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New VR Games May 2021: All The Biggest Releases – UploadVR

Looking for the new VR games May 2021 list? Weve got you covered.

Were moving into Summer and releases are certainly heating up for VR headsets. Well, they are for the Oculus Quest at least most of the big titles launching this month are on the standalone headset, though there are some offerings for PSVR and PC VR too. Lets dig in!

Boardgame night moves to VR in Demeo, a four-player tabletop dungeon-crawling RPG that has you rolling die, casting spells and slaying monsters. Look out for a flat-screen version later this year too.

Carbon Studios fantasy adventure finally touches down on Quest. The Wizards has you summoning spells by making gestures with your motion controllers. Cast fire balls, shoot ice arrows and take on the linear single-player campaign, which is a first for the franchise.

The Quest version of the popular PC VR shooter is nearly ready to go. Zero Caliber packs a full single-player campaign and co-op support for up to four players, with weapon customizations promising a realistic combat experience.

The classic arcade puzzle game comes to VR for the first time. Puzzle Bobble is the ultimate color-matching experience. Arm yourself with a bobble cannon and blast your way through over 100 puzzles. Plus those dinosaurs have never looked so cute.

Following last months launch on Rift and Quest, Wraith: The Oblivion Afterlife haunts SteamVR later in May. Travel to the Barclay Mansion as an undead Wraith and uncover the mystery behind your death, all while trying to keep your pants dry.

There isnt an exact date yet but the PSVR version of Solaris should be touching down in May. Fast arena-style combat awaits in the new game from the makers of Firewall: Zero Hour and support for Sonys Aim controller is in too.

Thats the list of new VR games for May 2021. What are you going to be picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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New VR Games May 2021: All The Biggest Releases - UploadVR

New Pokemon Snap Is Missing One Major Type of Puzzle From the Original Pokemon Snap –

New Pokemon Snap is a loyal to a fault sequel of the original Pokemon Snap game - however, the game is missing one major type of puzzle that's sure to leave fans disappointed. New Pokemon Snap is a combination photo shooter/puzzle game. The core gameplay loop involves traveling through fixed routes and taking photos of various Pokemon in their natural habitat. However, in order to get some Pokemon to appear, players will need to lure the Pokemon out using fruit, melodies, or via other means. The puzzle aspect was one of the enduring appeals of the original Pokemon Snap games, and many fans were thrilled to learn that much of the game is spent trying to solve various environmental puzzles.

However, there is one type of puzzle that appeared in Pokemon Snap that does not appear in New Pokemon Snap. There are no "evolution puzzles" in New Pokemon Snap - environmental puzzles that require players to forcibly evolve a Pokemon. While the original Pokemon Snap game featured multiple puzzles that allowed players to manipulate a Pokemon into evolving, the new game doesn't feature a single evolution scene. That's right - you won't be able to chuck a Charmeleon into a volcano to evolve it into Charizard or cause a Shellder to bite onto Slowpoke's tail to turn it into a Slowbro.

There are a few possibilities as to why evolutions don't appear in New Pokemon Snap. The first is that most of the evolutions in New Pokemon Snap were a bit cruel and done without the will or consent of the Pokemon involved. The other is that this game feels much more in line with actual Pokemon lore, which means that Bandai Namco may have wanted to respect the core game a bit more by not having Pokemon evolve at random. After all, the original Pokemon Snap was created before The Pokemon Company had such a tight grip on the Pokemon franchise - there may have been an internal decision to keep evolutions consistent within the game.

While evolutions don't appear in New Pokemon Snap, there are plenty of other things to keep players busy. With over 200 Pokemon to find in the game, players should be ready to spend hours enjoying the new game.

New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now.

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New Pokemon Snap Is Missing One Major Type of Puzzle From the Original Pokemon Snap -

The Easiest Way to Boost Your Gamerscore with New Games and Xbox Game Pass Additions from April 2021 – TheXboxHub

Christ, April 2021 has flown by hasnt it? In the UK at least, the pubs reopened after Lockdown 3.0, and much of the country has been in various forms of hangovers ever since. As such, weve got a shorter list this month, mainly because most of the team in TXH towers have been too busy socialising again to play any games. But there are still plenty of easy achievements available from the latest Xbox games and those new Xbox Game Pass additions that rocked in throughout April 2021. Lets see what weve got.

