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Binge Them While You Still Can! From Brain Games To Velvet, Heres The List Of Shows Leaving Netflix … – Top Buzz Times

Its an ideal opportunity to see whats leaving Netflix in the United States in March 2020. Beneath, well be refreshing the complete rundown of whats set to leave from Netflix consistently.

The large evacuations for March incorporate the Spanish time frame dramatization series Velvet which will see every one of the three seasons withdraw. Well see an enormous part of the PBS/BBC Earth library depart including features, for example, Civilization.

National Geographic arrangement Brain Games will make its takeoff likely due for its new home on Disney+ which houses the various National Geographic arrangement.

As a standard notification for those ignorant of how Netflix handles flights. Netflix for the greater part of its substance licenses its substance from different suppliers. These arrangements permit Netflix to have show x or film x on the gushing stage for a specific measure of time. When that agreement comes up for recharging, its down to Netflix and the other party to choose whether or not to restore.

We regularly learn of evacuations 30 days before expulsion however more are declared by Netflix themselves toward the months end and there are additionally shock expulsions as well.

March 1

9 Months That Made YouEarths Natural WondersEarths Natural Wonders: Life at the ExtremesFood: Delicious ScienceForces of NatureGreat Yellowstone ThawIndia: Natures WonderlandKingdoms of the SkyMahi WayNatures Great RaceNATURE: Natural Born HustlersNazi Mega WeaponsSuperNature: Wild FlyersThe Mind of a ChefTip the MouseVelvet

March 2

Pioneers of African-American Cinema

March 3I Am Me!

March 12Age Gap LoveAinsley Eats the StreetsEncounters with EvilHistorys Greatest HoaxesMega FoodMegaTruckersMoney for NothingNightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

March 15Khotey SikkeyLittle LunchMystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: ClassicRishta.comRurouni Kenshin

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Binge Them While You Still Can! From Brain Games To Velvet, Heres The List Of Shows Leaving Netflix ... - Top Buzz Times

Explore a hole new world in free puzzle game Hole and Box – PC Gamer

If nothing else, you should play Hole and Box for its smooth jazz rendition of Greensleeves, which is chill and cheesy in the best possible way. But the game beside it is equally interesting, and pretty original for the now-established block-pushing puzzle genre.

As in Donut County, you play as a hole. But, rather than swallowing things up, you're a hole that can attract boxes towards you, because...well, I have no idea. Maybe you're using a big magnet under the earth. But as your goal here, during each stage, is to drag a cardboard box onto each patch of dirt, your holey magnetism certainly comes in handy.

It wouldn't be much of a puzzle game without some limitations, and here you're limited by the obstacles that stand between you and boxes, and by the fact thatif you're lined up with multiple boxes at onceyou'll drag both simultaneously, and you might not want that. Additionally, the hole can only pull from a distance, so if a box ends up next to you, you may get stuck.

While it's kind of an odd mish-mash of an idea, it's one executed with a great amount of style, from the lovely, soft art style toas I already mentionedits soundtrack of mellow, smooth jazz cheese.

For more great free experiences, check out our roundup of the best free PC games.

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Explore a hole new world in free puzzle game Hole and Box - PC Gamer

The Room: A Dark Matter Coming to All Major VR Headsets in Late March, Trailer Here – Road to VR

Fireproof Games, the studio behind popular puzzle titleThe Room (2014),today announced its first VR entry into the franchiseThe Room: A Dark Matteris slated to arrive next month on PC VR headsets, Oculus Quest, and PSVR.

Fireproof says in a tweet that the game will be landing simultaneously on their respective stores on March 26th. The studio also pushed out a new trailer, which we linked below.

In case you havent been following along,The Room: A Dark Matteris an upcoming VR puzzle game that promises to deliver on the franchises knack for complex, escape room-style puzzles. The original The Room for PChas managed to nab itself a solid [10/10] user rating on Steam, so its clear Fireproof has big shoes to fill here.

