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YMCA’s Online Programming and Services Keep Community Together –

Although closed to the public, the North Suburban YMCA has been busy bringing the community together through a variety of online initiatives to help its neighbors stay connected, healthy, and engaged during the shelter at home order. A variety of virtual programming is currently available on, and more options for April programming will be available soon. The Y's current online initiatives include:

NSYMCA VIRTUAL FITNESS The features local instructors as well as national YMCA videos to keep the community healthy. Facebook live classes are also offered for an interactive experience. The classes now available on the website include Cardio & HIIT, Cardio & Strength, Strength, Barre, Bootcamp, Mind & Body (Yoga), Adult, Tai Chi & Youth, with more to come.

NSYMCA Community Boards Community members can interact, get ideas, ask for help, have virtual fun, or ask questions. The Y's Boards include:

NSYMCA Community Ask membership or specific Y questionsSubscribe Adult Programming Includes Brain games, the NSYMCA social club, Caregivers support group and other senior programming Senior Activities -* Brain games Tuesdays at 1pm & Fridays at 9:15am* NSYMCA Social Club The Community can join for camaraderie and a meal if participants want to eat along with the meeting. For more information, contact Karen Brownlee,* Caregivers Support Group Fridays at 10:30am* Adult Education Seminars contact Karen Brownlee at Health & Wellness Tips, workouts, questions answered Performing Arts Keeps the kids dancing with fee-based virtual classes Visual Arts Check in for art plans, fee-based virtual classes and artist ideas for everyone Special Olympics Stay in touch with the Special Olympics team Youth Development Offers activities, questions, websites, and fun for kids Smartlab S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maintenance) fee-based programming for kids Camp Summer Camp updatesFor more information visit or contact Kim Nyren at .About the North Suburban YMCAThe North Suburban YMCA services Northbrook and 14 surrounding communities with programs and tools that help its residents become healthier, more connected, and confident, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. The NSYMCA focuses on Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility and is a charitable organization, inclusive and welcoming to all in our community. Learn more at

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YMCA's Online Programming and Services Keep Community Together -

Why this couple added artificial turf to their yard for their four dogs – Omaha World-Herald

It was hard to keep grass growing and paws clean with four dogs, so Michael and Jodi Aaronson added artificial turf to two areas of their yard.

Mike and Jackie Roach, founders of Taysia Blue Husky and Malamute Rescue, told them it was the best thing they ever did and now the Aaronsons agree.

Friends want to come see it and wish they had it, Jodi says. Its made life so much easier.

The Gretna family of six boards Loki, Fiona, Sadie and Milo at Katies Kennel, which also has turf, so it wasnt a big adjustment for the dogs.

Jodi found a turf product at Costco, and the couple installed 1,800 square feet of it themselves. They had to remove some sod around the house, grade and then add a base layer of limestone.

Two sprinkler heads were retained to help wash down the turf and cool it off in the summer. Cleanup is no different than grass.

Now, when it snows or rains there are no worries about letting out their dogs or others they foster. But if trapped inside by the weather, the Aaronsons have lots of doggy brain games.

A favorite is a licking mat laced with peanut butter, processed cheese slices or yogurt.

We use that when we brush the dogs or do nail trimming, Jodi says. It keeps them occupied.

Christine Cruwe leads Packer through Lauritzen Gardens on Monday during Leashes at Lauritzen, an event in which the 100 acres and miles of trails at the gardens are opened to canines and their humans.

Joey, a Coton de Tularowned by Laurie Owen, is ready for Leashes at Lauritzen. Water and treats were available at stations throughout the garden.

Teresa Eske and Barry Leesley walk their dogs, from left, Bella, Mae and Bear at Lauritzen Gardens on Monday during Leashes at Lauritzen.The event is offered from 5 to 8 p.m. on the first two Mondays of each month through October.

Shannon Casson and her golden retriever Harrison explore Lauritzen Gardens on Monday.

Limairy Baskin, left, and Andre Baskin walk Odis, a French bulldog, during Leashes at Lauritzen on Monday.

