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7 calming online games that will help you destress in-between or after work – GQ India

According to a survey on Reycreo, a platform for easy and calming online games, a whopping 80% of the people (1000 random online gamers) surveyed, play games when they want to relax. While the type of game might differ from gamer to gamer, weve picked out a bunch that ought to work for everyone looking to destress after struggling with a hectic schedule.

Home Sheep Home is a cute puzzle game that can be found on the Shaun The Sheep website. If you have an affinity for cartoons, this one is definitely for you. The fun and bright interface of the game can instantly help you drop the stress and enjoy the game. You must use swings, see-saws, ramps, and steps to launch the sheep over the barn.

Colour therapy is often recommended for everyone feeling slightly anxious or flustered, stuck in a busy schedule. However, on days when you cannot get your hands on a set of colours or want a particular shade, Pigment would be the perfect option. This calming online game is available for both iOS and android but can also be operated on other Apple devices. The iPad or a MacBook would work best so you dont have to switch out of the work environment to find calm.

Everyone loves puzzles, but seldom do we find a 1000-piece puzzle lying in our drawer. If youre a hoarder, its probably a different story. However, for the rest of us, the Jigsaw Puzzle online game brings the experience to our screens. Putting a puzzle together, even halfway, can be an easy distraction for your mind and help it reboot, on occasions, too.

This ones specially designed for all the pet and cat lovers. A pretty basic calming online game, all you need to do is place treats and toys in your yard. While there is no winner or loser, the treats and toys lure kittens and cats and you virtually hang out with them. Since I have a cat at home and the popularity of cat videos I can relate why the game can be calming for many.

The legend of calming games, all of us had a phase when we were engulfed in slashing fruits on our neanderthal smartphones. Not only did it have all of us hooked, it sure worked as a great stress buster. And, even though it might be lost in the developments of the gaming world, theres no harm in giving it a shot again.

Sometimes, a slight brain teaser can also work as a de-stresser. Especially, if you spend most hours staring at data heavy excel sheets. Sudoku, a game where you need to fit numerals between 1-9 in every row without them overlapping, is one of the most popular chai time games (if we may) of all time. If you think it fits the bill for you, go for it.

This underwater game, that is designed for all ages, has an extremely soothing vibe to it. Along with the fish and other mammals, you will also be blessed with calming ocean sounds (plug in the earphones for better experience). It is an easy mission game, and does not pressurise you to complete any tasks. At your own pace, you may win the challenges and move ahead.

Bonus: Turn off your internet, make the dinosaur jump (trust me, this really helps)


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7 calming online games that will help you destress in-between or after work - GQ India

These are the games announced by PlayStation Indies – Checkersaga

Shuhei Yoshida presented today Playstation indies, as part of their initiative to give greater visibility to independent PlayStation games within the increasingly competitive video game market. Yoshida, an indie gaming enthusiast, has been the visible head of the PlayStation Indie Initiative since last November.

I am delighted to formally announce the PlayStation Indies Initiative. With PlayStation Indies, we hope put the focus and support the best of the best indie games that are going to be released on PlayStation, and in the indie community as a whole. Our goal is to make PlayStation the best place to develop, find and play great indie games.Yoshida has declared.

He himself has stated that Indie studios are becoming increasingly important in the industry, as AAA game development has become so financially demanding that its increasingly difficult for large companies to take risks and invest in new concepts that may or may not , function

We are confident that indie developers with a strong vision will continue to bring ideas that have not been tried before, creating new genres of games, and progressing in the art and meaning of video games. PlayStation has always embraced games with entirely new concepts such as PaRappa the Rapper, Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey, and we cant wait to see what new ideas will surprise us in the future!

Although more details will follow shortly, two more details have been confirmed. As of now, and as part of this PlayStation Indies initiative, tevery month PS Now will also add a separate game to its catalog, starting with Hello Neighbor in July.

In addition, throughout the day today, and as part of the debut of PlayStation Indies, They will announce 9 imaginative titles that will reach both PS4 and PS5. As these titles are unveiled, we will be updating this article and adding new details.

