Japanese flip phone games are coming to the Nintendo Switch – The Verge

G-Mode, a company that churned out countless Java-based games for Japanese feature phones in the 2000s and beyond, has announced that it will be releasing some of those games on the Nintendo Switch as well. The first game in the new G-Mode Archives series, the 16-bit-ish JRPG Flyhight Cloudia, will come out on April 16th in Japan.

It looks like G-Mode will be releasing new titles weekly the next three weeks will see bizarre life sim Ai to Roudou no Hibi, puzzle game Kururin Cafe, and beach volleyball title Beach Volley Girl Shizuku hit the Switch in sequence, with more listed as coming soon. Each game in the series will sell for 500 yen ($4.65).

Long before modern smartphone app stores took off in the West, Japanese flip phone users had access to vast content ecosystems and games libraries that you could attempt to play on your ten-key pads. Often these games came with a monthly recurring fee until you deleted them I remember paying a couple of bucks a month for an impossible version of Mega Man 2 on my NEC handset in 2008.

G-Mode has already remade some of its own flip phone hits like Kuukiyomi for modern platforms, but the G-Mode Archives series looks to be straight ports of the phone originals for the sake of preservation. While theyre unlikely ever to see release outside of Japan, its easy enough to download Switch games from other eShop regions if youre interested.

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Guessed is the new puzzle game from Asked; know how to play – Somag News

Guessing is a new puzzle game created by the same developers of Asked which was a great success in 2014. Developed by Etermax, the challenge brings together two participants who must use virtual roulette to advance houses and answer questions on various topics to progress on the board . By spinning the roulette wheel and reaching a house, the player has up to 30 seconds to solve the puzzle. For each correct answer coins are added to the profile and a new roulette wheel is released. Otherwise, it is the opponent who can advance the game.

During the match, the new character Gallerino is the one who represents the users on the board. The happy little worm needs the players help to reach the top of the stairs and unlock new game opportunities in different scenarios. Guessers is available for free download from the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone). To learn how to download, register and face this challenge, check out the TechTudo tutorial below.

How to download the game on Google PlayStep 1. Open the Guessers page on TechTudo;

Step 2. Select the desired platform, such as Android, and click Download;

Step 3. You will be redirected to the game page on the Play Store. Press the Install button to download the game to your smartphone.

How to download the game on the App StoreStep 1. Open the Guessers page on TechTudo;

Step 2. Select the desired platform, such as iOS, and click Download;

Step 3. You will be redirected to the game page on the App Store. Touch the Get button to start the download and installation.

How to play Guessing on mobileStep 1. On the games initial screen, press the New Game button so that the system finds an opponent online;

Step 2. Start the game by rolling the virtual roulette at the bottom of the screen to find out how many spaces your character will advance on the board. You will then need to answer a question. The system will show the spaces for adding letters and you can use the number of characters as a tip to resolve the issue. You can use the wand and letter icons to receive hints with characters that are in the word. To proceed, tap on the Send button;

Step 3. If the answer is correct, you will have to turn the wheel again. In case of an error, your opponents turn is given. Whoever reaches the end of the board first wins the game;

Step 4. At the end of the game you will receive a prize. You can also go to the Attractions page to view the level and board currently available to play;

Step 5. The gear icon opens the application settings, such as logging out of your account, turning off sounds and changing the language of the application.

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Guessed is the new puzzle game from Asked; know how to play - Somag News

Sales of board games and jigsaws soar during coronavirus lockdown – The Guardian

Sales of boardgames and jigsaw puzzles soared 240% during the first official week of coronavirus lockdown in the UK as families turn to traditional pursuits to while away the hours stuck at home.

Monopoly Classic was the best selling game with Cluedo, Scrabble and card games Uno and Dobble also in the top 10, according to market research firm NPD Group.