Laurie Owen gives Joey a drink during their walk through Lauritzen Gardens on Monday.

Jamie Hserwahhei, left, and Mario Pelico get the their Siberian husky, Thor, some water during Leashes at Lauritzen on Monday.

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Why this couple added artificial turf to their yard for their four dogs - Omaha World-Herald

5 WhatsApp games to beat lockdown boredom – IOL

By Maryanne Isaac 2h ago

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Johannesburg - Boredom. Its something that most of us are becoming very acquainted with during the lockdown. Passing the time has become a real challenge. So, why not have a little fun on your Whatsapp groups? This way you keep in contact with family and friends, and have a little fun too.

My list:

1. Once upon a time

You start off with Once upon a time ... and the other members of the group can join in and add lines to make it an interesting storyline. Each member gets 15 seconds.

2.Guess the title

You can choose either movie titles or songs. Your members would have to guess a movie or song through clues using a selection of emojis. You can go all out on this one and make it as quirky as possible.

2. In Character

In this game, all you have to do is pretend to be someone else until someone guesses who you are pretending to be. Or you can troll your mum or bestie in the chat, and change your profile picture and start acting like them.

4. Riddle me this

If you and your mates are into brain games and IQ tests, then riddles are a perfect fit. You can add suspense by using voice notes.

5. Would you rather ?

This game requires you to ask your friend a simple two choice question like Would you rather sleep in the jungle or swim with sharks. Each question leads to another question, which is deeper and darker.

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5 WhatsApp games to beat lockdown boredom - IOL


We are all in this together, although very much apart. One of the greatest threats to UK society, perhaps since the Second World War, and the best way to combat it and, eventually defeat it, is by staying at home.

Most of us are putting a brave face on it, and some might even relish the chance to work from home, spend more time with family and, perhaps, catch up on some television box-sets. Indulging in too much of the latter, however, is probably not going to help with your emotional well-being in the long-run.

Below we are going to look at some alternative ideas to keep you sane during the lockdown. Some of these are a little leftfield, so keep an open mind.

Sophisticated Jigsaw Puzzles

One bit of advice that continued to crop up from those health workers who have already been through periods of quarantine was to set activities with long-term goals. A complicated jigsaw puzzle is perfect in that respect, as you can do a bit each day. Moreover, jigsaws can help your cognitive functions as they are, essentially, memory games.

Speed Dating

Obviously, something for the singletons and not if you are home with your significant other. is pushing out its Virtual Speed Dating platform during the coronavirus outbreak. In short, you have quick speed dates online with people in your area. Perhaps you can find some ready-made romance for when we can all go outside again. The cost? 5.

TikTok Challenges

We are suggesting TikTok here, but it could be any social media or video-sharing platform, such as YouTube or Instagram. Everyone, including celebrities and sports stars, is taking part in challenges from toilet roll keepy-uppies to impersonating Gloria Gaynor with I Will Survive renditions. Join in its a lot of fun.

Online Games

One to be careful with, as overplaying video games can be a lot like binge-watching television. However, there are lots of options online, including problem-solving games sites like Brain Games and in-depth quiz sites like Sporcle. Because bookmakers are shut, some punters might opt for casino games. There is a lot of variety and creativity there too, as you can see in this Britains Got Talent games review. However, be aware of your budget and keep in mind that you can usually play casino games for free in demo versions.

Grow Your Own

We really do not know how long all of this will last, nor if it will be a gradual return to normality or an abrupt one. In light of that, why not start growing some of your own food? Even if you dont have a large garden, some vegetables like lettuce, chillies, tomatoes and spinach can be grown from a small balcony and windowsills. Its a good one to get the kids involved, too.

Go to The Museum

Not literally, but virtually. Many of the worlds top museums now have virtual tours; so you can experience artistic and historical wonders from the comfort of your own home. As with physical museums in the UK, the cost is often free, but you can leave a donation to help support the institution.

