A 2D puzzle platformer with a protagonist straight from a Pixar movie, Monobotis a bittersweet journey through a dark and desolate world filled with killer robots set on destroying non-conforming ones. Ones like player character Mono, who seeks simply to be free.

Youll upgrade him with unique enhancements enabling creative solutions to the puzzles that bar his progressacross a vast planet,discovering clues as to why there are no humans around any more in what the devs promise is a grand story with multiple endings. With shades of Inside and Limbo, fans of robot games can check Monobot out on Steam here.

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Eight awesome indie PC games you shouldnt miss this June - PCGamesN

Guerrilla Collective 2021 Day 1: All the Games Announced and Unveiled – TechnoSports

For the second time, the Guerrilla Collective online digital festival is back this year and its gonna feature over 80 games from 5050 Games, Innsersloth, tinyBuild, and more. The Media Indie Exchange is the producer and the show will be on 5th June and 12th June.

Here are all the games announced on the Guerrilla Collectives first day:

Aeon Drive

This speedrun action-platformer is set in the environment of Cyberpunk Barcelona. Here you will have some unique skills to control time.


This game is totally an arcade battle arena shooter where you become an axolotl who has an AK and have to protect your pond from enemy invaders.

ANNO: Mutationem

It is an action-adventure game set in a cyberpunk environment and features a unique mix of pixelated 2D and 3D graphics.

Beast of Maravilla Island

Youll take the role of young wildlife photographer where you can travel through a beautiful island to discover it.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

This is an action RPG game from Koji Igarashi.


This one is a science fiction survival horror RPG set in the hyper-realistic, 3D-scanned wasteland of Chernobyls exclusive zone from Farm 51.

El Paso, Elsewhere

Its a supernatural third-person shooter where players need to hunt fallen angels, werewolves, and few other creatures.


The storyline is of a fox mother who is the last of her kind after humanity ravaged the planet. You, like a fox mother, have to help your three babies to survive.

Fire Tonight

This one is a narrative puzzle game set in 1990. You need to find Devins apartment while solving puzzles and avoiding fires in the city.

Grow: Song of the Evertree

Here your task is to care for the Evertree, a place where many worlds resided on its countless branches.

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition

This turn-based dungeon crawler is entirely a rebuilt version of the award-winning 2015 indie hit from Gambrinous.


This game is a first-person shooter that will take you from East berlin into a parallel reality, before the end of the Cold War.

Kraken Academy

Kraken Academy is a technicolor fever dream that can be called technically a school. Join the forces with magical Kraken to control a time loop and save the world.

KungFu Kickball

Compete against your friends in a fantasy sport that mixes soccer with kung-fu action movies. Fly through the air and unleash a flurry of punches, kicks, and mystical arts to overpower the other team and smash the ball into their bell. Every bell ring counts as a point and the team with the most points when time runs out is crowned the winner.

Hone your skills in the single-player championship modes against increasingly difficult AI, then duke it out with friends in either local multiplayer or online multiplayer in versus or quick match modes.


This pixel art survival horror game is set in New England in the mid-19th century.

Legend of Keepers: Return of the Goddess

This one is the first DLC for the reverse dungeon crawler Legend of Keepers with a new master, new monsters, a new environment, and more.


You wake up in a castle, and now have to find a way out of it by defeating The Red King.

My Lovely Wife

A story of a man after his beloved wifes sudden death.


A single-player journey where you will discover things through an ancient world of wonders.

Onsen Master

Its a hot spring customer management game where players must create ingredients to match the several customer ailments.

Rubi: The Wayward Mira

Rubi: The Wayward Mira is a 2D action-platformer that brings science and magic together.

Run Die Run Again (RDRA)

This one is a fast-paced first-person precision platformer, where everything of that environment is out to hunt you.

Source of Madness

Source of Madness is a side-scrolling dark action roguelite set in a twisted Lovecraftian-inspired world powered by procedural generation and AI machine learning. Take on the role of a new Acolyte as they embark on a nightmarish odyssey. Uncover the cosmic secrets of the Loam Lands and The Tower of Madness, the moons mysterious Citadel.

Fight hordes of nightmarish beasts utilising powerful close-combat magic, explore labyrinthine environments, collect powerful loot and manage your item loadout, then infuse the beasts blood at magical altars to unlock additional abilities, perks and spells. Decide your Acolytes fate in the customisable skill tree.

Super Space Club

In the galaxy, youll have several missions. Take part in different space dogfights, and jam out to lo-fi beats in this chill, arcade-style shooter.

The Eternal Cylinder

In The Eternal Cylinder, players control a herd of adorable creatures called Trebhums and must explore a strange alien world filled with exotic lifeforms, surreal environments, and the constant threat of the Cylinder, a gargantuan rolling structure of ancient origin which crushes everything in its path. In this unique alien ecosystem, real-time world destruction, animal AI, and organic exploration and puzzle design all combine to deliver an unforgettable adventure.