Another listicle, and another POWGI game to highlight for easy achievements. Every month one of these titles release, its a shoo-in for our easy achievements list, and the latest Ladders by POWGI is certainly no exception. This one comes with the added bonus of five achievements for the first puzzle.

Ladders by POWGI on Xbox is a word game based on the famous ladder puzzles, where two words are given and players need to get from one to the other by changing one letter at a time.

In the first puzzle, you need to change the word Cop into Car, one letter at a time. Heres how to do it:

Cop -> Cap -> Car

Various achievements will pop up as you complete this puzzle. Firstly, Give us an A will pop when you input the word cap for 20G, and there will be another 20G for Give us an R when you input car. Completing the puzzle will also offer you 30G for Pug Hug and completing a 3-letter ladder, First Steps for 10G for completing your first puzzle, and another 30G for A Descent Strategy and completing the puzzle from top-to-bottom. I dont think youll get a better return on achievements this month for that super easy task.

Another game, another multi achievement and another load that can be completed in the first level.

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rats Revenge is a 2D platformer with a world turning mechanic and a family friendly aesthetic. Yoko and Yuki are cats that, shall we say, are on the plump side? Dr. Rat has kidnapped Yuki and now Yoko must save his girlfriend using a variety of gadgets to traverse through the levels.

Anyways, the achievements. Load up the first level and firstly stand still for three minutes. This will unlock the 30G Open the door close the door achievement. During that time, put the kettle on, check your socials or tweet us @TheXboxHub and tell us what youre doing!

After the three minutes have passed, press the jump button 400 times. This will unlock Jumper cat and Dream to fly worth 40G and 50G respectively. And then I suppose you can finish the level itself, and unlock the 10G achievement Way to go!

A surprise game that launched into Xbox Game Pass is Rain on Your Parade that seems to be bringing a lot of smiles to those that play it. And with an achievement name like this, it feels tailor made for our achievement list.

In Rain on Your Parade, you play as a cloud hell-bent on ruining peoples days by opening up the heavens and raining all over them. If you enjoyed running amok in Untitled Goose Game, then youll love Rain on Your Parade on Xbox.

But it is as kind as it is cruel though, as the first achievement will testify. Simply start the game and you will earn 10G and the aptly-named Minimum Effort achievement. Now go piss on some bonfires!

This next game is Hellbreachers; a game that can be completed within 30 minutes I have that on good authority from Mr. Paul Renshaw of TheXboxHub. Completion in the sense that you unlock every achievement. In previous months we have featured full walkthroughs for games such as Balancelot and #SinucaAttack that can be completed in shorter times, so 30 minutes in comparison feels like an age. We will though be focussing on another favourite type of achievement to feature in these lists however, the good old tutorial achievement.

Hellbreachers is a 2D platformer/hack and slash very reminiscent of the old Golden Axe games ask your parents with cartoony pixel visuals. This opening tutorial will show you the ropes with what buttons to press to jump, hack, slash and on how to discover the keys that will unlock chests; skills that are all required for the full 1000G completion.

There is also a boss to defeat at the end of this level, known as Goon. They dont really do much except for charge into you, so keep slashing away at them and you will soon have 20G to your name.

Our final achievement this month is one that comes about from a game that launched back in February 2020 but has now just arrived on Xbox Game Pass; the immensely fun Nazi-zombie shooting b-movie romp, Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

You might be disappointed though to hear that for this achievement, you will not be harming any Nazi-zombies. Instead, you are making yourself look the part by kitting out your character the way you like in preparation for shooting thousands of zombies in the face.

Head to your Player Setup as part of your loadout before heading out on a mission, and then press RB to move to the Headgear menu. Equip a hat of your choosing and you earn a very easy but very appealing 15G. Just try to not get any brain juice on it, ok?

And thats it for April! Did we miss any easy achievements out? Let us know in the comments below.

Next month will see some big releases in the form of Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with a revamped achievement list I am very keen on seeing and Biomutant to name but a few. After seeing all those games appear on our Up Next for May 2021 article, what are the odds that we will see at least one of these appearing in our easy achievement and Gamerscore list next month? Tune in to find out!