Read a True Classic

You know, there is a long list of books that people claim to have read but never actually finished. Now is the time to actually do it. War and Peace usually tops the charts among Brits, but, be warned its heavy going. If you want something for the whole family to read together, Alice in Wonderland fits the bracket as a story we all know but a book rarely completed.

Have a Zoom Party

Video conferencing apps are usually reserved for connecting businesses remotely, but they have now been incorporated by people wanting to connect with friends and family over a drink. Apps like Zoom and House Party have seen a huge surge in subscriptions (some basic versions are free) as people have virtual parties to get over isolation. Remember that you can get kids involved too, as they might be missing school friends. Moreover, dont forget that video calls might help retain connections with older family members.

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16 Aesthetically Pleasing Puzzles and Games to Play at Home – The New York Times

In the 2018 film Puzzle, a stifled, suburban Connecticut woman finds unexpected liberation in the world of competitive jigsaw puzzling. When you complete a puzzle, when you finish it, her puzzle partner tells her, you know that you have made all the right choices. Its an appealing thought, especially in a time of heightened uncertainty. And you dont have to go pro to experience that same satisfaction or the sense of tranquil determination that precedes it, when you are fully focused on the task at hand, and not, say, on a global pandemic. Advocates of puzzles cite their meditative, anxiety-reducing effects; they have also been shown to keep practitioners mentally sharp.

And then theres the simple fact that, now that New York Citys bars, restaurants, libraries and theaters have shuttered, leisure activities are strictly limited. In the absence of studio fitness classes, everyone is a runner now, and parks have become a contemporary agora. For a mental workout (or break) that keeps you away from your phone and may even alleviate the tension that can come with a wealth of aimless together (or alone) time try a puzzle or game. Here are a few of Ts favorites, from whimsically illustrated decks of cards to design-conscious dominoes.

In 1995, the conceptual artists Madeline Gins and Shusaka Arakawa completed the Site of Reversible Destiny, a created landscape in Yoro Park, just outside Nagoya, Japan. The couples idea, as the writer Marie Doezema explained in T last year, was that the site, which displays an aversion to right angles, an absence of symmetry and a constant shifting of elevations, might stimulate the immune system and actually help viewers live forever. Whatever its powers, this 285-piece puzzle depicting the space will certainly engage your mind, and eyes, for an afternoon. $35,

Adorned with a collage of the 1980s-era artist Keith Harings black-and-white graffiti-like illustrations of grinning humans and animals, this puzzle from the Museum of Modern Art presents a unique challenge: Chopped up into 500 monochromatic fragments, it gives you no color clues, only lines and geometry, to work with. $35,

Toward the end of his life, the Dutch Post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh painted blooming almond blossoms against a vivid azure sky the work was a gift for his brother and sister-in-law, who had just had a baby. In puzzle form, Almond Blossom, 1890, from the British puzzlemaker Wentworth, is ideal for someone whose art tastes run more toward Impressionism than graffiti, and who is up for a real undertaking: Opt for the extra-difficult 321-piece version, with piece shapes that repeat themselves. $58 for 321 pieces,

For a sweet study-break of a puzzle, try this slice of cherry pie from the beloved puzzle manufacturer Areaware. With just over 70 pieces, it should only take about 20 minutes to complete. (If youre after something more involved, the brands 500-piece Dusen Dusen pattern puzzles come recommended by multiple members of Ts staff.) Little Puzzle Thing Cherry Pie, $15, and Pattern Puzzle Dusen Dusen, $25,

Those craving a bit of armchair travel, which is practically the only kind safe or possible at the moment, might consider setting a course for the remote Japanese island of Yakushima, part of the Ryukyu archipelago. Its covered in a dense, lush forest that echoes the dreamy landscape shown, as Ts editor in chief Hanya Yanagihara wrote in 2018, in Hayao Miyazakis landmark 1997 film Princess Mononoke. $50,