We had a chance topreview the game on Oculus Quest earlier this week, and it proved to be not only to serve up engaging and cleverly-built puzzles, but an engrossing visual experience to compliment its dark, Lovecraftian story. Although we havent played on PSVR or PC VR headsets yet, the Quest version left us sufficiently wowed enough to say that its set a new bar for VR puzzle games.

Make sure to check out our spoiler-free preview, linked above, to learn a little more about why were so excited for others to play The Room: A Dark Matter.

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The Room: A Dark Matter Coming to All Major VR Headsets in Late March, Trailer Here - Road to VR

ART OF THE WEEK | Why You Should Play (or Replay) the Portal Series – Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

I know its been a while since the games releases and Portal mechanics are no longer new in the world of video games but its definitely time to play (or replay) the Portal games. Once the first round of prelims are over, be sure to hop back on these classics and enjoy some good ol Portal physics as you jump, bounce or zoom through these levels. If youre not convinced yet, here are some reasons why you should return to Aperture and voluntarily risk your health and safety as a human lab experiment. (This article contains some spoilers, but hopefully they entice you into playing the game).

1. Cake

Who doesnt love cake? Every good human guinea pig knows that passing those levels is hard work, especially since you have to lug a mind-bending and heavy portal gun around the rooms. Thats why in the first Portal game youll get a great reward! Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing youre somewhat smart (or persistent) enough to finish all the puzzle levels of the game, you also get a delicious slice of cake at the very end! Isnt that wonderful?

2. Wheatley

Ah, Wheatley. Truly one of the most memorable voices of the small cast of characters in the Portal series. Hes a great guy, really. Just listening to him tell you what to do is a good enough reason to play the game again.

3. Potato GLaDOS

Bosses usually take on a second form, where theyre stronger, tougher and smarter than before. Not in this game. Instead, shes been turned into a potato part way into the single player story mode of Portal 2. Literally.

Brian Lu is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. He can be reached at

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ART OF THE WEEK | Why You Should Play (or Replay) the Portal Series - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

Maquette is a daring puzzle sport love story a decade within the making – BingePost

Its usually mentioned that clearly exhibiting the monster in a horror film makes it much less scary, as a result of the viewerss creativeness will conjure up one thing scarier than no matter might be proven onscreen. The battle is altogether totally different when a movie cant present its monster, which makes any model of H.G. Wells traditional novel The Invisible Man a problem for a filmmaker. Author-director Leigh Whannell is a grasp of crafting scares, and he is aware of methods to create a very terrifying enemy when he can solely present an absence of 1. However he appears extra within the mechanics of torture than in giving the very actual emotional framework of abuse its due.

The Invisible Man asks what occurs when a super-intelligent Iron-Man-esque inventor is abusive and manipulative. The protagonist, Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss), is being managed by her husband Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), an inventor who focuses on optics. After a terse prison-break-esque escape from their compound-like mansion, she hides out together with her pal James (Aldis Hodge) and tries to return to a standard life. When she learns Adrian has killed himself, she willt shake the sensation that he would possibly nonetheless be close by, simply out of sight. Defending herself from a wealthy tech genius is troublesome sufficient, however defending herself from somebody she willt even see is subsequent to not possible.

Portraying an invisible man in a visible medium presents an attention-grabbing problem, and Whannell doesnt draw back from it. POV stalking pictures seem to be a pure workaround, with the digital camera hovering round Cecilia as she stays unaware of the eyes on her. However as a substitute, Whannell affords lengthy, nonetheless pictures of seemingly empty rooms and corners, so loaded with anticipation that they change into among the films most entrancing moments.

In a single notably memorable scene, Cecilia prepares breakfast whereas James chats together with her from offscreen. Thats uncommon framing for a movie, designed to depart the viewers uncomfortable. When Cecilia leaves the body, the viewers is left trying to find one thing to take a look at. Then the frying pan on the range smokes and flares up, and Cecilia and James daughter Sydney (Storm Reid) rush again into body to place out the burst of flame. Little or no occurs in these minutes, however watching the smoke slowly construct, then erupt, with out figuring out whether or not anybodys close by to cease it, is an extremely tense manipulation of the viewers.

