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Welcoming the new year | Kodiak | – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

It is a brand new year, and we are hoping for the pandemic to slow down, vaccines to arrive, things to open up and being able to gather once again. Until then, the Kodiak Senior Center continues to meet the increased demand for home-delivered meals as well as curbside pickup meals. We have some activities on Zoom to keep you busy. And we continue to assist seniors with information about Permanent Fund Dividends, senior benefits, Medicare, etc.

Dont forget to apply for your property tax exemption if you are 65 and older at the Kodiak Island Borough offices. Medicare open enrollment for parts A & B is from Jan. 1 to March 31. We will have yoga each Monday and somatics each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. with volunteers Veronica and Deb. And we have Zoom brain games starting Jan. 21. Give us a call if you have questions at 486-6181.

The state is going through the list of who gets the COVID vaccine next. The next round of people to receive the vaccine will be those 65 and older. Presently, that is scheduled to start mid January. A state panel is deciding on the vaccine distribution. You can get that updated information at People 65 and older are in Phase 1B Tier 1. We will try and let everyone know when that vaccine might be available as well. Those aged 60 to 65 will be in Phase 1B Tier 3. And those dates will be determined at a later date. Please call the center or check that website for information.

It is time to apply for your PFD, and we do hope you consider using PickClickGive in making a donation to the Senior Citizens of Kodiak or any Kodiak nonprofit during these challenging times of raising funds and continuing to meet program demands. These donations make a difference. Last year, our agency received $2,500 in these donations. We appreciate the 35 people who took the time to make those donations. If you need assistance in applying for your PFD, contact the center.

We want to thank the Providence Alaska Foundation for their recent community benefit donation to our agency. These funds will be used to meet the increased demand for meals as grants and donations for meals do not cover the full cost of the meal. The foundation donated $20,000 to local social service agencies.

As we gain light each day and some hope for 2021, we thank all of our supporters. We look forward to being able to gather again and socialize. We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Welcoming the new year | Kodiak | - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Acing the numbers game – Deccan Herald

Jonnalagadda Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash was just one-and-a-half when he identified the smallest of countries on a world map after having seeing the map only once, a week before. To his parents, this was the first inkling that their son had an above-average intellect. When he was barely five, he would be found arranging the lids and caps on bottles at home into fascinating and intricate geometric patterns! He would also pick up complicated puzzles and solve them in a jiffy.

His parents were pleasantly surprised and this confirmed their belief that their son was something of a maths buff and that he would do well in that subject as he grew up and generally be an academic success.

However, never did his parents anticipate the world acclaim that their son is receiving today.Bhanu Prakash has now been declared the worlds fastest human calculator after winning the first ever, prestigious gold for India in the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad 2020, held recently in London.

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed, says the 21-year-old Hyderabad-based genius. The Mathematics Honours student from St Stephens College, Delhi University, now holds four world records and 50 Limca records. He has even founded his own company Exploring Infinities. Witty and highly articulate, friendly and modest, he has a surprisingly mature outlook on life, especially in aspects like world education and philanthropy.

Also, despite all his achievements in maths, he is not a nose-in-the-book nerd. Bhanu learned Carnatic music for three years in his early years and even sang snippets of a Thyagaraja keerthana Nagumomu Galavaani Naa Manoharunifor this writer. He reveals that he used to explain and unravel the arithmetic progressions in alankaras (a basic lesson in Carnatic music) and discuss the complexities of rhythm calculations with his music-teacher and co-students. He also played tennis as a teenager, and like any other Indian, he loves cinema and cricket.

Born into a simple Telugu family, he grew up in a highly supportive and loving environment. His grandfather, parents and sister mean the world to Bhanu. I am grateful for the total belief my parents had in me when it came to what I wanted to pursue in life. I always had a choice. Of course, I did have to convince them on why I think my choice makes sense. They were willing to listen, which I think is what creates the atmosphere for discussion. He also says he was influenced by legends like Srinivasa Ramanujan and Sachin Tendulkar.

