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5 Things for Caregivers to Look for in a Senior Living Community – WXYZ

The transition to a senior living community can be an emotional journey, but knowing a person in your care is entering a community that proactively helps new residents get involved with community life and make friends can help ease that transition. Their approach to new-resident integration could mean a more positive dementia-care experience. After all, just because someone you love could use a helping hand doesnt mean that they should have to sacrifice quality of life!

If you want to help ensure that the person in your care will have the opportunity to form positive relationships in their new home, look for these five hallmarks of a great senior living community.

1. Watch for a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

To help ease the transition to this new lifestyle, look for apartments that feel and function like a private home, with bathrooms and plenty of natural light. This can help new residents feel more comfortable and at ease when they move to a community. Also look for easy-to-navigate floor plans and plenty of areas where seniors can participate in everyday activities.

2. Prioritize a secure setting.

To help keep residents safer, consider a community that monitors guests and secures entrances and exits. If you are a caregiver for someone with Alzheimers or dementia, consider a specialized community with exterior doors secured 24 hours a day. Some memory care communities feature an enclosed courtyard, so residents can explore the outdoors while remaining safely in the community.

3. Ask for person-centered care.

Were all unique, and aging doesnt change who we are and what makes us special! Your loved ones new community shouldnt have a one-size-fits-all approach to resident care. Ask an associate how the community tailors care plans to treat the resident as a whole person. The communitys goal should be getting to know each resident for who they are and incorporating their individual needs and interests into their care plan.

4. Encourage participation in enriching activities.

Regularly scheduled activities can provide residents with a sense of purpose and belonging and those activities can be a great place to make new friends! Look for communities that help residents stay engaged with a daily structure of planned activities to help them maintain their abilities and encourage the use of their current skills. Brain games, dancing, art classes and music programs are just a few of the ways residents can spend their days.

5. Consider services and staff.

Your loved one deserves to experience a full life in a place where they are well taken care of. As youre looking at communities, ask how chores like laundry and housekeeping are handled, and get details on support provided throughout the day, whether it's during meals, taking medication, bathing and more. You can also ask about staff training and education. Do associates receive initial and ongoing training to help them keep up-to-date on the latest dementia care techniques?

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5 Things for Caregivers to Look for in a Senior Living Community - WXYZ

Psychonauts 2: The Final Preview – IGN Southeast Asia

Having recently revisited the original Psychonauts (its on Xbox Game Pass), I had a lot of hope for what a modern version of it could be. The original certainly plays like a 2005 game, but its signature goofiness and imaginative level design were still fun and were something I expected to see in the sequel. I was pleased to have those expectations met in my nearly six hours of hands-on time with Psychonauts 2.

I got to play not only the first level shown at E3 2019, but I also explored part of a new hub and rummaged through three other individual's subconscious. I won't go into too much detail about the latter two brain games to avoid spoilers, but I can say what I played was a delight.

Psychonauts 2 takes place immediately after Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, the VR game that continues the story from the original Psychonauts. I didn't get to play Rhombus of Ruin, but Psychonauts 2 has a helpful and stylish recap for that and the first game. In Psychonauts 2, Raz has moved on from the psychic summer camp and finally has a chance at joining the big leagues. However, instead of becoming a full-fledged Psychonaut, he's shoved into an intern program. He is only 10, after all, but that won't stop his enthusiasm for adventure and meddling. When an old enemy of the founding Psychonauts unexpectedly reemerges, Raz gets his chance at a new adventure.

The introduction let me roam the halls of the Motherlobe, the Psychonauts headquarters. Like Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, there are plenty of psitanium deposits (in place of arrowheads) to dig up and pocket for currency, platforming opportunities that lead to secret items, and areas blocked by story progression or required psi powers. I spent a decent chunk of time just exploring and talking to the psychic professionals.

Listening to all of the dialogue options with characters around the hub and in levels is enjoyable. They don't impact anything that I know of, but the humorous responses aren't something I'd want to miss. Like other Double Fine games, Psychonauts 2 has a great sense of humor. And though the first hit at heartstrings every now and then, Psychonauts 2 seems like it's aiming right for them with a heavy dash of comedy in its approach, of course. I didn't get to know the new characters all that well in the time I played the second in command of the Psychonauts along with Raz's mean fellow interns are positioned to play a big part in the story but I sure am interested in getting to know them.