Photograph: Common Footage

On the opposite aspect of that is the looks of the Invisible Man himself. Whannell foregoes the gauze-wrapped mummy look of earlier Invisible Man variations, changing it with a splendidly unnerving go well with of patchwork hexagons, good for a contemporary adaptation. The design is very creepy when its broken, leaving Adrian flickering out and in of visibility, like a residing glitch. It might have been straightforward to keep away from exhibiting the go well with in any respect, however Whannell makes the half-visible enemy an asset.

The Invisible Man slips within the mechanical nature of its story, nevertheless. Whannell units up his concepts effectively prematurely after which calls again to them, however his setups are sometimes so awkward that it appears like he constructed the script in reverse the invisible man exhibiting his hand too early. After her escape from the compound, Cecilia tosses her zipped-up go-bag into the again seat of a automobile, after which Whannell exhibits a bottle of sleeping drugs drop to the bottom. The awkwardness of the framing is sort of a neon signal stating a plot-relevant merchandise, too apparent to actually be foreshadowing. Comparable moments accompany the reveal of a lot of the story-important objects, leaving little or no to viewers creativeness. The plot gears grind in these moments, as a result of its clear that how issues occur issues lower than whether or not occasions push the story towards the subsequent second.

The writing is paying homage to Whannells work on the Noticed films, which depend on expertly executed twists and plot mechanics. However in a narrative about emotional manipulation, the construction doesnt work as effectively; its so targeted on massaging the motion that it doesnt allot a lot time for character progress or growth. The Cecilia who escapes the compound is clearly expert, intelligent, and succesful, as a result of thats what she must be to maneuver the plot ahead. After she recovers from the ordeal, she displays much less of all these traits.

She has just a few moments of brilliance, like calling Adrians cellphone to see if hes close by however then she doesnt assume its bizarre that this tech genius has one way or the other did not silence his cellphone. Its irritating to see her seize a kitchen knife, the traditional weapon of house-bound horror waifs, and ignore any extra artistic choice which may assist her struggle somebody invisible. In a home stuffed with choices, why would you carry a knife to an invisible struggle?

Photograph: Common Footage

The Invisible Man is attempting to be about an actual and critical scenario home abuse that extends into stalking however the film suggests Whannell doesnt actually know what that appears like. Though he appears to grasp that isolation is a key side, the film dispatches Cecilias assist community with confusingly little care. As an example, her sister Emily, who was keen to drive into the center of the woods to choose Cecilia up after her escape, is neatly excused from the story by a imprecise, imply e-mail from Cecilias account, one of many few cases of digital sabotage.

And early on, Cecilia learns shes inherited a substantial amount of cash from Adrian, which opens an attention-grabbing avenue to discover the methods the authorized system can be utilized to harass abuse survivors, via prolonged divorce proceedings or lawsuits that drive victims to face their abusers in courtroom. As a substitute, the authorized aspect isnt explored in any respect; whereas the inheritance strikes the plot ahead, it doesnt work together with the construction or themes in any means.

Above all, The Invisible Man is a horror film, and its clear from that begin that Whannell is aware of methods to develop pressure and craft some actually wonderful scares. However ultimately, that competency makes it all of the extra irritating that the framework of home abuse is used so cavalierly. Whannell had the chance to make seen the mechanics of abuse, however as a substitute opted to maintain The Invisible Man within the shadows.

The Invisible Man opens in huge launch on Feb. 28.

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Maquette is a daring puzzle sport love story a decade within the making - BingePost

‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Who Was Voted Off in Episode 3? The Blindsides Begin at the 4th Tribal Council – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Survivor week 3 started with discussions about who wasgoing home right away. There are 20previous winners backfighting for $2 million, so these players do not mess around. Although, yet again no one tries to vote off the Robfather Rob Mariano. Lets take a look at who was voted off in the fourth tribal council with Jeff Probst.

[Warning: Survivor Season 40: Winners at War spoilers ahead]

Over on the Sele tribe, Adam Klein and Denise Stapley suggest voting off Parvati Shallow if they end up going to Tribal Council. Ethan Zohn seems to agree with the suggestion, but in a private discussion, he admits he would not let that happen.