One of the first has been Where the heart is, a narrative adventure of a surrealist nature that will review the journey of a man on his return home through the choices that have marked his life. It will come to PS4 in the winter of 2020, from the hand of the veterans of Armature Studio.

Their plot will begin on a rainy night, in which Whit Anderson falls through a mysterious hole that appears on the family farm. As if it were a dream, moments of his life will appear before him, which he will be able to explore and make different choices to change the course of his life, and that will make us consider choices as to what we would have chosen to make Whit a better person.

Another one of these games is Maquette, a puzzle game, although perhaps it is more fair to say that it is a story full of puzzles. Maquette will transport us to a recursive world, which is repeated to infinity, and our task will be to recover memories of a couple in love using creative thinking to solve the enigmas that await us.

F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch It has been another of the games announced. It is an action adventure dieselpunk which has as its protagonist an anthropomorphic rabbit that carries a huge metal fist with weapons. It will be released on PS4 soon, although without specifying dates.

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by Alberto Lloret.

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These are the games announced by PlayStation Indies - Checkersaga

Augmented Reality Gaming Market 2020: Comparative Analysis by Top Key Players Aurasma, Catchoom, Wikitude Infinity Augmented Reality, Blippar – Cole…

Global Augmented Reality Gaming Market Size study report with COVID-19 effect is considered to be an extremely knowledgeable and in-depth evaluation of the present industrial conditions along with the overall size of the Augmented Reality Gaming industry, estimated from 2020 to 2025. The research report also provides a detailed overview of leading industry initiatives, potential market share of Augmented Reality Gaming, and business-oriented planning, etc. The study discusses favorable factors related to current industrial conditions, levels of growth of the Augmented Reality Gaming industry, demands, differentiable business-oriented approaches used by the manufacturers of the Augmented Reality Gaming industry in brief about distinct tactics and futuristic prospects.

Major Players Covered in this Report are:Major Players in Augmented Reality Gaming market are:Aurasma Catchoom Wikitude Infinity Augmented Reality Blippar VividWorks Total Immersion Metaio Augmented Pixels Qualcomm Zappar

Get PDF Sample Copy of the Report to understand the structure of the complete report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart) @

The Augmented Reality Gaming Market study report analyses the industrys growth patterns through Past Research and forecasts potential prospects based on comprehensive analysis. The report provides extensive market share, growth, trends , and forecasts for the 20202025 period. The study offers key information on the Augmented Reality Gaming market status, which is a valuable source of advice and guidance for companies and individuals involved in the industry.

The research report will concentrate on leading global players in the Augmented Reality Gaming market report, which includes details such as company profiles, product picture and specification, creation of R&D, distribution & production capability, distribution networks, quality , cost, revenue and contact information. The study report discusses legal strategies, and product development between the industry dynamics that are leading and growing and coming.

Market Segmentation:

The report is divided into major categories comprising product, distribution channel, application, and end users. Every segment is further sub-segmented into several sub-segmented that are deeply analyzed by experts to offer valuable information to the buyers and market players. Every segment is studied thoroughly in order to offer a better picture to the buyers and stakeholders to benefit from. Information like highest prevailing product, highly demanded product by the application segment and end users are rightly mentioned in the Augmented Reality Gaming report.

Most important types of Augmented Reality Gaming products covered in this report are:Mobiles HMDs Smart Glasses

Most widely used downstream fields of Augmented Reality Gaming market covered in this report are:Racing Games Adventure Games Fighting Games Shooting Games Mystery Thriller Games Puzzle Games Science Fiction Games Others

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Regional Insights:

The Augmented Reality Gaming market is segmented as North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Researchers have thoroughly studied about the historical market. With extensive research, experts have offered details on the current and the forecast demand made by these regions. The Augmented Reality Gaming report also includes highlights on the prevailing product demanded by end users and end customers for better understanding of product demand by producers. This will help the producers and the marketing executives to plan their production quantity and plan effective marketing strategies to more buyers. Businesses can hence, increase their product portfolio and expand their global presence. Augmented Reality Gaming market research report further offers information on the unexplored areas in these regions to help the producers to plan promotional strategies and create demand for their new and updated products. This will again help the manufacturers to increase their customers and emerge as leaders in the near future.

