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Helping seniors find the right recreational activities for their needs | News, Sports, Jobs – The Review

Recreational activities can be a great way for seniors to stay active and engaged. Whether continuing with an existing hobby or exploring something new, they can strengthen their physical and mental abilities. Getting older doesnt have to mean sitting around playing bingo, though it can be a fun way to stay mentally sharp by quickly scanning multiple cards to find the number called.

There is a plethora of activities available for seniors to meet a variety of interests and ability levels. Getting involved in different groups or activities can keep things interesting and provide more opportunities for socialization as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind when helping your loved one choose things to do:

Find activities that align with their interests, whether thats sports, gardening, music, art, books, cooking, photography, or the outdoors. When it is something that they want or like to do, theyll have more motivation to get involved and keep at it. Encourage them to try new things, but also keep their preferences in mind.

Promote independence by paying attention to your aging parents ability levels. Select activities that they can do on their own or with minimal support. Keeping them physically active can help with mobility, balance, and coordination, while keeping them mentally stimulated can help with memory, focus, and recalling information.

Mix things up to keep it interesting. You want to work a variety of muscles and skills and give them something to look forward to. Finding things you can do together or that they can do with friends can be beneficial as well. Many senior centers or rec centers offer a variety of programs for seniors that can also get them out of the house and making new friends. Here are few activities to consider:

Dance or fitness classes like swing dancing, Zumba, yoga, or water aerobics.

Sports such as frisbee, catch, golf, swimming, bowling, pool, or tennis.

Board games such as Scrabble, chess, checkers, or Trivial Pursuit.

Brain games such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, word finds, or jigsaw puzzles.

Book clubs to promote socialization, communication, and critical thinking.

Art or music classes to work on hand-eye coordination, creativity, and self-expression.

Talk with your loved one about different opportunities and things that might interest them. They can always try something new and, if they dont like it, pick something different. Or, they may find it is something they never realized theyd enjoy so much. Having something fun to do can boost their mood and confidence.

Loved ones can help seniors find and get to activities in the community as well as do things with them in their home. Whether playing games, going on walks, baking, gardening, or reminiscing about the past, they have someone there by their side, focused on meeting their needs and keeping them physically and mentally active.

Information provided by Always Best Care. Always Best Care is a non-medical homecare services provider allowing people to continue their independence and enjoy their daily routines in their home with familiar surroundings. To set up an appointment for a no obligation in-home consultation call (330) 385-5960.

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Helping seniors find the right recreational activities for their needs | News, Sports, Jobs - The Review

Binge Them While You Still Can! From Brain Games To Velvet, Heres The List Of Shows Leaving Netflix … – Top Buzz Times

Its an ideal opportunity to see whats leaving Netflix in the United States in March 2020. Beneath, well be refreshing the complete rundown of whats set to leave from Netflix consistently.

The large evacuations for March incorporate the Spanish time frame dramatization series Velvet which will see every one of the three seasons withdraw. Well see an enormous part of the PBS/BBC Earth library depart including features, for example, Civilization.

National Geographic arrangement Brain Games will make its takeoff likely due for its new home on Disney+ which houses the various National Geographic arrangement.

As a standard notification for those ignorant of how Netflix handles flights. Netflix for the greater part of its substance licenses its substance from different suppliers. These arrangements permit Netflix to have show x or film x on the gushing stage for a specific measure of time. When that agreement comes up for recharging, its down to Netflix and the other party to choose whether or not to restore.

We regularly learn of evacuations 30 days before expulsion however more are declared by Netflix themselves toward the months end and there are additionally shock expulsions as well.

March 1

9 Months That Made YouEarths Natural WondersEarths Natural Wonders: Life at the ExtremesFood: Delicious ScienceForces of NatureGreat Yellowstone ThawIndia: Natures WonderlandKingdoms of the SkyMahi WayNatures Great RaceNATURE: Natural Born HustlersNazi Mega WeaponsSuperNature: Wild FlyersThe Mind of a ChefTip the MouseVelvet

March 2

Pioneers of African-American Cinema

March 3I Am Me!

March 12Age Gap LoveAinsley Eats the StreetsEncounters with EvilHistorys Greatest HoaxesMega FoodMegaTruckersMoney for NothingNightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

March 15Khotey SikkeyLittle LunchMystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: ClassicRishta.comRurouni Kenshin

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Binge Them While You Still Can! From Brain Games To Velvet, Heres The List Of Shows Leaving Netflix ... - Top Buzz Times

From Where I Am Standing: River City high schools re-imagined and changing the odds for students – User-generated content

By Rick HulefeldThe Learning Grove

For the first time in Americas history, the best predictor of who will be poor in the future is who is poor today.