Raz may not like being part of an intern program, but the extra training is doing him some good. In his first lesson in his teacher's subconscious, Raz learns how to change a person's mind through a new power called Mental Connection. Raz hears a change in perspective when two thought bubbles are linked. For instance, linking cilantro to disgust changes the previous pleasant thoughts about cilantro to ones of disdain. This power can also be used to pull enemies to Raz in combat or get Raz to higher platforms while exploring.

Old powers like Clairvoyance are back too. Clairvoyance allows Raz to peer into the mind of others to see what they see. Sometimes that means Raz looks more mature, other times it's Raz excitedly chasing large pieces of bacon. Even better, using Clairvoyance often reveals secrets in an area, sometimes resulting in a nice little payout for Raz.

Powers can be upgraded this time around too as Raz earns points for raising his rank. I went from slowly combusting things in an area to creating an entire bubble of fire around Raz that dealt serious damage to enemies. You can spend your psitanium on upgrades too, most of which are just cosmetic or for fun. One has Raz dance while idling and another allows Raz to pet animals. The most expensive ones give Raz even more power. Only three pins can be equipped at a time, though, so something's gotta give not the animal petting pin. That's essential.

Aside from using powers for exploration, Psychonauts 2's combat felt more fun, refined, and chaotic than the original. Enemies in the first game were largely limited to Censors and a few other baddies, but Psychonauts 2 personifies a slew of heavy emotions and thoughts with awesome designs. And like the original, this meant finding the right combination of powers is half the battle, especially when it comes to the bigger enemies. Psychonauts 2 feels a tad more flexible, though, so while I had to use levitation and telekinesis in one battle, I could mix and match my other equipped powers as I pleased.

What I saw while fighting, exploring, and collecting in the four subconscious I played was immensely charming and imaginative. Yes, I do want to talk to paper cutouts and hear what happens when I link thoughts of mushrooms to death. A mix between action, collectible hunting, and even the occasional 2D platforming kept my time with Psychonauts 2 lively too. I'm looking forward to seeing just how creative the levels get, and more curiously, see what Double Fine is trying to do with Raz's adventure and its heavier play on emotions.

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Psychonauts 2: The Final Preview - IGN Southeast Asia

How cognitive activation in old age reduces the risk of dementia – The Weston Forum

In a new study, researchers combine cognitive activation using brain games with the prevention of Alzheimers disease. The results suggest that participating in activities such as reading, writing and playing games may make the brain more resilient to the condition. The study authors claim that older adults who engage in such activities, Alzheimers disease or dementia It can be delayed up to 5 years.

Scientists have already found links between higher cognitive activity and a lower risk of Alzheimers disease. How strong this association is and its causes are still not clear. The new study suggests that a cognitively active lifestyle can stave off the neurological symptoms of Alzheimers disease and related diseases for several years. This can drastically reduce the amount of time people spend in a state of cognitive disability. The researchers looked for cognitive stimulation for everyday activities such as reading newspapers or books and visiting the library. It was cognitive activation in old age that proved to be the most protective. None of the participants had dementia at the start of the study. The team also collected information about socialization and participation in social activities, including visiting friends or relatives. At the end of the study, 457 of the 2,000 participants had developed Alzheimers disease. However, they tended to be older when they started school and had slightly fewer years of education.

The researchers conducted further analysis and found that educational level, gender, cognitive activity in early life, genetic predisposition to Alzheimers disease, social activity, and loneliness had little or no effect on disease incidence. This suggests that brain function in old age is the most important factor in disease progression. Thus, stimulated cognitive activities led to changes in the structure and function of the brain, which in turn led to an increase in cognitive reserve. Repetitive participation in these activities can improve certain nervous systems. Therefore, relatively more damage will be required before these systems can stop working properly. Looking at the results, the authors came this study It is concluded that a cognitively active lifestyle in old age can delay the onset of Alzheimers disease by as much as 5 years. The main goal is the ability to prevent dementia through health care of brain function. These findings could enable new therapeutic approaches.