In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Augmented Reality Gaming are as follows:

The report answers important questions that companies may have when operating in the global Augmented Reality Gaming market. Some of the questions are given below:

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Market Growth Insight 100% Subsidiary of Exltech Solutions India, is a one stop solution for market research reports in various business categories. We are serving 100+ clients with 30000+ diverse industry reports and our reports are developed to simplify strategic decision making, on the basis of comprehensive and in-depth significant information, established through wide ranging analysis and latest industry trends.

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Augmented Reality Gaming Market 2020: Comparative Analysis by Top Key Players Aurasma, Catchoom, Wikitude Infinity Augmented Reality, Blippar - Cole...

Top 25 best JRPGs on Android | Articles – Pocket Gamer

Updated July 8, 2020: New entries added

Which country has had the most profound influence on the RPG genre? The US has to be the frontrunner, having produced the first video game RPGs, not to mention many of the biggest RPG franchises.

The UK would be in there somewhere, too, if only for the profound influence of JRR Tolkien and other British fantasy writers.

But only Japan, among all the countries of the world, gets its own RPG sub-genre. The JRPG is a distinctive thing, with its own tropes and traits.

You know a JRPG when you see one, whether its a particular type of spiky-haired amnesiac protagonist, a particular flavour of steampunk dystopia, or a distinct take on turn-based combat.

Thankfully, a whole heap of the best JRPGs are available to play on Android. A lot of these are ports of established classics, while others are original productions.

Here are 25 of our favourite Android JRPGs. Don't see your favourite on there? Let us know what you'd include in the comments below.


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Top 25 best JRPGs on Android | Articles - Pocket Gamer

‘Creepy Tale’ coming to the Nintendo Switch this month – Micky News

This game is created by Deqaf Studio and was first released on PC last February. Creepy Tale has garnered great feedback since then.

Creepy Tale is not just a regular jumpscare type of game. It is much more than that. This title tells a great story while going through an intense adventure.

However, the puzzles included are not easy to solve. Some puzzles require a lot of time and effort to think about.

Besides the puzzle feature, it also has several in-game quests. There are items that can be collected through these quests. The items gathered may soon be used on other levels.

Another thing that makes this game great is the soundtrack. Listening to it gives an eerie feel and it immerses the user.

Solving a puzzle while listening to creepy music makes the tasks more difficult.

This game garnered very positive reviews when it came out on the PC. It is expected to have a positive result on the Switch release as well.

The Steam version has a well-curated review for the game. Creepy Tale currently has 326 reviews with 295 positive results. Not bad for an indie game with a short playtime.

According to the most helpful review by the user, Mz Cookies, the quirky art style makes the game attractive. The gameplay also varies from one level to another making it challenging yet fun.

However, not everything is great with the game.

As mentioned earlier, Creepy Tale has a very short playtime. Users can actually finish the game in around two hours. Even earlier for speedrunners.

Despite the short game, it manages to captivate the players through its melancholic music and great sound elements.

Creepy Tale lets the player an unknown forest while going out for a walk with the protagonists brother. There they meet some creatures while solving various puzzles.

The most important aspect of the game though is to survive.

Controls are pretty simple. It is similar to the usual 2D sidescrolling games with the thumbstick to move and one button to interact.

There are a lot of antagonists throughout the game. The player must then hide well to avoid them. Interacting with enemies leads to instant death.

However, there are various checkpoints scattered in the game. Dying is not much of a problem. But solving the puzzles are.

It is not hard to solve. The challenge lies in how quickly the player thinks of a solution. This aspect of the game may prolong or slow down the pace of the game.

One aspect that the majority of indie games have is excellent graphics. The hand-drawn elements in Creepy Tale is a pleasure to look at. The details are great and the art style is unique.

