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17. Tri Force HeroesPuzzling Tri Force Heroes. Photograph: Nintendo

The 3DSs multiplayer Zelda game wasnt so much bad (unless you tried to play it by yourself, laboriously switching between all three characters) as eminently forgettable. Its weird, camp send-up of Hyrule and three-player puzzles have slipped almost entirely from my mind in the years since I played it, and what I do remember mostly involved shouting impotently at the screen as some online playmate entirely failed to see the solution to a puzzle that was staring them in the face.

I maintain that hardly anyone has actually finished this needlessly opaque side-scrolling follow-up to 1986s The Legend of Zelda, because: a) its incredibly hard to figure out what the game wants you to do; and b) the final dungeon has TWO bosses, and if you cant finish it then youre turfed out to attempt the whole thing again. Long considered the worst game in the Zelda series, it hasnt improved with age.

The touch controls were cool, but what everyone remembers about Phantom Hourglass is being sent back to the same dungeon again and again every time you threatened to make some small amount of progress. That, and the series most irritating sidekick. If you thought Navi was annoying, you aint met mouthy sailor Linebeck.

Not everyone loved swinging the Wii Remote around like a sword, but if you ask me, that was Skyward Swords best feature parrying and jabbing, throwing bombs, approaching swordfights like kinetic puzzles. More annoyingly, the game was unacceptably bloated, sending you round the houses chasing unmemorable artefacts and retracing your steps.

Zelda, but with trains is an idea straight from the mind of a seven-year-old, and indeed Spirit Tracks is endearingly toy-like. Driving this little locomotive is such a tactile joy, with its touchscreen whistle and cranks. This is a series all about childlike pleasures, really playing, exploring, seeing what happens when you prod things with a sword and Spirit Tracks leans into it. And teaming Link up with a ghostly Zelda lent it an unexpected and likable buddy-movie feel.

A Zelda game that never really felt like a Zelda game, for good and for bad. The dungeons and the rhythm of play are vintage Zelda, with cunning puzzles and that rewarding drip-feed of new toys to explore the world with, but guest developer Capcom brought in quirky new characters and snappy dialogue and, of course, a talking bird that lives on Links head.

A great multiplayer take on Zelda that practically nobody played as intended, because you needed a GameCube, four Game Boy Advance consoles and four link cables to do it. If you actually managed to make this happen on one fated, glittering evening in the mid-00s, then youll know that this is one of Nintendos most inventive and laugh-out-loud fun multiplayer games. But, for most, this is the best Zelda game theyll never play.

Inspired by a young Shigeru Miyamotos aimless adventures in the Japanese countryside, the original Legend of Zelda still communicates the thrill of adventure of heading off in a direction and not knowing what you might find. Hard as nails by todays standards, but still fun (and the music is irresistible).

The first of what I like to call the weird Zeldas, in which Link ends up somewhere other than Hyrule, where things are familiar but subtly strange. In Hyrule, Link is a hero; in these alternate realms hes nobody, despite all the times he has saved the world. Its an interesting trick to pull on a player. Links Awakening is dreamlike and action-heavy, with none of the mythic qualities of A Link to the Past, but its mysteriousness is endearing.

Two interestingly intertwined games that, like Pokmon Red and Blue, needed each other to be complete. In one, Link could travel through time (hardly a new concept for the series but still cool); in the other, he could change the seasons. These gimmicks led to some truly great puzzles, and Capcoms guest designers clearly had a lot of fun expanding Links arsenal with playful additions like magnetic gloves and seed-shooters. Connecting the two games together to unlock new layers of the story was a huge pain, involving passwords and Game Boy link cables, but it was also an ambitious idea that deserves admiration.

Ah yes, the emo Zelda, in which Link could transform into a wolf and pound around a melancholy, corrupted, more realistic Hyrule in the company of dark imp Midna, one of this series best characters. Enormously popular with the angsty teens of the 00s and somewhat underloved by everyone else, in some ways Twilight Princess is one of the less adventurous Zeldas, in thrall to Ocarina of Time and also to the fans who wanted a mature counterpoint to Wind Waker. But it also had a dark fairytale atmosphere that makes it stick in the memory.

Laying the foundation for Breath of the Wilds shakeup of the old dungeon-explore-dungeon formula, A Link Between Worlds pulls the shocking move of giving you most of the items youll need right at the very beginning and just letting you loose to tackle Hyrule in whatever order you choose. A nostalgic tribute to Link to the Past that also rewrote the Zelda rulebook, and looked particularly cute as well.

