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Valve opened the floodgates to any old rubbish appearing on Steam a long time ago, but the store still occasionally acts like a draconian gatekeeperspecifically when it comes to adult content. Steams had a turbulent relationship with pornographic games, and currently doesnt permit graphic nudity or games that could be considered pornographic onto the store. The problem is that its a bit inconsistent.

As Kotaku notes, games like House Party and Strangers in a Strange Land have been pulled from the store, others continue to be sold there, and probably will until somebody complains. In July, House Party reappeared, with the naughty bits censored, and late last month Strangers in a Strange Land reappeared as well. Its part puzzle game, part porn romp, but this new version tweaks the latter part, censoring the nudity and sex.

The censored scenes can be easily unlocked by downloading a patch from the developer, however, so ultimately Steam is still selling a pornographic game. And what isnt censored are the themes and tone of the gameits just the sex.

Its worth noting that, not only are other porn games still being sold, games like The Witcher 3 contain fairly graphic sex scenes, but they seemingly get away with it because the games themselves are not overtly pornographic, despite the content. It really seems to come down to how the game is marketed, which doesnt seem like a great basis for deciding which games are acceptable and which are not.

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Steam's rules about adult content continue to baffle - PC Gamer

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