Never before were the odds of young people escaping poverty so high. This simple fact is all the more glaring when all around the pockets of generational poverty in Northern Kentucky there is prosperity. There are good jobs going unfilled.

There seems to be funding for postsecondary training for those who are interested. But most low-income students dont seem to know about the jobs that are available and dont receive the training these jobs require.

There is a disconnect between their possibilities and their reality.

Many low-income graduates are stuck in low-income jobs and many will have children who will grow up poor. Without real intervention, generational poverty in Northern Kentucky is self-perpetuating.

There is good news.

The Butler Foundation has made it possible for NaviGo to interrupt the cycle of poverty by helping students prize their strengths, learn about careers that need those strengths, and make realistic plans for the day after they graduate. Because of the Foundations gift, NaviGo is able to provide free to River City High Schools that are located in Northern Kentuckys most impoverished pockets, a menu of strategies and a project management team that offers each student a path out of poverty. While each of the strategies taken by itself is an important tool for the students journey, taken together they provide a powerful path.

Each strategy is described below. Please note that each school district customizes the following strategies. The school district is the owner and driver of these strategies.

1. In-School Coaching

Each River City High School chooses what year to implement In-School Coaching. Some choose sophomore year, some senior year. Students in the participating/designated grade level will meet in small groups of 15 or less with a NaviGo trained coach. They will meet twice a month to explore their interests, talents, and their career possibilities. They will set goals to improve their academic performance, and by the middle of their senior year will have two or three viable postsecondary options and where to access the financial resources needed to achieve them.

Through the coaching sessions, students will learn how to investigate careers of interest. They will create five criteria for evaluating their career options, developing each options pros and cons. Students will review their grades each quarter to determine strengths and areas for improvement. Essential to the success of each student is having an adult who believes in that students possibilities. Each coach is a teacher or counselor who has been trained by NaviGo. Each coach receives quarterly on-going training to be that person who sees and supports the strengths of each student even when the student doesnt.

High School seniors have additional opportunities. While they continue to refine their postsecondary plan with their small group of classmates and coach twice a month, each senior can also choose to spend half a day in dual credit college prep classes, attend a Career Hub, or take advantage of various work experience opportunities in the community. Seniors will complete their resume or brag sheet including their interests and strengths, extra-curricular activities, community service, and aptitudes as highlighted by YouScience. If they are thinking about attending a postsecondary institution for a certificate, associates or bachelors degree, they will understand how to apply for federal grants and loans, access the Kentucky funds (KEES) they have earned, and locate additional financial support for students interested in specific careers. By the middle of their senior year, each student will be able to identify 2-3 viable options and careers for their post-secondary success that fit their strengths and aptitudes.

2. YouScience, a Powerful New Tool

Every River City High School student has access to a new tool to guide their career choices.

Click image to go to YouScience website

YouScience gives students hope and direction by expanding their awareness of opportunities. It uses fun, engaging brain games to capture real measures of aptitude and then shows students all the high demand careers that look for those aptitudes. YouScience bridges the exposure gap by pointing out additional careers in which a student could excel. Students, their coaches and their families have rich new individualized information to guide their career choices. YouScience uses a scientific algorithm to provide students with a highly personalized overview of their best-fit careers, along with detailed information on average salary, regional and national job demand, and education requirements. Over 4300 students in tri-state are now using this and that number is increasing weekly. While new to Kentucky, YouScience is already being used by over 350,000 middle and high school students in the United States.

3. Career Hubs & Dual Credit Classes

River City seniors have a new option, Career Hubs. This year students received dual credit in two pathways, Logistics and Computer Information Technology. Students in these Career Hubs are attending Gateways Urban Metro Campus in Covington three to five mornings a week. During the first semester, 32 students worked toward two nationally recognized certificates in logistics, along with job skills training. In the second semester, based on strong support from CVG business partnerships, each student will have a paid internship at the airport or with other logistics companies located across the region. Students and employers will have a whole semester to determine if the job placement is a good match with the strong possibility of a full-time job with benefits upon graduation that will immediately move them out of poverty. In addition, 16 other students are enrolled in a year-long Computer Information Technology program at Gateway in Covington. The next step for these students will be to connect with IT companies interested in hiring them.