Faith and destiny

However, there were anxious moments during his growing years. Especially when Bhanu, at the tender age of five, sustained a serious injury to his head when the vehicle in which he was travelling in, collided with a truck in a terrible accident. We gave him the best medical attention we could and also prayed and prayed, reveal his parents.

As Bhanu recollects: The accident rendered me bedridden for a year, with doctors apprehensive about possible long-term effects. However, my parents refused to believe them. They encouraged me to solve puzzles in an attempt to boost my brain. His parents faith and destiny combined to help him overcome the trauma. He went on to break a world record earlier held by the likes of Shakuntala Devi and Scott Flansburg to become the worlds fastest human calculator. Bhanu never felt superior to his classmates.As he explains: I personally dont consider myself a prodigy of any sort. And, I was doing good in a few classes, not so much in the others, because I believe that intelligence isnt an intrinsic trait and has so many edges to it, which we dont usually talk about. I had a tough time with people expecting all sorts of things from me, which I didnt necessarily specialise in. What would he have become if not a mathematician? He replies: Probably a doctor. I always thought that the work of treating and saving people has a divine aspect to it.

Bhanu concedes that his talent gives him great benefits global fame, international travel, professional respect, social status and material benefits. He is on the verge of world tours now and receiving invites for talks from around the world. However, he feels this gift is not only about his personal fame and glory, but also about giving back to the society. He is now helping students during the Covid crisis with free classes, for example.

So, what influences his philanthropy? My parents both studied in government schools and have always stressed how there is a hugelack of access to quality education. And the phobia caused by maths and the resulting demotivation is one of the biggest reasons for kidsto opt out of rural schools in India. He adds: Arithmetic is the first wave that hits a person in the ocean of mathematics. I want to be the surfboard, metaphorically speaking,to take peopleinto the vast world that lies beyond and show them how beautiful it is.

So, is that his vision for the future? He replies: I want to eradicate maths phobia through our school interventions; improve cognitive abilities in students through arithmetic learning; help students explore the infinite capabilities of the human brain, make math funand promote brain games as a structured sport. Our mission is to make brain workouts a pop culture! I wish to change the approach to both teaching and learning mathematics across India and the world. In that sense, I want to be a global changemaker.

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Acing the numbers game - Deccan Herald

Keeping your mind sharp as you age to enjoy life – The Miami Times

If you are aware of the passage of time and want to stick around a lot longer with all of your faculties intact, this is the article for you.

This has been a tough year on the aging population. Many seniors have been isolating for months, away from children and grandchildren, to keep from becoming infected with COVID-19. In fact, seniors in assisted living or nursing facilities where staff come and go have the highest coronavirus-related death rate, in Florida and around the world.

If you are fortunate enough to have survived and are looking forward to a pandemic-free world in your remaining golden years, heed some advice. As knowledge about the aging process, medical research and technology continues to advance, so too do the options for managing how aging impacts your life. While everyone ages differently, you can control some things by committing to healthy lifestyle choices that can keep your mind sharp for years to come.

Stay in motion. A study published in the journal Neurology found formerly sedentary people who started walking three times a week improved executive function the myriad processes required for people to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks and lowered predicted brain age by nine years in just six months. In fact, exercises such as hiking can have an increased impact on brain health.

Improve your diet. Diet is often seen as a pathway to weight loss, but as you get older its important to understand how diet holds the keys to your health and physiology, and impacts brain function and the ability to concentrate. For example, fatty fish like salmon is rich in omega-3 acids, which are linked to lower risk of dementia and stroke and slower mental decline, according to the National Institutes of Health. Berries, apples and tea can also help lower dementia risk, as found in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Develop good sleep habits. The proper amount of sleep can go a long way toward maintaining good cognitive health. Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night to adequately rest their brains. Steps you can take to develop good sleep habits include going to bed and getting up around the same time each day, and avoiding caffeine or eating food too close to bedtime.