Even the color palette perfectly matches the intended atmosphere of the game.

The great graphics partnered with the eerie background sound takes the game up a notch. It perfectly complements each other. Take one out and the game falls apart.

There are no dialogues in the game. But, the music itself hooks the player to the game.


For an $8 game, Creepy Tale gives a lot more than the usual scary trope. The overall experience is great. It short but meaningful.

Getting Creepy Tale at full price is already a steal considering the experience that it brings. There are sub-$10 games out there that leave a lot to be desired. But this title is definitely worth adding to the game catalog.

All images used courtesy of Creepy Tale/Nintendo

'Creepy Tale' coming to the Nintendo Switch this month - Micky News

The Highly-Acclaimed Forced-Perspective Puzzle Game, SUPERLIMINAL, Is Now Available on Consoles! – GamingLyfe Network

After 6 years of hard work, DeveloperPillow Castle Games is happy to announce that its forced-perspective puzzle game, SUPERLIMINAL, is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! Along with the addition of these new platforms, brand new content has been added to the game, including achievements, hidden rooms, and other secrets!

Are you filled with feelings of self-doubt? Do you find yourself prone to minimizing massive dilemmas, or for allowing the smallest problems to get blown completely out of proportion? The SomnaSculpt Dream Therapy Program will make your dreams come true. Literally!

Check out the launch trailer to get a look inside the surreal world of the Pierce Institute:

SUPERLIMINALis a single-player, first-person puzzle game that uses perception as a mechanic. You play as someone who wakes up in a surprisingly lucid dream. As you complete puzzles to get to the next exit, certain patterns and truths become more apparent. In this game, everything is exactly what it seems to be! Wait, no thats not right. Everything is the opposite of what you think it is? Thats not correct either. This is a game about breaking expectations and thinking outside the box. What you see is what you get.

If youre ready to join Dr. Glenn Pierces SomnaSculpt Dream Therapy program, you can do so for only $19.99 USD! Act now while itson sale for 20% off on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 Japan until July 14th.

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The Highly-Acclaimed Forced-Perspective Puzzle Game, SUPERLIMINAL, Is Now Available on Consoles! - GamingLyfe Network

Gravity-defying puzzle platformer Sky Beneath is coming to PC and consoles in 2021 – Gamasutra

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Helsinki, Finland - July 8th, 2020 - Mindhaven Games are proud to unveil that its gravity-defying puzzle adventure Sky Beneath is coming to PC and consoles in 2021. Get ready to embark on a rip-roaring sci-fi yarn where up and down are all relative!

In Sky Beneath players assume the role of Cassie, an intrepid scavenger seeking salvage in abandoned mining facilities. Aided by her inventor friend Annie and the use of advanced alien technology, Cassie takes control of the gravity to walk on walls and ceilings and change the gravity direction of objects around her. Up and down are all relative in this mind-bending adventure!

Check out the Sky Beneath Announcement trailer

Set on a planet where an uneasy alliance between humans and technologically advanced aliens has caused an increased rift between the rich and the poor, Cassie and Annie must uncover the truth of what happened to the previous inhabitants of this land and how to get off this ravaged planet. As they solve increasingly complex puzzles, theyll traverse high tech research labs, opulent floating cities, and alien citadels. Theyll also encounter alien flora and fauna, like the mischievous ratcoons, which are exactly what they sound like.

We wanted to create a game that hearkens back to the days of solitary puzzle-solving expeditions like the original Tomb Raider, yet with the warm humor and humanity of Portal and The Talos Principle, said Eero Kuurne, Creative Director at Mindhaven Games. Sky Beneath takes that classic gameplay, but marries it with a slick, modern presentation thats equal parts cerebral and spectacular.

More information on Sky Beneath

Wishlist on Steam:

Visit the Mindhaven Games website:

About Mindhaven Games

Mindhaven Games is a group of storytellers, bringing an adventurous puzzle game to life with the goal of creating games that evoke strong feelings in the player. Mindhaven seeks to combine the feeling of grand adventure with challenging gameplay that makes players stop and think.