At Dakals camp, Tyson Apostol suggests getting rid of thequeen of Survivor, and Yul Kwon agrees, momentarily.

Im thinking throwing Sandras name out would be wise, Tyson tells Yul. Toppling the queen would please everyone here.

However, Yul second-guesses himself after Sandra Diaz-Twine catches a large shark for everyone to eat. Instead, he throws Tyson under the bus telling Sandra that Tyson wanted to vote her out. Luckily, there is an Immunity & Reward challenge before anyone votes.

Dakal takes the early lead in the challenge, as usual. When it comes time for the puzzle, Rob Mariano has issues getting the rope up, and we think hes lost the challenge again for Sele. However, he redeems himself with the puzzle catching up quickly to the Dakal tribe.

It comes down to the very end of the challenge the players are neck and neck, with only one to two pieces remaining. Sarah Lacina knocks two pieces off of her tree, and viewers think that Sele might win a challenge.

However, Sele has no such luck. They lose and are heading to Tribal Council to vote off their third player in a row.

Its also interesting that Sandra sits out yet another challenge, but her tribe won, so it doesnt matter. Were glad that Tyson wasnt sent home, at least.

When the Sele tribe returns to camp, things are at a stand-still. The contestants all sit and stare at each other for about 40 minutes until Jeremy gets up to begin discussions.

Ben Driebergen, Denise, Adam, and Jeremy Collins are gunning for Parvati. They feel she is more dangerous than either Rob or Ethan. However, Adam tells Rob that he has the numbers for Parvati. Yes, you read that correctly. Adam told Parvatis number one alliance member that they wanted to vote her off.

Boston Rob is somebody that I would like to work with long-term, Adam says.

Although the young man doesnt seem to understand how Rob plays the game, Robfather immediately goes back and tells Parvati what went down with Adam.

Adam broke the cardinal rule of Survivor, Parvati explains. Im ready to pounce on that guy.

So, word travels quickly through the tribe that Adam is playing both sides of the game. He is trying to be in an alliance with everyone and promptly ends up in an alliance with no one.

Later that night, at Tribal Council, Rob, Parvati, and Ethan all vote for Adam. However, the other alliance on the island has different plans. Ben, Michele, Denise, and Jeremy vote out Ethan. He becomes the fourth person on the Edge of Extinction Island, but not before bequeathing his fire token to Parvati.

Find out who gets voted off next week when Survivor returns on Wednesday, Mar. 4, 2020 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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'Survivor 40: Winners at War': Who Was Voted Off in Episode 3? The Blindsides Begin at the 4th Tribal Council - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

From Where I Am Standing: River City high schools re-imagined and changing the odds for students – User-generated content

By Rick HulefeldThe Learning Grove

For the first time in Americas history, the best predictor of who will be poor in the future is who is poor today.

Never before were the odds of young people escaping poverty so high. This simple fact is all the more glaring when all around the pockets of generational poverty in Northern Kentucky there is prosperity. There are good jobs going unfilled.

There seems to be funding for postsecondary training for those who are interested. But most low-income students dont seem to know about the jobs that are available and dont receive the training these jobs require.

There is a disconnect between their possibilities and their reality.

Many low-income graduates are stuck in low-income jobs and many will have children who will grow up poor. Without real intervention, generational poverty in Northern Kentucky is self-perpetuating.

There is good news.

The Butler Foundation has made it possible for NaviGo to interrupt the cycle of poverty by helping students prize their strengths, learn about careers that need those strengths, and make realistic plans for the day after they graduate. Because of the Foundations gift, NaviGo is able to provide free to River City High Schools that are located in Northern Kentuckys most impoverished pockets, a menu of strategies and a project management team that offers each student a path out of poverty. While each of the strategies taken by itself is an important tool for the students journey, taken together they provide a powerful path.

Each strategy is described below. Please note that each school district customizes the following strategies. The school district is the owner and driver of these strategies.