Reduce and manage stress. Few things cause aging as intensely or negatively as stress. It can lead to a variety of cognitive issues and manifest itself in your physical appearance, as well as in chronic conditions such as heart disease, depression and other psychological disorders. To help reduce and manage stress, consider practicing yoga or meditation, spending time in nature, decluttering your home and getting adequate sleep.

Feed your brain. Like any muscle in the body, the brain needs stimulation and regular exercise to avoid atrophy and decline. Brain games and activities such as listening to music, reading, or arts and crafts can help maintain brain fitness. Blogging can also help engage your inner storyteller and uses the brain to do something that involves both passive and active thinking outside of its usual routine.

Theres plenty of brain food available to devour. By reading and experiencing new things, as well as keeping your mind active with puzzles and games, you can slow age-related cognitive decline. The Miami Times hopes you take these steps in 2021 as part of your New Years resolution to get back to living your best possible life.

Learn more about enhancing your cognitive performance and feeling your best at any age at

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Keeping your mind sharp as you age to enjoy life - The Miami Times

If you want it, BPL’s got it – Eagle News Online

By Jacquie Owens

Adult Services Librarian

Looking for things do during the days of long nights and less sunshine? In addition to all the great books weve been adding to the shelves, did you know about these offerings?

Itching to hear that special sound of the past? BPL has a newBluetoothturntable and the records to play on it.From Queens of the Stone Age,Bon Iver and Led Zeppelin to Paul Simons Graceland, Purple Rain by Prince and David Bowies The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, check out both the record player and the vinyl and listen to the difference.

Oh no, your computer died! Dont worry, BPL has an answer.

We have Chromebooks equipped with a hotspot connection that is plug and play, just in time to return those too-small pants or gag gifts to the online store. We have 10 Chromebooks that can be borrowed for three weeks.

BPL has special pop-up books geared towards children and young adults from fairytales to Shakespeare, Star Wars to Harry Potter and planetariums.If you want to make your own pop-up books, we have books to teach you how.

Addictedto an old TV series and cant find it on a streaming service or theyre asking you to pay? BPL has many older TV series and access to many more through the Onondaga County PublicLibrary System.We have family fare likeOzzie and Harrietor7thHeaven, action like24, thrillers likeAlfred Hitchcock Presents or the classicTwilight Zone, cartoons likeAnimaniacsorLooney Tunes, or mysteries likeMurder, She Wrote. Find it here!

If you havent tried a Launchpad, you are in for a treat. These pre-loaded tablets are full of games and knowledge, depending on which one you pick. Each Launchpad focuses on a subject. For children theres the ABCs, math, music,and Dr. Seuss. Young adults can prepare for the SAT orACT, enjoy brain games, crosswords,sudoku,or sports strategy;and adults can learnabout healthy habits, learn another language, or study U.S. law.

Get it all at the Baldwinsville Public Libraryby ordering through the BPL catalog or call the library to make an appointment to come in, order curbsidedeliveryor pick it up in our vestibule. Call 315-635-5631 or see our website at

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If you want it, BPL's got it - Eagle News Online

The filmmakers behind Just Friends tell the story of their unconventional Christmas classic – The A.V. Club

Have you seen Die Hard so many times that its lost its ability to thrill? Are you sick of sobbing through Its A Wonderful Life? Are you appropriately horrified by Jim Carreys horrendous Grinch? If you answered yes to any or all of these holiday movie questions: Have you tried Just Friends? The comedy was released with little fanfare in 2005, just as its leads Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris were on the verge of stardom. Reynolds plays Chris Brander, a former teenaged dweeb who was in love with his best friend and fellow cheerleader Jamie Palladino (Amy Smart) throughout high school. When she doesnt reciprocate his feelings, Chris takes off and becomes a big-shot music exec in L.A. But one Christmas years later, he finds himself stranded in his New Jersey hometown and becomes determined to win Jamie over for good. Unfortunately, hes also there with pop star Samantha James (Faris), whos like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton all rolled up into one.

