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Hereyou can enjoythe Top 25 Brain Teasers,Games & Illusions that SharpBrains readers(primarilyadults, but some younger minds too) have enjoyed the most. It is always good to learn more about our brains and to exercise them!.

1. You think you know the colors? Try the Stroop Test

2. You say you cancount? Check out this briefattention experiment

3. Test your stress level

4. Guess: Are there more connections in one human brain or leaves in the whole Amazon?

5.Quick brain teasers to flex two key mental muscles

6. Count the Fs in this sentence

7.Can you identify Apples logo?

8.Ten classic optical illusionsto trick your mind

9. What do you see?

10. FunMental Rotation challenge

11.What is going on with these pictures?

12. Which way is the bus heading?

13. Where do words go?

14. Join this party for polyglots

15.Fun & Brainy Haikus. Yours?

16. Is a circle a circle?

17. Less obvious than it may appear

18. How many

19. Proverbs toexercise your memory and reasoning

20. Find the missing number inThe Empty Triangle

21. Good puzzle for the whole brain:The Blind Beggar

22. Find thethe Really, Really, Really Big Number

23. Pleaseconsider Lindas job prospects

24. A few guesstimationsoften used in consulting and tech interviews

25. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

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Brain Teasers & Brain Games For Teens & Adults | SharpBrains

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