Frdrique Tutt, global toy market expert for NPD said the boardgame trend in the UK followed a similar pattern to other countries in lockdown. Its interesting to see the classic games of Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo and Uno on this list. These standards have shown us over and again that they can stand the test of time when reinvented and so it looks like theyll continue entertaining generations of Britons as householders look to release stress and tighten family ties during these challenging times, she said.

NPD said complex construction kits such as Legos Technic sets for a Bugatti and a Land Rover Defender were also among the top-selling toys, withtotal building set sales up by 59%.

Rachael Larkman, a toy buyer for John Lewis, said that Lego sales at the department store had risen threefold in the past two weeks: There is a growing demand from parents for toys which provide an educational element to play, she said.

Tutt said the high price of the top-selling kits which cost up to 233 for the Bugatti and their complexity meant they were more likely to have been snapped up by adults for their own use than as gifts for children.

Were seeing a clear kidult and adult trend here. Perhaps some of the buyers are grabbing the opportunity to use their newly found spare time to achieve a long-term dream to build one of these cars in Lego, she said.

Parents struggling to entertain kids with something at least partly educational have also nearly doubled sales of art and craft materials, including slime and dough kits.

The latest evidence of a surge in toy sales comes after John Lewis said demand for jigsaws last week was higher than at Christmas, which is usually the annual sales peak. More than half of the retailers stock of puzzles including all the 1,000-piece ones had been sold.

Online retailer Outdoor Toys has also reported strong sales of swings, climbing frames, trampolines and football goals as parents tried to keep their children away from screens.

1 Monopoly Classic, Hasbro

2 L.O.L. Surprise! Hairvibes, MGA Entertainment

3 Dobble, Asmodee Editions

4 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Lights, MGA Entertainment

5 Technic Bugatti Chiron Construction Kit 1:5, The Lego Group

6 Scrabble Original, Mattel

7 Technic Land Rover Defender 2573 pieces, The Lego Group

8 Cluedo, Hasbro

9 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Doll, MGA Entertainment

10 Uno Original, Mattel

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Sales of board games and jigsaws soar during coronavirus lockdown - The Guardian

Staying active: Confined bodies, unrestricted minds – Cleveland Daily Banner


We may be confined to home for now, but we dont need to confine our minds. All of us need intellectual stimulus in addition to the every-day, possibly humdrum, necessities of confinement. We are actively protecting our physical health a high priority during these times but are we protecting our mental health?

And of additional importance, are we protecting or helping the mental health of our senior citizens and their caregivers who are more confined than ever?

The following ideas are designed to help caregivers with stimulating activities designed primarily for the cognitively impaired. But and it is a big but many of them can be used for all of us to make our time at home more fun or productive. Staying active and engaged can help improve mood, reduce stress and avoid caregiver burnout. And caregivers arent just those caring for the infirm parents, spouses, church members, co-workers we are ALL caregivers right now.Reminiscence activities utilize the senses in multiple ways. Break out the old family picture albums. Or if you are like us, break out the box of photos from years ago that you havent sorted out. Spread them on the table, share stories about the different places or people. Maybe listen to music while you work, and if a song comes along that makes you want to dance, just do it! Dancing is therapeutic too. And believe it or not, this type of activity can improve sleep quality, mental alertness and mood.

Touching, or tactile stimulation, is important but can also be fun. Various textures, sizes and shapes like smooth, rough, hard, soft, furry, etc. can be used. An old party game included cutting a hand-sized hole in the side of a box and putting an object inside to be felt and identified. The items can be simple but the answers arent always! Suggested items: cooked noodle, an eraser (be creative about type), small stuffed animals or piece of fur, a sock or glove, a peeled hard-boiled egg, a lime or lemon, silk flower (no wire), tennis ball, stalk of celery or other veggie, etc.Brain games such as trivia and word puzzles, as well as reading books or telling stories, can be brain-challenging as well as fun. They can enhance memory and improve cognitive skills and concentration. Spread a picture puzzle on the table and do a few pieces at a time. Dont make it too difficult or they may lose interest or get frustrated. Encourage social stimulation through video chats (like FaceTime, Skype, etc.), text messaging, email, phone calls, mailing letters or cards, and sending photos electronically or by mail. Remember those photo albums and pictures you looked at? There may be duplicates you can tuck into an envelope and send to a friend or relative, eliciting a response. Or you can do a screen shot and text them. If you dont journal, now would be a good time to start. It doesnt have to be much but later those thoughts and events will bring back many memories. You might keep a journal for yourself, or use a different notebook, any kind will do, to jot things that happened with your loved one. And certainly, if they share stories, get them written down for posterity.

