The Best Board Game Cafes in Europe – Spotted by Locals

Theres something to be said about playing board games with friends or family something that online games just cant achieve. Maybe its actually being able to look your opponent in the eye? Or knowing that your opponent cant be using the internet to place 75-point words?

Board games are here to stay and can be seen in more and more cafes around Europe. Our Spotters have spotted this trend, and are also fans of board games and have shared some of their favorite spots for playing board games. There are even some spots for buying games and toys, and theyre not only for kids!

Heres a selection:

Wrfel & Zucker is a lovely board game cafe in Hamburg, it translates into Dice & Sugar, here you can play many games and grab a snack too. Its the perfect spot to pop by with some friends on a rainy day according to our local Inga. Traveling solo? No problem, pop by and meet some locals game nerds while playing one of the 900 board games available to rent!

Find your game at Tsibakha true heaven for board games lovers our local Levan says. Here you can find all your favorite games, from role-playing to strategy and fantasy games. If you are new to the board game world or if you are still looking for a favorite game, make sure to check the Game Club and you wont be disappointed!

Brain Games in Riga is not just any shop where you can buy games according to our local and games lover Martins. Here, in fact, you can be part of Brain Games very own board game club and joining game playing events. This is also the locals first choice when looking for a board game, so be ready to meet many local board games enthusiasts!

Cafe Sperlof is the perfect Old-school game bar for anyone looking for a jump into the Viennese past according to our local Christopher. This spot will welcome you with a unique character made of yellowed walls, wood paneling, and giant stacks of board games! Here you can pick and play any board game for free or you can also bring your own and play while sipping a beer or two.

rna Luknja is a must-visit for any board and card games lover visiting Ljubljana, the perfect geek Eden and dragons den! According to our local Tina, this is a dark version of a wonderland filled with mysterious creatures, spells, and board games! You can also take part in tournaments if youre game or if youre not that big of a geek just pop by and explore the dungeon.

Let the games begin at Chaff and join a game evening full of board games! The perfect spot to meet some locals and play many games according to our local Wouter. Here, every Thursday evening you can take part in game night, by paying 3 euro you can choose many games to play till midnight. Their selection includes many less known games, but dont worry the organizers will provide a live explanation in advance!

Colonel Mustard in Oslo is a must-visit for any Cluedo fans and board game lovers out there! Colonel Mustard is named after a Cluedo character our spotter Emily says and you can choose to play many English and Norwegian games. Make yourself comfortable and youll feel like youre at your friends living room playing games, the only difference is that here theres a bar and plenty of beer on tap!

Total Bar in Zurich is a quirky spot to join if you want to sit back and relax. According to our local Ajuni, here you can borrow many board games and meet some locals while sipping a local beer. Total Bar is the perfect spot when in need of a break. Sit back, grab a game and few locals and enjoy the atmosphere of this special spot!

When in Lisbon make sure to visit Pastelaria Tentaes, its a must-visit, especially on Wednesdays our local Alexandre says. Here the Lisbon community of board games get together every Wednesday and share their favorite hobby by playing together. This is more than spot, its an experience for all ages, even if youre not that into board games!

Carcassonne is the perfect spot for your lazy board game afternoon according to our local Yana. Here you can try as many games as you like for as long as you like, and if you feel lazy you can ask the staff and theyll explain the rules to any game. Make sure to visit during the warmer months too to enjoy some games and fresh air in their outdoor yard. This spot is well hidden will you be able to find it?

Pop by Jolly Joker in Turin and jump back into your childhood in this house of nerds and games! Our local Eleonora loves this spot as it is a mix between a pub and a game shop. With plenty of games, board games, and roleplaying games the choices are endless. You can also join one of their many events, competitions, and themed nights.

Dragons Lair is the perfect spot for both board games junkie and total beginners. It combines a hangout where to play games and a game shop plus its Susannas favorite, our Stockholm local! There are many tables available to play board games, all you have to do is to pick one and if you cant just ask the staff for recommendations.

Caf Manuela will take you back to the 1920s with its decor and atmosphere. Once, this spot used to be a carpentry shop and its now a board game-cocktail bar with a vintage look. Our local Nadia visits this spot on rainy afternoons to sip a cocktail or two while playing some board games. The perfect spot to meet some locals or some famous actors as this spot is also used to film movies and tv shows!

Bastard Caf is part of a cultural place in Copenhagen called Huset. This is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a homelike atmosphere where to meet some locals and play some board games. According to our local William, if the games available are not enough here, you can choose to become a member to get access to a larger selection of games.

Playce is the perfect spot for any board game lover interested in Geman games. According to our local Dimitris this playce specializes in German games which have become popular among Greek game nerds. The price for playing is 1 euro per player and the choices are endless, you can also enjoy some coffee, snack and some music in total Greek style!

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The Best Board Game Cafes in Europe - Spotted by Locals

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