1. In-School Coaching

Each River City High School chooses what year to implement In-School Coaching. Some choose sophomore year, some senior year. Students in the participating/designated grade level will meet in small groups of 15 or less with a NaviGo trained coach. They will meet twice a month to explore their interests, talents, and their career possibilities. They will set goals to improve their academic performance, and by the middle of their senior year will have two or three viable postsecondary options and where to access the financial resources needed to achieve them.

Through the coaching sessions, students will learn how to investigate careers of interest. They will create five criteria for evaluating their career options, developing each options pros and cons. Students will review their grades each quarter to determine strengths and areas for improvement. Essential to the success of each student is having an adult who believes in that students possibilities. Each coach is a teacher or counselor who has been trained by NaviGo. Each coach receives quarterly on-going training to be that person who sees and supports the strengths of each student even when the student doesnt.

High School seniors have additional opportunities. While they continue to refine their postsecondary plan with their small group of classmates and coach twice a month, each senior can also choose to spend half a day in dual credit college prep classes, attend a Career Hub, or take advantage of various work experience opportunities in the community. Seniors will complete their resume or brag sheet including their interests and strengths, extra-curricular activities, community service, and aptitudes as highlighted by YouScience. If they are thinking about attending a postsecondary institution for a certificate, associates or bachelors degree, they will understand how to apply for federal grants and loans, access the Kentucky funds (KEES) they have earned, and locate additional financial support for students interested in specific careers. By the middle of their senior year, each student will be able to identify 2-3 viable options and careers for their post-secondary success that fit their strengths and aptitudes.

2. YouScience, a Powerful New Tool

Every River City High School student has access to a new tool to guide their career choices.

Click image to go to YouScience website

YouScience gives students hope and direction by expanding their awareness of opportunities. It uses fun, engaging brain games to capture real measures of aptitude and then shows students all the high demand careers that look for those aptitudes. YouScience bridges the exposure gap by pointing out additional careers in which a student could excel. Students, their coaches and their families have rich new individualized information to guide their career choices. YouScience uses a scientific algorithm to provide students with a highly personalized overview of their best-fit careers, along with detailed information on average salary, regional and national job demand, and education requirements. Over 4300 students in tri-state are now using this and that number is increasing weekly. While new to Kentucky, YouScience is already being used by over 350,000 middle and high school students in the United States.

3. Career Hubs & Dual Credit Classes

River City seniors have a new option, Career Hubs. This year students received dual credit in two pathways, Logistics and Computer Information Technology. Students in these Career Hubs are attending Gateways Urban Metro Campus in Covington three to five mornings a week. During the first semester, 32 students worked toward two nationally recognized certificates in logistics, along with job skills training. In the second semester, based on strong support from CVG business partnerships, each student will have a paid internship at the airport or with other logistics companies located across the region. Students and employers will have a whole semester to determine if the job placement is a good match with the strong possibility of a full-time job with benefits upon graduation that will immediately move them out of poverty. In addition, 16 other students are enrolled in a year-long Computer Information Technology program at Gateway in Covington. The next step for these students will be to connect with IT companies interested in hiring them.

Gateway Urban Campus

In August 2020, two additional Career Hubs will be added, one in the construction/skilled trades and one in Health careers. The dialog is beginning with Gateway Community and Technical College and the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Northern Kentucky on which certificates will be offered. The role of the BIA is to ensure that the dual credit classes meet their industry standards. St. Elizabeth Healthcare, which has provided significant funding for the Health Career Hub, will determine which entry-level certificates are offered and ensure that the curricula meet their standards. It is expected that both of these new Career Hubs will be of high interest and as many as 150 students will be enrolled next year across all four Career Hubs.

The Butler Foundation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Gateway Community and Technical College, business partnerships and leadership from the River City School Superintendents have made these Career Hubs possible by providing the funding and flexibility for the NaviGo project management team to build the consensus and work out the myriad details involved in getting these Career Hubs in place. Potential employers, staff from all the high schools along with Gateway Community and Technical College, are needed to make the many decisions around certificates offered, where they are offered, ensuring content standard, etc. These daily and monthly meetings continue to be on-going as there are always more details to work out and improve.

