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135 Studies And Problems A whole career of composed problems from J.T. Sanderse.

Archives des problmistes In French. Problem site from Quebec.

Beautiful Chess Problems Only a few at the moment, but more promised.

Brunos Chess Problem of the Day Just like it sounds.

BYCA Chess Puzzles In addition to the collection of puzzles, features a puzzles league where you can participate in a friendly solving competition.

Chess Composition Microweb Featuring various sections on composed chess problems & problem-solving.

Chess Online Problems Problems galore. More added frequently.

Chess Problems Online A decent collection, intelligently displayed, from Mate in One to Mate in Six.

Chess Problems From Around The World Problems from everywhere.

Chess Problems Of 1001 Years Ago From the Chess Variants Homepage really old problems mainly of historical interest.

Chess Problems Unlimited Not quite unlimited, there are but several.

Chesspros Chess World Problems and instructive games.

Chess Puzzles by GMs Taken from the games of the greats.

Chess Puzzles Collection A nice collection taken from real games. Includes an index of the puzzles by theme.

CHEST Source code (in ANSI C) for a problem solving program.

Classic Chess Problems 2 and 3 movers from renowed composers.

Endgame Of The Day An endgame study a day. Also available as a mailing list.

Exeter Chess Club: Studies and Problems Intro to the world of problems.

GorFo Problem Chess Pages Has a problem of the month composed by the author, plus an archive of past problems.

Key Moves A new chess combination (from recent games) every week for your instruction and amusement.

Loiodices Chess Problems Lots of training positions to download.

Manolis Stratakis Chess Problems Page Pretty good page with plenty of problems and puzzles.

MateMaster Shareware software for solving chess problems.

Mater Will find any mate thats there, eventually.

Mat Plus The best chess problems from magazine Mat Plus.

Practical Chess Endgame Solve the endgame of the week.

Problemiste Chess Problem software.

Public Domain Chess Composition Books 19th Century (mostly) chess problem books in PDF format so you can print them out yourself. Nice!

Retractor Software for creating Retrograde Analysis chess problems.

The Retrograde Analysis Corner Retro problems and resources for retro enthusiasts.

Sack The King! A chess problem a day, with special animated interface to display the solution.

Solving Chess Tracking the world of competitive chess problem solving.

Torsten Lin Problem Chess Pages Problems and articles from noted composer. Some of the text in German.

Vincents Chess Problems Page Dozens of problems to pour over.

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Chess Problems, Puzzles, & Compositions - Chessopolis

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