Stop for a minute and think about the music that plays the first time you set sail on the King of Red Lions in Wind Waker. It still plays in my head every time I look at the sea. A rushed third act cant ruin this most characterful of the Zelda games, with its childlike Link and his unforgettable cartoon expressions; its playful pirates and gambolling pigs; the islands that dot a flooded Hyrule, each housing its own secret or puzzle or tempting diversion. Wind Waker properly captures the spirit of adventure and exploration that is at the very heart of Zelda.

The landmark 1992 SNES Zelda was the first game I ever played that felt atmospheric. There was an entire world inside this cartridge, not just a series of challenges to be overcome and enemies to be defeated. Called by a voice in his head to go to Hyrule Castle in the driving rain, flipping between light and dark versions of Hyrule, Link slowly uncovers a realm brimming with secrets, hidden chambers and whispers of artefacts that might exist only in legend. A great action game with timeless, mythical narrative qualities.

It is impossible to divorce Ocarina of Time from the technological leap forward that it heralded for video games as a whole, when it arrived in 1998. Here was the first virtual place you could ride around on horseback in 3D: walking out into the open expanse of Hyrule Field, with that triumphant swelling soundtrack, was the start of a new era. I remember that feeling well, that sudden expansion of possibilities I felt in my chest when I first played it but what I admire about Ocarina of Time now is how sad and subtly frightening it is. Theres little Link, the weight of the world on his shoulders, robbed of his childhood and sent catapulting forwards through time into a grown body and a world he doesnt recognise. Exploring these two Hyrules the one of Links childhood and the one of his nightmares Im struck not just by how enjoyable the game is, how confidently the designers wielded these entirely new 3D tools, but also by how elegantly it evokes childhood fears and loss of innocence.

Made in just a year and using the same artistic and technological tools, Ocarina of Times weirder, even sadder little sibling is deeply atmospheric. Stuck in a three-day loop in a doomed parallel world threatened by a grimacing and increasingly proximate moon, Link is stripped of his identity as the Hero of Time and left to reckon with mortality and loneliness. Its groundhog-day premise is so elegant and clever that its remarkable more games havent tried to copy it.

This, after more than two decades, is the ultimate expression of what Zelda has always been about: the spirit of adventure, the thrill of discovery, the rewards that await a curious mind. The series was bound for years by the conventions it had invented: visit dungeon, collect item, explore more of the map, find the next dungeon, and so on. But in Breath of the Wild, we are set free to explore where we want, even if its too dangerous. Nowhere is closed off, and instead of feeling like a series of doors that remain locked until you are given the right key, Hyrule feels like a truly open expanse, where you can always get distracted by a giant horse you want to tame, or a path weaving off into the forest, or a suspicious-looking cluster of rocks that hint at the entrance to a shrine. And inventing creative and absurd ways to do what you need to do is a huge part of the charm; Links various telekinetic abilities have their obvious uses, such as moving tree-trunks around to create bridges, but you can also use them to freeze a boulder in time, thwack it repeatedly with a giant hammer, then cling to it as it catapults across the landscape. Such creative play had never been possible in this series before, and it makes Breath of the Wild feel more personal, a game upon which you can make your mark. This doesnt feel like a game youve played. It feels like a place youve been.

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The Legend of Zelda games ranked! - The Guardian

What Are the Most Popular Types of Mobile Game? | TechQuila – TechQuila

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Mobile games have taken the world by storm in the last few years, as an ever-growing number of people discover the freedom offered by playing games on the go. With a huge selection of titles to choose from, understanding the most popular genres can be a useful way of getting started.

The chance to use our brains to solve intricate puzzles is the big attraction of this genre. This list from Indian Express includes The Room and Cut the Rope 2 among the best current puzzle games for mobile devices. These games are usually very easy to get started on but soon become a lot more difficult, as each level brings new challenges.

Candy Crush is one of the finest examples of this type. This game was published by King in 2012 and quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. One of the revolutionary features of Candy Crush is that it uses the freemium model that allows players to play for free or else pay to receive help.

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Online casino games are also popular, as the number of people using mobile phones is increasing in India and elsewhere. Casinos such as LeoVegas, 22Bet and Twin are listed by CasinoWings as popular among Indians. They also confirm that an updated Flash player is needed for the best performance while using an app makes getting started faster and some casinos offer special bonuses to mobile users.

On most mobile casinos, the slots selection is the star of the show. These games are based on classic land-based slots and feature names such as Pearls of India and Cricket Star. Fans can easily find slots based on many different themes, like ancient Egypt, Norse Gods and movies. A smaller collection of traditional table and card games adds to the variety.