4. New Regional Opportunities: The Connector

Kentuckys Education and Workforce Cabinet awarded the region a two-year grant to create a College and Career Connector position. The Connectors job is to find and disseminate to all Northern Kentucky high school students information about work-based learning experiences, apprenticeships, shadowing, and any other hands-on opportunities that might give interested students an opportunity to explore a career in a living wage field. The College and Career Connector is able to bring the information about all of these hands-on opportunities to the coaches in the River City High Schools. This greatly expands the opportunities that these students will have to further explore possible careers.

While the students are growing clearer about their interests and their capabilities through their bi-weekly coaching sessions, their coaches are able to suggest hands-on job experiences that will give them a taste of the career they may be interested in. Expanding students awareness of possible high paying careers is very important as too few of the River City students understand the ever-multiplying possibilities that they have.

5. STAR: Students

Each year approximately half of the graduating class of 550 seniors in the River Cities Schools are traditionally accepted into various postsecondary colleges and universities. In the past, at some high schools as many as 70% of these students failed to show up for the first day of class. The reasons are many and varied. Maybe college wasnt the right choice to begin with. Maybe all the funding is not yet in place. Maybe the student is not receiving any support from their family or friends. Maybe there was one more form that the student was supposed to fill out. Sometimes it is as small as a $50 fee for orientation. Without a little one-on-one support, little obstacles may become overwhelming.

NaviGo recruits, trains, and pays a small stipend to over 60 teachers and counselors, based on the graduating class number outlook, each of whom works with a small group of five designated seniors.

This opportunity is scheduled over a total of 13 months beginning the last semester of senior year and continuing into the summer after graduation and the first semester of postsecondary. These teachers and counselors become the students personal support, listening to their concerns, developing trust and addressing issues in a timely way. During the semester this is done face to face either individually or in the small groups of five. In the summer it is done by phone.

Having an adult who has been to college, who knows the individual students hopes and challenges, who the student can call when something comes up, can make all the difference. In addition to supporting the students and helping them overcome any obstacles to attending the college, the coaches help these students develop the skills necessary to build a new support network at the institution they are attending. This program can not only help the student access and attend but can positively impact their retention and four-year graduation rate. STARS has been piloted at one of the River City High Schools and has doubled the number of students in class on day one. National statistics are very positive. If a low-income student makes it through the first year of postsecondary, they graduate from college at the same percentage as students in any other demographic.

6. The Life Learning Center: A Transformational Opportunity If Needed

River City High School graduates will leave high school having had the opportunity to explore for one or more years their best options. They will have benefited from a coach who believed in them, and they will have learned from their classmates efforts to follow their dreams. They will have looked at their own strengths and aptitudes, have had the opportunity to try out various work experiences, acquired many dual credits, learned how to evaluate various postsecondary choices, located needed funding, etc. They will have a solid plan.

For many students, their plan will work. If they are going to college, they will make better choices about what they want to study because they have a better understanding of their strengths and interests. Fewer changes in their majors mean less money borrowed. If they are entering a career, they will have had the opportunity to choose among multiple possibilities, developed criteria for evaluating the options that fit them best, and an opportunity to experience it.

But what if a student still needs help?

Life Learning Center

The Life Learning Center offers graduating seniors two options: Now or Later. A graduating senior can enroll immediately in Summer Rise, a six-week intensive, deep dive into the students strengths and goals and the necessary work skills that all jobs require. At the end of six weeks, the Life Learning Center places the recently graduated students in a full-time job, providing both a job coach and a lifetime membership that entitles the students to return if they should wish to explore other career options later in life.

Many more River City students will benefit from the Life Learning Center later. For some of the 550 graduating seniors from the River City High Schools, the true value of what the Life Learning Center has to offer will come later after they have been out on their own. Even good planning can go awry. College may not be working out, or the chosen career may no longer be a good fit. They may need to take another look at their life goals, strengths and job skills. They already know that this is available for them free at the Life Learning Center.