Playing cards longevity and widespread appeal they are thought to have originated in Asia around the ninth century before moving west to Medieval Europe might be attributed to the myriad games you can play with just a deck or two. Ts writer-at-large Nancy Hass makes a case for taking this period of social distancing to learn bridge. People think its hokey, but its actually the hardest, most intellectually demanding game, she says. And it can be sexy you communicate through secret signs with your partner. An added incentive might come in the form of a deck more stylish than your old navy blue or red Bicycle one, perhaps Misc. Goods Co.s Art-Deco-inspired design, available in five colors; Art of Plays Lucky Draw cards featuring geometric illustrations; or Christian Lacroixs Maison de Jeu set of two decks. For something easier (and more kid-friendly) than bridge, try illustrator Richard McGuires Go Fish cards housed in a case like a sardine tin. $15,; $15,; $33.60 for set of two,; $12.99,

Perudo, a classic dice game popular in South America, is played with two to six people each player receives five dice and a cup, and the objective is to be the last one with remaining dice after a series of bids (and bluffs the game is sometimes known as liars dice). A luxurious leather-bound set is available from the British brand Noble MacMillan (with cups in bold tangerine, purple, light blue, green, red and ivory), and more affordable plastic versions are easy to find. Around $140,

References to backgammon in which players move a series of pieces clockwise around a board can be found in ancient Greek texts, but this transparent acrylic set (recalling the Lucite and Perspex accessories that have shown up in recent collections) is anything but stodgy. $140-$200,

The 28 tiles that compose a set of dominoes can be used to play games of varying degrees of complexity. Or, you can simply stand them on their ends, push one over, and watch the rest tumble in a mesmerizing cascade (try not to think of this as a metaphor). Wolfum makes a classic set that comes in printed boxes in a variety of patterns; Fredericks & Mae offers a more esoteric option that, in lieu of black dots, shows the phases of the moon. $68,; $45,

Another game that features precariously arranged blocks, Jenga gets a rainbow-minded upgrade. $16,

Marcel Duchamp, who famously abandoned art in favor of chess, was the one who taught his friend and fellow artist Man Ray the rules of play. As Man Ray writes in his memoir, Self-Portrait (1963), this got him thinking about how the chess pieces themselves might be a fertile field for invention. His first chess set design, with sculptural silver-plated pieces, was produced in the 1920s, and a beechwood reproduction of it is available from Design Within Reach. The work is as much an art object as a game set, and has a price tag to match. Just as classic, though, are the roll-up styles seen in Manhattans Washington Square Park. $680,; $4.99 for a board,

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16 Aesthetically Pleasing Puzzles and Games to Play at Home - The New York Times

Chess: an expert took an hour to solve this simple puzzle can you do better? – Financial Times

The blame game is under way following last Thursdays decision by Arkady Dvorkovich, president of the global chess body Fide, to suspend the world title Candidates at Ekaterinburg half-way through the 14-round contest to decide Magnus Carlsens next challenger.

Dvorkovich acted following the Russian announcement that international air flights would be banned indefinitely as from Friday, fearing that the grandmasters from China, France, the Netherlands and the US might otherwise be stranded.

Teimour Radjabov, the World Cup winner, who had qualified to play but withdrew citing virus fears, is now claiming that the event should be replayed with himself included. The Azerbaijani may have a moral case, but probably not a legal one.

Fides intention is to play the postponed second half later this year, which could prove too optimistic. Arguably Dvorkovich, who admitted that he made his decision to suspend after just a few seconds of thinking could have allowed the Candidates to continue until its planned end of April 4, and then to have asked for a charter flight to enable GMs to leave Russia. As a former deputy prime minister, he was in a good position to pull strings.

There were stringent medical precautions in place, so the risk was low. The reward would have been an opponent for Carlsen for a title match at its scheduled date in December. As it is now, the future of the next world championship series has become unclear.


An expert who I wont name admitted in a book that he had taken an hour to solve this simple puzzle. Can you do better? White mates in three moves against any defence, and it shouldnt be that hard because the black king is trapped by a vastly superior force deep in white territory.