On paper, it sounds pretty basic. Its difficult to explain the wondrous alchemy that makes Just Friends what it is. One is the movies wise decision just to let Ryan Reynolds be Ryan Reynolds, and to let Faris get absolutely unhinged as Samantha. When Chris is reunited with his younger brother (Chris Marquette), instead of a heartwarming reunion, the two immediately regress and spend most of their time slapping each other. Julie Hagerty plays their delightfully daffy mom. Stephen Root shows up as a music exec big shot in hideous leather pants; Chris Klein is a a fellow former dweeb who has also has overcome past obstacles that could separate him from Jamie. At some point, for some reason everyone just heads off to see The Notebook. Naturally, the movie finds its typical rom-com ending, but not before everything erupts in a fiery decorations explosion that sets Santa and all his reindeer on fire. Maybe the true beauty of Just Friends is as a point of comparison: No matter how imperfect your own holidays may be (and in 2020, were guessing everyones holidays are imperfect), Chris Branders Christmas is worse.

In honor of Just Friends 15th anniversary, director Roger Kumble (Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing, Suits) and writer Adam Tex Davis (Brain Games, Brainchild) talked to The A.V. Club about what Kumble calls the the best collaborative experience Ive ever haddespite the fact that they were filming in Saskatchewan in 40-below weather, the unpleasant realization that the Canadian Reynolds couldnt ice skate, and the single shot that took up the majority of the films budget.

AVC: How did Just Friends come about in the first place?

Adam Tex Davis: I was in a two-year just friends relationship with a girl in college. I really thought I had a shot, you know, but she was dating this other guy who was much older. And Im like, Shes going to get tired of this guy. He might be the president now, but Im the vice president. When he gets assassinated or impeached, Im going to take office and its going to be great. And it just never happened. Two years wasted in this relationship.

G/O Media may get a commission

Then I remember I needed something to write. And I started thinking, I cant be the only guy that went through this. I wrote the initial draft of the script and I sent it to my manager, Chris Bender, who read it and called me up. He said, Is this about me? Because I loved this girl. And I was like, first of all, Im not writing scripts about my manager. And second of all, no, this is about me. And then he shared it with a guy at New Line, Richard Brenner. And he was like, Is this about me? And I said, Okay, you know what I think? I think Ive tapped into something here. The universal feeling of unrequited love. And that became the basis of the movie.

AVC: What compelled you to set it around the holidays? Was that a good excuse to have the characters have to go home?

AD: Yeah, it became a hook to get them home, but it was also like, like lets maximize this. Everybodys full of cheer, everybodys happy, but this guy is going to be going through hell.

So theres a great dichotomy there. [Jamies] house is the brightest place on earth. And this guy couldnt be in a darker place. And then Roger jumped all over it and was like, Oh, I know what to do with this. So clearly, it was great.

AVC: Was Ryan Reynolds your first pick for the role of Chris? Hes so perfect for it.

Roger Kumble: You remember talking about anybody else? I dont.

AD: You know, I sold the script like four years before it got made. So I went to lunch with a guy, you might have heard of him, his name is Jimmy Fallon? They thought about him. There was even a crazy moment when they were like, What do you think of Adam Sandler and Julia Roberts? And I was like, Yeah, okay, sure, Ive heard of them. Bradley Cooper, I think was mentioned becauseWedding Crashers did big and he was just a minor character in that. And they were like, Oh, I think this guy is going to blow up. Those are the names that I know that got kicked around.

And then Roger came on and then once once you came on, I cant recall anybody else really being in the conversation.