Thanks to a comprehensive tour of the Life Learning Center every senior took in their senior year, these young people have a Plan B. Because these young people spent one or more years learning how to do career planning in school, they will more proactively seek out the Life Learning Center, use its resources sooner and be more successful. The Life Learning Center will be the door to success for many, Now or Later.

In America, every student should have the opportunity to be successful. Every student should have someone who sees their strengths and believes in their possibilities. Every student needs help exploring the ever-increasing college and career opportunities. The River City High Schools are ensuring that every student has a coach who sees their strengths, all students are building the skills necessary to make good choices among possible careers, and have developed a real career plan based on their aptitude and hopes. The River City High Schools will greatly expand students awareness of their many real possibilities.

Just as poverty has long term impacts, so does success. According to the most recent United States Census, a student who graduates from high school and earns a certificate or associates degree in a chosen career will earn over one million dollars more over their lifetime than a student who only graduates from high school with no postsecondary degree. It is easy to see the impact of an additional one million dollars on the health, stability, and homeownership and the future impact on that students future familys education. It is also easy to see the impact on the community as the additional one million dollars is spent over and over again in the community, supporting a plethora of local jobs.

What is the financial return on investing in the River City High Schools? What is the financial impact of helping some of the 550 seniors every year be more successful in a carefully researched and personally selected course of studies in a chosen college? Or what is the impact of helping many of the students be employed after high school in entry-level jobs in well-paying careers?

If because of the strategies listed above, only 10% of the 550 graduating students make better choices about their future careers, aligning their dreams and capabilities more closely with the many opportunities that exist in Northern Kentucky, then the financial return is enormous.

Self-perpetuating pockets of poverty will disappear. A new cycle of success and financial independence will impact our region for future generations.

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From Where I Am Standing: River City high schools re-imagined and changing the odds for students - User-generated content

Puzzle No. 3526 – The Nation

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1Name one independent state in the Middle East (5)

4Showed compassion in play about decent orchestra space (4,4)

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11How to improve your aim: Slander cop and appear in charge (6,8)Current Issue

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13See 4D

14Collaborators outside of the audio device with a hen (4,6)

17Percussionist and bandleader connect around best arrangement of tune (4,6)

19One old lunatics object of worship (4)

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22Type of publication in which agent mimicked skill? (5,9)

25Expected Eliots performances by two (5)

26Throw it in reverse to get old sheet just beneath the cover? (5,4)

28Right-wingers retreating, but taking apart (3,5)

29dwelling found in eight Across entries? (5)

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1Department of Treasury statement: Leaders connect these to find out what is really going on (4)

2Crashed Saab with Tim Rice (7)

3Attack demon with broken gun (6)

4and 13ALong live rent rollback in city (3,4)

5Swimmer is warmer after removing cap (5)

6Redesign help icon for game (8)

7Scare Gilliam when accepting condition (7)

8Life, for instance, overwhelms extremely bitter intellectual (8)

12One of two comforting words that would timelessly turn into its opposite (5)

13Absurdly, audit pet talent (8)

15Dull toy company cuts its losses (5)

16Kitty, making a case for profound returns, moves more quickly (6,2)

18Capture effortlessness when announcing circus routine (7)

20French artist in Berlin: You set upon the winner (7)

21First-rate, hallowed, and maximally proficient (6)

23flower expert is discovered (5)

24Jump from plane, using parachute at the end (4)

27Judge is oddly tardy (3)

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Puzzle No. 3526 - The Nation

‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’: Meet the 4 ordinary people who become ‘unwitting participants’ in mysterious game – MEAWW

The Jason Segel, Sally Field, and Richard E Grant starrer, 'Dispatches from Elsewhere' on AMC, will have a special two-night premiere event. One episode will be telecast this coming Sunday, on March 1 at 10 pm ET /9c while the second will be broadcasted during the show's regular time slot on Monday at 10 pm ET.

