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More new games are now available in the Nintendo Switch Eshop. Today, three titles have been added to the hybrid console's digital store, with one major release following early next week.

Headlining today's batch of new games is Forma.8, a stylish, Metroidvania-style adventure. The game puts players in the role of the eponymous exploration probe and tasks them with exploring a labyrinthine, alien world teeming with power-ups and enemies. Switch owners can pick up Forma.8 for $10/9.

Today's batch of releases also includes the requisite Neo Geo game. This time, it's Puzzled, a falling-block puzzler reminiscent of Tetris. The object here is to clear a vertical path in the tower of blocks to allow an airship to travel to the top of the screen. Like other ACA NeoGeo titles, Puzzled costs $8/6.29.

Rounding out today's releases is another puzzle game, Piczle Lines DX. This title challenges players with completing hidden pictures by drawing lines between pairs of numbers. The game features 100 levels in its Story mode and over 200 puzzles in Puzzle mode, with more content set to come as free updates. Piczle Lines DX retails for $15/14.

These three games join Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete First Adventure, which made its Switch debut earlier this week. That title includes all five episodes of Story Mode's first season, as well as all three episodes from its Adventure Pass. Next week, August's marquee Switch game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, arrives for the console. We recently learned the title will have a season pass, which will give players access to exclusive weapons and additional story content down the line. Mario + Rabbids releases on August 29.

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