Gateway Urban Campus

In August 2020, two additional Career Hubs will be added, one in the construction/skilled trades and one in Health careers. The dialog is beginning with Gateway Community and Technical College and the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Northern Kentucky on which certificates will be offered. The role of the BIA is to ensure that the dual credit classes meet their industry standards. St. Elizabeth Healthcare, which has provided significant funding for the Health Career Hub, will determine which entry-level certificates are offered and ensure that the curricula meet their standards. It is expected that both of these new Career Hubs will be of high interest and as many as 150 students will be enrolled next year across all four Career Hubs.

The Butler Foundation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Gateway Community and Technical College, business partnerships and leadership from the River City School Superintendents have made these Career Hubs possible by providing the funding and flexibility for the NaviGo project management team to build the consensus and work out the myriad details involved in getting these Career Hubs in place. Potential employers, staff from all the high schools along with Gateway Community and Technical College, are needed to make the many decisions around certificates offered, where they are offered, ensuring content standard, etc. These daily and monthly meetings continue to be on-going as there are always more details to work out and improve.

4. New Regional Opportunities: The Connector

Kentuckys Education and Workforce Cabinet awarded the region a two-year grant to create a College and Career Connector position. The Connectors job is to find and disseminate to all Northern Kentucky high school students information about work-based learning experiences, apprenticeships, shadowing, and any other hands-on opportunities that might give interested students an opportunity to explore a career in a living wage field. The College and Career Connector is able to bring the information about all of these hands-on opportunities to the coaches in the River City High Schools. This greatly expands the opportunities that these students will have to further explore possible careers.

While the students are growing clearer about their interests and their capabilities through their bi-weekly coaching sessions, their coaches are able to suggest hands-on job experiences that will give them a taste of the career they may be interested in. Expanding students awareness of possible high paying careers is very important as too few of the River City students understand the ever-multiplying possibilities that they have.

5. STAR: Students

Each year approximately half of the graduating class of 550 seniors in the River Cities Schools are traditionally accepted into various postsecondary colleges and universities. In the past, at some high schools as many as 70% of these students failed to show up for the first day of class. The reasons are many and varied. Maybe college wasnt the right choice to begin with. Maybe all the funding is not yet in place. Maybe the student is not receiving any support from their family or friends. Maybe there was one more form that the student was supposed to fill out. Sometimes it is as small as a $50 fee for orientation. Without a little one-on-one support, little obstacles may become overwhelming.

NaviGo recruits, trains, and pays a small stipend to over 60 teachers and counselors, based on the graduating class number outlook, each of whom works with a small group of five designated seniors.

This opportunity is scheduled over a total of 13 months beginning the last semester of senior year and continuing into the summer after graduation and the first semester of postsecondary. These teachers and counselors become the students personal support, listening to their concerns, developing trust and addressing issues in a timely way. During the semester this is done face to face either individually or in the small groups of five. In the summer it is done by phone.

Having an adult who has been to college, who knows the individual students hopes and challenges, who the student can call when something comes up, can make all the difference. In addition to supporting the students and helping them overcome any obstacles to attending the college, the coaches help these students develop the skills necessary to build a new support network at the institution they are attending. This program can not only help the student access and attend but can positively impact their retention and four-year graduation rate. STARS has been piloted at one of the River City High Schools and has doubled the number of students in class on day one. National statistics are very positive. If a low-income student makes it through the first year of postsecondary, they graduate from college at the same percentage as students in any other demographic.

6. The Life Learning Center: A Transformational Opportunity If Needed

River City High School graduates will leave high school having had the opportunity to explore for one or more years their best options. They will have benefited from a coach who believed in them, and they will have learned from their classmates efforts to follow their dreams. They will have looked at their own strengths and aptitudes, have had the opportunity to try out various work experiences, acquired many dual credits, learned how to evaluate various postsecondary choices, located needed funding, etc. They will have a solid plan.

For many students, their plan will work. If they are going to college, they will make better choices about what they want to study because they have a better understanding of their strengths and interests. Fewer changes in their majors mean less money borrowed. If they are entering a career, they will have had the opportunity to choose among multiple possibilities, developed criteria for evaluating the options that fit them best, and an opportunity to experience it.

But what if a student still needs help?