Make television or computer time cognitively stimulating by visiting channels with different programs such as Animal Planet, Discovery or History Channel, or Public Broadcasting (PBS). Ask questions to find out what your loved ones are interested in or enjoyed most. Not everyone wants to watch the food channels!!!

Be creative and share ideas with others. Whatever you do, make it enjoyable.

(Editors note: Joyce Vanderpool and Creative Story Project have been visiting care facilities who serve Alzheimer's/dementia patients encouraging individuals through their Story Power program to use their imaginations and not just their memories. She says "The Intergenerational Story Power program gives us the privilege of working with students in schools or youth organizations, educating them about aging and the elderly, Alzheimer's/dementia and our program, as well as taking them into local care facilities.")

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Staying active: Confined bodies, unrestricted minds - Cleveland Daily Banner

North Suburban YMCA Keeps the Community Together Through Online Programming and Services – Chicago Daily Herald

Although closed to the public, the North Suburban YMCA has been busy bringing the community together through a variety of online initiatives to help its neighbors stay connected, healthy, and engaged during the shelter at home order.

A variety of virtual programming is currently available on nsymca.org, and more options for April programming will be available soon. The Y's current online initiatives include:

NSYMCA VIRTUAL FITNESS -- The features local instructors as well as national YMCA videos to keep the community healthy. Facebook live classes are also offered for an interactive experience. The classes now available on the website include Cardio & HIIT, Cardio & Strength, Strength, Barre, Bootcamp, Mind & Body (Yoga), Adult, Tai Chi & Youth, with more to come.

NSYMCA Community Boards --Community members can interact, get ideas, ask for help, have virtual fun, or ask questions. The Y's Boards include:

Brighten Someone's Day - The Y is partnering with Covenant Living and other senior homes to bring love and inspiration to seniors and anyone in the community who may be struggling with isolation. The Y is asking the community to upload a video, a picture, or a card to be sent to local residents.

Sunset Foods Delivery Messages- The Y is working with Sunset Foods to include inspirational notes and art made by Y families and local schools to include in their deliveries.

NSYMCA Community -- Ask membership or specific Y questions

Adult Programming -- Includes Brain games, the NSYMCA social club, Caregivers support group and other senior programming

Senior Activities

oBrain games -- Tuesdays at 1pm & Fridays at 9:15am

oNSYMCA Social Club -- The Community can join for camaraderie and a meal if participants want to eat along with the meeting. For more information, contact Karen Brownlee, kbrownlee@nsymca.org

oCaregivers Support Group -- Fridays at 10:30am

oAdult Education Seminars -- contact Karen Brownlee at kbrownlee@nsymca.org.

Health & Wellness -- Tips, workouts, questions answered

Performing Arts -- Keeps the kids dancing with fee-based virtual classes

Visual Arts -- Check in for art plans, fee-based virtual classes and artist ideas for everyone

Special Olympics -- Stay in touch with the Special Olympics team

Youth Development -- Offers activities, questions, websites, and fun for kids

Smartlab -- S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maintenance) fee-based programming for kids

Camp -- Summer Camp updates

Community Check-In form -- Residents can sign up to receive a call or make a call to someone who is feeling isolated.