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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Gamerscore with New Games and Xbox Game Pass Additions from April 2021 - TheXboxHub

Out of Line Hands-on Preview – Welcome to the Machine – COGconnected

Out of Line Preview

Developer Nerd Monkeys Out of Line starts like so many recent high-concept puzzle platform games, with a gentle, wistful introduction that within minutes turns into a terrifying yet somehow lovely dystopian factory world. In some ways Out of Line looks like a lush, hand-painted childrens book, albeit one about a tribe of identical, nearly faceless children trying to escape relentless pursuit by immense mechanical claws and the shriek of omniscient searchlights. I dont know what the full game has in store, but the preview is moving, scary and mechanically challenging.

You play as San, a rudimentary yet expressively painted child and the game begins simply enough with simple puzzles based on jumping, sliding rocks onto pressure plates and some basic timing-based platforming. Not long after you get your primary tool, a bright yellow spear that has an ever-expanding list of uses: a handhold, a platform to jump onto and much more. Your spear can grind gears to a halt and when inserted in specific places, turns into a control lever for moving platforms. Some puzzle games gently ramp up the challenge and complexity, and some toss the player into the deep end of the pool with lead-weighted shoes. Happily, Out of Line is in the former category and one of its strengths, even in a relatively short preview, is how it builds its mechanics, tension and a gradually faster pace. By the end of the preview, the puzzles were much more nuanced and demanded more precision. Since the game doesnt overtly explain much, there an expectation that the player will experiment with the tools at hand. However, the puzzles themselves do not lend themselves to multiple solutions, even if getting there involves some trial and error and a bit of head scratching.

Out of Line combines a richly hand-painted world, colorful yet oppressive, with a minimal aesthetic when it comes to interface, controls and music. There is no spoken dialogue and at least in the preview, the story is only hinted at. Nevertheless, it is hard to escape the almost primal emotional resonances triggered by the images of children dodging the searchlights and evading capture and I am curious to see if Out of Line develops into a more complicated allegory.

One of the surprises in Out of Line is the subtle way in which the other faceless children transition from being parallel figures in the background to interacting with San. Eventually, San essentially pairs up with another child and the two help each other, alternatively pulling switches and avoiding the monster claws. It doesnt end well, but the brief cooperative sections are emotionally affecting and no doubt set the stage for later mechanics and story beats.

As noted, one of the joys of Out of Line is the hand-painted environment which strikes an effective balance between abstraction and literalism. There are puzzle solutions hinted at in the world but they are never obtrusive and the game definitely is one of those puzzlers that makes you feel accomplished for figuring something out. Occasionally, a puzzle will require a fairly precise set of gestures, combinations of timing and aiming the spear at just the right pixel and these puzzles can feel a bit more frustrating than others, not because the solution is evasive but the mechanics are just unresponsive enough to get in the way. While were griping, even if gently, mention should be made of the music, which was ambient, unobtrusive but also just a bit underwhelming.

The arty puzzle platformer space is filled with outstanding games, but Out of Line definitely hints at potential excellence. Its art direction is unique, its puzzles are balanced but smart, and its mechanics are simple and flow from and into the story in a natural way. Although it traffics in a dark and potentially disturbing narrative, it does so through appealing, disarming character design and a memorable world. As a fan of the genre and any game with a strong vision, Im looking forward to seeing how Out of Line develops.

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Out of Line Hands-on Preview - Welcome to the Machine - COGconnected

Outer Worlds DLC teased in a series of cryptic tweets –

Potential DLC for Outer Wilds has been spotted by an eagle-eyed fan, causing publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Mobius Digital to react on Twitter.

Game industry professional Simon Carless tweeted about his discovery on April 28, noting that the potential DLC Echoes Of The Eye had appeared in the Steam records on Steamdb.

Annapurna Interactive, who published Outer Wilds in 2019, retweeted Carless tweet with a single eye emoji. They were then retweeted by developers Mobius Interactive who responded with two eye emojis.

Kelsey Beachum, writer and narrative designer of Outer Wilds also retweeted Annapurna Interactives tweet with four eye emojis, seemingly confirming that DLC was indeed in the works.

Outer Wilds is a narrative puzzle game set in a clockwork sci-fi solar system that tasks players with exploring a small but intricately designed set of planets in order to solve a mystery.

It made its debut on PC via the Epic Game Store, and Game Pass in May 2019, before coming to PS4 in October 2019, and Steam in June 2020.

Annapurna Interactive recently announced that they would be working together with Blendo Games to releaseSkin Deep, an immersive fist-epersoon shooter that focuses on sneaking, subverting and sabotaging.