Click here for solution

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Chess: an expert took an hour to solve this simple puzzle can you do better? - Financial Times

THE TICKER: What now for the Tokyo Games? Says IOC chief Bach, This is like a huge jigsaw puzzle – The Sports Examiner

The latest news, notes and quotes from the worldwide Five-Ring Circus:

In the aftermath of the joint decision by the International Olympic Committee, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the Japanese government to delay the 2020 Olympic Games into next year, IOC President Thomas Bach held a Wednesday morning teleconference for 53 minutes, with about 400 media on the line and many more receiving a recording.

He gave an extraordinarily detailed, 11-minute account of the process by which the question of what to do about the 2020 Games turned from the question of whether Japan would be a safe place to host the Games in July, to whether anyone could get to Tokyo as the coronavirus exploded worldwide.

Bach was forthcoming and detailed a consultative process in which the information provided by the World Health Organization proved the most compelling and the most concrete.

He was pressed, for most of the 16 questions he was asked by journalists from 10 countries, to explain the timing of the postponement decision, his response to criticism that the IOC was too slow, and one question asking if he had considered resigning. He gave expansive answers to all but the last inquiry, to which his reply was no. (More coming on this later today.)

On the more relevant questions about the future planning, he noted:

This indeed a very challenging question. We have there, already yesterday, following there the agreement with Prime Minister Abe, we have asked there our Coordination Commission together with the Organizing Committee to study this question in detail.

They have now formed a task force, with what I find a very good name. With a good spirit, the task force calls itself Here We Go. So they are now looking into it. This needs consultation, first of all, with the 33 International Federations. There, we will have a telephone conference, I think by tomorrow already, contacts have been made yesterday by telephone. So this is the first step, we have to see with them what the options are.

And after having consulted with them, we, of course, also have to take into account the sports calendar around the Olympic Games and many, many other issues. So there I think we should come to a solution as soon as possible, but first priority there should be the quality of this decision to really be able to take the input of all the stakeholders into account: the National Olympic Committees, the athletes, the partners, of course the organizing committee is key also in this.

Bach was further asked about the difficulties inherent in a first-ever delayed Games:

Now, this is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, putting together. And there, every piece has to fit. If you take out one piece, the whole puzzle is destroyed. Therefore everything has to come together and everything is important.

This is why I really do not envy the members of this task force in their work, but having seen the proof of the professionalism, the dedication of the organizing committee which made Tokyo the best prepared Olympic city ever and knowing about the professionalism of our Coordination Commission and our Olympic Games department, Im really confident that we can also master this first-ever challenge. The Games have never been postponed before, we have no blueprint, but we are nevertheless confident that we can put a beautiful jigsaw puzzle together and will then, in the end, have wonderful Olympic Games.

He also left open the possibility that the Games could be postponed to the spring of 2021:

The agreement is that we want to organize this Olympic Games, at the latest in summer 2020 [sic], that means that this task force can consider there the broader picture. This is not restricted just to the summer months; all the options are on the table before or including the summer 2021.

Bach was also asked about whether the IOCs TOP sponsors whose agreements expire after the 2020 Games reportedly including General Electric and Proctor & Gamble will be able to participate in 2021. The answer was yes:

We have contacted there, in the meantime, all of the sponsors and what we can see is that we have their full support for this decision, and we will now work to implement it. You know, these Games are called the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Therefore, for me, its a logical consequence that the sponsors of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 that they keep their rights, even if these games are organized in 21.

Bach did not discuss costs, and they will be substantial. Wild estimates have already appeared, including 300 billion yen (~$2.7 billion U.S.) from unnamed sources, published in the Nikkei Asian Review.

ESPN published an added-cost estimate of 640.8 billion yen (~$5.7 billion) from Kansai University emeritus professor Katsuhiro Matsumoto.

The truth: no one knows. As is usual in Olympic Games with significant government investment, there is the official budget still at $12.6 billion U.S. and lots of estimates from others, which claim the total cost of the Games is as much as $30 billion, including programs which have nothing to do with the Games proper, but just happen to take place in the same time frame.