Media Contact

Plan of Attack on behalf of Mindhaven Games

Vincent Abel (EU & Oceania)


Jeffrey Matulef (Americas)


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Gravity-defying puzzle platformer Sky Beneath is coming to PC and consoles in 2021 - Gamasutra

Professor Layton and the Lost Future HD comes sleuthing onto mobile July 13 – Destructoid

It's about time

England's greatest fictional detective (no, not that one) is getting set to make his grand return next week, as puzzle-adventure Professor Layton and the Lost Future HD will be making the leap onto iOS and Android platforms worldwide come July 13.

Originally released for the Nintendo DS way back in 2008, Professor Layton and the Lost Future, (known as the "Unwound Future" in North America), is the third title in the popular, brain-teasing franchise. The story sees our hat-wearing hero embroiled in a complex mystery involving alternate timelines and twisted fates, while gameplay consists of a variety of puzzles and mini-games, as is the series' wont.

Professor Layton and the Lost Future HD is an enhanced edition of the original game, featuring high-resolution, re-drawn visuals and an overhauled control system optimised for touchscreen devices. You can check out a brand new trailer for the mobile port below.

Professor Layton and the Lost Future HD launches July 13 on iOS and Android.

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Professor Layton and the Lost Future HD comes sleuthing onto mobile July 13 - Destructoid

The very best of new Nintendo Switch announcements – AltChar

Starting the list strong is NBA 2K21, another game in the well-known basketball game franchise that has taken over the world.

The game brings a few improvements as it makes its way onto the Switch, taking steps to optimize the experience for the console. Besides the basics, it will be the same as every year only looking better and feeling smoother.

Following closely on the list is Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, the newest addition to the already well-loved franchise.

The new title revives and revamps the franchise by bringing in a new playable character, Kirin, that will vary up the gameplay significantly and add a new depth to the game. The 2D side-scrolling action-platformer stick to its guns, bringing with it more of what worked before.

Keeping the Megaman style gameplay and the beautiful art style, it pushes for polishing the series and exploring what can be done in existing parameters.

Based on the success of its predecessors, and showing some great improvements at first glance, it seems this game will certainly be worth your time when it comes out.

Nighthawk Interactive 3 times the fun

Next up isRPG Maker MV, a dream come true for anybody who wants to make their own RPG, without the pesky programming.

The simple interfaces are a godsend for any ambitious creatives who want to tell an amazing story, but just dont know how to go about doing so.

And for those who dabble in the programming world, there are options included to make the game that much more unique and special.

A really great tool for youths interested in starting their journey as young game makers, or old flames of passion to be reignited for those unfulfilled dreams of days long gone. An unusual game for a list of top something, but looking at it from a casual perspective, a rather fun little game.

Dodo Peak is a mobile game port over to the switch, and while the words mobile and port usually mean bad news, that might not be the case this time around.

Being a very simple puzzle game that requires thinking ahead and planning, it promises fun, and being simple allows it to be ported over easily without many chances to mess up.

While not bringing a AAA gaming experience, it doesnt try to and that is what sets aside a small slice of the market for it. It looks fun and easy, something anyone could sing a bit of time into, whether at home or out and about.

The fun looks also earn it some extra points as it could be a nice pacifier for the kids on a long road trip or at the dentist's, while also complex enough to keep the mom and dad engaged for a little downtime.

Degica Build your own adventure!

Now what if the next game on the list was described as Gang Beasts, but cuter? Well, that is exactly what it is, Party Animals is the high res, fluffy revival of Gang Beasts.

While that might look like it is taking away from Party Animals, in truth it is the games are so similar to the point of it being hard to differentiate between the, besides the graphics that is.

While Party Animals is certainly a looker, it tries to improve on what was already invented instead of reinventing it, and doing that is fine, only if you can actually improve on the idea instead of copying it.