NSYMCA - Community Fitness Challenges -- Encourages members to work out to reach 30,000 minutes of exercise. People can track their minutes through the Y app, Facebook, email, or the Wellness Community boards.

For more information visit nsymca.org or contact Kim Nyren at knyren@nsymca.org .

About the North Suburban YMCA

The North Suburban YMCA services Northbrook and 14 surrounding communities with programs and tools that help its residents become healthier, more connected, and confident, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. The NSYMCA focuses on Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility and is a charitable organization, inclusive and welcoming to all in our community. Learn more at NSYMCA.org

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North Suburban YMCA Keeps the Community Together Through Online Programming and Services - Chicago Daily Herald

These Are The Top 4 Free Puzzle Games To Kill Time During This Coronavirus Lockdown – MensXP.com

Just because you can't step out of the house during this coronavirus lockdown, doesn't mean you have to sit home and do nothing. Playing video games is one very effective way to kill time. Even the WHO wants you to stay indoors and play games.

There's nothing to worry about not having a gaming PC or a console. Our mobile phones are now powerful enough to run some really cool games. So today, we'll be checking out a few really cool puzzle games that you might be interested in. Let's get started -

Monument Valley 1 & 2

Monument Valley

Perhaps, the most critically acclaimed and user favorite puzzle games of all time, both Monument Valley 1 & 2 are absolutely worth checking out. These are premium titles but they're currently available for free on both the Play Store as well as the App Store, which is all the more reason to download them right away.

Your objective in the game is to solve a platform-based puzzle to clear each round and unravel a beautiful and satisfying story. They'll definitely keep you occupied for long hours, so they're great options to check out during this lockdown.

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle video game that's a part of the Tomb Raider series. Our favorite protagonist Lara makes a comeback here in this popular mobile game as you move through each puzzle piece on the board while avoiding obstacles. A perfect way to dive into the world of Tomb Raider and kill some time. This particular game is also available for free right now, so grab it while you can.

Where's My Water 1 & 2

Where's My Water 2

As the name suggests, your objective in the game is to dig a path so the water reaches the character below. The laws of gravity will keep you in check, so you can't go around creating random paths to connect the water. The levels keep getting more difficult as you progress, so it's only going to keep you more occupied. Both the titles are free on both iOS and Android, so do check them out.

Two Dots

Sequel to the highly popular Dots game, Two Dots takes things to a whole new level. This is one of those games that starts off easy but quickly becomes more challenging as you progress through levels. Your objective is to connect the dots and clear as many as you can by going for the same colored ones. Yeah, it sounds easy enough, but wait till you get to the tougher parts of the game. It's also available for free on both the App Store as well as the Play Store, so check it out.

Good luck, solving the puzzles!

Photo: Lara Croft Go(Main Image)

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These Are The Top 4 Free Puzzle Games To Kill Time During This Coronavirus Lockdown - MensXP.com

Capcom releases browser game that combined cats, puzzles, and Street Fighter – Nintendo Wire

While this years April Fools Day might be more subdued, we should still see efforts from the various game companies to play with their properties in fun new ways.

Capcoms likely April Fools joke (its already Aprilst in Japan) is a browser game called Neco Drop. This little title is a puzzle game that sees you matching color squares to try and lure Street Fighter themed cats out of hiding. The cats are adorable, and the puzzle gameplay is entertaining.

If youre looking to kill some time, check out Neco Drop, at least to see how adorable the Chun-Li cat is.

A video editor by trade, Bryan Finch is a lifetime Nintendo fan, and he loves writing about his passions. He also spends too much time playing and watching fighting games. Bryan enjoys movies, comics, cooking with his wife, and the idea of Elite Beat Agents 2.

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Capcom releases browser game that combined cats, puzzles, and Street Fighter - Nintendo Wire

Opinion: In times of anxiety, I turn to board games and puzzles Rachel Lowe – Toy News

As ToyNews readies to celebrate the explosively exciting and ever-innovative board games and puzzles scene in its April issue available to read online now we give the floor to Rachel Lowe, MBE, as she delves into the reasons why in a time of global crisis, theres a lot of comfort to be had in the tabletop hobby.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to consume our nation, we are all trying to say in doors as much as possible to prevent the virus from spreading even further.