The battle royale genre has proved to be hugely popular in India. This sort of game sees the player attempt to survive while killing other players or avoiding them. PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous examples, although the original is still banned in India and the latest news suggests that the special version to be released here wont be seen any time soon.

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This has left Garena Free Fire as arguably the most widely downloaded type of Battle Royal game right now. It is a survival shooter which is divided into ten-minute games where everyone has to try and survive to the end.

A casual game is simply any sort of game that is intended to be played by as wide an audience as possible. They are often simple affairs that can be picked up very easily by just about anyone, whether they are an experienced gamer or not.

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There is no exact definition of what these games need to be about, so they can fit into the other categories we have looked at. For instance, puzzle games like Bejeweled and battle royale efforts such as Clash of Clans could be classed as being casual.

No matter what kind of game you prefer, you will find a huge amount of choice right now, with new games being released regularly too.

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What Are the Most Popular Types of Mobile Game? | TechQuila - TechQuila

Wordsmyth is a beautiful daily word game coming soon to iOS and Android – Pocket Gamer

If youre a fan of casual puzzle games that you can check in on from time to time, Wordsmyth looks to be a new contender of those types of games. It arrives on iOS next week.

In Wordsmyth, youre given nine letters and tasked to create as many words as you can from just those characters. Youre told how many words can be created, and given a list of the ones youve already discovered, and there is even a hint system if you need it.

This concept is refined into a beautiful, daily experience designed to provide a single point of calm and focus amongst the stresses of everyday life. You get a new collection of letters and words to find each day, making it a meditation of daily exercises that will slowly keep your brain entertained.

You can then customise the experience to include backdrops against your puzzle interface: moving scenes that include birds flocking, trees swaying and the sun setting as you find words. You can change all of this with different landscapes and colour palettes available, providing you with a fresh new experience each day.

With my wife and I forced to work full time careers from home, schooling two young children and caring for our newborn - 2020 turned out to be a tough year, says the Wordsmyth website. We got on with it - we had to. But stress levels were high, and ways to unwind were few and far between. One shining beacon came in the form of a simple, paper desk calendar - each day containing a single brain teaser. This daily little challenge gave us a brief escape - a fraction of focus amongst the chaos.

So with lockdown in full force, I made myself a little app - a digital representation of a timeless word puzzle. A grid of letters, generated daily from a fresh 9 letter word, that the user would use to create as many words as they could. The simplicity of it felt right. It bridged the gap between a puzzle and a mindfulness tool.

You can download Wordsmyth from the iOS App Store and Google Play on 25th February. It will be a paid title costing 2.99 and pre-orders are available now.

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Wordsmyth is a beautiful daily word game coming soon to iOS and Android - Pocket Gamer

Review: She Remembered Caterpillars – Movies Games and Tech

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I would imagine that naming a video game is harder than one would think. I actually liken it to writing introductory paragraphs honestly. For me, writing these openings require me to avoiding giving away my entire opinion while teasing it slightly. For video game publishers and developers, theyre trying to catch your attention by standing out. So I ask you this reader; does She Remembered Caterpillars stand out to you at all?

A puzzle game brought to us by Ysbryd Games, She Remembered Caterpillars is like no puzzle game that comes to memory. Part of that might be my normal aversion to puzzle games due to a combination of ADHD fueled impatience, and poor challenge curving in the few Ive tried. The genre has given me enjoyment before, as I reviewed an indie game titled Swim Out at my first (and now defunct and offline) site with a positive 7.5/10 score.

What stood out to me first about She Remembered Caterpillars in terms of gameplay is that it lacks a fail state. This differs from the other games in the genre that Ive experienced. I felt this was a brilliant decision that keeps the focus on finding success rather than avoiding failure. Not only that, but it helped keep my mind clear and calm. My frustrations never boiled over, causing a rage quit or angry gesture.

The challenges provided were quite numerous despite the simple goal. Your task is to move all the Gammies onto a pad. Having to navigate the colorful bridges and gates that fill the stage present turn a singular goal into a complex puzzle. The rules are presented without words and does a fantastic job of showing you what you need to know.

The feedback the game provides is strong despite the simplicity in the methods. A red Gammy can cross a red bridge with no problem, but if a blue Gammy tries to, the bridge will raise up to stop it in its tracks. However, if the red Gammy tries to walk between a red gate, theyll be stopped as the posts writhe and wiggle. Later mechanics add a bit more complexity, but the visual feedback explains in a way that words cant as easily.