The ten-episode original series has released an official synopsis: "Four ordinary people, who feel theres something missing in their lives, but they cant quite put their finger on what it is. This diverse foursome is brought together by chance or perhaps its by design when they stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life. As they begin to accept the mysterious 'Dispatches from Elsewhere' challenges, they come to find that the mystery winds deeper than they imagined, and their eyes are opened to a world of possibility and magic."

Created by Segel, we can expect the show to have some surreal scenes as the four play the game to solve the puzzles in the mysterious dispatches. Richard E. Grant will play the part of the "reliable narrator" introducing the concept to the players and us as the opening few minutes of the show on the AMC website, which was released as a teaser, depicts.

The four players are Peter (Jason Segel), Simone (Eve Lindley), Janice (Sally Field) and Fredwynn (Andre Benjamin) who all resemble archetypes of ordinary people like us. AMC released posters for each character, which might offer some clues as to what theyre looking for when they decide to play the game that might change their lives forever.

Peter is a regular guy who feels hes living a meaningless life, without joy or pain. He takes the same route to work every day, goes to the same coffee shop, eats the same dinner, wakes up to the same alarm. He feels neither content nor disappointment about his life.

In the sneak peek scene, we see Peter step into a vast building to find the "Jejune Institute" that he has been invited to, where things instantly get weird when he is asked by a slightly creepy, too-smiley lady, who says it is "a pleasure indeed" to see him, to go to the 16th floor.

The name of the mysterious institute "Jejune" suggests that the puzzles are a way to reignite the child-like wonderment, sense of adventure and yes, the naivete born of a young and impressionable mind -- qualities people lose as they grow up into adults.

Simone is described as someone who has spent her whole life feeling like she was invited by mistake. Her insecurities about not fitting in and not feeling like herself constantly serve as roadblocks to her progressing in life. As she makes a huge life change, she still struggles with the feelings of belonging and acceptance that she is hoping for. She also has an education in the arts that come in handy in solving the puzzles and she is the romantic lead opposite Peter in the series.

Janice, played by two-time Oscar winner Sally Field, is a former homemaker. As an empty-nester, whose husband of 30 years is in hospice, she has come to realize that nothing lasts forever and that her life didnt turn out the way she thought it would. Shes beginning to question what life is without her partner, and exactly who she is when theres no one around to take care of.

And last but not the least is Fredwynn, an obsessive conspiracy theorist who is always trying to solve the puzzle. His compulsive ambition has resulted in a solitary life, with no real personal relationships to speak of. The part has been portrayed by musician and actor Andre Benjamin.

Fredwynn is the first to suspect the "Dispatches", calling them a distraction and pointing out how "they" were keeping track of the four puzzle-players personal data. Creator Jason Segel says Fredwynn is a game player and represents the blind ambition in all of us that wants to win at any cost.

He wants the four to stop being "unwitting participants" and become "detectives" instead. Insistent on finding out the truth, he wants to get to the bottom of these "Elsewhere Games".

With an intriguing premise, 'Dispatches from Elsewhere' could be the fun Monday night show to come back home to after work.

The show premieres on Sunday, March 1 on AMC. It will air its second episode the next day, on Monday. All subsequent episodes will air weekly every Monday at 10 pm ET /9c on AMC.

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MasterPieces To Debut Clifford The Big Red Dog Games and Puzzles Line – aNb Media

MasterPieces, Inc. announced that it is set to debut its line of games and puzzles for Clifford The Big Red Dog as a part of the companys new license agreement with Scholastic Entertainment Inc.

MasterPieces, which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, will unleash its Clifford The Big Red Dog games and puzzles as a part of its largest product display ever at the International Toy Fair in New York, held Feb. 22-25 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

We are thrilled to welcome MasterPieces to our Clifford family as they celebrate their 25thanniversary, said Lynne Karppi, Director Creative Licensing at Scholastic Entertainment.The new Clifford The Big Red Dog TV series focuses on imaginative play and storytelling, making MasterPieces and its great range of products the perfect partner for games and puzzles.

The new products, which should be in stores for Spring 2020, include:

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MasterPieces To Debut Clifford The Big Red Dog Games and Puzzles Line - aNb Media

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