We are confined to our homes, only going out for essential trips to a shop or daily exercise. We need activities to keep us busy and entertained and our minds stimulated. Books, films, music are all wonderful ways to keep us distracted but for me, board games and puzzles offer us an escape into another world and allow us to relax while keeping the mind active.

Board games and puzzles have been undergoing a renaissance for nearly a decade now with broadening appeal amongst the general public and increased sales. It is estimated that the board games market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nine per cent between 2016 and 2022, whereas the global puzzles market looks set to increase at a CAGR of 15.1 per cent from 2018 to 2025.

With the country lockdown in place for the foreseeable future, people will turn to board games and puzzles to fill their time. They are a great way for us to escape these uncertain times and relax our minds and bodies. I have used board games and puzzles throughout my life as a way of coping with stress or anxiety, which I know many people will be feeling at this time.

Both board games and puzzles are an activity that keep us engaged and they are one of few activities which spans generations. Everyone in the household can get around a board game and get involved or contribute to a 1,000-piece puzzle. Games get our competitive juices flowing and when that last puzzle piece is finally put in place, the sense of achievement can be monumental. There is a game or a puzzle for everyone.

Having been in the board game industry since 2002, I believe board games and puzzles will help us through this crisis, keep us occupied and ensure our mental health is looked after. So, if you want to send your grandparents something new for them to try or youre stuck for something to do with your child who is off school, turn to a puzzle or a game and get playing.

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Opinion: In times of anxiety, I turn to board games and puzzles Rachel Lowe - Toy News

The Games and Puzzles April issue of ToyNews is available to read online now – Toy News

As the Games and Puzzles issue of ToyNews makes its way to readers up and down a country turned on its head by the current COVID-19 pandemic, theres an old saying I like to turn to in times like these:

You dont know resilience until youve put a magazine to press with a screaming five year old rolling across your laptop, while holding on to your very last nerve with fingers covered in what you hope is chocolate, as life as you know it changes around you by the minute.

Actually, there really isnt. There isnt an old saying or rule book to fall back onto for comfort or wisdom for any of what we as a collective are experiencing right now. There is nothing to tell us what is right and what is wrong apart from a moral compass and the direction it is pointing as we write these pages of history ourselves.

These truly are unprecedented times. And what a privilege it is that when all of this is over and normality is restored I can say I stood with an industry that can look back with pride at its actions throughout this global upheaval and the manner in which it conducted itself.

Of the conversations I have had with retailers and industry experts through the week in which the UK took its toughest knock amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all of them were about support, community, resilience, perseverance, and coming out of this unified and stronger than ever.

Life will certainly be different on the other side of this, and Im optimistic for what we can achieve.

In the meantime, its been noted across the industry that throughout this period of social distancing, self isolation, and school closures, that more than ever families, children, and individuals are turning to the relief of board games and puzzles and their ability to transport players to new worlds, and new reaches of cognitive abilities, as we all play our parts in the fight against COVID-19.

The Games and Puzzles issue of ToyNews takes this opportunity to showcase some of the latest developments in this ever-exciting space, including in depth discussions with Ravensburger North America and Funko Games and the latest evolution of the tabletop game, opinions form the industrys experts, a run down on what to expect from this years UK Games Expo when it lands on its new date later this year, and plenty more.

We also get up close with this months cover stars, Metomics to find out what the team is bringing to the construction toy space for 2020 and beyond, and explore the great outdoors market with MV Sports and plenty more.

Of course, no issue of ToyNews would be complete without its exclusive regular content and faces, and we deliver it all in this months issue.

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The Games and Puzzles April issue of ToyNews is available to read online now - Toy News