Life Learning Center

The Life Learning Center offers graduating seniors two options: Now or Later. A graduating senior can enroll immediately in Summer Rise, a six-week intensive, deep dive into the students strengths and goals and the necessary work skills that all jobs require. At the end of six weeks, the Life Learning Center places the recently graduated students in a full-time job, providing both a job coach and a lifetime membership that entitles the students to return if they should wish to explore other career options later in life.

Many more River City students will benefit from the Life Learning Center later. For some of the 550 graduating seniors from the River City High Schools, the true value of what the Life Learning Center has to offer will come later after they have been out on their own. Even good planning can go awry. College may not be working out, or the chosen career may no longer be a good fit. They may need to take another look at their life goals, strengths and job skills. They already know that this is available for them free at the Life Learning Center.

Thanks to a comprehensive tour of the Life Learning Center every senior took in their senior year, these young people have a Plan B. Because these young people spent one or more years learning how to do career planning in school, they will more proactively seek out the Life Learning Center, use its resources sooner and be more successful. The Life Learning Center will be the door to success for many, Now or Later.

In America, every student should have the opportunity to be successful. Every student should have someone who sees their strengths and believes in their possibilities. Every student needs help exploring the ever-increasing college and career opportunities. The River City High Schools are ensuring that every student has a coach who sees their strengths, all students are building the skills necessary to make good choices among possible careers, and have developed a real career plan based on their aptitude and hopes. The River City High Schools will greatly expand students awareness of their many real possibilities.

Just as poverty has long term impacts, so does success. According to the most recent United States Census, a student who graduates from high school and earns a certificate or associates degree in a chosen career will earn over one million dollars more over their lifetime than a student who only graduates from high school with no postsecondary degree. It is easy to see the impact of an additional one million dollars on the health, stability, and homeownership and the future impact on that students future familys education. It is also easy to see the impact on the community as the additional one million dollars is spent over and over again in the community, supporting a plethora of local jobs.

What is the financial return on investing in the River City High Schools? What is the financial impact of helping some of the 550 seniors every year be more successful in a carefully researched and personally selected course of studies in a chosen college? Or what is the impact of helping many of the students be employed after high school in entry-level jobs in well-paying careers?

If because of the strategies listed above, only 10% of the 550 graduating students make better choices about their future careers, aligning their dreams and capabilities more closely with the many opportunities that exist in Northern Kentucky, then the financial return is enormous.

Self-perpetuating pockets of poverty will disappear. A new cycle of success and financial independence will impact our region for future generations.

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From Where I Am Standing: River City high schools re-imagined and changing the odds for students - User-generated content

6 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Video Games Forever – Geek Vibes Nation

Technology has revolutionized every facet of a consumers life. Currently, there are over 4.4 billion internet users. In other words, the global penetration rate stands at 57 percent! Also, according to Statista, global spending on technology reached a whopping $3390 billion in 2019.

Between cloud solutions and online platforms, technology has surely changed the landscape of different sectors. One such industry is the gaming industry.

The gaming sector continues to thrive year after year. Currently, the global game market accounts for 123.5 billion USD. And out of the 2.5 billion gamers, 52 percent of people prefer using their smartphones and tablets to play the various video games.

And this is just the beginning. There are multiple ways through which technology has impacted the sector.

Here are some of the top ways it has changed the world of video games.

Gone are the days when the internet wasnt widely available. Now, as technology advances, stable internet connection 24/7 has become quite common across different countries. This has transformed the way people play games.

Now, online gaming is on the rise. Regardless of where the gamer is, he can easily connect to the online gaming platform and compete against other players. This has also given rise to various online gaming platforms.

One such platform is Unlimited Gamez Mo. This online solution allows gamers to access a wide variety of games for a small subscription fee. The games belong to different genres, including strategy, action, adventure, and brain games.

You might have heard that recently Microsoft and Sony announced that they are partnering up to deliver avid games an effective cloud gaming solution.

This is one technology that has begun impacting the gaming sector. What is cloud gaming? Remote computing and cloud gaming are considered to be synonymous with one another.

Cloud gaming allows players to access a given computer remotely, thereby delivering a full-fledged desktop experience. It acts as a video streaming service, like Netflix and Hulu.

Contrary to a conventional game where your commands are directly fed to the desktop, in cloud gaming, the commands you feed are relayed to a data canter, which then performs them in a response time of millisecond.

Since the game is on a shared platform, cloud gaming allows for a real-time multiplayer desktop experience.

Remember the good old days when you had to have a high functioning desktop with an expensive graphic card to enjoy an HD game?