In other indie game news, Mediatonic has delayed the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys.An update from the developers saw them develop delay the game, in order to ensure that crossplay between platforms is implemented.

This delay gives our team some time to add features like crossplay, so when we add new platforms, players will be able to stumble in harmony with their pals, regardless of their platform of choice.

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Outer Worlds DLC teased in a series of cryptic tweets -

Solving puzzles as a spy duo in Operation: Tango is fun, but it needs to up the suspense – PC Gamer

Why is the computer guy always the annoying one? You know how it goesthe cool operative goes into the vault, slithers through a laser grid and avoids the pressure-sensitive floor while the sarcastic nerd sits at a computer hacking into the cameras and ragging on the poor cybersecurity. Operation: Tango offers an opportunity to reverse that movie stereotype or live it yourself. It's a two-player spy game where one person controls a special agent and the other controls a hacker, and you have to use voice chat to crack puzzles (and vaults) as a team.

It's a fun concept, but can Operation: Tango hack it? (Sorryannoying computer guy here, remember.) We sent two operatives into a preview of Operation: Tango's first two levels to see if the globetrotting spy life is exciting as it sounds.

Wes: A friend of mine used to joke that all of us PC Gamer writers get excited anytime we hear the word "asymmetrical," and I hate to say it, but he was right. About me, anyway. I really like the idea of Operation: Tango, with each player having access to a limited amount of information and having to communicate that to their partner. I started out as the hacker and got to jack into cyberspace to watch Chris make his way to a vault room via security cameras. I didn't actually have much to do at first, other than pressing a button to start up an elevator. But then we had to work together to decrypt the vault password by navigating a ball through a little maze. Well, I say maze, but we really just had to avoid a couple obstacles, me controlling the ball with W and S and Chris controlling it with A and D.

My next challenge was guiding Chris to certain secret "trigger" spots on the floor that he needed to stand on, which was a good test of the communication you need in Operation: Tango, but was pretty simplistic? I think a lot of the time I spent as the hacker was kinda just waiting for things to happen, which I guess is true to the movies, but not exactly thrilling.

Chris: There is something inherently cool about communication not just being useful but essential in a game, and it's interesting to be solving puzzles that both of us see in a different way. I think most of the enjoyment here, though, was in figuring out how we were supposed to solve the puzzle, not necessarily the part where we actually solved them. Realizing we both controlled the little dot in the maze was cool. Then driving the dot through the maze four times? Not really that rewarding.

Being the person breaking into places doesn't feel particularly dangerous or stealthy, either, and I never felt much like a secret agent. Even with drones patrolling in one of the levels, and a death ray in another, it's got a puzzle-game feel more than a stealth-game feel. Rather than feeling like an infiltrator, it mostly felt like I was just walking (occasionally sprinting) from one puzzle to another.

Wes: Agreed. The moment Operation: Tango sort of fizzled for me was when I hacked into the server and got to walk around in blocky first-person cyberspace. Chris had to use a terminal to draw a virtual floor for me to walk on, but when I got caught by a roving red "security" energy field, it just knocked us back a few seconds to try again. Another time Chris got caught by a laser grid while trying to break into the vault, and the same thingjust a minor setback.

Operation: Tango focused on the gimmicks of heist scenesthe cool stuff like the pressure-sensitive floor in Mission: Impossiblebut those aren't what actually make heist scenes so fun. The most important thing is tension.

Chris: Something else I wanted to do while completing this demo mission was to root around in the locations more. There were some desks with computers I walked over to, but they were just scenery. It would have been nice if there were some side-objectives apart from our main goal. Some little mini-goals, like hacking one of those computers, or gathering a little extra intel along the way. But maybe that would only be interesting for the person playing the agent inside, since the person playing the hacker usually can't see what you're seeing.

Wes: The demo level didn't make a really strong first impression, but I have to say the second level we played was a lot better. It involved more problem solving rather than just solving traditional puzzles. I felt a moment of true hacker skill when I deduced that I needed to copy an employee's ID to get you in the building, then set up an appointment for you so you'd be clear to access the floor we needed. The puzzles were more involved, too, and as the hacker I got to watch some really fun cyberspace visualizations. Wooooo, hacking!

I'd play more Operation: Tango levels like that one, for sure, but it does feel like something's missing here. Like you said, the levels are pretty emptyfiguring out what to do feels overly simple because there aren't many red herrings around to distract us or complicate our path to the solution. Without those, would you have any interest in playing through these levels more than once, swapping roles?

