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Solve the 6 puzzles of this game to train your brain with the educational challenges most challenging.

New Html5 edition of the classic mahjong that you can play on your smartphone or tablet. Click on 2 similar chips with the free sides until remove all of them, earn points and go to the next level.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Spend a funny time playing this Match 3 game and make groups of 3 or more jellies of the same color to remove them. The more jelly you remove, the more points you gain.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Play this game inspired on Pet Crush Saga on your PC, tablet or smartphone when you want. Click on the blocks of the same color to remove them and help the pets to reach the base and keep safe.INSTRUCTIONS: Mouse.

Great puzzle game where you wuill have to feed the bear with delicuous fruits. Drag the Mouse on the similar tropical fruits to remove them, get points and overcome all the levels. Enjoy this Html5 game on your PC, smartphone and tablet.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Play this match 3 game and earn lots of points by removing the fruits. Make groups of 3 or more similar fruits and try to light the tiles where they are.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

New puzzle game similar to Match 3 with a funny variant. Make lines of at least 3 the same pieces. To do it, slide them to the built spots.CONTROLS: Mouse.

Use your skills to fit this great moving puzzle and overcome all the levels. Enjoy the entertainment also on your smartphone and tablet.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Use your brain to build the correct way and go ahead on this car racing game. Move the pieces on every puzzle and connect the starting line with the finish line.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Your goal is to help the diver to reach the North Pole surface. To do it, remove groups of 4 or more similar blocks. When you have removed 4, you'll see star bonus. When you have destroyed 8 or more, you'll see bombs that you can explode! ?INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Funny puzzle where you have to remove the blocks making goups af at least 3 the same. be focused and don't leave single blocks or couples of blocks.INSTRUCTIONS: Drag your Mouse.

Overcome every level on this funny puzzle game where you'll have to remove the coloured stars making groups of at least three similar. Use your mouse.

Break the monster cubes and don't let them reach the top of the screen. Click on groups pf at least three the same.INSTRUCTIONS: Use your Mouse.

Destroy all the jewels before they touch the top. Use your mouse to join same coloured pieces.

Enjoy this amazing puzzle, very similar to Candy Crush, and break the gold cubes by moving the pieces in groups of more than tree. Use your mouse.

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