Be it FIFA or WWE; all avid gamers relied on such systems to truly enjoy the game.

However, with the rise of modern technology, HD games can successfully be played on smartphones, tablets, and online!

You will be surprised by the sheer quality of the graphics delivered by online and mobile games. In fact, most games now deliver smartphone and web browser versions on top of desktop versions of the game.

For instance, Fortnite can be played via Play Station as well as on your smartphones. And the quality of the experience is comparable in them both.

First, we lived in a time when keyboards were the only way to play a game. Then, we moved to consoles, and gamers considered them to the best thing that could happen to the sector. Now, even such consoles are considered to be conventional.

Whats next? Wireless consoles!

Now, you dont need to worry about creating a tangling mess when playing video games. Wireless consoles give immense comfort and satisfaction to all gamers. When you add this to the gesture-based consoles delivered by WII, it is safe to say that technology has surely made the gaming experience much more immersive and fun.

Critics of modern technology say that todays time isolates people and makes them anti-social. Considering the frequency and duration of the use of mobile phones, it is understandable why such criticism is made.

However, the same technology helps people in connecting with like-minded individuals. It encourages the creation of communities. Within the gaming sector, technology ensures the development of a gaming community.

As online gaming becomes the primary choice of gamers, people find themselves conversing with other players during the gameplay. Fortnite, which is one of the most popular games of 2019, encourages this by allowing players to interact with one another.

Some of you might remember Flappy Bird. It was a game that proved to be a fad. It witnessed a surge in downloads initially due to its addictive yet challenging gameplay. But, its graphics were not that impressive.

Another game that managed to leave a mark was Doodle Jump, which became a hit within Apples paid app category. So far, the game has been downloaded over 8.5 million times by iPhone users!

Play stores provide game developers with an excellent and easily accessible platform to showcase their games to the world; the cost of entering the sector decreases. This helps in making video games highly affordable.

Also, low barriers and cost to entry provide game developers with room to innovate and create. Even if you fail, it is easier to start from scratch and develop a new game and try again. Why?

This is because all it takes is a creative idea and a talented team, and voila, you have your next game!

Verdict: It is a great time to be a gamer

Modern technology has surely changed the way how we operate. Now, we cant imagine our lives without uninterrupted internet, smartphones, and apps. There was once a time, not too long ago, when each of these things was unheard of.

The world is surely progressing at a fast pace.

And there is no better time to be a gamer than now! Only time will tell just how much technology will advance in the coming years and how much it will affect the gaming sector.

Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well. She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.

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6 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Video Games Forever - Geek Vibes Nation

Rebel Wilson Finds Love on National Geographic’s Brain Games – E! Online

E! Is Everywhere

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Rebel Wilson Finds Love on National Geographic's Brain Games - E! Online

Commuters win an award for the first time in Sportsfest – The Miami Hurricane

For the first time in the history of the Sportsfest tradition, commuter students brought home the Spirit Award.

The spirited competition involves residential and commuter participating in a weekend of sports contests that range from flag football to brain games. Sportsfest brought more than 1,000 students who participated in 15 sports during the Feb. 6-9 weekend.

The commuter team, Uber Strong, was divided into one female team and two male teams led by team captains Mallory Blum for the women, and Miguel Silveira and Gus Tovar, both members of the Association of the Commuter Students.

Commuter student team captains Miguel Silveira, Mallory Blum and Gus Tovar receive the Spirit Award recognition at the 35th Sportsfest contest on Feb.9. Photo credit: Massiel Leyva

The commuters competed against teams from the residential colleges Eaton, Hecht, Mahoney, Stanford, Pearson, and the University Village.

Stanford Residential College was the winner of the first place of the entire Sportsfest, followed by Pearson Residential College and the Mahoney Residential College in third.

Winning the Spirit Award means that your team is being recognized for the fact that you had the most fun and thats awesome, said Stephanie Fleitas, assistant director of the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement. It was the first time that we have ever won something.

Fleitas, who graduated in 2012 from the University of Miami, said the planning for Sportsfest begins in the fall. The planning committee comprises representatives from Housing and Residential Life, the Wellness & Recreation Center and the commuter student body.

I think Sportsfest from its inception was created to be a community building program, Fleitas said. We push so much for commuter students to get involved because it is a fun way to meet people.

Estefania Caputo, sophomore international studies major and a vice president of UMs Association of Commuter Students, agrees.

Commuters are a huge factor of the UM community and we have to make our presence known, Caputo said.