Speaking of visuals, I once again feel compelled to go into detail about them. While with Gelly Break I wanted to call them out, here I need to sing high praise. Every visual choice was perfectly made. The backgrounds are calming, bleak, and unique, setting a distinct and macabre tone. They hide beautifully and allow the bright colors of interactive pieces to shine through and steal your focus. However, what makes the visuals top notch are the inclusions of shapes.

Where Gelly Break featured no color distinction, She Remembered Caterpillars makes every character and obstacle clear as day by tying the colors to a different shape. For example, red Gammies all feature square heads, with both the red gates and bridges built out of squares. Later in the game you can merge colors, and again the game mixes the shapes as well, turning the red squares and blue circles into a purple half circle. This accessibility for color blind players is an absolute highlight that allows others to enjoy the game, which is always a win.

Going back and reading my Swim Out review, one thing that stood out as a negative to me was the lack of a narrative. While I understand that not everything needs a story, having a framing device can help provide motivation and craft a just one more level mindset. She Remembered Caterpillars once again makes a smart selection by featuring a light story element between puzzles.

At the start of each map theres a sentence or two that tells a tale of loss and love, of regret and dedication. Speaking about their father, the narrator hooked right into my fatherly heartstrings, compelling me to push myself to swiftly complete the game to unlock all the lines. The result provided what is my biggest negative to the game being that I felt it doesnt properly resolve. I eagerly fought to solve challenge after challenge, got invested into the fable provided, only to never get a satisfying conclusion.

What I did get going through the entire game was a master class on how to naturally scale difficulty. The first few levels serve as a solid introduction to the rules, and then they take off in terms of adversity. Yet I believe that the complications arise not out of unfairness, but rather unfamiliarity. Youre pushed to think steps ahead, working backwards using the information provided in order to successfully complete the level. By the time you reach the last of a set of levels, the struggles have you thinking multiple moves in advance rather than hiding a simple solution. Then once youve gotten used to the design it shifts on you, introducing a new wrinkle that alters the flow of movement and resets your line of thinking.

Almost every move the game makes is perfect, yet a slight nit-pick I had was the diagonal movement design. On one hand I see the benefit as it allows the obstacles to stand out and show up easier placement wise. Yet I also found the Gammies to control slightly erratically, undercutting the game ever-so-slightly. By no means was this a deal breaker, but it did stick out to me in the long run.Against all odds though, She Remembered Caterpillars is a game that blew me away. I had a great time solving each puzzle, and in later stages the completion of them resulted in me physically celebrating with a fist pump. The story, while lacking a strong resolution, is still touching, and does a good job of keeping you invested in the game. While I dont feel it deserves a perfect score, She Remembered Caterpillars is still an exceptional game that you should absolutely pick up. Its definitely a title that Ill remember for quite awhile.

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Review: She Remembered Caterpillars - Movies Games and Tech

Fortnite Creative gets callout for puzzles and platformers – AltChar

"2021 is looking like a great year for the Creative community. Weve already seen new games and genres break into the top charts while many classics stay strong and popular. But now, we're going way back to what was hot and trendy when Creative originally released: puzzles and platforming", the dev wrote.

So, fans of Deathrun, Puzzle or Adventure games are getting their chance to shine, as Epic invited them to submit either of the three in the Creative Featured Content form.

Fortnite Creative players who think their islands have a shot at becoming the Featured Island in the Creative Hub must submit their masterpieces before March 2, 2021.

Of course, it also has to comply with Creative featured content guidelines, and it goes without saying that it has to be their original Fortnite work.

"For this particular callout, were encouraging all creators to set their game in exciting and adventurous locations, like a snowtop retreat, island ruins, or creepy caves. If your game is fun, imaginative, and fits the genre requirements described above, it could be selected as a Featured Island in the Creative Hub", Epic said.

Epic Games Fortnite Creative by Dummblond

Fortnite Creative has been responsible for the explosion of creativity in the community, and Epic are obviously keen to keep it going. They even provided a few gorgeous examples of work done by other players, which you can use for inspiration.

We had to single out THE CRYSTALS OF GEFILDE (Adventure) - 1861-9555-5798 by Dummblond, because we couldn't stop staring at it.

You can find the announcement here.

Fortnite - ray-tracing on

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Fortnite Creative gets callout for puzzles and platformers - AltChar

Artie raises $10 million as it pivots to make instant games – VentureBeat

Artie has raised $10 million to make instant mobile games that can be played directly inside social media, video, and messaging platforms in a way that bypasses the app stores that take their 30% cut of game revenues.