Alcohol buff. Troublemaker. Introvert. Student. Social media lover. Web ninja. Bacon fan. Reader.

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How cognitive activation in old age reduces the risk of dementia - The Weston Forum

Mind Games Help To Sharpen Your Mind By Mental Workout – Get India News

Lifestyle attitudes matter when it gets to mental health, and the awards of improved psychic stimulation can get noticed in a short term time. Life is not easy, and everybody knows the fact! Some people in some places are dealing with mental stress. Some are losing their mental sharpness, while others are trying to get out of it. Which state sounds relevant to you? If we talk about the most critical situation of mental health, then fighting against mental sharpness will be our priority.

Did you know taking the constant stress from relationships, work, money, effort, or any other thing can weaken your mental sharpness? Ultimately, you will start forgetting things, and you have to deal with long-term or short-term memory loss. You might be wondering what to do to fight against this horrible problem. Well, the answer is brain exercising.

Yes! Brain exercise can make your brain in contact and keep it sharp. There are many games that you can play to do mind games that help you in exercising. Some of the best ones we will discuss here. So, read on!

Do you think you need to go old school for brain exercising? How is that possible? The fun and pleasure of mind gaming are all from one place, whether you are at the office, sitting on the sofa, or cleaning home. You can now sharpen your brain anywhere with the help of mind game apps you can play on your smartphone. How easy it is. Right? These games can be relaxing, challenging, and engaging. And you can download them straight from the app store.

If you are curious to grab one for yourself, we suggest you know about the most effective and well-known hot pics of 2021!

It is the most fantastic and well-known brain game 2021 with colour remedies for all ages. This brain games app develop By Content Arcade Apps is so effective, making it the #1 rank on our list. Users have to download it and dive into it for endless fun and amusement. In this Everlasting AntiStress & Relaxing Game, users have to play the role of a lavish kid who has the freedom mode, who can slacken from anxiety by playing these mind games.

If you are dealing with any phobias, we are sure that you will forget every irritating thing while playing this game! While playing this antistress game, users can meet their desires, and the extra point is that your tension will be gone in a few moments. So, head on to the big screens of your phones and get out, make your brain sharp right away!

Here comes the second-best game on this list! The good news is this app got developed by a team of topmost neuroscientists. Super Brain Plus has games varying from memory training to exploration exercises. Not only is this app fun, but it is also effective. Dozens of published researches reveal genuine and constant improvements in mental function.

This place has a neat and clean user interface and has more than 20,000 brain teasers, puzzles, logic problems, riddles, and more to utilize. All of the hoaxes got ranked by users so you can quickly spot the best and most efficient exercises for yourself. We advise you to grab this one for free today!

If we are mentioning mind-sharpening games, how could we forget about Train Your Brain? It is a free, classy, top-notch mind game app serving billions of users worldwide! It has a handy, convenient, and easy-to-play interface. A recent market research tracking health and wellness has awarded this application of brain science. Like the games mentioned above, this one also has many game categories in the main menu.

You can grab this app from any device. Their website not only covers more than 100 brain teasers, but they also have a range of items around the brain for those involved in getting more. If you love word puzzles, this is the brain game best for you. The app will give you a list of nine words, and you must spot six to earn stars!

Last but not least! NeuroNation is a scientific brain training game that helps you bring your brain day by day on the spot! If you have a softer memory, decreasing concentration or slow thinking- only 10 minutes of playing this game daily can make obstacles vanish and give your mind a fresh momentum.

This game comes in the wellness sphere by the professional people who spend day and night creating this fantastic game. Enter the worldwide alliance of over10 million membersand satisfy yourself with a piece of science direct in your hand.

Beautiful people! No one is living without any tension, but if you are lucky and blessed, you still need to get involved in brain exercises because you cant defeat your age. So, keep your mind fresh, calm, relaxed, and sharp with the mentioned above fantastic mind games now!