Erick Martin, a freshman health sciences major, was an active participant in Sportsfest from the commuter team. He participated in volleyball, soccer, knock-out, basketball and Jenga.

It was a fun atmosphere; all our friends were there cheering our teams, Martin said.

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Commuters win an award for the first time in Sportsfest - The Miami Hurricane

Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Review: The way the film ends makes us eagerly wait for the next chapter – Times of India

Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Synopsis: An intelligent narcotics officer hunts down a dreaded kingpin of a drug cartel. But little did he know that it was just the tip of the iceberg

Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Review: Mafia begins with an unexpected shoot out that takes place at a posh hotel on a Saturday night. We are then taken back to Wednesday a small narcotics operation happens headed by Aryan (Arun Vijay), after which a couple of drug users are nabbed. The sudden death of Aryans superior officer and activist Mugilan (Thalaivasal Vijay), who were behind a leading drug cartel, leads to further enquiry. Once Aryan finds that it is businessman Diwakar (Prasanna) who rules the drug mafia, an interesting cat-and-mouse game begins. The tiff between protagonist and the antagonist is aided by decent fist fights, gun fights and brain games. When Aryan takes on the mighty Diwakar, we feel that hunting down the latter is close to impossible. But when Aryan almost does it, he understands that Diwakar is just one among the many venomous snakes in the den.

Karthick Naren establishes the narcotics backdrop required for the story from the word go. There is certain slickness to the narration and the proceedings though things move at a slow pace. Arun Vijay aces the role of a smart and brainy narcotics officer, thanks to his convincing body language and Priya Bhavani Shankar, as his assistant, fits the bill. Prasanna, as the menacing villain, who heads the dreaded drug empire, oozes the essential swag in the scenes he appears. Barath Reddy and other artistes, too, are apt in their roles, though more detailing on them could have made it even better. Jakes Bijoys music and Gokul Benoy help the narration maintain the mood throughout.

As the title says, this is the first chapter of Mafia, and the way the film ends makes us eagerly wait for the next chapter, thanks to the fabulous twist in the climax, which is one reason why the latter half comes across as quite engaging. The former half doesnt offer much surprises and takes some time to elaborate the characters and set up. The presentation and narration, at times, remind you of web series format as you feel certain cinematic elements seem to be missing. The number of slow motion shots and spoon-feeding in some scenes could have been avoided. Mafia would appeal to fans of action movies, especially those which have stylish narcotics backdrop. All said and done, heres waiting for Mafia: Chapter 2.

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Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Review: The way the film ends makes us eagerly wait for the next chapter - Times of India

southeastern Connecticut News, Sports, Business, Entertainment and Video –

Keegan-Michael Key is transitioning out of over-the-top comedies to focus more on dramatic films, and for him, its no laughing matter.

We've been moving in a little bit of a new direction, where it's a Keegan with a little more gravitas and a Keegan that still does humor, but it's not as slap-sticky or goofy, said the former Key & Peele" star. Keegan that's trying to have a career that's a bit more nuanced or maybe a little more dangerous or a little more scary. So I can flex those old muscles.

His acting physique was first worked out at the University of Detroit Mercy, where he earned a bachelor's in 1993 followed by a master's at the University of Pennsylvania State in 1996. He describes his comedic career as a detour from his original path, but now hes back on the road again.

I had a little bit of anxiety when I did a production of 'Hamlet' with Oscar Isaac off Broadway a couple of years ago here (in New York City). And there was a little bit of trepidation to begin with. And then it was like riding a bike it was like being back in drama school, said the Emmy winner. So it's full steam ahead in this new direction.

During the past few years, hes worked himself back into drama shape, culminating in a huge 2019: he starred in the hit Netflix series Friends from College, provided extensive voice-over work for huge animated and live action films such as Toy Story 4 (playing Ducky alongside his "Key & Peele" partner, Jordan Peele, as Bunny) and The Lion King (as Kamari the hyena). But his standout moment was for his role as Jerry in 2019s acclaimed Dolemite in my Name starring Eddie Murphy.

Getting to work with Eddie Murphy has been one of the greatest one experiences of my career, because it's very surreal to have an opportunity to work with a hero to work with a person who got you into the business. And what you do is you find yourself on set going like, OK, is today the day that I'm going to tell Eddie that he changed my life? he said with a smile. What do you tell a person other than you inspired me to do what I do? You could just as easily say you inspired me to be here today with you. My career took this path, and now I'm here with you.