Chris: The second level was definitely more fun and elaborate. But there's still something lost when you switch roles and run through the levels again, which we did, even though portions of the puzzles are randomized. It's interesting to see the puzzles from the other player's perspective, but once you know what's expected there's not much replay value there.

I feel like all I've done is complain! I still had fun, and the puzzles aren't bad, it's just none of it left me feeling like a high-tech hacker or stealthy infiltration agent. Hopefully the full game will have a bit more to it.

Wes: The aesthetic is really nice, especially as the secret agent running around the building. The hacker spends a lot of time looking at menus, though. I think the theming maybe set my expectations too high, because this really isn't a spy game with the danger and excitement that entails. It's a puzzle game with a spy skin. Despite Operation: Tango being a lot more involved, I never felt the urgency I did in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. But maybe the lower stakes here make it an ideal game to play with a non-gamer partner?

Chris: Yeah, and I think it could definitely be a good entry into co-op games for people who don't play a ton of them. And it sounds like it'll be easy to get someone into the game with you: it's cross-platform, and only one player actually needs to own Operation: Tango. The person they invite doesn't need to buy it themselves, they just need to download a friend pass to be able to play. Pretty cool!

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Solving puzzles as a spy duo in Operation: Tango is fun, but it needs to up the suspense - PC Gamer

Ubisoft Switch Sale Has Deals On Everything From Assassin’s Creed To Rayman – GameSpot

Ubisoft has been a big Nintendo supporter for years, and there are a ton of different Ubisoft games on the Nintendo Switch. Several of those are currently on sale via the Nintendo eShop, including Assassin's Creed III: Remastered, Rayman Legends, Trials Rising, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Hot off the heels of another publisher sale from Ubisoft, the new sale offers even more discounts on the company's Switch games. Assassin's Creed III: Remastered is only $16, while Trials Rising is only $6. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which is a tremendous and accessible take on the XCOM formula, is usually $60, but is only $15 during the sale. And for one of the best 2D platformers ever made, you can get Rayman Legends for just $10.

Other games included in the sale are South Park: The Stick of Truth and its sequel, South Park: The Fractured but Whole. The two games share the series' signature visuals and writing, but the former game is a more-traditional turn-based RPG while the latter has some strategy and spacing elements, too. The games are $12 and $15, respectively.

You can also get a few other classic and gorgeous Ubisoft games via the sale. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is $5, and the adventure-puzzle game follows several people during World War 1 in an inspiring and heartbreaking tale. Child of Light pays excellent tribute to old-school role-playing games and is also $5.

The best games and deals available in the sale are roundup up below, and click the button to see the full list on the Nintendo eShop. You can also check out a separate deal at GameStop on some of Nintendo's own games.

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

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Ubisoft Switch Sale Has Deals On Everything From Assassin's Creed To Rayman - GameSpot

Tweens and Teens for Mother’s Day – Portsmouth Daily Times

So many teens live such active lifestyles and have so many commitments, that they normally have little to no time to spend with their grandparents, however, since the pandemic, I believe that so many of these teens have reconnected with their grandparents and want to be a bigger part of their lives.

Many of them were close to their grandparents when they were little but then, everything else got in the way. Then came the pandemic and they soon learned that not seeing their grandparents was not what they wanted to do. And most were never so thankful when they were once again able to hug their grandparents and spend time with them again. Now here we are Mothers Day upon us and you know that no gift is more important than spending time with those we love. With the focus on grandmothers and mothers, the what and how we do this to make memories that will last forever is essential.

The question is, how? Heres the good news creating precious memories with grandparents doesnt have to be extravagant. What matters most is having patience and an open mind to listen to grandparents interests and needs; sometimes it can be as simple as having a regular meal at their place over hearty conversation to make their week.

Families for Life had a few ideas that both teens and parents can try to foster inter-generational bonding, I may have changed a few things to better adapt to our area.

Cook Together Remember how dinner tables used to groan underneath the weight of all those scrumptious dishes lovingly prepared by grandparents? With grandparents getting on in their years, it may be tiring for them to cook up a storm for the family. Heres where teens and parents can step in to pick up the wok to learn secret family recipes. Not only is cooking together fun and helps bonding, it will also ensure the family recipes will be passed down to the next generation.