RK: Im sure we had it like an initial casting list. You know, Ryan was somebody I had had my eye on for years. He was in this indie film, Coming Soon, and he was on Two Girls And A Guy. And then, he kind of popped on Van Wilder, but still wasnt like a name name.

But he was somebody we knew was really funny. We knew that New Line would make the movie with him for a certain price. A lot of it was with the help of Toby Emmerich and Richard Brenner over at New Line. And we were like, lets try and get him. And he was just so great, you know? You could tell he has that Canadian Jim Carrey brainmore than the rest of us.

AVC: Like he always knows whats going on in the room. How much of that in the movie is him improvising or ad-libbing or did he just basically stick to your script?

RK: You know, Tex wrote the script and its his, but the approach we all had was best idea wins. And that went to the directing as well as the writing. We threw out the titles. We just wanted to make a really funny movie. And because we had a certain budget, we went to Saskatchewan in winter because it was really cheap to make a movie that was really cold. It was like negative 40 some days; they couldnt land planes, literally. So when we were up there, like prepping the movie, theres nothing to do. We get together. We hang out at Ryans and we read the script and, with Tex there, kind of workshop a little. And what was so great was Tex being magnanimous with the script, Im magnanimous with the directing, you know what I mean? None of us were precious about our titles and it was the best collaborative experience Ive ever had.

AD: Plus, youre working with two of the greatest ad-libbers with Ryan and Anna. So much good stuff just on set. Its like, We have this scene in the can. Who wants to try something? Roger would yell out a line or Id yell out a line or one of the producers might whisper something and its like, lets try it. Hey, say this. Say that. Like when Anna says, Im busy! I think Roger you just yelled that, because [Ryan] is like, Im busy. And then you just go, Im busy and Anna says Im busy, you know? And it was like, this is great. A great add.

RK: Sometimes our approach to comedy, I remember, was just the literal. Like if someone says, Im T.J. and [Faris] goes T.J. You know the way she is; she could say blueberry and its funny. She just had the character of what Tex wrote down and built on it. [Samantha] had no awareness of other people.

I met with [Faris] and we grab a coffee and she asks, What is this character in your mind? And Tex wrote it, but at the time, its Lindsay and Paris and all of them and Britney and throw in some amphetamines and put it in a blender and thats Samantha James. And she totally got it.

AVC: Another great pairing in the movie is Ryan and Chris Marquette, playing brothers with the constant fighting. It just seems so organic with the two of them.

AD: They were like brothers.

RK: Again, Tex wrote the brothers and all that. I remember Chris Marquette saying, I think I really idolized my brother. And I said, No, you beat the shit out of each other. Because I have a brother, and I love him. But man, when we were that age, wed just wail on each other. And people relate to that.

AD: Im an older brother too and I used to torture my younger brother. Torture. And you know that if given the opportunity later in life where I show up and Im down, he is going to exact his revenge. [To Kumble.] And I remember you making me this promise at some point. I think were sitting in your brothers house in New York working on the script. But you said, Were going to make this the most realistic brother relationship you can see on film. Like none of this brothers, best friends all the time. But at the same time you found ways to bring the heart, like when they get the cookies from their mom.

RK: And Chris Marquette, hes so great in the movie. They were slapping each other, I will say that. Some of those things, you know, you needed to see the redness and the pain. So they committed. Committed.

AVC: There are so many funny lines in the movie, but theres also so much physical comedy, like the slapping. One of the funniest scenes is the ice skating and the injury at the end. Ryan Reynolds is actually a hockey player, right?

RK: Nope.

AD: In the movie, yeah, not in real life.

AVC: I guess I just assume everybody from Canada can skate.

AD: So did we! You wanna hear a great behind-the-scenes story? We assumed that Ryan, being Canadian, he must have had some ice skating and some hockey. So the stunt coordinator took him and Amy Smart out for a little skate. Ryan fell immediately and dislocated his shoulder. We thought, Oh, my god, are we going to have to postpone the movie? Luckily, they popped it back and he took a bottle of Advil and he was fine. He doesnt skate at all.