And so far it looks like a lot of effort has been put into doing just that, but first looks are rarely a good way to judge a game, as shown time and time again in the industry. Gang Beasts did it first but did Party Animals do it better? The answer to that question you will have to find out for yourself when the game hits the stores.

Creaks takes you into a strange world of shadows and lights, with a heavy artistic side to it, backed by very nice puzzles and engaging gameplay.

The game is a looker, a bit strange but the heavily stylised art makes it feel like a half nightmare that one falls into during a high fever.

Unlike a fever, this game seems to give you a constant experience while not being too tense or too soft, offering the right amount of stuff to get engaged in while exploring the detailed and interesting world.

Amanita Design The weird world awaits

Finishing the list of is Carto, a relaxing adventure puzzle game based around its world-shifting mechanic.

Exploring the absolutely beautiful world with the power of maps, discovering new characters, and being immersed by the gentle soundtrack sounds like the perfect evening after a hard day, because it probably is.

The game looks to be just challenging enough to keep you entertained and relaxing enough to help you unwind, melting the troubles of the day away. It definitely takes the most cosy game spot of the list, also the cutest game spot.

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The very best of new Nintendo Switch announcements - AltChar

Entertainment Video Games Market with Report In Depth Industry Analysis on Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast till 2025 – 3rd Watch News

Market Study Report, LLCs latest addition on Entertainment Video Games market is a research that features comprehensive outlook pertaining to market valuations, market share, profit estimations, and the geographical spectrum of this business. The report precisely describes key obstacles and opportunities for growth, while drawing out competitive standing of market majors, including their portfolio and growth strategies.


Request a sample Report of Entertainment Video Games Market at:

According to the latest research report, the Entertainment Video Games market emerges as one of the most proactive business verticals. This research report anticipates this space to garner substantial returns over the forecast period, on account of the broad range of driving forces that is set to transform the market outlook throughout the projected duration. An essence of these driving forces, in conjunction with and excess of additional dynamics related to the Entertainment Video Games market, such as the threats that are prevalent across this market as well as the growth opportunities, have also been emphasized in the report.

One of the key pointers that makes the Entertainment Video Games market report worth a buy is the extensive overview it delivers regarding the competitive landscape of the industry. Based on the competitive hierarchy, the study expertly segments the Entertainment Video Games market into Blizzard Entertainment Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment, Valve Corporation, Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Tencent, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, BioWare, Capcom Company Ltd, NetEase, Microsoft Corporation, Naughty Dog Inc, Epic Games, Sega Games Co., Bungie Inc, Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd, Mojang, NCSOFT, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Gameloft, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc, Infinity Ward, Game Freak, Nexon Co. Ltd and Insomniac Games Inc. These companies have been competing with one another in a bid to attain a successful status in the global market.

A brief outline of the Entertainment Video Games market scope includes:

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The report provides enough data regarding the market share that all of these companies presently account for throughout this vertical, alongside the market share that they are expected to acquire over the estimated period. The study also expounds on particulars related to the product manufactured by each of these companies, that would help industry entrants and key stakeholders develop their competitive analysis and strategy portfolios. Additionally, their decision-making process is set to become more convenient due to the fact that the Entertainment Video Games market report also highlights an essence of the trends in product pricing and the revenue margins of the major players in the industry.

Important question regarding the regional spectrum of the Entertainment Video Games market covered by the report:

Some common questions the report answers with regards to the segmentation of the Entertainment Video Games market

Key takeaways from the study:

For More Details On this Report:

Some of the Major Highlights of TOC covers:

Executive Summary

Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis

Development and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Entertainment Video Games

Key Figures of Major Manufacturers

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2. Global Systems of Insight Market 2020 by Company, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025Systems of Insight Market report characterize imperative Portion and contenders of the market regarding market estimate, volume, esteem. This report likewise covers every one of the locales and nations of the world, which demonstrates a territorial improvement status, it additionally incorporates Business Profile, Introduction, Revenue and so on.Read More:

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Entertainment Video Games Market with Report In Depth Industry Analysis on Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast till 2025 - 3rd Watch News

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