Artie started its life as a platform to make intelligent augmented reality avatars. But AR hasnt blossomed as quickly as expected, and so the company has pivoted from making digital AR avatars to making instant games with its cartoon-style avatars. And since these games can be played natively in social apps, message systems, or video platforms without any additional app downloads, they eliminate the need for apps.

Arties technology enables mobile games to be played directly inside media platforms without any additional app downloads, applications programming interface (API) access, or integration needed, said CEO Ryan Horrigan in an interview with GamesBeat. The company is focused on making mobile games easier to discover and play for consumers while improving the economics of mobile games for developers and creators.

The good thing is that players dont have to go through app stores and so developers dont have to surrender a 30% fee to the likes of Apple or Google Play.The game industry has long yearned for an alternate distribution solution to app stores and their fees. Thats one reason why Fortnite maker Epic Games is suing Apple right now. Artie also plans to open a new revenue stream for celebrities, athletes, music artists, influencers, and creators by enabling them to bring branded games directly to their audiences. Artie has quietly built its platform over the past 18 months with plans to unveil it to the world along with an initial slate of games later this spring.

We made the change well over a year ago, and this also happened months before Epic and Apple clashed, Horrigan said. We were already thinking about the financial constraints of app stores and the pain that publishers were facing. We knew that there were really two problems. Theres 30% off the top. But theres also the rising cost of paid media every year, because of the saturation of app stores. Its more and more expensive year over year to acquire players.

Above: Ryan Horrigan (left) and Armando Kirwin are the founders of Artie.

Image Credit: Artie

Arties latest backers include Zynga founder, Mark Pincus; Kevin Durant and Rich Kleimans Thirty Five Ventures; music mogul Scooter Brauns Raised In Space; Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer; Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss; ByteDances largest early backer, Susquehanna International Group; Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment plus The Sixers Lab; Manuel Bronstein, vice president of product at Google; and YouTube founder, Chad Hurley.

Additional backers include early SpaceX, Uber, and Niantic backer Cyan Banister; Founders Fund; Warner Music Group; game industry thought-leader Matthew Ball; Niv Drors Shrug Capital; and top executives from Amazon, Twitter, and Square.

A key part of YouTubes early growth strategy was making sure our videos could be shared and played anywhere without friction. Artie is taking the same approach for high-quality mobile games, said Hurley in a statement.

This latest capital will enable Artie to continue advancing its technology platform and launch an initial slate of games in 2021. The games will likely be playable on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

Artie has forged several key partnerships with celebrities, athletes, and influencers for its first games. They include a choose-your-own-adventure-style mobile game with a big superhero intellectual property, a puzzle game based on Alice in Wonderland, a multiplayer/social virtual beer pong game, and a collaborative party game. Horrigan hopes to launch three games this year.

Above: Arties games can be played in social media.

Image Credit: Artie

Previously, Artie was trying to make virtual beings that were rendering in Instagram and could spread across the web. But they saw that games was a bigger opportunity and a much bigger market.This meant the company had to de-emphasize the virtual being AI tech.

Horrigan said the company originally wanted to create intelligent avatars for gaming. Then it pivoted over the last 18 months to its new take on instantly playable games.

Unlike most instant game engines that rely solely on Javascript and HTML5, Arties technology is compatible with the Unity game engine. This enables games on Arties platform to have the same look and feel as games that, until now, were only found in app stores, said Artie cofounder and chief technology officer Armando Kirwin.

Apple doesnt allow companies to easily monetize iMessage games, and they arent very shareable across platforms. But using the Unity game engine gives Artie the ability to deliver a better experience. The game can download some parts of the experience from the cloud, but for the most part the difficult job rendering the graphics, is done on the phone itself, using the phones graphics capability, Kirwin said.

To share a game, you simply share a link on social media such as Twitter. A friend can click on that link and immediately start playing the game. Kirwin said the tech streams assets and control data from the cloud to the phone, but the rendering happens on the phone. That means that the cloud data doesnt clog up the bandwidth to the smartphone and use up costly data, but the game can tap cloud-based updates.

Were still trying to push that limit, but we know that its already obviously superior to the status quo, Kirwin said. This new approach is very exciting.

The chance for having a viral hit on the social platforms could be much higher, as its so easy to share a link for a game. That lowers the costs of user acquisition.