Your Trebhums begin at the bottom of the natural food chain but can mutate and evolve with new physical attributes and abilities by eating a variety of flora and fauna. Discover and adapt dozens of mutations, including new traversal skills like flying and swimming to reach new areas, and new senses to help overcome puzzles and dangers. Your many Trebhums can each have different mutations, empowering you to create a unique herd. Each mutation will also change the physical look of a Trebhum and stacking these will generate surprising new creature designs which players will be able to organically discover as they explore this unique alien world.

The Lightbringer

This one is a poetic adventure set in a very beautiful world claimed by vile corruption. You have to cleanse the corruption.


A multiplayer sandbox game where you need to build your own village and community alongside exploring the dungeons.


This action-adventure colorful game is inspired by classic platformers where you need to restore the peace to his recently invaded home.

Ultra Age

Take on the hammer-wielding robots and big enemies in this trailer for Ultra Age, as shown during Guerrilla Collective 2021.


Ed Miller, a writer, came out unscathed from his car crash down into Bixby Canyon, California. Even though no one was found inside the car wreckage, Ed insists that he was traveling with his wife and daughter. Traumatized by the event, he begins to suffer from severe vertigo. As he starts therapy, he will try to uncover what really happened on that tragic day.


Swim, launch, and bounce through this meditative floating platformer.

A reactive soundscape creates the soundtrack to your exploration through the playful puzzles of Ynglets hand-drawn levels.

In Ynglet you jump between bubbles that float in the sky like youre a space dolphin, as you melt into a highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ynglets custom (and needlessly complicated) music software!

Zodiac Legion

Its a turn-based tactical RPG combat, where you need to lead your heroes through daring raids and forgotten ruins, protect your land.


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Guerrilla Collective 2021 Day 1: All the Games Announced and Unveiled - TechnoSports

Unsigned: Finding the things we’ve lost in ourselves in Love A Puzzle Box filled with Stories | Business News – MCV/Develop

This article is a part of MCV/DEVELOPs Unsigned, bringing a spotlight to unsigned indie games in partnership with Unity.

LOVE A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories is a puzzle game about finding the things weve lost in ourselves and the people who help us find them.

Developer: Rocketship Park

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Team size: Rocketship Park is a two-man team; LOVEs initial development also involved the work of a limited number of external participants

Progress: Launched on PC/Mac, looking to bring to additional platforms

Contact details: Jim Squires,

Why did you decide to develop this game?

LOVE A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories is designed to trigger not love, but that warm corner of sadness that comes with it; the wistfulness found in loneliness and regret. The idea for the game came nearly ten years ago, when Shane heard a song his friend Neil White had written that triggered this exact feeling. A decade later, were pleased to say that Neil has provided every note of the soundtrack to help us deliver on that emotion.

What experience does the team have?

Co-founder and CTO Shane McCafferty has been making games professionally since the first days of the App Store, and has had a number of chart-topping hits in that time (Word Forward, Crobble). Together with fellow co-founder Jim Squires (thats me!), Rocketship Park has released a handful of smaller puzzle projects (Block Droppin, remastering Word Forward in Unity) on the road to their first big release. The two share concept and design duties throughout a project. Shane is ultimately responsible for our programming, while Jim handles external relationships and company oversight.

Why did you decide to use Unity to create this game?

Given the nature of the game, we knew we wanted to target players outside of mobile devices as our primary audience for the first time. Unity provided us the flexibility to adapt our release to whatever platforms we wanted to pursue.

We were quickly blown away by what Unity had to offer. As we continued development, we were delighted to see how many challenges we expected to face were already solved thanks to the Unity Asset Store. The number of off-the-shelf solutions is, frankly, unbelievable.

How long has the title been in development?

The game itself is complete and already available on Steam. Player and critical reception has been positive, and were currently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best video game. Wed like to bring LOVE to additional platforms, and would also be open to re-releasing our PC/Mac version through a publishers label. Thanks to our use of Unity, we dont need to rebuild LOVE from the ground up for new platforms.

What level of support are you looking for from a potential partner?

Marketing and porting support. Discoverability is the #1 challenge for any game, and without appropriate marketing budgets and know-how, even the greatest games can be left unattended by audiences. Brand affiliation with the right publisher can go a long way and if a publisher believes in our game as much as we do, we know theyll be committed to helping us find our audience. Being able to leverage publisher relationships with platform holders, too, is key for us. Were looking for a passionate publisher who will be our strongest advocate on whichever platform they bring LOVE.