AVC: For the climactic set piece: How how many takes was that?

RK: You know, if youre going to Vegas, you put all your chips in. We put a lot of our budget on that one moment blowing up that house. It was literally like that game Mouse Trap. We had it so that everything kind of dominoed.

AD: But did you do that more than once? I cant remember.

RK: Oh, no. I think we had like eight cameras, and I was stress eating. We did it once, and then we kind of honed in on certain little jokes. So, we were also doing farce, you know, especially when [Faris] goes That whore! and Not you Wrinkles! and then the dad goes, Not Santa!

AVC: What other stuff do you remember that a total Just Friends geek like me would love to know?

RK: We didnt have a ton of local talent up there. Theres this one scene when [Chris] goes into the general store and hes like, Im on a date and the guy goes During the day? I think that made it in.

AVC: Its in the deleted scenes. Chris is in the convenience store to get mouthwash because he throws up after eating all that sugar.

RK: Oh right. But the guy wasnt really an actor. So, you leave the camera rolling. Its like an acting exercise. Im like, Try it again, and hed just say it the same exact way. During the day? During the day? We were like, Do it with a German accent!

AD: Do it like your whole family was killed!

Roger played a classic prank on me and one of the producers in that scene with the body shake. Unfortunately, that actually happened to me when I was with my just friend. I think we had some drinks and I thought, it seems like I might be able to make a move tonight. And I leaned in to kiss her and I could tell right away, Oh, no, no, shes not trying to kiss me. And she put her arm up. So I thought she wanted to just hug. And as I went to hug her, I realized she was offering her hand for a handshake. And I was already too committed to the hug. So I just kind of grabbed her shoulders and, like, shook her entire body and then walked off in abject shame.

So were filming the the body shake scene, and I was saying, Oh, thats not quite right. Thats not quite right. So Roger calls me and grabs the other producer, and he made us do it like a hundred timesyou know, Just one more time. And were hugging each other and shaking each other. And then I realized they got it the first time we did it. But they filmed us doing it like 20 times.

RK: It was for our home movies.

AD: Like full crew, full cast. You probably wasted like $10,000 doing that. It took at least an hourin the cold negative 40 or 45 degrees shaking each other. And then I realize that theyre all laughing at us.

RK: Speaking of the cold, the day Ryan is walking Anna to the car, to [take] her to the mall, it was so cold they had to keep the car warm. I mean, because Ryan is from Canada, hes used to it. But Amy Smart hated the cold. So wed always have her, like, run out of the shot, like during the Christmas explosion I let her just run out the side. I dont blame her; I mean, we were all in parkas. We looked like the cast of those Roland Emmerich filmsin Antarctica.

AVC: And Ryan Reynolds is just walking around in a sweater.

RK: We would have conversations about the upcoming scenes in his trailer. He would [be eating these things] called Tri-O-Plex bars. I dont even know if they make them any more; theyre like 2,000 calories a bar. And hed be eating one and being a gentleman, hed hand one to me. And wed talk and Id eat it. And he had six-pack abs like three weeks later. And I cant fit in my pants.

AVC: Those are like the bars they give to Regina George in Mean Girls.

RK: Exactly, maybe he was trying to get rid of me.

AVC: Chris Klein is also so great as the villain. How did that come about?

RK: We we had loved him in Election and American Pie.

AD: And Chris Bender produced American Pie. So he had a relationship with him.

RK: The first thing he shot was Dusty in high school. You could see the wounds. You know, its interesting, if you look at it, were all carrying trauma from high school and how it changes people. And it just turns Dusty into a dick. Or was he always a dick? But thats a better question for Tex. Like Dusty, in the beginning, he has long hair and really bad acne and is writing songs for [Jamie]. Then both of these guys buff out.

