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THIS is the latest viral challenge to sweep the web, and it promises to test gaming geeks to their limits.

The picture puzzle features no fewer than 22 cryptic clues, all relating to the name of video games past and present.

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Veteran nerds will clock clues from games dating back to the 1970s, when arcade machines were the future and Pong had cutting edge graphics.

But younger gamers don't need to worry: there are also clues pointing to more modern titles dotted around as well.

And if you're completely stuck, don't rage-quit: just check out the list of games you're looking for below.

The puzzle was created to celebrate Britain's biggest gaming festival, Insomnia, which will be on at Birmingham's NEC arena between 25-28 August.

Insomnias spokesman said: Video games are one of the biggest draws in entertainment these days, with eSports and gaming tournaments drawing millions of fans.

And we thought it would be a great idea to create a mashup of some of the biggest games in history and some of the biggest upcoming releases in one tricky puzzle.

The games you're looking for

This latest puzzle comes after we shared a fiendish viral challenge, which asks viewers to count the number of legs in a sketched picture of an elephant.

People are being left baffled over how many legs the majestic beast has, since they all seem to merge into one another.

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Can YOU name these classic computer games? Use the photo clues to name all 22 favourites - The Sun

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