You can share a game from the Facebook ecosystem to a friend on TikTok or Apple, Kirwin said. We bring you the look and fee of an App Store game, but with the open web.

Above: Artie is making an Alice in Wonderland instant game.

Image Credit: Artie

And unlike cloud gaming services from major technology companies that stream video to players, Arties approach does not suffer from latency issues on mobile connections and is nearly 10 times more cost-efficient to operate, Horrigan said.

We felt our version of instant games would differentiate us from cloud gaming and modern web games, he said. We touch a sweet spot for mobile.

Horrigan noted that current instant game platforms based on HTML5 (the lingua franca of the web) and JavaScript are good for hypercasual games (those played in a minute or so), but theyre not good for games with better-quality gameplay and graphics.

You cant use them to make marquee mobile games, Horrigan said.

The Artie platform also enables optional next-gen gameplay features, including voice, texting, and camera input, using proprietary AI technology built from the ground up for games. The company believes that AI will play a critical role in the future of gaming by unlocking more immersive and personalized gaming experiences driving up engagement.

Artie plans to release a software development kit (SDK) and open its platform to all game developers and creators.The Artie team of 17 people consists of engineers and game developers from Activision/Blizzard, Jam City, Playtika, Infinity Ward, Disney, Snap, Mozilla, and Facebook.

So far, the company cant play high twitch games with a lot of interaction, such as a shooter game like Fortnite or a fighting game. But it can run most other genres.

We can deliver something that feels as good as a Nintendo Switch game, but it requires no hardware or app download whatsoever, he said. Its approaching console quality from one or two generations ago.

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Artie raises $10 million as it pivots to make instant games - VentureBeat

Outer Wilds launches this summer on Nintendo Switch – Shacknews

The time-looping space adventure from Annapurna Interactive has been announced for Nintendo Switch for this summer.

Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive will launch the space-faring puzzle-adventure Outer Wilds later this Summer on the Nintendo Switch. Shown during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, the time-looping first person solar system exploration game is currently available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Outer Wilds was the first title on the video game focused crowd-investment platform, Fig. Originally a master's thesis for a university project in 2012, Outer Wilds was featured on Xbox Game Pass when it released in May 2019 and has been nominated for several industry awards. Mobius Digital even took home the honors for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the IGF Awards in 2015 and Best Game at the BAFTA Games Awards in 2020.

Featuring an interactive solar system that is stuck in a 22-minute loop before the sun explodes into a supernova, Outer Wilds is an interesting experience for any adventure or puzzle game fan. Events and locations can change over the course of each loop, with the player unraveling clues to an alien secret along the way. Nintendo has no shortage of third-parties wanting to get their previous generation ports on the Switch and Outer Wilds looks like a good choice. The Unity engine physics-based space romp should fit nicely on the handheld console hybrid.

Nintendo Switch owners won't have to wait much longer for the chance to try the critically acclaimed space simulation. Mysterious planets and astronomical phenomena will make their way to Switch consoles everywhere later this Summer in 2021.

From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years.You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library.

Outer Wilds launches this summer on Nintendo Switch - Shacknews

Top 10 games to download and play first on your new Apple iPhone – Gadget Bridge

An iPhone is a perfect device for gaming. The phone comes with optimum features to allow you to delve into high-end games. The latest A13 Bionic chip outperforms many other smartphones while still being easy on the battery. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, a casual player, or just a beginner there are plenty of video games that you can install on your iPhone. Here is the top 10 list of games to start with.

Genre(s):Survival, battle royale, sandbox

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Publisher(s):Epic Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Fortnite is a battle royale genre video game that is slightly similar to PUBG. The game consists of 100 players and the last gamer surviving is the winner. The gameplay is immersive and you never know when a bullet is being aimed at you as you set out to destroy others. The Save the World and Creative versions have been successful for Epic Games. The video game has been among the top-ranking iOS games ever since it has been launched.



Publisher(s):Activision Garena

Call of Duty: Mobile was released in response to the increasing popularity of PUBG. The marketing move paid off and the game experienced as high as 150 million downloads in the first month of its launch. The graphics are remarkable and the controls are positioned for comfortable reach. The video game can be played in first-person and third-person shooter style as your crew sets out to eliminate other teams to approach the coveted 50-point mark to emerge a winner.

Call of Duty: Mobile



It is an amusing game and will challenge your alertness level and reflexes as you navigate through unforeseen situations thrown at you. This fun game is a perfect stress reliever with a simplistic interface and easy-to-move characters. One of the highlights of the video game is the application of different power-up items collected by driving into item boxes laid out on the path. These power-ups involve mushrooms to give players a speed hike, Koopa Shells to be launched at opponents, banana peels, and fake item boxes that can be placed on the course as hazards.