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Mind Games Help To Sharpen Your Mind By Mental Workout - Get India News

Nintendo News: Shape Your Next Adventure With Three Additional Super NES Games Arriving to Nintendo Switch Online – Business Wire

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On July 28, sparks are sure to fly when three additional Super NES games join the Nintendo Switch Online service. This array of quirky and combustible titles will give you the chance to rediscover some of gamings hidden gems.

With enough skill, a pack of plucky animal pals will become putty in your hands when Claymates arrives to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Switch Online library. Also joining the Super NES library is Jelly Boy, a puzzle-platformer which originally launched exclusively in Europe, and will now be available for the first time in the U.S. Rounding out this months upcoming batch of games with a bang is Bombuzal, a strategic puzzle game with a few mind-blowing twists.

With these additions filled with clay-powered pals, shape-shifting candy and deadly detonations a Nintendo Switch Online membership now grants instant access to 107 NES and Super NES games, including classics like Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Nintendo Switch Online game libraries run the gamut of cult hits, touchstone fan favorites and U.S. debuts of notable titles from the classic era of gaming.

Read on for additional details about the games arriving this month:

Super NES

In addition to this versatile collection of classic games, a Nintendo Switch Online membership also grants you entry to the battle royale game PAC-MAN 99. After four decades of iconic gaming memories, PAC-MAN is back in the maze, ready to hunt down those ever-elusive ghosts. But this time, youll be competing against 98 fellow players to emerge as the last PAC-MAN standing. Featuring eight different selectable strategies to deploy on the fly, and the tantalizing promise of mounting a huge comeback when you eat a Ghost Train, PAC-MAN 99 delivers a blast from the past with modern thrills.

The paid online service Nintendo Switch Online is a great way to connect and play compatible games online with friends and family around the world. With online play in compatible games like Mario Golf: Super Rush, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokmon Sword, Pokmon Shield, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Tetris 99 and many others, a Nintendo Switch Online membership can help you experience everything Nintendo Switch has to offer.

For more information about all the benefits and services available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, and to learn about a free seven-day trial, go to the Nintendo Switch Online section on the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu or visit

Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Free trial automatically converts to 1-month auto-renewing membership unless automatic renewal is turned off by the end of the free trial. Credit card/PayPal account required for 18+. Free trial cannot be redeemed by a Nintendo Account with an active Individual Membership or Family Membership. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2020 Nintendo.Bombuzal 2020 Throwback Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.Claymates Interplay Entertainment Corp. 2020.Jelly Boy 2020 Throwback Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 1991-1992 Nintendo.Mario Golf: Super Rush Nintendo / CAMELOT.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 2017 Nintendo.PAC-MAN 99 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.Pokmon Sword 2019 Pokmon. 1995 - 2019 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.Pokmon Shield 2019 Pokmon. 1995 - 2019 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.Super Mario Bros. 3 1988 Nintendo.Super Metroid 1994 Nintendo.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2018 Nintendo Original Game: Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.Tetris 99 Tetris & 1985~2021 Tetris Holding. Tetris logos, Tetris theme song and Tetriminos are trademarks of Tetris Holding. The Tetris trade dress is owned by Tetris Holding. Licensed to The Tetris Company. Tetris Game Design by Alexey Pajitnov. Tetris Logo Design by Roger Dean. All Rights Reserved. Sub-licensed to Nintendo. Certain new content developed by Nintendo, and any characters, sounds and video games originally owned by Nintendo: 2019 Nintendo.

Note to editors: Nintendo press materials are available at, a password-protected site. To obtain a login, please register on the site.

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Nintendo News: Shape Your Next Adventure With Three Additional Super NES Games Arriving to Nintendo Switch Online - Business Wire

Aloof, the cutest puzzle-fighter ever, arrives on Switch later this year thanks to – Gamasutra

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]Aloof is a cute puzzle-battler with adorable animals in which you defend your small islands.

The game is perfect for classic Tetris lovers and fans of Puyo Puyo Tetris or Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo II.

This unique and challenging game, created by ButtonX, is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year, thanks to a global publisher

CHALLENGING EXPERIENCEEmbark on a marvelous adventure in the colorful world of Aloof, where challenging levels with multiple win conditions await you.