Although Key is focused more on serious roles, hes still making folks laugh on NatGeos rebooted Brain Games. Its a fun show that explores how the human brain processes and interprets information through challenges and games in front of a live audience. Celebrity guests such as Tiffany Haddish and married couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard join him throughout the season, along with cameos from stars such as his former TV partner Peele and legend Tom Hanks.

I am a self-proclaimed blerd, as in black nerd, says Key. I am one of those guys who sits around and reads books on neurobiology, something that I just find fascinating. I am legitimately fascinated by how the brain works and why we do the things we do, and also things that we do that we don't know we're doing on a subconscious level fascinating to me, and I can't get enough of it.

But he cautions viewers not to worry although theyll be learning, theyll definitely be laughing as well.

Its another one of these things where it's like the eternal task of trying to make science funwe did it. We did it on Brain Games, he laughed. Entertained is one thing (but) I also want to make sure that people understand that they'll be fascinated. And I think that's an aspect of entertainment and being entertained.

In the meantime, as Key forges ahead to pursue more dramatic roles, hes refusing to limit himself.

Let's do action. I want to be the next Jason Bourne. I'll be a villain in a Bond movie I'd be more than happy to. And as I'm getting to explore other parts of my life and do new things, I'm ready for it. I'm ready for the challenge, said an excited Key. I just finished making a musical I sing and dance in a musical. So why not this? Why not an action movie or three action movies or 10 action movies or a franchise? You know, got to dream big. Gotta dream big.

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Science showcased as sport in annual tournament | Local News – Goshen News

On one end of campus, middle school students Max Hood and Tavien Gust faced the moment of truth for the physics of their model glider. On the other end, high school students Ky Duong stood outside a classroom lab, readying to solve a crime through chemistry.

2020 Division C team results

1. John Adams High School Red

2. Lake Central High School Blue

3. Lake Central High School White

4. Northridge High School Green

5. LaLumiere School Blue

6. John Adams High School Blue

7. Manchester Jr./Sr. High School

8. Columbia City High School

9. Northridge High School Gold

10. LaLumiere School White

11. Mishawaka High School

12. Bethany Christian High School

Results posted online by Goshen College

The youths were among more than 200 students from 12 local and regional schools competing in the brain games of the 2020 Science Olympiad regional tournament at Goshen College Saturday.

Teams put their skills to the test in a variety of disciplines. Several events went hands-on, challenging teams to develop contraptions and put them to work. Others were more cerebral, testing students and their skills in quiet environments.

Physics took center stage at the colleges Recreation-Fitness Center. One event called for sling-shooting model planes with an elastic band to see how long they could glide in the air.

Hood and Tavien, sixth-graders at Northridge Middle School in Middlebury, partnered in that event.

The two worked with kits since the beginning of the school year to build their glider in preparation for the tournament.

Weve been spending a while making it, Hood said.

The work culminated as the two went before a table of judges. Hood, striking an archer-like pose, pulled the glider back with one hand and held a small rod to stretch the elastic with his other hand. With a 3-2-1 countdown, he let the model fly over a couple tries. Each time, the glider circled above Hood and Gust a few moments before landing on the floor.

Hood said the model was judged on height and performance.

Like, how high up it went, how it was spinning around, he said.

Hood also self-critiqued the flights, speculating the glider was either too heavy in the front or the back for why it didnt remain aloft longer.

2020 Division B team results

1. Manchester Jr./Sr. High School

2. Northridge Middle School Green

3. The Stanley Clark School Red

4. LaSalle Intermediate Academy Red

5. Northridge Middle School Gold

6. The Stanley Clark School White

7. Bethany Christian Middle School

8. Goshen Middle School

9. LaSalle Intermediate Academy Black

10. Northview Middle School

Results posted online by Goshen College

Thats why it wasnt truly gliding forwards and backwards, really, he said.

Jerry Glass, Northridges coach at the olympiad, elaborated this event was a test of balance and proportions in assembling their small gliders to fly with the least amount of weight on them. And then they have to gauge the best angle at which to launch them.

Tavien Gust, left, watches as teammate, Max Hood launches a model glider with an elastic band in the Recreation-Fitness Center at Goshen College. The sixth-graders from Northridge Middle School competed as part of the 2020 Science Olympiad regional tournament Saturday.