AD: Yeah, we say its kind of like Batman and the Joker, like Dusty and Chris. Theyre kind of the same, you know, started out wounded from some high school love with the same girl. And they both go about it different ways. But Chris can still win; he can still become human again. And Dusty isnt capable of that. I think thats one of Chris Kleins best performances; he is so funny in that movie.

AD: I couldnt believe we got Julie Hagerty. As a kid I grew up watching Airplane!

RK: Now Ive had more people come up to me with so many memes or GIFs whatever they call it. And Hello, Joyce is like a big one.

Everything is really taken from Texs life and probably this was too. But I remember trying to call girls in eighth grade, and Id be so scared and all of a sudden it would be [Makes sounds like rotary phone]. It would be my mother picking up the phone and dialing and going Hello? Hello? when I was on the phone.

AD: And then I brought in Hello, Joyce? because Joyce is my moms best friend.

RK: It was the perfect name.

AD: What are you doing at Joyces house?

RK: No, Mom, Im 10 feet away from you. Oh god.

AVC: So this movie had a slow burn: I dont remember the first time I saw it, but it wasnt in 2005; it took me a couple of years. But now it seems like that more people are discovering Just Friends as another great thing they can watch at Christmas.

AD: Yeah, when it came out it did okay, fair.

RK: It kind of just disappeared. And then little by little, Tex and I and the producers, a couple times a year one of us would get a nice note about Just Friends. And around seven years ago, it started making the rounds, like this is the underrated Christmas movie you should see. And then when it hit streaming, just a ton of people started seeing it. For me, its a great experience when people discover something unique you made years ago. And we truly had a great time making it.

AD: The only sad thing is that Ryan Reynolds career went nowhere.

RK: I know. I dont know what he does now.

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Brain Games – Play Brain Games Online on Agame

Its time to challenge your cranium with our brain games! Give yourself a mental workout while you put together jigsaw puzzles, attempt to solve math problems, and more. Find out how long you can continue mashing together the numerical cubes in our fun 2048 games. Will you reach the legendary number or will you run out of space? Our great puzzle games can also keep you busy for hours while you pop bubbles, match up everything from candy to jewels, and look for identical Mahjong tiles.

You'll find plenty of brain teasers in this category of free online games. See if you can arrange a series of pipes in the correct order to make them work properly before you try to solve a 3D Rubiks Cube. There's also plenty of fantastic chess games, bubble shooter games, and educational games as well. If youre looking for an even greater task, head to the ER in the medical simulation games where both patients and nurses are waiting to begin a series of complex surgeries.

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Brain Games - Play Brain Games Online on Agame

BrainBox Games enters the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in what will be ‘a huge year for the brand’ – Toy News

The popular educational games series, BrainBox is expanding its licensing activity into the Wizarding World with the release of its upcoming BrainBox Harry Potter in May next year. It marks a major development for the Green Board Games team, who has earmarked 2021 as a huge year for the brand.

Green Board Games was acquired by the Asmodee Group in 2019. The BrainBox games will form a key part of Asmodees newly launching Brain Games collection for creative and enquiring minds in 2021

The BrainBox series is a popular range of addictive memory challenges in which players have ten seconds to study a card before answering questions on what they saw. The series has previously covered topics across maths and English, to dinosaurs and football.

The family-friendly gaming brand now invites players to test their knowledge and relive the beloved Harry Potter film series.

Cards will be packed with fun facts about the franchise as well as stills from all of the Harry Potter films, offering youngsters the chance to prove that theyve got what it takes to be top of the class at Hogwarts.

Its part of a series of plans for the coming year from Green Board Games.

2021 is going to be a huge year for BrainBox, says James Wallis, studio manager at Green Board Games.

BrainBox Harry Potter is a fantastic way to relaunch the line, followed by a fresh new look for the whole range including a completely revamped BrainBox Board Game and the new line of mini-BrainBoxes, in a pocket- and pocket-money-friendly format. We couldnt be more excited.