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Unsigned: Finding the things we've lost in ourselves in Love A Puzzle Box filled with Stories | Business News - MCV/Develop

Fire Tonight brings heartfelt narrative puzzling to Switch, PC in August – Nintendo Enthusiast

Publisher Way Down Deep and developer Reptoid Games have announced that narrative puzzle game Fire Tonight will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC with a release date of Aug. 12, 2021. The premise is that the year is 1990, before prevalent internet and cell phones, but the city is literally burning. Amid this backdrop, Maya and Devin are separated and trying to find their way back to each other, but along the way, the story will recount the choices that brought them here, how they met, and what the future might hold. Devin is apparently stuck in his apartment, so Maya is the one that will be navigating the maze-like city while avoiding police barricades and expanding fire.

The Fire Tonight release date trailer sets the lighthearted tone for the Switch title with its pleasant music and soft visuals (albeit while everything is on fire). Provided you like the color purple, it looks like a fun way to spend a few hours and reflect on life before everyone was connected to everyone all the time. Alternatively, pyromaniacs may get a freaky fetishistic joy out of it as well.

If running around a burning city on Switch sounds like fun to you, keep an eye out for Fire Tonight as its August release date approaches.


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Fire Tonight brings heartfelt narrative puzzling to Switch, PC in August - Nintendo Enthusiast

Trenga Unlimited Is Rather Limited XSX Review But Why Tho? – But Why Tho? A Geek Community

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Trenga Unlimitedis the console port of the mobile gameTrengadeveloped and published by Flux Games. Its a simple puzzle game akin to a 3D Tetris, but easier and with little pressure. I like a good puzzle game. Unfortunately, this isnt really it. In Trenga Unlimited, your goal is to pick from one of the three random block shapes youre given and place them into a four-sided tower to fill in the empty spots to clear each row. Each row consists of all four sides, so you wont be able to clear it unless the row is filled in all the way around. As you progress in the game, youll also encounter glass spacesthat can be filled in but dont have to be for clearingbomb spaces, and ice spaces that will add a bit of pressure. But not too much. The game has a generously long timer in its storyless story mode, allowing you ample time to clear each level.

The only incentive to go fast is the three stars you can earn for clearing certain requirements such as a certain number of points, not turning or mirroring your piecesthe two moves you can make to fit pieces into the toweror using certain buddies on the level. Buddies give different perks like longer combo timers or extra points for certain moves. The stars dont seem to have any purpose though, besides feeling good and unlocking system achievements/trophies. Theyre not required to advance to certain levels or to unlock anything in the game.

The gameplay is a neat concept. I didnt have a bad time playing it. Its just that the game itself is rather unpolished and none of its limited aspects have me incentivized to keep playing. Were there more things to unlock or a greater level of challenge to it all, I could see myself wanting to beat the game or unlock all of the Xbox achievements. But alas.

There is also a Survival Mode, where every row you clear brings about a new row, possibly including bombs or ice to make things more challenging. This is, in fact, a difficult mode. Those bombs are no joke, blowing up surrounding pieces if you dont clear them fast enough. And as you work to weave a perfect wall of pieces fitting just right, theyll make little one or two-piece holes that will require you to purposefully place bigger pieces on top of them to fill them in, but you lose oxygen, aka your timer, which is only replenished by clearing rows.

If only the whole game had this level of intensity. As soon as the bombs are introduced in the story mode, things get way tougher. Like, way tougher. Too tough even. Its overall just unbalanced; either easy and unfun or too hard and frustrating. Not to mention that the music, sound effects, and voice-over become very grating very quickly.

I commend the game for trying something totally new in the realm of puzzle games. In a sea of match-three and click-and-find puzzle games,Trenga Unlimiteddoes something I have never seen before. And its not that it fails, by any means. On the contrary, the puzzle concept itself is excellent. Its just an unpolished and unbalanced game. I cant keep incentivized to play it because the story mode has no incentives, and the survival mode is far too difficult. A game using this same concept but with some polish and apt difficulty curve could be great, though.

TrengaUnlimitedis available May 28th on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Trenga Unlimited



I commend the game for trying something totally new in the realm of puzzle games. In a sea of match-three and click-and-find puzzle games,Trenga Unlimiteddoes something I have never seen before. And its not that it fails, by any means. On the contrary, the puzzle concept itself is excellent. Its just an unpolished and unbalanced game. I cant keep incentivized to play it because the story mode has no incentives, and the survival mode is far too difficult. A game using this same concept but with some polish and apt difficulty curve could be great.

Pop culture is cool, but have you ever tried analyzing it through a historical and cultural lens so that you can not only understand the content more deeply? When Jason is not editing the podcast or musing the effects media have on our lives, Im off working to develop sustainable food systems.

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Trenga Unlimited Is Rather Limited XSX Review But Why Tho? - But Why Tho? A Geek Community

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