Mario Kart

Genre(s):Real-time strategy, simulation

Publisher(s):Ndemic Creations, Miniclip

Its a video game that takes out your darker side as you finish the population of the whole world by unleashing a destructive virus you have devised. This is a strategy game as you have to apply all your wits to win everything that menfolk do to guard against your pathogen. The game offers equal possibilities for all as you progress and start on your mission of eradicating humanity, making the whole world your opponent in the process.

Plague Inc



This is among the most popular video games offering a world of candies of all shapes and sizes that you rearrange and match as you proceed through the game. Matches of four or more candies create different candies that act as power-ups with more extensive board-clearing skills. Boards have various aims that must be accomplished within a fixed number of moves or a fixed amount of time.

Candy Crush

Genre:Shooter Video Game

Publishers:PikPok, Versus Evil

This is an action video game where you are thrown against an apparently never-ending wave of zombies of all shapes and sizes that come your way. You will have different weapons at your disposal that you can use to evade the zombie threat as you strive to take your family out of the zombie zone and into the shelter. Besides the weapons, you can take help from different quarters, such as animals who are faithful to you and will help you crush the zombies.

Into the Dead 2


Publisher:Jolly Good Games Limited

Starbeard is a puzzle game but in a sci-fi environment. The game will ultimately test your matching skills but one that trades with planets and constellations as you venture out on a mission to protect your garden from insects that can traverse around galaxies. There are unique hurdles at every step and you can use improved powers to deal with rising threats that try to wipe out the plant species in your garden.



Publisher:Electronic Arts

The Real Racing 3 is a racing game that fits well with the wonderful processing capabilities of the iPhone and the Super Retina display makes the gaming experience realistic. The video game highlights over 45 circuits at 20 real-world locations, and over 300 licensed cars including Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ford, Ferrari, McLaren, Chevrolet, and Koenigsegg. Unlike the previous versions of Real Racing games, players are challenged to maintain and service their vehicles.

Real Racing 3

Genre: Sandbox, survival

Publishers:Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Telltale Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Pocket Edition Minecraft is a videogame that offers different block types to let you create what you have envisioned. The player is the person that the user controls in the world. When the user begins a game, the player is set in a world, created by a random or specified seed, with an empty record. If the bonus chest option is allowed, a chest filled with basic items appears near the player.


Genre(s):Endless runner, snowboarding


Altos Odyssey is the sequel to Altos Adventure (2015) offering a desert theme, with new features including wall-riding mechanics, water mechanics, tornadoes, and falling platforms. The video game has a Zen mode, in which players can play and fall over multiple times. This feature was added to the game with an idea that it could help them relax.

Altos Odyessy

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Steam Developer Banned After Trying to Trick Users About Positive Reviews – VICE

Artwork courtesy of Valve

See if you can tell what's weird about this image:

(Ignore the "Hello Patrick" part, a way for the developer to confirm to me they were legit.)

One of the fastest ways to gauge whether a game is worth playing on Steam is by glancing at the "recent reviews" and "all reviews" section snuggled next to the game's trailer and description. The text is hard to ignore, and that's on purpose: your eye is purposely drawn to the brightly colored text. Blue is good, orange is mixed, red is bad. You don't have to read the word "positive" or "negative" to immediately understand what's being communicated.

You know what's also blue on a Steam page? The developer and publisher. It's blue by default, and recently, someone figured it was, in theory, a way to exploit the system. What would happen if you, for example, named your developer and publisher "Very Positive"? Isn't entirely possible someone might confuse the developer with the game's actual reviews?

That someone was the developer of the simple puzzle game Emoji Evolutionuntil very recently, anyway. Over the weekend, Steam unsurprisingly banned Emoji Evolution and suspended its developer account for "review manipulations," per the game's developer.

I originally stumbled upon Emoji Evolution while reading former Gamasutra editor Simon Carless' excellent newsletter, GameDiscoverCo, which focuses on why people buy games, how developers can use data to sell their games, etc. Carless pointed out the absurdity of what the people behind Emoji Evolution were up to, and I quickly turned that into a tweet:

Soon, the developer of Emoji Evolution, who declined to reveal their name fearing blowback from their decision could potentially impact their career, got in touch. They confirmed ownership of the game by altering its Steam page. For this story, we'll call them Mike.