The BrainBox games series has sold over eight million copies worldwide, in 65 countries and 30 different languages.

The Harry Potter edition, as well as others in the series, will be previewed at AsmoFair, the third edition of Asmodees pioneering virtual trade show, from 17-23 January.

Now including a 360-degree virtual tour of a fully built show stand, the event is an opportunity for retailers to get a closer look at must-have products for the year ahead from Asmodees vast range of games and collectibles.

Weekend and evening meetings are also available buyers can head to to book a slot.

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Camilla opens the Duchess of Cornwall Kennels with a nob-traditional twist – Now To Love

Duchess Camilla has opened up a brand new furry-friendly facility with a rather cute royal first.

The animated royal attended the opening of the Duchess of Cornwall Kennels, a dog-friendly establishment named after the Duchess - and she used the help of one of its first customers to unveil it all.

"Welcome to The Duchess of Cornwall Kennels!" The caption read.

"With a little help from Her Royal Highness, Jack Russell Terrier and Battersea alumna Beth today unveiled a plaque to open the new facilities at @battersea Old Windsor."

The Palace continued to explain the kennels will aim to help reduce stress and infection for mother dogs and their pups.

"It even includes a special system, which will play different types of music throughout the day, to help keep dogs relaxed!" The statement continued.

It certainly was a furry-friendly day.

As patron of the charity, Camilla will have close ties to the facility, a part of the Battersea foundation which helps to re-home animals in need.

"During lockdown, Battersea remained open for emergency cases and set up an advice line for owners who were struggling with their pets at home. They also shared video content from how to help pets deal with separation anxiety, to suggestions for brain games to keep them occupied," a statement from the Palace read.

The engagement, which saw the royals stand outside Windsor Castle while listening to a local band play Christmas songs, marked the end of Kate and William's royal train tour across the United Kingdom.

Looks like there's plenty of Christmas cheer where the royal family is concerned.

Camilla opens the Duchess of Cornwall Kennels with a nob-traditional twist - Now To Love

Week 14 start/sit: Keke Coutee, Cole Kmet and more breakouts – The Athletic

Welcome to the fantasy playoffs! If youre still reading, its a good sign, right? For this last week of the regular Brain Games column for the 2020 season, Im going to circle back to where we started. The idea was to evaluate player performances logically, with the goal of predicting how likely they are to occur again. To not let our brains run away with Recency Bias, but to key in on changes that have staying power. To figure out which fantasy stat lines are flukes and which are for real.

We have a lot more information to go on at this point in the season than we did in Week 2 or 3, but real football is very different now too. Some teams are coasting to the playoffs, others are done for the season, many are fighting for a chance to get in to the postseason. Some teams will rest veterans to keep them fresh for an extended playoff run, others will do so in order to get a look at their younger players in preparation for 2021. These decisions arent just...

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Original Live Action-Animated Hybrid Series Gabby’s Dollhouse Coming to Netflix – Red Tricycle

Theres a surprise inside! DreamWorks Gabbys Dollhouse is a new preschool series from celebrated creators and executive producers Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey. Follow Gabby as she unboxes a surprise before jumping into a fantastical animated world full of adorable cat characters that live inside her dollhouse.

Gabbys Dollhouse emphasizes a growth mindset, inspiring kids to turn their missteps and mistakes into something creative and beautiful. True to Gabbys signature phrase we failed fantastically, every episode encourages flexible thinking and imaginative problem-solving through resilience and resourcefulness. Through DIY crafting projects, baking recipes and brain games, every room of Gabbys Dollhouse is filled with exciting activities and magical adventures to keep kids engaged and entertained.

Join the adventure when Gabbys Dollhouse premieres on Netflix Jan. 5

Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Netflix


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Original Live Action-Animated Hybrid Series Gabby's Dollhouse Coming to Netflix - Red Tricycle

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