Its not all confusion, gloom and doom. One athlete with a happy take on the postponement was three-time Olympian and two-time Olympic 100 m hurdles finalist Lolo Jones. Her twitter post:

FINALLY The OLYMPICS OFFICIALLY postponed for a year!! No box of Wheaties for me today. #breakfastofchampions

and showed her pouring a huge tote bag full of candy into her morning cereal bowl!

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THE TICKER: What now for the Tokyo Games? Says IOC chief Bach, This is like a huge jigsaw puzzle - The Sports Examiner

5 Best Chess Games for Android and iOS – Techlomedia

Chess is a popular indoor game that several people like to play. It is a board game played between two people. Now this board game is also available to play on computers and smartphones where you can play it against a computer player or against friends. If you are bored at home and want to enjoy chess, you can download a good chess game on your smartphone to play. If you are not sure about a good chess app, this article is recommending a few. Here is the list of best chess games for Android and iOs devices. You can download any of these chess games on your phone and enjoy the game.

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Have a look at the list of best chess games for smartphones. This list contains chess games for Android and Chess games for iOS. You can download any of the games to play. Read the description to know more about a game.

This Chess app for Android and iOS lets people enjoy Chess on their smartphone. The app not just lets you play Chess, but also teaches you so that you can improve your skills. You can use this chess app to play chess with online players around the world or with your friends. You can also play against computer players to improve your game. It also gives you an option to analyze your game and learn where you went wrong. It has thousands of videos and interactive lessons from top Grandmasters along with interactive tutorials.

The game comes with 20+ themes for boards, pieces, and backgrounds for customized play options.

Download: Android | iOS

Lichess brings free online chess on your phone. The app claims that there are more than 150000 individual users on the app to play with. You can find players and challenge them for a game. You can also take part in arena tournaments. The game comes with the bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence chess. You can practice with chess puzzles. When you do not have an active internet connection, you can also play offline with computer players.

This app is open-source and free to download for all.

Download: Android | iOS

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Really Bad Chess is a different kind of chess game you must try if you love playing chess. It lets you play with totally random pieces. When I say random, it doesnt mean pieces at random places. It means you could get 8 Knights, 4 Bishops, and 3 pawns. It may look weird initially but you will surely like playing this random chess thing. Try this game if you think you are good at chess. If you are still learning, try other chess games on this list.

Download: Android | iOS

Play Magnus is also an interesting chess game for iOS and Android. This game gives you an opportunity to challenge World Champion Magnus Carlsen. No, he will not be playing against you. You will be playing against a computer player trained by Magnus Carlsen. If you perform well, you also get a chance to qualify to Play Magnus Live.

Download: Android | iOS

Chess Free is also an interesting free Chess game for Android and iOS. It supports 1 player and 2 player gameplay. So, you can play against your friends or challenge a computer opponent. The game claims to have a good AI engine with the configurable difficulty level. It also features board rotation for two player games. When you get a call or exit the app, it saves your game so you can always resume.

Download: Android | iOS

Wrap Up

This was the list of best chess apps for Android and iOS. If you want to learn chess and theres no one to help you, you can try installing a good chess app on your phone. This list has some good chess games for Android and iOS. If you are an expert in chess, I recommend you to try Really Bad Chess. Other games are also good for playing a regular chess game.

If you have any recommendations that I can add to this list, let me know using the comment. I will update this list to add a few more good Chess games.

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5 Best Chess Games for Android and iOS - Techlomedia

10 Online Games You’ll Get Totally Lost in (in a Good Way) – POPSUGAR

Let's be real: you're never too old to play games. While we still love holding actual controllers in our hands and dominating our opponents with physical movements, we also love a good computer game. They're perfect for taking little mental breaks at work or in between classes and can be the perfect thing to help you de-stress. Always wanted to get into sudoko but never had the time? Now's your chance! Or have you already mastered that and want something new and exciting? We've got you covered! Here are 10 online games that you'll be hooked on in no time.