Take a Trip down Memory Lane Reliving memories together with grandparents can be an exciting affair. Teens may have to do a bit of digging beforehand to find out about their grandparents favorite childhood snacks, hangouts and activities. But seeing the glow of contentment on their face as theyre brought around the island to reminisce their past will be well worth it.

Plan a Sleepover Recall the days when kids clamor for sleepover adventures at their grandparents place? How about planning an encore to transport everyone back to the past? Be sure to bring along snacks and a listening ear; it is going to be an unforgettable evening of soul-bearing and perhaps a few fun stories about the parents when they were kids! Or if everyone is feeling adventurous, why not have a blast together over video games as well!

Binge on a New Television Programme Together How about watching the latest drama together? Shedding a tear or laughing your hearts out over the plot make for a fun and heart-warming day with grandparents.

Sign up for a Course Together Were never too old to learn, and sometimes our area might have a wide range of activities to sign up for or you can share one online. Whether its cooking a new type of cuisine, fabric crafting, practicing calligraphy or mastering a new instrument, learning something new together is always a great opportunity for deeper conversations and quality time.

This site also had several ideas for the family to get together while honoring the most important women in their lives. They are dedicated for children and their mothers, but can always be used as you see fit.

Family Reunion Nothing would please a mother more than the sight of all her children and grandchildren gathered in her honour. Set the table, prepare a scrumptious dinner and make a toast to the joyous occasion. Dont forget to take a family photo at the end!

Mothers Day Brunch For all the early mornings where mom has swiftly packed your school lunches and got you ready for your day, surprise her with a delicious brunch with the family. Take her out to a fancy restaurant where she can blissfully eat her pancakes without having to worry about you or the grandchildren.

Movie Marathon There is nothing more intimate and homely than watching a good movie together with good company. Pick your mothers favorite movie or watch the beloved classics from her younger days. Make her feel special and appreciated by choosing movies with motherhood and family themes.

Weekend Getaway Pack those suitcases and organize a short trip to a nearby resort. Your mother will appreciate the effort and will savor the spontaneity of the moment. Also, nothing spells fun like an impromptu family holiday.

Scrapbooking Spree Bring out the family albums and get your creative juices flowing as you create a family scrapbook. Have a good laugh along the way as you go through old memories with your mother.(Grandmother and mother could do this one to share Mothers Day too.)

Sweet Treats Does your mother have a sweet tooth? Treat her to a mouth-watering basket of her favorite goodies to remind her how much you love her. Make it even more special by bringing the whole family together to bake and prepare these sweet treats.

Spa Retreat Put a smile on her face by treating her to a ladies-only spa retreat. To take it up a notch, get the help of your family members to host a spa day at home. Light up some candles to set the ambience and allow her to wind down. Ensure that your mother gets the invigorating treatment that she deserves.

This last section is just for the tweens and teens to do for their mothers: Give this list to your tween and teen to ponder.

No one knows you like your mother. Most of us would agree with this statement, so this Mothers Day, why dont you design a game which your mother will definitely ace and make gift-giving fun and interesting.

Choose a Game (Families for Life)

Turn a series of questions and answers into a fun and interactive game for your mother to play. Here are 2 which you might want to try.

QR Treasure Hunt- Use this QR treasure hunt generator tool from to generate QR codes. These are special designs that your mobile phone can read.

Make a list of your and your mothers favorite things and places around the home. Questions such as: Which room do you spend the most time in? Find Lisas favorite jacket, Go to the cupboard where Andy hides his chocolates are great examples. Use the QR generator to create codes for each question. Paste them around the house and get your mother to use her mobile phone to scan them and see if she can answer the questions correctly. Each time she answers a question, she will get the answer to where the next QR code is hidden. The last QR code would lead her to her mothers day present.

I Love You Crossword

Make a list of all the words you associate with your mother. Words like love, fun and kind are great; also words that relate to activities that are unique to your mother such as: photographer, cook, singer can be included. Favorite things such as coffee, roses and cheesecake are good to add. You might even include your gift to her in the list of words that you choose.

Create a set of questions that match the words which youve chosen. For example, What do you drink for breakfast every day would match coffee.

Then use these questions to generate your very own crossword puzzle for your mother. Use tools such as this crossword generator from to help you. Get your mother to play the crossword puzzle game and give her a hug, kiss and her gift afterward.

