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Chess Puzzles – Chess Puzzles

Do you like chess puzzles? Then check your chess skills by solving our chess tasks! There are 1200 chess puzzles of different level from beginners to intermediate players available. You can change the appearance of your chess pieces and the level of difficulty.

Level 1 corresponds to ELO 1300 1400 Level 2 corresponds to ELO 1300 1600 Level 3 corresponds to ELO 1450 1650 Level 4 corresponds to ELO 1500 1800 Level 5 corresponds to ELO 1500 1900

To enter the solution, click on the desired piece and drag it to the target square. In the tasks of a higher level you have to enter a series of moves. If you enter a wrong move the program will give your a hint. Below the chess board you can see the game notation and time. All info is displayed in the upper right field of the chess board.

Besides you can test your chess skills by playing versus computer or human opponents at our playing zone

Good luck !

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