An online hub of crossword puzzles, Wealth Words allows participants to play for free. Sharpen your vocabulary and word puzzling skills each time you solve a new game.

If you haven't heard of this online puzzle, you're definitely missing out! Perhaps one of the simplest yet most difficult online games out there, the free 2048 challenges you to slide number blocks together until you get to 2048. The trick is you can only merge blocks that are the same number (example: when you join two number-four blocks, it'll turn into a number-eight block). In a way, it's Tetris but with numbers.

Similar to 2048, the objective of Roll the Ball is sliding puzzle blocks. For this free online game, the goal is to create a pathway for the ball. There are six levels of difficulty, but you'll have to begin at novice in order to unlock the next round.

Build your very own sci-fi city on Mars while playing Surviving Mars on Steam. Let your creativity run wild by colonizing Mars, building infrastructures, finding ways to grow resources like food and minerals, and using drones to explore the planet! It costs $30, and you'll have to keep your citizens alive and overcome challenges along the way, but it sounds so cool!

Improve your concentration and patience with the popular Japanese puzzle Sudoku. To win, fill a 9x9 grid, but each row, column, and 3x3 box will need to be completed with numbers 1-9 and none can overlap. This free website even has an option to check for mistakes when you get stuck in a rut.

With 25 different category options to choose from, The Word Search is the best online source for word-search puzzles. All puzzles are free to play, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own. Friends, Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, and ice cream flavors are just some of the category options you can choose from.

You'll have 60 seconds to answer a series of questions that are meant to test your logical thinking and planning skills. While playing the free On One Condition, read each sentence carefully, as the pictures are strategically placed to confuse you. The more questions you answer correctly, the more complicated they become.

The game Word Hunt puts a spin on the spelling bee, but instead of spelling the word out loud, you'll need to physically type it. The free game will provide a definition and a scramble of letters. Oh, and did we mention there will be a shot clock counting you down? If you're stuck on a definition, the game offers hints where you can receive a correct letter.

In order to advance in the free game Tap Zap Boom, you'll have to complete three tasks, tap the mouse, zap the target, and boom! Make it explode. The further you advance, the more barriers you'll have to tap and zap around.

Connect matching colors within a grid by dragging lines between each pair to solve the puzzle. As you progress to higher levels of difficulty in Flow, which is free, more colors will be added and the grids will get larger.

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10 Online Games You'll Get Totally Lost in (in a Good Way) - POPSUGAR

The Best Cheap PC Games You Can Buy On Steam Right Now – GameSpot

Great Computer Games At Low Prices

Because it's not divided up into generations the way that consoles or handheld game systems are, PC has the broadest array of games you'll find anywhere. With the majority of those games playable on modern hardware, save for occasional instances where current operating systems don't support certain games, that means you have a Herculean task in front of you when deciding what to buy and play.

Similarly, whereas console and handheld games see discounts on a more irregular basis, there are constantly sales on places like Steam, GOG, Humble,, and so on. But sale or not, there are plenty of years-old games that are now low-priced but nevertheless worth playing.

As such, it can be downright overwhelming when you decide to pick up something you haven't played before. You have decades of games to choose from. Even if you set yourself a price limit--say, $20 in the US--that does very little to actually reduce the number of games you have to consider. And that's where we come in.

Above, we're rounding up some of the best games you can find on PC for no more than $20. Because of the reality described above, this is far from comprehensive--it's simply impossible to highlight every noteworthy PC game that you can pick up for relatively cheap. But we've assembled a list of games that we think you'll be quite pleased to play, and we'll continue to expand the selection over time.

All of these games are regularly priced at no more than $20--whether or not there's a Steam sale going on. There's usually such a promotion not far off, which means you can get these already budget-priced games for even cheaper. But in the meantime, you can still get any of these at what's still a pretty reasonable price.

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The Best Cheap PC Games You Can Buy On Steam Right Now - GameSpot

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