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In Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, seniors stay mentally and physically active and eat well to maintain cognitive skills with the help of home caregivers from Touching Hearts at Home NYC.

What is the best way to keep your brain healthy as you age? A big part of the answer is to switch off the TV, get busy and seek food for thought (and palate).

According to recent reports published by Harvard Medical School and, the right moves to keep your mind sharp as you age, are a combination of physical activity, healthy habits, and using your brain.

These are sometimes easier said than done for Brooklyns Park Slope seniors who might not be so steady on their feet or feel inspired to seek cognitive stimulation. And thats where Touching Hearts NYC caregivers step in with a watchful eye during physical activity and strategies for older adults to keep mentally stimulated as well as help in the kitchen with preparing healthy food.

The Park Slope senior-home-care agency can match elderly or infirm folks with a trained caregiver who will accompany a person in their care during trips outside for exercise. Quite apart from the safety aspect of having a caregiver ensure all is well while youre going through your paces, a bonus is having some company for the duration and on the trip back home.

When it comes to cognitive stimulation for seniors, caregivers training comes into play with activities that might include simple conversation, brain games, help with hobbies and crafts, or whatever appeals to the client and is within reason.

Not all experts will commit to the view that games, puzzles, hobbies and activities are certain to improve cognitive ability in the elderly, but Dr Alan Gow of the United Kingdoms Heriot-Watt University concluded from a recent study that you should continue with those you enjoy and taking up new activities is likely to be beneficial.

We cant say for certain which activities might definitely help keep your thinking skills sharp, but doing hobbies and activities that we enjoy is important for quality of life and well-being anyway, the associate professor in psychology advised.

The Harvard Medical School report mentions eating a Mediterranean-style diet as part of the strategy for keeping your brain healthy as you age. Thats good for your physical health too, of course, but lets not overlook the mental-stimulation possibilities of Touching Hearts NYC caregivers meal-preparation service.

If a senior likes cooking, just follow Dr Gows advice. Meal preparation can be a joint effort in the kitchen along with the caregiver, and a senior might just have some of their own ideas and techniques for turning out brain food.

Touching Hearts NYC offers a full range of home-care services for the elderly, infirm, and disabled in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and throughout the New York City area. From 24-hour in-home senior care to just a few hours a week, all services can be tailored to a clients needs and means through discussion via an obligation-free consultation.

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area Touching Hearts NYC offers in-home care to aging adults, seniors, and individuals living with medical conditions and disabilities at rates considerably more affordable than care outside the home. The agency is known for Non-Medical Home Care, Companionship and Homemaker services in New York Citys Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, and Rockland areas. Its focus is on providing person-centered care to help those in need remain in their home, maintain the lifestyle they choose, and feel confident they will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.

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Stay sharp as you age in Park Slope with Touching Hearts NYC - PRUnderground

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