Make Mothers Day special for those women you love and help your children out too so they can do things for you and or grandmothers this year. A big shout out to all mothers this year, but especially those who have been doing double duty or did double duty as teacher and mother! God bless you all!

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and Ill get right on it for you. Email me at

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children or ideas that may help you as you raise your children in some way.

Happy Mothers Day to all!

Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

2021 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights

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Tweens and Teens for Mother's Day - Portsmouth Daily Times

LearningRx Explains the Benefits of 1-on-1 Brain Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum – PRNewswire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --April is Autism Acceptance Month (previously referred to as "Autism Awareness Month"), and LearningRx (, the world's largest 1-on-1 brain training company, is explaining the potential benefits of its programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

"When we think of children on the autism spectrum, we usually imagine their struggles with communication and social skills, making eye contact, and adapting to change," explains Dr. Amy Moore, a cognitive psychologist with LearningRx and VP of Research at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research. "It's largely the behavioral manifestations of ASD that drive parents to search for an intervention. But behaviors are influenced by the brain's executive function skills, skills like memory, planning, attention, and reasoning. These cognitive skills are frequently deficient in children on the autism spectrum, so it's critical that interventions target not just the behavioral outcomes of those deficits but the cognitive deficits themselves."

On the initial visit to LearningRx, clients with an autism diagnosis undergoes a Brain Skills Assessment to identify which brain skills are weak. Once those skills are identified, they can be targeted with intensive personal brain training. Unlike digital brain games, one-on-one brain training uses customized exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to work on cognitive skills.

"We examined the cognitive profiles of 935 children on the autism spectrum and found the greatest deficits in long-term memory, working memory, sustained attention, and processing speed," says Moore. "When we tested the same children after 90 hours of intense, human-delivered brain training, we found statistically significant changes in every cognitive skill measured. They averaged a 3.2-year gain and an 11-point increase in overall IQ score. That's an exciting outcome for a condition that can seem so resistant to improvement. There's no cure for ASDand we don't make any promises about any intervention's successbut we have seen the positive impact of brain training for kids on the autism spectrum and we're so excited about the future of brain training research for these children."

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, contact your local LearningRx Brain Training Center ( to schedule a Cognitive Skills Assessment today. The results of the initial assessment can provide valuable insight into which brain skills are weak and how best to target and train those skills.

About LearningRxLearningRx is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world. Their training programs are delivered through more than 200 locations in North America and in 48 countries around the globe. LearningRx has helped more than 100,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better.LearningRx's methods have been used in clinical settings for over 35 years and have been subjected to peer-review in more than a dozen scientific journals. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:Dr. Amy Moore, Cognitive PsychologistLearningRx World Headquarters [emailprotected] (719)213-1052

SOURCE LearningRx Brain Training

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$44M USF Partnership With Lakeland Center For Brain Research –

LAKELAND, FL A five-year $44 million grant has been awarded to the University of South Florida in its partnership with Lakeland's Reliance Medical Centers for the Preventing Alzheimer's with Cognitive Training (PACT) study, a news release said.

The research will examine how computerized brain games might maintain or enhance cognition with aging and reducing the risk of dementia, officials said. Eventually, the study will expand nationwide. The grant was awarded recently by the National Institutes of Health.

USF and Reliance are in need of local volunteers for the study. Participants will be required to initially come two times for in-person study visits. The remainder of the computerized training exercises will be conducted in the comfort of their own home or office. Participants mst be 65 or older with no signs of cognitive impairment or dementia.

Reliance's Lakeland and Winter Haven locations are the two sites for the study. The donated space will be known as the USF-Reliance Optimal Aging Research Laboratory at Reliance Medical Centers.

"Reliance is proud to partner with the renowned team at USF and provide increased accessibility beyond its university sites, allowing more local seniors to access, participate and ultimately benefit directly from brain health research," Roberto Martinez, co-CEO & co-founder of Reliance Medical Centers, said. "We are honored to serve as two of the sites for this ground-breaking study and look forward to furthering our mission to improve quality of life for our seniors everywhere."

Jennifer Lister, Ph.D., PACT study co-investigator and associate dean at the USF College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, said the overarching goal of their work is to promote healthy aging with a focus on brain health. Their mission is to discover and define early markers of dementia to improve prevention and risk reduction.

For more information, or to volunteer, visit or call 813-974-6703.

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$44M USF Partnership With Lakeland Center For Brain Research -

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