What the kids have to do is they have to learn basically how to build it, how to use clay, glue, everything to get the glider into balance. And once they have it in balance, they have to learn how to launch it, Glass said, adding some of these kits are built with miniscule amounts of glue. So when you look at these things, sometimes you look at it and you go, God, dont let the wing fall off.

Holding their glider taut brings months of hard work down to a single moment for each student. Once the models airborne, Glass said their expression gives away how the youths feel about the flights.

You know when theyve had a good run, and you know when things have kind of gone wrong, said the longtime coach.

Other events in the gym included launching small bottle rockets topped with a ping pong ball that would float to the floor in a makeshift parachute; releasing model vehicles down a ramp to speed them across the floor; powering vehicles with the energy from a mousetrap; and floating gliders with a propeller wound by an elastic band.

Across the Goshen College campus, the olympiad presented more events in fields including circuitry, fossils, anatomy, DNA, meteorology, building musical instruments and detective work.


Ky Duong, a 10th-grader at John Adams High School, stands before a case of materials in preparation for forensics testing as part of the 2020 Science Olympiad regional tournament Saturday. Duong was among the students who competed in that event at the science building on the Goshen College campus.

Ky Duong, a sophomore at John Adams High School in South Bend, pursued a mystery by participating in the forensics test.

At the science building, Duong waited with cases of equipment for the classroom lab to open at noon. The test called for using information provided about a crime and identifying a suspect primarily through chemistry. That included testing items like powders, plastics, hairs and fibers.

You basically take evidence from a crime scene and try to figure out who the culprit is, Duong said.

Participating for the first year in the forensics event, Duong bided time outside the lab preparing mentally to tackle the challenge with confidence.

If youre panicking throughout the whole entire thing, youre not going to get anything done, Duong said. You have to actually have to stay concentrated. Make sure you know exactly what youre identifying, like, what you think this is, and make sure youre confident in your answers.

The Science Olympiad scored teams along middle school and high school levels with middle schools in Division B and high schools in Division C.

High school students hustle across the Goshen College campus to reach event sites as they compete in the 2020 Science Olympiad regional tournament Saturday.

Results from the tournament ranked performances by team name without listing student names as well students participated in multiple events. So, in the elastic-launched glider event in Division B, Northridges green team ranked fourth, while the gold team ranked sixth. And in Division C, John Adams red team ranked second in forensics, while the blue team ranked fourth.

John Adams ranked first overall in Division C. Manchester Jr./Sr. High School ranked first overall in Division B.

Four high school teams and five middle school teams from Saturdays regional tournament will advance to the state tournament. The 2020 Indiana State Tournament is scheduled to be held March 21 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, the events website shows.

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Science showcased as sport in annual tournament | Local News - Goshen News

New Reading Museum Exhibit Explores Science, Illusions, and Brain Games – Berks Weekly

The Reading Public Museum is exploding with challenging experiences that propel visitors of all ages down paths of mystifying illusions and mind-boggling puzzles in the new exhibition, Mazes & Brain Games.

Mazes & Brain Games winds its way over 5,000 square feet with dozens of puzzling experiences that inspire exploration and ingenuity. Each maze is a dynamic environment where visitors discover new methods of problem-solving through improvisation, trial and error, observation and testing, and logic and reasoning.

The exhibition is created by Minotaur Mazes and is a dynamic and engaging experience for guests of all ages. The show is brought to The Museum through the sponsorship of Highmark Blue Shield and Penn State Health.

This is a terrific exhibition to start off our new partnership with the Reading Museum. Mazes & Brain Games is designed to teach children important information about the brain and its function and its done in an engagingand funway, said John Morahan, president of Penn State Health St. Joseph.

This is a great start to our collaborating with the Museum and another positive example how we impact culture and education in the community and the region, said Kathy McKenzie, vice president of Community Affairs for Highmark Blue Shield.

Highlights Include:

Master the many tricks around each corner and find out why illusions help us learn how our brain works Bridges and pathways create an intricate network of confusion! Piece together the solution that will set you on the right path in the Mathmatica Maze Get entangled and untangled in the Web Maze Learn about the history of mazes and the first ever recorded maze, the Egyptian Labyrinth

Mazes & Brain Games is open January 18th through May 3rd. Museum admission: $10 Adults 18-64 years of age. $6 for Seniors 65+ years of age, Children 4-17 years of age, and College Students with ID. Free for Children 3 years of age and under.

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New Reading Museum Exhibit Explores Science, Illusions, and Brain Games - Berks Weekly

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