Play as a cute brave bunny and face the opponent to protect your little islands.

Enjoy beautiful and peaceful piano music while fighting your enemy. Play solo or with your friends in the local co-opmode.

DEFEAT YOUR OPPONENTSSummon small islands and defend them against your opponent.Move pieces left, right, down and up. Keep in mind that pieces don't descend by themselves, so take your time to think and move fast to repel an opponent's attack successfully!

BUILD AMAZING COMBOSIf you're not satisfied with the pieces in your field, you can just flush them away by holding the flush button.

You can switch between 2 fields so that you don't need to mess up your amazing combo if something else needs to be done first.

SOLO OR COUCH CO-OP CAMPAIGNExperience a challenging adventure in the unique world of Aloof solo or with your friends and family in local co-op mode!

Compete with your loved ones in 1v1 or 2v2 matches in the co-op campaign with puzzle levels, matches versus AI, rescue missions and bosses!

Aloof Trailer is now available on YouTube:


To stay up to date with upcoming news on the console release of Aloof, please follow the game's official Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server, and website.

ABOUT is an award-winning global gaming company that focuses on developing and publishing unique indie games.

We aim to create accessible games, easily distinguishable by their original art style. Our main goal, however, is for them to be FUN!

In recent years we released Cyber Protocol, Brawl Chess, Comic Coloring Book, Clumsy Rush, Art Sqool, Nirvana Pilot Yume, Under Leaves and Little Mouses Encyclopedia.

Currently, the company is working on the science fiction game Time Hole, with former NASA director Dr Alexander Nawrocki as a consultant, and the comic, humorous platformer 7 Horizons. We also announced two games in the universe of the beloved comic "Kayko and Kokosh".

Check outreddeer.gamestolearn more.

ABOUT BUTTONXButtonX is an independent game development studio based in Hague, Netherlands, funded by Joram Van Schaik.

Joram is a self-taught software developer.In recent years he has made the step to IT. He worked as a cyber crime investigator, and lately, he started working as a full-time developer.

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Aloof, the cutest puzzle-fighter ever, arrives on Switch later this year thanks to - Gamasutra

7 Billion Humans finally arrives on Android | Articles – Pocket Gamer

7 Billion Humans is a fun puzzle game from the American developer Tomorrow Corporation. The developer took to Twitter to share the good news of the game finally launching on the Android Platform.

Similar to Human Resource Machine, this game is set in the aftermath of a robot takeover. You play as an overseer at a factory that employs all the humans left in the world. The humans have just been given jobs, and it's up to you to tell them what to do. Giving them these instructions involves programming some code into the right-hand side of the screen, you drag-and-drop instructions, and your workers will follow them to the exact letter.

However, unlike in Human Resource Machine, you are not programming a single worker, but many workers working in parallel. The options at hand are more complex and even more programming language-like. Overall the game asks you to work a bit, but it's pretty enjoyable.

If you haven't heard about the game before, make sure to watch the game's trailer to get an idea. Furthermore, the soundtrack is pretty amazing and is sure to stick in your head for days.

7 Billion Humans was released on the iOS platform way back at the end of 2018, and since then Android users have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

Starting today, 7 Billion Humans is now available to download and play on Android viaGoogle Playstore for $4.99. If you are on iOS and haven't given it a try yet, then head to theApple App Store to get it for the same price. If you are wondering whether the game is worth the money? Then the average rating of 4.5 stars should answer your question.

If you are looking for some free-to-play puzzle games, check out our list of Top 25 best puzzle games for Android phones and tablets.

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7 Billion Humans finally arrives on Android | Articles - Pocket Gamer

Skyward Sword HD Proves That Future Zelda Games Need Traditional Dungeons – Den of Geek

For all its brilliance and genre-defying conventions, Breath of the Wilds version of Hyrule sorely lacked much of the awe and wonder offered by those classic-style dungeons. Instead, they were replaced by the much more insular and streamlined shrines, which were a nice reward for venturing into the farthest reaches of the map, but were extremely hit or miss in terms of how fulfilling they were to complete. The best shrines would challenge you to use all six of Links Shiekah Slate abilities in ways you never previously thought possible. The worst would present you with yet another Guardian Scout to defeat. Wheres the wonder in that?