"I knew that reviews have a huge impact on the customer's decision," said Mike over email last week. "I noticed that the publisher/developer name is located really close to the reviews and has the same color, and I decided to use it for my purposes."

Editor's Note: English is not Mike's first language. We have lightly edited some quotes for clarification and readability purposes.

Most people laughed at the situation's absurdity and tipped their virtual hat at someone pulling off a UI heist. The unexpected attention prompted Mike to keep on tweeting.

"I don't think this will be an issue with Steam," they told me at the time. "Valve fully understands how minor this trick is. It's more important to have a famous brand name like Obsidian there."

The theory: Valve only cares about the accuracy of the name. Insert hmm emoji.

Still, Mike was enjoying how many people were paying attention, saying it meant "more to me than these couple of potential dollars."

Emoji Evolution was, Mike told me, the byproduct of a conversation with their wife, about how emojis have become such a common part of Internet culture that they could also be at the center of a game, too. The popularity of emojis is such that artists have even produced royalty-free emojis for people to use, so the core art of Emoji Evolution didn't cost a dime.

Mike wrote a design document, gathered the assets, and paid a coder to string it together.

"I don't think this is a great game," said Mike, "but I needed something cheap and attractive."

When it came to marketing, Mike claimed to not have done much research, but argued people do not spend much time looking at all the data available on a Steam page. One of the most important elements, they concluded, was the positivity of reviews. That's when Mike realized the reviews were slotted next to the information about the game's creators.

"They [Steam users] make conclusions about information when seeing familiar words and don't spend much time reading all the words," said Mike.

Mike's probably right. I do this all the time while scrolling through the "new" and "popular" sections on Steam, looking for games to play or write about. I always glance at the reviews.

The tweets continued, especially as various news outlets wrote up Mike's prank.

There's a good chance Mike and Emoji Evolution would have skated under the radar, like a lot of garbage on Steam, ignored because Valve abandoned curation long ago. But articles written up on GameSpot and Kotaku are a good way for someone working on Steam to take a closer look, which is why it wasn't shocking to see Mike eventually banned last Friday.

Recently, Mike tweeted that they're only guilty of "a really bad game" and that banning Emoji Evolution makes no sense when CD Projekt RED was allowed to release Cyberpunk 2077, a game roundly criticized for being profoundly unfinished when it arrived at the end of 2020.

In Mike's case, however, he was deliberately poking the bear.

"Last week was really funny," said Mike. "It's a strange feelingI've made a hit but without any profit for myself or my future products."

Follow Patrick onTwitter. His email, and available privately on Signal (224-707-1561).

Steam Developer Banned After Trying to Trick Users About Positive Reviews - VICE

Global Games and Puzzles Market 2020 Industry Analysis, Key Drivers, Business Strategy, Opportunities and Forecast to 2025 Express Keeper – Express…

Global Games and Puzzles Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2020-2025 released by will completely help our users to know more about this industry. The report integrated with imperative insights on the market. The report research will help both existing and new aspirants for the market to figure out and study market requirements, market size, and competition. The report scrutinizes market size, market share, status, trends, competitive scenario, and potential growth opportunities with forecast till 2025. This study is an in-depth analysis of this global Games and Puzzles industry that effectively covers all the aspects related to this industry over the projected period and the primary development trends of the market. This research report will help both existing and new aspirants for the market to figure out and study market requirements, market size, and competition.

The report covers data regarding the supply and demand situation, the competitive scenario, and the challenges for market growth, market opportunities, and the threats encountered by key players. The players included in this report are chosen in terms of their product portfolio, market share, brand value, and the monetary wellbeing of the organizations. The report throws light on opportunities and current trends that are influencing the growth of the global Games and Puzzles market and are widely used by the manufacturers. It elaborates on market tendencies, development scope, future opportunities, and the maturity analysis of the market.

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Top leading key players are: Hasbro, Castor Drukarnia, LEGO, Bandai, TOMY, Mattel, Springbok Puzzles, Ravensburger AG, Cobble Hill (Outset Media), Buffalo Games, Piatnik, Royal Jumbo BV, MasterPieces Puzzle Company, Ceaco, Inc., Eurographics, Inc., Educa Borras, S.A.U., Heye Puzzle, Gibsons, Schmidt Spiele GmbH,

Based on type, the market has been segmented into: Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Photo Puzzles, 3D Puzzles, Others,

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Global Games and Puzzles Market 2020 Industry Analysis, Key Drivers, Business Strategy, Opportunities and Forecast to 2025 Express Keeper - Express...