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Tiny Bubbles is a new puzzle game, with gameplay not seen in classic puzzle games like Tetris and World of Goo. In Tiny Bubbles, you inflate bubbles with colored smoke and strategically reshape the cluster. Break bubbles to combine neighboring colors to mix and create new colors. Save the bubble bound creatures by creating a chain reaction and power up new moves to save bubble bound creatures and fend off greedy Jelly Crabs.

Developed by Stu and Paulette Denman, the game is inspired by Stus personal experiences with his grandfather, who was an MIT professor and a lead scientist on the Manhattan Project. Stu created the custom physics for Tiny Bubbles based on his grandfathers research with soap bubbles. After working with the physics for a couple of months, Stu figured out how to simulate realistic soap bubbles like in his grandfathers experiments. In honor of his grandfather, they have strived for accessibility by creating an innovative colorblind mode in the game.

Set in a microscopic aquatic world, Tiny Bubbles is a mesmerizing organic puzzle game about playing with clusters of soap bubbles. Pop the bubbles by matching four or more colors and create cascading chain reactions. Fill bubbles with colored smoke to inflate them and push around other bubbles. Mix them to make new colors. Break a bubbles edge to pop it or combine with neighbors.

Choose from two different modes to play, puzzle mode and arcade mode, and save the bubble bound creatures from the Jelly Crabs.

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Tiny Bubbles Coming Soon - DVS Gaming (registration) (blog)

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