No such irregularity exists in Skyward Swords dungeons, and thats mainly because those big set piece areas were carefully designed with pace, structure, and flow in mind. The Ancient Cistern, for instance, sets a new standard for water dungeons in a Zelda game by gifting Link with a whip that changes how you view and navigate the games world. Before acquiring that nifty gizmo, hopping around on lily pads or clambering up grass walls was an often cumbersome (but necessary) process. With that item in hand, though, youre suddenly lashing up and down the titular cistern with grace. Its a masterclass in showcasing growth in a small space of time.

Whereas Ocarinas water temple infamously forced players to constantly take their iron boots on and off to get around, the Ancient Cistern learns from past mistakes by making traversal be a breeze. The Whip is even used as a key part of combat scenarios as well as puzzle-solving (as all the games best items are). No Shrine in Breath of the Wild benefited from building up an item or power quite like that, as Links toolset in that game is essentially complete from the start. You can explore those shrines in any order at any time, which works well for spontaneity, but the absence of Nintendos strict authorship does mean that the complexity of those puzzles somewhat levels out.

Another great example of Skyward Swords sense of momentum happens early on in Skyview Temple when you come across a locked door with a wandering eye located above it. Most Zelda games would ask you to shoot the eye in order to unlock a passage, but in Skyward Sword, moving to the next room requires Link to wave his mighty sword around and around, confusing the eye until its forced to give up. Voila! Such a puzzle would be the centerpiece of one of Breath of the Wilds shrines, but here, its simply an opportunity to learn this mechanic and then carry that knowledge forward with you to use elsewhere.

In addition to their smart mechanical design, Skyward Swords dungeons feel thematically unique from each other. One minute youre dodging the danger of liquid-hot magma by rolling along with a giant ball in the Earth temple, and the next, youre hopping across hundreds of years of Hyrule history while trying to get the Lanayru Mining Facility up and running. Visually, the classic Zelda dungeon format always offers something fresh to look forward to. By comparison, shrines and Divine Beasts feel like theyre cut from the same cloth.

There are, of course, benefits to both approaches, but theres no reason why future Zelda games cant benefit from a mixture of shrines, divine beasts, and dungeons. I hope that Nintendo embraces such a format for Breath of the Wild 2 or whatever comes after. It would make the lack of creativity in shrines less of an issue since the real meat of Zeldas puzzle design ethos could be conceived, built up, and then delivered within a more conventional dungeon format. Such an approach could be one of the few instances where quality and quantity are allowed to exist in harmony.

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Skyward Sword HD Proves That Future Zelda Games Need Traditional Dungeons - Den of Geek

Do 2.7 billion gamers around the world hold the key to solving climate change? –

With over 2.5 billion players worldwide, video games have become one of the most powerful entertainment media on the planet.

Currently, the United Nations wants this huge community to be involved in climate change issues.

Over 30 different studios from across the gaming industry have come together to create an innovative and exciting green activation for the game. These are new messaging features introduced by businesses to emphasize environmental themes such as conservation and restoration.

Called Green game jam, This contest is part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance, promoted by the United Nations and aimed at bringing climate issues to the gaming arena.

So how do you take tree protection and turn it into a game?

This years Green Game Jam entry included the first ever video game climate change walk, a tree-planting event leading to an actual restoration project, and an introduction to the in-game results of environmental abuse.

London-based game studio, ustwoWas one of the five winners of the contest and won the Participant Choice Award.

We really want to harness the power of the game to tell an emotional and memorable story that can be used to make a bigger impact, said Jane Campbell, the companys studio operations leader. I will.

For ustwo, that means adding forest protection to the companys complex puzzle game, Monument Valley II.In addition to learning about it in the game, players will also be linked to Petition called Play4Forests This brings the gaming community together and calls on world leaders to take action.

Its very important for gaming companies to involve players in these climate change themes. As a sector, the gaming industry has a very unique opportunity to attract and attract viewers, she adds. ..

As a company, we have also made a great commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, etc., but I think the most important thing is to use our platform forever.

This is also not the first attempt by the studio to enter the green game. Published last year, Aruba: Wildlife Adventure You can play as a young girl helping to save nature on the Mediterranean islands.

We want you to feel inspired by Alba, as we know that some of these actions Alba has taken in the game can certainly be performed in the real world. It was.

To inspire developers on this years theme, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) leaders and experts shared their lifelong experience in protecting our forests and oceans. In March 2021, teams from each studio gathered to participate in three thematic workshops to support environmentally friendly elements.

Campbell explains that the inspiration behind the game comes from everywhere. It is natural for her to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about forest conservation to create content.

The particular workshop that really inspired us was the Tree Hidden Life Workshop by Peter Wohlleben, she says.

Wohllebens talk is based on the study of his book, The Hidden Life of Trees. The idea is that trees communicate with each other to protect the forest from threats.

This idea of a tree communicating with and protecting other trees wants to incorporate all of this into the gameplay were designing.

Christian Teleki, Global Director of Oceans at the World Resources Institute, was one of the people who shared the story about the environment with the game studio.

Many months ago, I was a coral scientist. I spent a lot of time in the field and saw some great things, says Teleki. But during that time, we also found that things were changing very rapidly. Our view of the pristine environment was probably not true.

When the media talks about marine conservation, such as coral bleaching, or the potential of the marine environment to provide undiscovered drugs, it doesnt always come to life.

Gamification offers the opportunity to weave gamification into a fun and exciting experience, says Teleki.

I think the whole Playing for the Planet Alliance and the approach they took to join these gaming communities is a very exciting opportunity that has been overlooked for many years.

With billions of people involved around the world, there is an opportunity to highlight the seriousness of climate change in an incredibly diverse network. Not only fate and darkness, but also the possibility of a real solution. Some of it can come from the game itself.

According to Teleki, games of the past have helped organizations like NASA solve problems that require a lot of computing power.

I pondered the idea of citizen science. Is there a way to process numbers and data to gain a better understanding by playing games? He says.

But the real opportunity in these virtual worlds is to expose people to the idea that our responsibility to the planet is more than just recycling. Perhaps people are unlikely to receive extensive enlightenment from the game, but Teleki adds, which opens the door to wider conversations.

Its a great opportunity to use this audience to somehow fine-tune their behavior, get them involved in the matter, and rethink what the world looks like in different climate change scenarios.

Source link Do 2.7 billion gamers around the world hold the key to solving climate change?

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Do 2.7 billion gamers around the world hold the key to solving climate change? -

ITALY. Land of Wonders lets you discover the cultural heritage of the country via puzzles, out now on iOS and Android – Pocket Gamer

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just announced the release of its very first game - ITALY. Land of Wonders. Out now on iOS and Android, the charming puzzle game features over 100 levels to explore as players discover more about the beauty of the country.

ITALY. Land of Wonders lets you immerse yourself in Italys architecture, art, music, and culture. In order to spread awareness of the nations heritage, the game structures its puzzles in an engaging, easy-to-dive-into manner for all ages. It caters to a worldwide audience and features a bright and feel-good vibe (plus visually appealing aesthetics and a stirring original soundtrack) for an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Players will follow the tale of Elio, an old lighthouse keeper whos responsible for lighting up the sun. Youll take on the role of Elios assistant and will travel around Italy to collect 20 sparks thatll make the sun shine.

We are engaging with a younger audience with ITALY. Land of Wonders and it is our objective to engage people from all over the world and to get them interested in our country and its beauties, creating a sense of familiarity that can guide them, one day, to the actual discovery of our territories and our products, says Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

ITALY. Land of Wonders isnt just an enjoyable mobile game its a real Made in Italy product, skillfully mixing culture and technology. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our country: its an adventure accessible to everyone to help discover the beauty, the creativity, and the taste of Italy, he adds.

ITALY. Land of Wonders is available to download from the official website.

Eager for more puzzles? Check out our list of the top 25 best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)!

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ITALY. Land of Wonders lets you discover the cultural heritage of the country via puzzles, out now on iOS and Android - Pocket Gamer

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